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Dorothy is the cousin of Arthur Kobalewscuy and Stephanie Kaye. She started attending Degrassi Junior High in September 1988 at the start of the third season. She is shown to be best friends with Tessa Campanelli.


Dorothy is introduced as a new student at Degrassi in "Can't Live With 'Em". She is introduced in parallel to that of Arthur as she was a seventh grader who came in with no friends and was not acknowledged by her older cousin. She is seen always being alone, so she interjects herself in her cousin's life, including in "Season's Greetings", when she interjected herself in Arthur and Yick Yu's friendship when they fight over Arthur's gift and money. In "He Ain't Heavy", she is telling random students including Bartholomew Bond and Max that Arthur is rich, to which he denied it, which upset her for his lies. It is later revealed that she was going around betting her money so she talked him into giving her some funds while lying about not doing it again.

She originally had a crush on Yick Yu, even asking Arthur if he liked her. After Yick's obvious disinterest in her, she gave up after a year.



  • Although she is the younger cousin of Arthur and Stephanie, her last name is never revealed.
  • She formerly had a crush on Yick.
  • Dorothy and Arthur were the first cousins in the series. The second were Dave and Chantay. Like Dave was to Chantay, Dorothy was the embarrassing cousin to Arthur.
  • She was played by Annabelle Waugh, the real life younger sister of Duncan Waugh who played Arthur.
  • She used to have a pet rat.


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