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The 5th season of Degrassi: Next Class was going to be aired on the Family Channel in Canada under their teen block F2N and Netflix in most other territories worldwide. However, the season never came to fruition and in 2019, Stefan Brogren confirmed that Next Class was cancelled by Netflix. Work already started on seasons 5 and 6 before cancellation. Although Next Class will be superseded by Degrassi (2023 series), the new series will not focus on any of the former's characters.

Main Cast

Seniors (Class of 2017)

  • Parham Rownaghi as Saad Al'Maliki, a Syrian refugee who is starting to embrace his new life and open up to his peers.
  • Jamie Bloch as Yael Baron, a fierce and intelligent young person who is finally becoming comfortable in their own skin.
  • Sara Waisglass as Frankie Hollingsworth, a well-intentioned, yet naive girl, who is looking for her place in the world.
  • Spencer MacPherson as Hunter Hollingsworth, a former outsider who is struggling to accept the changes happening around him.
  • Amir Bageria as Baaz Nahir, academically gifted, and blunt, he is known for telling the truth, no matter how harsh it may seem.
  • Amanda Arcuri as Lola Pacini, a former cheerleader with a love for fashion who has become the school's moral compass, promoting love and acceptance of others.
  • Reiya Downs as Shay Powers, beautiful, brilliant, and athletic, she is determined to excel in all aspects of life both during, and after high school.
  • Chelsea Clark as Esme Song, an academic achiever who's repeating her senior year and is letting her erratic behavior and emotions get the best of her.
  • Dalia Yegavian as Rasha Zuabi, a Syrian refugee who has dived right into high school life, and loves every minute of it. She lives for new and exciting experiences.

Degrassi Staff

Recurring Cast