Death or Glory (1) is the fifth episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on November 2, 2007 in the United States, and on February 4, 2008 in Canada.


A school fight leads Spinner to discover that he has way more to worry about than taking a couple of punches. Meanwhile, Darcy believes she is over her rape but, her actions prove her wrong.

Main Plot

After witnessing some Lakehurst students harassing Toby in the cafeteria, Spinner stands up to them and impresses Jane, who he has developed a crush on. Spinner begins to experience pain in his lower stomach and groin area. He confides in Jimmy, who recommends that Spinner see a doctor. Spinner and Jane attend a peace committee meeting, which is interrupted by Danny getting into a fight. Liberty, the chairwoman of the committee, attempts to stop the fight.

Danny gets into a fight with Jane's brother Lucas, who said J.T. "had asked for it" so Liberty attacks him. Spinner pulls her off before any of them get into trouble. Spinner goes to the doctor where he learns he might have testicular cancer. Spinner disregards this, refusing to believe that he could have cancer like his dad. After Spinner experiences pain that makes him walk out on a date with Jane, Spinner tells Jimmy how much he's scared. At the next doctors visit, Spinner's cancer is confirmed.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Darcy has convinced Ms. Sauve to reduce her number of counseling sessions to once a week as opposed to three times a week. After lashing out in Mr. Simpson's class, however, and telling Mr. Simpson "bite me", Darcy is given detention. During detention, as Ms. Sauve is walking by, Darcy begs Mr. Simpson to tell Ms. Sauve that Darcy is volunteering instead of in detention.

Mr. Simpson tells Ms. Sauve the reason Darcy is in detention is because she lashed out at him. Darcy gets angry, yells at Mr. Simpson for betraying her trust, and kicks a bucket of water. Later, Ms. Sauve makes Darcy apologize to him. When Mr. Simpson asks Darcy why she hates counseling so much, Darcy admits that she feels like Ms. Sauve is getting inside her head.

Darcy accidentally blurts out that she was raped. Later, Darcy goes to talk to Mr. Simpson again. He encourages her to tell Ms. Sauve, but Darcy says she's not ready.

  • This episode is named after the song "Death or Glory" by The Clash.

  • Mr. Simpson: "Maybe I was a bit too harsh with you the other day."
    Darcy: "You're the only one that treats me like a real person, not like some sort of china doll."
  • Jimmy: "Shouldn't you see a doctor?"
    Spinner: "Nah, I'm just backed up. Need me some loving from sweet, sweet Jane!"
  • Jimmy: "Uh yeah, but what did the doctor say?"
    Spinner: "She said I might maybe, possibly, have cancer of the nuts."
  • Darcy: "Ms. Sauve says I have to apologize for throwing the water so, sorry."
    Mr. Simpson: "Well, how about you try again and this time actually mean it."
    Darcy: "I don't mean it, Mr. Simpson. You could have helped me and you didn't. Now I'm back in stupid counseling three times a week."
    Mr. Simpson: "Darcy, you're on suicide watch. Then maybe that's not such a bad idea."
    Darcy: I hate counseling. Okay? I hate it!"
    Mr. Simpson: "Why?"
    Darcy: "Because she's trying to get inside my head. She wants to know things!"
    Mr. Simpson: "Look, whatever it is you're coping with, lashing out isn't the way to deal with it and unless you can control yourself-"
    Darcy: "I was raped!"

  • "Sweet Fever" by Money Money (Spinner defends Toby in the cafeteria; Spinner hits Johnny at the end)
  • "The Jam" by God Made Me Funky
  • "Testify" by Lovemethod (Jane and Spinner play pool)