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The friendship between Declan Coyne and Clare Edwards began in the ninth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, while the two were working on a play together. After her break-up with K.C. Guthrie, Clare developed a crush on Declan and started having sexy vampire dreams about him.

Friendship History[]

Season 9[]

In Holiday Road, both Clare and Declan watch Emma give a speech about her bike charity.

In Start Me Up, Clare listens to music on a laptop in the drama room, waiting to interview for the position of prop master for Declan's play as he talks to Sav on the phone. He excuses his call and after mentioning his hard work on the musical, he hires her. After she asks what they were listening to, he tells her about the different countries he has been to and their cultures. Clare seems interested in them and this gives her the idea that people will think that she's interesting if she claims the stories as her own. She later writes about a false story about the countries and the cultures that Declan told her about and instead says that she was the one who went. She and Alli Bhandari later go to Above the Dot, and they see Declan. They say hi to him and Alli talks about the countries that Clare visited too. Declan seems confused and says that Clare never went there. Embarrassed, Clare leaves and Alli follows after her.


Clare biting Declan in her dream.

In Innocent When You Dream, Clare starts having sexy vampire dreams about Declan. While working on the drama props, Declan calls her over to help play the female lead until Chantay Black arrives, though Clare is to nervous to be around him. While standing close to him, Clare almost faints but Declan catches her. He asks her what's wrong and Clare says that she skipped breakfast. He tells her that that's the most important meal of the day. He is about to start the scene with Clare again until Chantay arrives. Clare later writes about her dreams and turns them into a story. Alli seems impressed by it and encourages Clare to post them online. She does and she calls herself "Madame Degrassi." A lot of people like her stories, including Declan and his girlfriend Holly J. Sinclair. Clare wants to stop writing them thinking that she's a pervert but Declan says that Madame Degrassi's stories are really good and wants more.

Clare also steals Declan's jacket and pretends to have "found" it so she can be with him more. She later has a dream of Declan and Holly J. breaking up and Declan goes to her and says that she only understands him and is about to kiss her. Clare is later woken up by Declan and asks her if she will show him the props. While Declan is impressed by her work, in the heat of the moment, Clare kisses Declan on the neck, but then seems surprised of what she just did. Declan asks "Did you just kiss my neck?" and then realizes that she's Madame Degrassi. He then leaves. While Clare is upset with herself, Holly J. confronts her. Clare then confesses that she's Madame Degrassi and thinks that now she's a "pervert" but Holly J. tells her that its just puberty she's going through and that she and Declan love her stories and want her to keep writing. She also tells Clare that if she ever kisses Declan again, then she will destroy her. Declan comes over and asks the girls if everything is okay. Both girls tell him yes.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, while Declan and Holly J. walk out of school, Alli tells Clare that Declan is behind her. Clare says hi excitedly and he greets her. It is shown that she's still crushing on him, which makes Holly J. jealous as she asks Declan if his "groupie" will stalk them to the Big Apple. He tells her he has given his fan club implicit instructions that nothing will interrupt their summer of love.

Season 10 []

In Love Lockdown (1), Declan attends the Grundy Awards and Clare is awarded for her Outstanding Use of Sets and Props. As Clare frustratedly throws her flowers on her inattentive father's lap to get up for her win, Holly J. gasps and looks at Declan, who frowns. Declan is the first person Clare thanks in her speech. In the middle of her speech, Declan questions why Holly J. isn't staying to hear Clare's speech.

Rival Relationship[]