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Degrassi Junior High School was a junior high school that covered Grades 7-9. It burned down in June 1989 at the end of the year dance.


Degrassi has always been a junior high school that covered Grades 7-8, but in 1988, the school added a Grade 9 to its roster.

Student Pregnancy[]

Parents had a problem with Christine Nelson attending the school after she was pregnant as they thought that it set a bad example. However, she was eventually allowed to stay.

Student Harassment[]

Substitute teacher Mr. Colby sexually harassed students Lucy Fernandez and Susie Rivera when he filled in for both Mr. Raditch and Ms. Avery. Lucy, Susie, L.D. Delacorte and Derek Wheeler reported his actions. It is unknown whether or not he was arrested or fired.

Fire Emergency During Graduation Dance[]

Degrassi Junior High burned down in 1989 during a school dance when flammable containers caught fire, and spread throughout the school. The students attending the dance were evacuated as the school burned to the ground.

Left Before Graduating to High School[]