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The Degrassi Black Hole is a fan term for when characters from Degrassi have disappeared for no apparent reason. Sometimes the actor will leave the series or the writers don't have any material or story lines for the characters anymore. Whatever the reason, a character is considered "black holed" when they are never seen again and no explanation was given for their abrupt departure.

Characters That Entered the Black Hole

Main Characters

  • Christine "Spike" Nelson (DJH season 1-TNG season 9) - Major character in Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High who gave birth to Emma Nelson. Appeared recurringly in The Next Generation and was featured in the opening sequences from seasons 3-7. Last seen in Degrassi Takes Manhattan, despite her husband Archie Simpson continuing to appear regularly afterwards. While not a student in TNG, Spike was a major character in the franchise from it's early years, and no official explanation was given for her departure, although it is assumed that she was no longer needed because Emma was gone.
  • Bruce (TNG seasons 8-9; recurring 7) - His only purpose was to be Johnny DiMarco's friend. He never had any major story lines. He was last seen being told he was a credit short of graduating.
  • Derek Haig (TNG seasons 7-8; recurring 5-6) - He was just a bad friend for Danny. He was last seen mocking Holly J. Sinclair.
  • Leia Chang (TNG seasons 8-10) - Faded away throughout Season 10, although never playing much of a role in the series. However, she is listed as "Alumni" on the MuchMusic Degrassi cast page, meaning that she may have graduated early.  The actress who played her was offered to have the role be reduced to recurring, but she decided against it in order to focus on her studies at Harvard.
  • Blue Chessex (TNG seasons 8-9) - Hasn't been seen or mentioned after Beat It (2). After his break up with Holly J., his character had served his purpose.
  • Wesley Betenkamp (TNG seasons 10-11; guest 9) - Hasn't been seen or mentioned since Drop It Like It's Hot (2). Spencer Van Wyck, the actor who played Wesley, confirmed that he wasn't returning to Degrassi as he was informed that his character "was used to his fullest extent".
  • Dave Turner (TNG seasons 9-13) Hasn't been seen or mentioned since Young Forever.
  • Winnie Oh (TNG seasons 10-13) Hasn't been seen or mentioned since Sparks Will Fly (1).
  • Jack Jones (TNG seasons 13-14) Imogen's ex-girlfriend. Hasn't been seen or mentioned since Finally (2).

Recurring Characters

  • Kendra Mason (TNG seasons 2-3) - Spinner's adoptive sister and Toby's love interest. It was said that she supposedly cheated on Toby during summer camp. She is often symbolic of the Degrassi Black Hole, since she was the first victim.
  • Robert Kerwin (TNG seasons 1-4) - Ashley's father and Kate Kerwin's ex-husband. Last seen at his wedding with Christopher in Voices Carry (1) and Voices Carry (2).
  • Jeff Isaacs (TNG season 1-2) - Toby's father and Ashley's stepfather. Last seen in Dressed In Black.
  • Chris Sharpe (TNG seasons 3-4) - Emma's love interest, but after they broke up, he was only seen making fun of her for contracting gonorrhea. After that, he disappeared.
  • Lucas Valieri (TNG seasons 7-8) - Jane's older brother, Mia's ex-boyfriend and Isabella's father. Has not been seen or mentioned since Jane Says (2).
  • Mark Fitzgerald (TNG seasons 9-10) - A former bully that got expelled from bringing a knife to school. Hasn't been seen on camera since Jesus, Etc. (2).
  • Sadie Rowland (TNG season 10-11) - Faded away after she and Dave broke up. Last seen auditioning for Love Roulette.
  • Laura Kwan (TNG seasons 1-9) - Disappeared after season 9.
  • Jess Martello (TNG seasons 10-11) - Faded away after being ditched on her date with Drew.
  • Hannah Belmont (TNG seasons 10-11) - She was only around as a girlfriend for Wesley, and since he left the show, there is no more need for her.
  • Julian (TNG seasons 10-11) - Faded away after being seen working out with Owen.
  • Liam Berish (TNG season 11) - Was highly rumored to become a main character for season 12 and have a storyline, but hasn't been seen since he quit The Degrassi Daily.
  • Ms. Dawes (TNG seasons 8-11) - Hasn't been seen or mentioned since helping with Eli Goldsworthy's play Love Roulette in Extraordinary Machine (2).
  • Asher Shostak (TNG season 12) - Last seen lying to Eli about Clare. Was said to be arrested and taken to court by Clare but hasn't been seen or mentioned since Scream (2).
  • Chantel Sauvé (TNG seasons 2-10) - The school guidance counselor, last seen helping Holly J. with her college prerequisites. 
  • Mike Betenkamp (TNG season 10-11) - Science teacher and Wesley Betenkamp's uncle. He has not made an appearance since Dead and Gone (1).
  • Keisha (TNG season 13) - Was best friends with Frankie Hollingsworth and Zoë Rivas. She has not appeared since Believe (1).
  • Mr. Townsend (TNG season 12-13) - English teacher and head of Bright Sparks academic quiz team. He has not made an appearance since Who Do You Think You Are.
  • Caroline Nash (TNG seasons 3-4) - Ellie's mother, a recovering alcoholic. Hasn't been seen since Queen of Hearts, though she was mentioned in later episodes.
  • Arlene Takahashi (TNG season 14) - A love interest/friend of Hunter Hollingsworth. Last seen in Finally (1).
  • Damon Carter (TNG seasons 11-14) - A childhood friend of Zig Novak. He has not been seen or mentioned since The Kids Aren't Alright (2).
  • Rick Munro (DJH seasons 1-2) - Degrassi student. Had a rough home life until Joey Jeremiah helped him leave his abusive home. Possible love interest of Caitlin Ryan. Last seen in Pass Tense.
  • Max (DJH-DH) Student that was accelerated along with Scooter, had one major speaking role. Afterwards he is only seen in the background through until the last episode of Degrassi High.
  • Susie Rivera (DJH seasons 1-2)- Degrassi Student; Caitlin's best friend. Disappeared after Mr. Colby sexually harassed her.

