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The eighth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation depicted the first semester of the 2007-2008 school year. This season depicts the lives of a group of high school freshmen, juniors, seniors, and college freshmen as they deal with some of the challenges and issues young adults face such as sex, sexual identity, drug use, financial troubles, child molestation, mental illness, cyber-bullying, sexism, hostage situations, careers and relationships.

Main Cast

The following 24 characters received star billing:

Degrassi the next generation season 8

Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 8 Principal Casts

Graduates (Class of 2007)

Seniors (Class of 2008)

Juniors (Class of 2011)

Freshmen (Class of 2014)

Degrassi Staff

Recurring Characters

Guest Stars

Opening Sequence

The opening starts on the Degrassi sign that says Go Panthers Football. The camera pans to the right and shows a boy jumping on his skate board over the stairs. It then pans to the right and shows Peter taping the skateboarder with his video camera. Peter watches in amazement and then turns around. The scene now takes on the view from Peter's camera. It pans to the right and shows Liberty, Emma, and Manny with their arms around each other. Liberty waves to the camera, Emma smiles, and Manny blows a kiss to the camera. Liberty and Emma run off camera on the left and Manny runs into the car behind her. Kelly's sitting in the driver's seat when the camera zooms in on him. He looks into the camera and smiles. The camera pans to the right and shows Leia walking through the front door of the school holding a bunch of papers. Derek comes up behind her and throws her papers in the air. Derek looks at the camera laughing, while Leia looks angrily at Derek and punches his arm. The camera pans to the right and shows the back of Anya and Chantay's heads as they look at the Anti-Grapevine in the MI Lab. The camera pans around to show their faces. They both laugh while looking at the computer.

The camera pans to the right and we see Connor, K.C., and Clare in the science room working on a robot. They all look in the camera and smile. The robot starts sparking and they all step back in shock. The camera pans to the left and shows Alli sitting by them watching them work. Alli looks into the camera and flips her hair and smiles. Danny and Sav are then seen playing their guitars in the music room. They both make faces at the camera. The camera pans to the left where Peter points the camera at himself as he makes the rock and roll hand gesture. He then pans to the right and Spinner is seen playing the drums and twirling his drumsticks. We see a bunch of cheerleaders catching Mia after they threw her in the air. They let her down and she smiles at the camera. Holly J. then pushes in front of her and smiles at the camera. Mia rolls her eyes.

The camera pans to the right where we see Bruce the Moose and Johnny in the hallway giving some boys noogies. They both look at the camera, laughing. Mr. Simpson comes up behind them and grabs them. He looks at the camera and signals Peter to cut. We see Blue sketching at an outside bench. He smiles at the camera and then turns to the left. We see Riley with a football. He tosses the football off screen and his name fades out. The camera pans to the right and we see Jane in front of the school. She catches the football and smiles. She turns around and starts walking away with her back to the camera. The Degrassi: The Next Generation logo appears on the back of her shirt. It then pops out onto the screen.

Episode List

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Season # Series # Title Canadian Airdate U.S. Airdate Production Code
1 144 "Uptown Girl (1)" 5 October 2008 10 October 2008 801
2 145 "Uptown Girl (2)" 12 October 2008 10 October 2008 802
3 146 "Fight The Power" 19 October 2008 17 October 2008 803
4 147 "Didn't We Almost Have It All" 2 November 2008 24 October 2008 804
5 148 "Man With Two Hearts" 9 November 2008 7 November 2008 805
6 149 "With Or Without You" 16 November 2008 14 November 2008 806
7 150 "Money For Nothing" 23 November 2008 21 November 2008 807
8 151 "Lost In Love (1)" 30 November 2008 13 February 2009 808
9 152 "Lost In Love (2)" 18 January 2009 13 February 2009 809
10 153 "Bad Medicine" 25 January 2009 20 February 2009 810
11 154 "Causing A Commotion" 8 February 2009 27 February 2009 811
12 155 "Heat Of The Moment" 15 February 2009 6 March 2009 812
13 156 "Jane Says (1)" 1 March 2009 3 July 2009 813
14 157 "Jane Says (2)" 8 March 2009 3 July 2009 814
15 158 "Touch Of Grey" 15 March 2009 10 July 2009 815
16 159 "Heart Of Glass" 22 March 2009 17 July 2009 816
17 160 "Up Where We Belong" 5 April 2009 24 July 2009 817
18 161 "Danger Zone" 12 April 2009 31 July 2009 818
19-22 162-165 ""Paradise City"
"Degrassi Goes Hollywood
30 August 2009 14 August 2009 819-822

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