The Rest of My Life (also known as Degrassi Takes Manhattan or Degrassi: The Heat Is On in the US) is the 20th-23rd episodes of Season 9, as well as the season finale of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It concluded its summer run on CTV and TeenNick with an all-new two-hour movie featuring original songs and celebrity cameos. This episode aired on July 16, 2010 in Canada, and on July 19, 2010 in the United States. This episode not only marked the last time both networks aired the show at different times, but also the last time that Degrassi aired on CTV.


The film begins with the members of Janie and the Studs featuring Peter making their way to the front of Degrassi Community School as the last minutes of the school year tick down. Knowing that Spinner and Jane want to spend more time together in the summer, Spinner hires Emma as a new server, giving her instructions not to use the sandwich grill until she is fully oriented. With The Dot now employed, Spinner and Jane head to the Coyne's pool party. While in the dressing tent, Holly J. and Jane talk about the time Jane cheated on Spinner with Holly J.'s boyfriend, Declan, with Spinner listening outside. This new information, along with Jane leaving the country to go to college, causes Spinner to break-up with Jane in a big scene. Upon returning to The Dot, Spinner finds it on fire, as a result of Emma using the shorting sandwich grill. This causes Spinner to fall into an even deeper depression, where he violently removes all Jane memorabilia from his loft.

With nothing to do for the summer for Jane, she gets invited to live in the penthouse suite in Manhattan with Holly J., Declan and his sister Fiona. After being a third wheel to Declan and Holly J., Jane continues to explore New York, and gets invited to front an indie band, which will be playing on TVM, the music channel where Holly J. is about to start her internship. TVM is a parody of MTV, but was filmed in the MuchMusic studios in 299 Queen Street West, Toronto. On Holly J.'s first day, she runs into Jay Manuel, as himself, who gives her a warning about her new boss, Kristin, who is played by MTV Canada host Jessi Cruickshank. Holly J. also finds out that Fiona will be interning there, as a result of her jealousy to Holly J.'s time with Declan. A feud breaks out between Holly J. and Fiona, attempting to hurt each other emotionally. Holly J. locks Fiona in a room before a live broadcast, and Fiona attempts to get Declan on her side. She plans a party in their penthouse, to show Holly J., Declan's ex-girlfriends, but when this does not affect Holly J., she proceeds to kiss her brother Declan, to make a scene. This causes Declan to side with his seemingly crazy sister, and Holly J. running out for the night. The following morning, though, he talks to Holly J., winning her back, and asking Fiona to move out.

In an attempt to cheer up Spinner, Emma, Manny, and Jay "kidnap" him, and take him to a casino hotel at Niagara Falls. After some successful games of blackjack, Emma and Spinner become drunk, and wake up the following morning, not remembering what had happened. They find out that they spent their winnings on a legal marriage, and an ugly, un-returnable ring. In the following days they become closer to each other, and begin to think that they may not get a divorce. When Spinner tells Jane that they will hold a ceremony that Saturday, Jane realizes that she still has feelings for him, and convinces Holly J. and Declan to drive her back to Toronto. When Spinner and Emma start to question their marriage, they both say to each other that they want to wait to see if it works. They each go back to their friends, retelling the conversation in their head, until they realize that they do love each other. Spinner runs back to the Simpson/Nelson house to profess his love for Emma, as Snake and Spike have returned home from their vacation. And everyone decides to hold the wedding ceremony.

Not wanting Jane to stop the wedding, Holly J. and Declan try to slow down the road trip, until Jane steals the car. She reaches the lakeside party before the ceremony is about to begin, and finds Spinner's tent. After seeing that Spinner is in love with Emma, she allows the wedding to continue. The movie ends at the dance -after the wedding.

