Deirdre Pill was the temporary principal of Degrassi Community School. She was appointed after the fire during the Power Cheer competition. She was portrayed by Rachael Crawford.

Character History

Season 14

In Watch Out Now, as the students walk into the school, it is revealed that Simpson is gone and that Ms. Pill is the new principal. She enforces many new policies such as confiscation of cellphones during school hours and the ban of public displays of affection. She also requires that all school clubs be approved by her.

In Wishlist, she witnesses Imogen Moreno kneeing Damon Carter in the groin and calls her down to her office. After Imogen explains that she and Jack Jones were being harassed by him, she tries to validate the story with Jack, who lies and says Imogen is overreacting to avoid her parents finding out about the situation and her sexuality. Ms. Pill then drops the subject since Jack sees it as no big deal which upsets Imogen profusely.

In Walking in My Shoes, she walks with Zoë Rivas to the cafeteria so she could start her community service. When Ms. Pill checks the cameras and finds out Zoë was giving the students their phones, she gives Zoë once last chance to pull herself together, and tells her she also has to clean the entire cafeteria.



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