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Doll Parts (2) is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on November 2, 2012.

Main Plot

Maya performs her song for Tristan and Tori. Tristan loves the song, while Tori, in a jealous rage, tells Maya that she has no shot at winning the Miss Millennial Pageant. Maya assumes it's because Tori doesn't think she's pretty enough. Maya later tells Katie that she plans on asking Zig to help her with her act, and Katie worries that it will upset Tori even more. Maya asks Zig anyways, and Zig agrees, also saying that Maya is sexy enough to perform by herself. A few minutes later, Maya runs into Cam, who apologizes for not paying attention to her and not kissing her. He asks her for a second chance, and tells her he'll try harder, to which she responds, "You shouldn't have to try."

Later at the pageant, Zig performs with Maya, and they share a kiss backstage. Maya instantly regrets it, while Zig doesn't seem to mind. Katie walks in and sees the kiss, later calling Maya out on it while preparing her for the interview. She asks Maya if she really wants to be a boyfriend stealer, and that she deserves better than a boy who kisses girls besides his girlfriend. She also tells Maya not to let a boy come between her and Tori's friendship. Later at the interview, Tori tells the judges that her biggest flaw is saying things without thinking of the consequences, and publicly apologizes to Maya. Maya tells the judges that she's a huge bitch, and runs out. She goes over to Cam's and apologizes, and the two reconcile. The next day, while Tori and Maya are back on good terms, Zig expresses his jealousy of her and Cam's relationship, saying they both "felt it" the other night when they kissed. Maya says she was confused and that she likes Cam, before going off with him.

Sub Plot

Marisol decides to organize an intervention for Mo, under the impression that he has a drug addiction. She even recommends to him the same rehabilitation facility that Katie was treated at. However, Mo decides to hide his embarrassment of Marisol's accusation by sarcastically shouting "I love drugs. Drugs are the bomb!", and then walks away from her. Concerned, Marisol approaches Jake about Mo's drug addiction to which Jake also responds his own sarcastic humor before ultimately revealing to her that Mo is, in fact, a diabetic and the needles that he uses are insulin shots. Marisol is even more hurt as she suddenly feels as though her own boyfriend couldn't trust her enough to tell her.

Later on, she confronts Mo at the Dot and lets her know how upset she is with him. Luckily, Mo is able to make it up to her at school the next day by apologizing for keeping his diabetes a secret. Marisol, in return, apologizes for overreacting to the situation and assuming that he was a drug addict. From there, they exchange "I love you's" and kiss each other. They make plans for their trip to Mexico under the condition that Mo wears a safety band. In the possible event that Mo falls ill, Marisol says that she needs to know how to help him.

Third Plot

Adam makes the volleyball team, but at practice, he is hit in the face by a volleyball, which causes his nose to badly bruise and bleed. Coach Armstrong asks Adam if he wants to call home, but Adam avoids this since he forged his mother's signature to get onto the team. Later, Adam is hiding from Becky so that she wouldn't see his nose, and he talks with Eli, who urges him to go to a doctor.

Later at home, Audra comes home and reveals to Adam that she knows about him joining the volleyball team because Coach Armstrong called home to check up on him. Adam tells her that he was going to ask if he could join, but she was crying over Drew, and he didn't want to further upset her. His mother approaches Adam again later, and it turns out she is fine with him joining the team. She tells him that she is proud of the man he is becoming, and thinks it is time that they start talking to a doctor about having Adam to start taking testosterone. Adam is overjoyed upon hearing this and hugs his mother.

  • This episode is named after the song "Doll Parts" by Hole.
  • This episode marks the beginning of:
  • Zig and Maya kiss in this episode.

  • Marisol: "Thanks for coming."
    Mo: "What's with the door locking? Wait, is this sexy time?"
  • Jake (as Marisol equivocates Mo’s reluctance to reveal his medical condition is worse than him having a drug problem due to trust issues): "Diabetes is worse than crack?"
  • Katie: " this really who you want to be? A boyfriend stealer? What, should I start calling you Maya DeSousa?"
  • Katie (to Maya, referring to Zig): "He's the kind of guy that kisses girls that aren't his girlfriend, and that's not good enough for you. Please don't let some guy come between you and your best friend."
  • Audra: "I'm so proud of the man that you're becoming, which is why it's time to start thinking about getting medication for you."
    Adam: "Medication like testosterone?"
    Audra: "Not saying we'll do it right away, but we should find a doctor and start a conversation."
    Adam: "Conversation, I love a conversation. Thanks, Mom!"
  • Tori (when asked during the pageant about her greatest flaw, her difficulty being careful with her words): But I have beautiful friends who forgive me for this flaw. From one of my friends, my best friend, I've learned to be a better person, to be less superficial, and more careful about what I say. And she's the most beautiful person I've ever met."
  • Mo: "I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you about my diabetes."
    Marisol: "Because you didn't think I could handle it or something?"
    Mo: "Of course you could, you're practically perfect."

  • "Quiet Assurance" - Telegraph Canyon
  • "Kid to You" - Dylan Guthro
  • "Long Gone" - Jonathan Inc.
  • "The Mexico of Europe" - Last Band Alive
  • "Sleep to Grow" - The Belle Game

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