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"Okay, Haze, when I'm offended, you know you've really gone too far."
Paige's shock at Hazel's bullying of Fareeza.

Don't Believe the Hype is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Episode Overview[]

Hazel decides to avoid telling everyone she is Muslim on "International Day", so when she takes bullying to the extreme towards another Muslim, she gets blamed for ruining her project. Meanwhile, J.T. doesn't want to be the next male Martha Stewart, so he sews and Liberty gets the credit, but Liberty can't take it anymore and honesty gets the best of her.

Main Plot[]

International Day is hitting Degrassi's 9th graders by storm, especially Hazel who has no clue what to do for a presentation on her heritage. Secretly, Hazel is Muslim, but doesn't "look Muslim" and is "in the closet," so to speak, about her family history. Another Muslim girl, Fareeza, who wears the headdress, also known as the hijab or head scarf, is bullied by Hazel, but she seems to know Hazel's secret. So, to fix her International Day problem, Hazel pretends to be Jamaican. International Day goes on like a hit until someone vandalizes Fareeza's project, spray-painting "TERRORIST" all over her visual aids and destroying some of the other things. Hazel is one of the first "suspects," as she was one of her bullies. Hazel denies any part in the hate crime, and she is exonerated when it is found out a few 10th graders did it.

Later, Hazel talks to her about the issue and confirms she is Muslim as well and that she was beat up once and called "terrorist". Hazel offers to help her redo the project. The next morning, Hazel then presents her real International Day family history to the homeroom with no shame or fear.

Sub Plot[]

Meanwhile, in home economics, J.T. is a born sewer since his mother is a seamstress. J.T. hates the fact of "like mother, like son." But to avoid being made fun of by the guys for being a male version of "Martha Stewart", he gives his excellent sewing to Liberty in exchange for her horrendous sewing. Until one day J.T. sews Liberty a skirt for a school project and their teacher is applauding Liberty and she tells the class that J.T. made it. Mad at first, J.T. is embarrassed about his sewing job and is made fun of by Toby and Sean, until all the girls ask him to make them skirts and offer payments for them. Toby and Sean become jealous.

  • Spinner: "Last night, I asked my mom what my culture was. She pointed to the globe and said I was from Earth."
    Paige: "It's good to know... I had my doubts."
  • Liberty: "Don't make me tell the guys you're the next Martha Stewart!" to J.T.

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