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Degrassi: Las Vegas is the mid-season Spring Break movie event and twenty-ninth and thirtieth episodes of Season 12 of Degrassi.


After winning tickets for a trip to Vegas at a fundraiser, a bunch of the Degrassi kids take off on a spring break adventure that none of them will ever forget.

Main Plot[]

Drew can't wait to tie the knot with Bianca in Vegas, but as the date gets closer, he finds himself longing for a big, traditional Torres family wedding. When Drew contacts his mom, Audra travels to Las Vegas determined to put a stop to the ceremony, leaving Bianca furious that Drew is second guessing the nuptials. Drew then decides to plan a big gesture by singing to Bianca while everyone else was playing an instrument and he reproposes to her and she says yes. In the end, they have an engagement party celebrating their engagement.

Sub Plot[]

Katie's ecstatic that she's been accepted to her dream school, Stanford University, but when her parents break the news that they can't afford to send her away, she comes up with a plan: go to Vegas and win her tuition. Katie then decided to sneak into a casino underaged and play Blackjack where she meets the man who created FaceRange he then gives Katie 1,000 dollars saying she's worth it Katie then loses all her money playing Blackjack. Katie then visits Darrin about getting a job but instead he gives her the money back in exchange for a day with her. When she decides to accept the offer, Darrin says that he will pay one full year at Stanford if she would have sex with him. At first she considers it but in the end she runs out of his hotel room and doesn't hook up with him.

  • "Adam: "Just think before you know it you'll be Mr DeSousa."
  • "Imogen: "I read Bianca's vows. She's basically like Shakespeare but she's female and less dead."
  • "Drew: "A few months ago we dated but a few months ago Jake was with Clare but now they're kinda related"
  • "Bianca: "Oh and don't go inviting any of your exes to come spoon with me. Okay?"

  • "Closer" by Tegan and Sara
  • "Shake It Out" by The Lions Rampant
  • "Turn It Up" by Kardinal Offshall
  • "Let It Go" by Frank+Derol
  • "High Heels Short Skirts" by John Savannah
  • "Welcome To My Fantasy" by Super Estella
  • "Singing In The Dark" by Miaoux Miaoux
  • "Be My Girl" by Vibrolux
  • "Keep My Eyes Shut" by This Sound Will Save You
  • "Kiss You Inside Out" by Hedley
  • "Wicked Disco" by Speedboats& Big Explosions
  • "Lighting Bolt" by Meursault
  • "Can't Help But Falling In Love" by Luke Bilyk (Original by Elvis Presley)

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