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Doll Parts (1) is the twenty-third episode of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on October 26, 2012.

Main Plot

While Maya and Cam are studying at Cam's billet house, Maya feels unappreciated when Cam doesn't pay attention to her and embarrassed when she takes off her shirt in front of him only to receive a negative response. When she performs her song in front of Mo, he tells her he likes it, but the provocative innuendo of the song wouldn't be appropriate for her youthful appearance and that it would be better if Imogen sung it. She tells Tori of these instances and Tori and Tristan decide to give her a makeover.

When Maya shows Cam her new appearance, Cam laughs at her, but when he tries to make up for it, Maya yells that she has no idea what he wants and runs to the band room, tearing off all her makeup. Zig finds Maya crying her eyes out and comforts her, which leads to the decision to join the beauty pageant that Tori is entering. While there, Maya is disappointed that Cam is not there and is afraid she did this for nothing. When she is called on stage, she falls on her face, but laughs it off. After her performance, she and Zig have a chat and Maya is surprised to find she has made it to the second round.

After the show, she calls Cam and breaks up with him, before having a flirty moment with Zig. When Tori comes and kisses Zig, Maya seems troubled.

Sub Plot

When Katie and Jake invite Marisol and Mo on a vacation, Marisol gets worried when Mo doesn't let her sign his health form for the vacation. She begins to worry during classes and talks to Katie about it.

While on a date with Mo, she tells him a secret, that she cheated on her math test. She hopes to get one back, but sees that Mo has suddenly fallen asleep during their conversation. When he wakes up, he begins to sweat, and they both seem surprised by this. He leaves to "take a leak," making Marisol even more worried. Marisol snoops through his bag and finds a needle. When Mo returns with a cookie and a better appearance, Marisol tells him she has to leave.

Marisol calls Katie and tells her about the needle. Marisol jumps to conclusions and believes that Mo is taking drugs.

Third Plot

Adam tries out for the boys volleyball team, but Audra doesn't want him to. When Adam asks her if he can take testosterone pills to increase his muscle build and lower the pitch of his voice, she tells him no. When the time comes that he needs her signature for the team, he finds her crying while holding Drew's shirt. Adam comforts her, without mentioning his desire to join the volleyball team. Still wanting to join, Adam must forge her signature.

  • This is the 300th episode of Degrassi. The number 300 was mentioned three times in this episode
    • Cam says his answer should be 300.
    • Maya says she's crash landing at 300 miles per hour.
    • Cam asks Maya if she downloaded the movie 300.
  • This title of this episode is named after the song “Doll Parts” by Hole.
  • As of this episode, Maya and Cam have been dating for a month.
  • This episode marks the end of Cam and Maya's first relationship.
  • Ben Mulroney from the Star!/E! entertainment news program eTalk guest stars as himself.

  • Adam: "There is not enough energy drink in the world right now."
    Connor: "There probably is."

  • "A Beautiful End" by J.R. Richards
  • "All Those Pretty Lights" by Andrew Belle

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