Regular Cast (Ordered alphabetically)

Also Starring

Guest Starring

Supporting Cast

  • Lizz Alexander as Tattoo artist
  • Ian Blackwood as George's keyboardist
  • Robin Craig as Mrs. Mason
  • R.O. Glasgow as Dealer
  • Elizabeth Lofranco as Intern 1
  • Ian MacIntyre as Intern 2
  • Sydney Van Delft as Chloe
  • Rudy Webb as Doorman
  • Jelena Zivanovic as Morgan


  • Holly J.: "This is New York Holly J., bitch!"
  • Holly J.: "I'm done coming second to your sister Declan!"
  • Holly J.: "If anything's gross it's your jealousy, and frankly, it's inappropriate!"
    Fiona: "You want inappropriate?"
  • Declan (to Fiona): "You're messed up Fi, and this time I don't think I can help you."
  • Spinner (to Jane): "I HEARD YOU!"
  • Spinner (to Holly J.): "SHUT UP! You knew about this!"
  • Spinner (to Emma): "What did we do last night?"
  • Larry (to Emma): "Ever had a hernia? Not fun."
  • Peter (to Spinner): "It's hammer time!"
  • Spike (to Emma): "How pregnant are you?"
    Emma: "Not even a little bit."
  • Manny (to Jane): "You are not ruining my best friend's wedding!"
  • Holly J. (to Declan): "I feel like I'm in the Princess Diaries!"
  • Declan (to everyone): "I love New York."
  • Fiona (to Holly J.): "Boyfriends are temporary. Brothers are forever."
  • Spinner (to Emma): "You're like some card-playing Yoda! You know that? Except, way better looking."
  • Record seller (to George): "Breakin' up's a bitch, bro."
  • Jane (to Spinner): "You look happy..."
  • Jane (to Holly J.): "Well, sometimes good things happen out of a break up!
  • Jay (to Emma and Spinner): "Whoa, someones on a roll!"
  • Manny (to Emma, Jay and Spinner): "I blame margaritas. You ready?"
  • Spinner (to Emma): "Drama class boner."
  • Fiona (to Declan): "I made some calls, no biggie.
  • Holly J. (to Declan and Fiona): "Declan Coyne, speechless. I really had seen everything."
  • Fiona (to Holly J., Morgan, Chloe and Blake): "My brother is just gaga about her."
  • Emma (to Spinner): "Mhmm, smells yummy!"
  • Declan (to Fiona): "Rough night, sis?"
  • Larry (to Spinner and Emma): "Are you sure you're okay with checking divorced every time you enter a contest?"
  • Danny: "Well, I'm not telling Spinner that Jane's here."
    Sav: "Man, if I tell him he will break me."
    Danny: "You're overreacting."
    Sav: "Man, I'm like a twig!"

  • "The Great Escape" by Janie and the Studs Feat. Peter Stone - Heard during the opening scene when Janie and the Studs perform.
  • "Tattoo Parlour" by Tim Welch
  • "Way Better Now" by Speedmarket Avenue
  • "Land Of Giants" by Hooded Fang
  • "Leaders Of The Misled" by The New Cities
  • "When They Fight, They Fight" by Generationals
  • "I Wanna Rock" by Jeffery Brothers Band
  • "Find Another Girl" by The Midways
  • "Got To Be" by Latch Key Kid
  • "N.Y.M." by The Damn Automatics
  • "Here Today" by Flashin' Midnight - Heard when Jane auditions for Flashin' Midnight.
  • "Change Of Seasons" by Sweet Thing
  • "Maybe Love" by Flashin' Midnight and Jane - Heard when Flashin' Midnight performs on TVM.
  • "Derriere (Are You Ready)" by Hipjoint Feat. Lil' Raven
  • "Put Me On Your Playlist" by Confection
  • "Busker Walk" by Tim Welch
  • "Fine Line" by Alanna Clarke - Heard when Declan goes to the studio to ask Holly J. for a second chance.
  • "Your Love is My Drug" by Ke$ha - Heard when Fiona kisses Declan.
  • "Away From Sunshine" by Automatic Eye
  • "Good Life" by Michelle Featherstone - Heard when Spinner and Emma decide to stay married.
  • "What Goes Around" by Domenica
  • "Fly Away" by Honey Ryder - Heard when Spinner professes his love for Emma.
  • "Can You Hear Me Boys" by Aloha From Hell
  • "I Trust You" by The Studs and Manny - Heard during the wedding when Manny performs.