Dr. Tara is a counselor who was hired at Degrassi following the suicide of Cam Saunders, and to talk to the students of Degrassi about the recent tragedy.

Character History

Season 12


Dr. Tara talks to Katie.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Mr. Simpson introduces Tara to Maya and Katie when he tells them the news that Cam is dead.  She tells them that she's available to talk at any time.  Later, Dallas waits outside of the office to talk to her and she leads him in.

In Ray of Light (2), Maya is shown leaving her office, and she makes Katie tak to Dr. Tara. Dr. Tara advises Katie to do what makes her feel better.


  • (To many students): "As the news spreads about Campbell, please let your friends know that there is a team of counselors here to help the school through this difficult time. There’s no right way to respond to a suicide. Some of you might feel sadness, grief, anger, guilt, others may be less affected. All of these emotions are completely normal, but no matter how you feel the best thing you can do is stay open. Talk to your parents, and your teachers, and your friends, and more importantly, listen. Listen, listen to what others have to say. Just know that you’re not alone."