"You mean... drive it?"
— Joey allows Craig to drive to a car wash.

Drive is the sixth episode of Season 2 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. The episode originally aired on October 27, 2002 on CTV Television Network and on November 25, 2002 on The N. It was directed by Stefan Scaini.

Main Plot

At Joey's car dealership, Craig impresses a customer into buying a car. As a reward, Joey allows Craig to drive a car down to the car wash, giving Craig a thrill. The next day, Joey goes out on a trip for the weekend, bringing Angela to his mother's house. When Craig asks where he'll be staying, Joey tells Craig that he can stay home alone for the weekend, giving Craig another thrill.

Joey tells Craig that he can invite a couple of friends over on three conditions: "No booze, no girls, and no parties." Craig agrees to his terms and then invites Sean, Marco, Spinner and Jimmy. However, Jimmy, angry that Sean was invited, did not attend. What was intended to be a fun night turns out to be incredibly boring, with their best ideas including watching Spinner chug cheese whiz and tricking Sean into prank phone calling Emma. Craig gloats about how Joey spoils him silly, but when Craig lets it slip that Joey let him drive a car, Sean and Spinner persuade Craig to go to Joey's car dealership and take a car out for a joy ride, though Marco believes that it is a bad idea. When they get there, the phone begins to ring.

Because they are not supposed to be there, they leave the phone ringing. They have fun, but the excitement goes down after a short time, as Craig will not go over 30MPH. When they hear that there is a competition about a mile away that is giving away tickets to a Kid Elrick concert providing the competitors make it there under a certain time and answer a Kid Elrick question, Spinner and Sean persuades Craig to drive there rather than travel on foot. Once there, Craig successfully answers the question and wins the tickets.

While driving back, the kids notice a police car next to them, and the cops inside look at them suspiciously. The four get nervous, but fortunately, the cop car leaves, letting off its siren. Deciding that they were too lucky just then, they decide to drive back. After what appears to have been a perfect day, they come back to the car dealership celebrating, but are shocked and terrified when they see Joey there, furious (the silent alarm went off when the four entered the dealership earlier, explaining the phone call and the police driving off). Joey sends the other boys home, and gives Craig a look of both anger and disappointment.

Once home, Joey thinks about exactly how to deal with Craig while Craig sits in fear. Craig hopes that saying that his actions were stupid will ease his punishment, but Joey grounds him for three weeks and rips up his tickets, giving Craig his first official punishment.

This episode is a homage to the Degrassi Junior High episode Trust Me in which Joey, Snake, and Wheels steal Snake's parents' car without permission.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Ashley and Ellie are becoming fast friends. Ashley sports a new cropped haircut and new dark clothes. Ellie has her belly button pierced, and Ashley (wanting to impress her new friend) wants to do the same. Ashley is terrified when she sees the needle that will be piercing her, and assures Ellie that her mom will not allow her. To her surprise, her mother Kate Kerwin is all for it, deciding to let Ashley live a little.

Seconds away from getting her new piercing, Ashley freaks out. She tells Ellie that she just wanted to be cool, but she is completely terrified of needles. Ellie understands and says that she doesn't need to impress her because they are already friends.

  • This episode is named after the song "Drive" by The Cars.
  • Although he previously appeared in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, this is Marco's first episode with a speaking part.
  • Craig has become friends with Jimmy, Marco and Spinner.
  • It is said that Marco's mother, Louisa Del Rossi, is a piano teacher.
  • Marco tells Sean to shut up when he mocks Craig's statement "I like you guys", hinting at his sexuality.
  • This is the first episode in which J.T. Yorke and Toby Isaacs do not appear.
  • Craig is the first Degrassi student to drive in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

  • Craig: "Joey is gone for the weekend."
    Spinner: "Alright, party!"
    Craig: "No party, Spin."
    Spinner: "Girls?"
    Craig: "No girls."
    Spinner: "Booze?"
    Craig: "No booze."
    Spinner: "Doughnuts?"
    Craig: "That we can do!"
  • Spinner: "Marco, your mom's in the music business, right?"
    Marco: "She teaches piano, Spinner."
  • Spinner: "Excitement makes me fart."
  • Spinner: "Shut up."
    Sean: "No, you shut up."
    Spinner: "No you shut up."
    Sean: "You shut up."
    Spinner: "No you shut up."
    Sean: "You shut up."
    Craig: "Would you both shut up?"
  • Ashley: "I'm just scared on needles. I can't explain it."
    Ellie: "So why would you try a piercing?"
    Ashley: "I dunno, I just… thought it would look cool. And I thought I’d gain some points with you."
    Ellie: "Points?"
    Ashley: "You know what I mean."
    Ellie: "No, I don't. Ash, you're my friend. You don't need a piercing to impress me."
  • Emma: “This your idea of fun Sean? Pranking your ex-girlfriend?

  • "Soul Explosion" by Divine Right