Diana Economopoulos was a student at Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. She was portrayed by Chrissa Erodotou.

Degrassi Junior High

Season 1

Diana first appears as an uncredited extra in grade 7.

Season 3

Diana appears sparingly as a grade 8 student who is friends with other grade 8's like Caitlin and Melanie. She is one of the girls that talks to Caitlin about her crush on Joey in Loves Me, Loves Me Not. She tells Caitlin that Joey is "not her type".

Degrassi High

Season 1

Diana becomes a more prominent character in Degrassi High. Like Kathleen and Melanie, she is "initiated" by bullies when they cover her in whipped cream.

In Little White Lies, Diana starts smoking. While working in the library with Melanie, she sneaks out to have a smoke with Luke Cassellis and Yick Yu, who she has a crush on. All three get caught by Ms. Avery and are sent to the principal's office. When her brother George finds out, he grounds her. She sneaks out to Melanie's party against her brother's wishes and steals a bottle of alcohol from home since her brother and mother don't drink. Her brother finds her at the party and brings her home. They make a deal that if she quits smoking and goes to Greek school, he'll stop being so hard on her.

Diana's mother was portrayed by Angela Demos and her brother by Nick Stamiris. Her father died 12 years prior to the events in "Little White Lies" (set at "mid-terms" time in the 1990-91 school year), approximately 1979. Since Diana was probably born in 1976, she would have been just three years old.

Season 2


Diana's surprise birthday party

In The All Nighter, Caitlin, Melanie, Kathleen, and Maya throw Diana a surprise birthday party. She told them all she though Joey was kind of cute but Caitlin told her "Diana, gross get some taste lessons". Kathleen brings marijuana to the party, and everyone but Caitlin smokes it. Diana is upset that she doesn't feel anything.