Minor Characters

  • Patrick (DH Seasons 1-2) - Spike's first boyfriend after Shane McKay. Last seen in Body Politics, when Spike ends the relationship, gets into a conflict with Liz over the latter going out with him, and argues with Patrick in the library when Liz breaks up with him. After this, he is never seen again.
  • Towerz (TNG season 3) - A member of the Candy Bandits and Liberty's first boyfriend.
  • Chester Hosada-Bloom (TNG season 4) - Made a few short, insignificant appearances. He had been Manny, Darcy, and Chantay's object of affection, until he called Emma a ho and gave her a wet top.
  • Amy Peters-Hoffman (TNG season 3-4) - Sean's former girlfriend and Alex's ex-best friend.
  • Nadia Yamir (TNG season 2-3) - A friend of Kendra that disappeared with her.
  • Sully (TNG season 2-3) - A member of the soccer team and a short love interest for Manny.
  • Oskar (TNG season 1) - Appeared for only 1 season before disappearing; he was on the Spirit Squad and Basketball Team.
  • Tom (TNG season 3) - Served as a temporary boyfriend for Dylan.
  • Mr. Ellis (TNG season 5) - Was a Chemistry teacher at Degrassi. Has not been seen or mentioned since Season 5.
  • Christopher (TNG season 4) - Appeared for only 3 episodes and was never shown again after marrying Robert Kerwin in Voices Carry (1) & 2.
  • Luke (TNG season 10) - Hasn't been seen or mentioned since his first appearance in Umbrella (1).
  • Tim (TNG season 5) - Served as a temporary boyfriend for Marco.
  • Eric (TNG season 6-7) - Another temporary boyfriend for Marco.
  • Reese (TNG season 8) - K.C.'s rival in basketball. Last seen at The Ravine with his girlfriend, about to have sex.
  • Trish (TNG season 9) - former Captain of the Power Squad. It is unknown what happened to her.
  • Ethan (TNG season 9) - A forgotten member of the basketball team.
  • Larissa (TNG season 9) - The president of the LGBT Club. Has not made an appearance since Beat It (2)
  • Victoria (TNG season 9) - Hasn't been seen or mentioned after Peter broke up with her in Start Me Up.
  • Lily (TNG season 1) - A camera worker for the Degrassi morning announcements who hasn't been seen or mentioned since Basketball Diaries.
  • Fareeza (TNG season 2) - A Muslim girl who was ostracized because of her religion in Don't Believe the Hype . She is never heard from after Hazel apologized for the bullying.
  • Jenn (TNG season 5) - She was one of Peter's friends. She did not appear after Venus (1).
  • Kim (TNG season 5-7) - She was last seen taking away Darcy's purity ring because she heard that Darcy had sex (but was actually raped).
  • Linus (TNG season 5) - He was last seen in a fight with Marco after he called him a fag during the Friendship Club's protest of the Safer Sex Seminar. In a deleted scene, it was revealed that he was no longer part of the friendship club.
  • Diane (TNG season 5) - It is unknown what happened to her. She just disappeared after giving Archie advice. She might have moved in with Joey and Angela.
  • Sydney (TNG season 3-4) - Hasn't been seen since Time Stands Still when she stopped her ex-boyfriend from selling his house.
  • Nora (TNG season 6) - She hooked up with Toby in Rock This Town then, but was never heard from again. She possibly graduated with the class of 2009.
  • Nic (TNG season 6) - It is unknown what exactly happened to him after he bullied Degrassi students, but it is assumed that he transferred schools, as he did not come to Degrassi after Lakehurst burnt down.
  • Jacinta Morley (TNG season 11) - She hooked up with Dave in the summer of 2010. She was hit by a car in Smash Into You (2). She has not been seen or mentioned since Season 11.
  • Talia (TNG season 12) - Maya's friend, Harry's best friend and had some feelings for Eli.
  • Thomas Faron (TNG season 10) - Zane's ex-boyfriend, hasn't been seen or mentioned since Season 10.
  • Bo Andersson (TNG season 12) - Ingvar's twin brother, member of Toronto Ice Hounds. Hasn't been seen or mentioned since Bitter Sweet Symphony (2).
  • Ingvar Andersson (TNG season 12) - Bo's twin brother, member of Toronto Ice Hounds, Hasn't been seen or mentioned since Bitter Sweet Symphony (2).
  • Mr. Matlin (TNG season 11) - Katie and Maya's father. He was last seen in In the Cold, Cold Night (2).