Don't Look Back is the 25-28th episodes as well as the season finale of Season 14. It aired on August 2, 2015. This is the final episode before Degrassi rebrands itself as Degrassi: Next Class. This was the final episode to air on TeenNick, which had broadcast the series since 2002. Also, this is the final episode to air on MTV Canada as the show moved to the Family Channel in Canada and Netflix worldwide in 2016.


When you’re in high school, everything feels different in the summer – and for the students of Degrassi, this summer is no exception. Along with the record-breaking temperatures, tensions, romance, and friendships are on the rise. But while everyone hopes this will be the best summer ever, the city might have something else in store for them.

Main Plot

Maya has high hopes of spending the summer life-guarding at the beach with Zig, but her hopes are crushed when she fails her CPR class. Determined not to let her summer be a total bust, she sets her sights on a nanny job for a prestigious music producer, but is foiled by Gloria, who swoops in and gets the job. After Gloria goes missing, Maya ultimately gets the job.

Sub Plot

Frankie’s pumped for her summer job as a city hall intern, but finds it’s an uphill battle with the other older interns.

Third Plot

Zoë is determined to coast through summer school with Tristan by riding the coat-tails of Hunter and Grace. And while all the kids have challenges, what really overshadows the summer is that sexy and infuriating Gloria goes missing. This cloud hovers over everyone’s summer as they are all, in one way or another, touched by her disappearance.

  • Maya: "I can cook! Sort of..."
  • Zoë to Grace: "You’re the most frustrating person I have ever met. You make fun of me all the time, you tell me I’m wrong […] You see the real me. The girl I try so hard to hide and you like her. Sometimes you make me feel so special and I’m scared that if I lose you I’ll never feel that way again

  • "Hot Tonight" by Tokyo Police Club
  • "Nicotine" by The Dirty Nil
  • "Lionheart" by PUP
  • "Feels Like Magic" by Weekend Giants
  • "Mexican Hat Dance" by Scott Goodman & Kevin Bluhm
  • "Mexican Fondness" by Michael Alan Cohen
  • "Jolly Bandito" by Greg Herzenach
  • "You Want Me" by Pete Masitti & John Andrew Barrow
  • "Say Hello To The Bad Guy" by Ricardo Hoyos
  • "Control" by Vyce
  • "Bright Red Chords" by Loomis And The Lust
  • "Losing Yourself In Time" by Cassidy Mann
  • "Sriracha" by BESTiE
  • "Love You Well" by Austin Plaine
  • "Asi es mi Tierra Caliente" by Tim Devine & Francisca Gonzales
  • "Rock This Club Down" by Esquille
  • "Wait" by M:ro
  • "Exodus Of The Year" by Royal Canoe
  • "Never Stop" by Gunfngr & Alyssa