Duke is the limo driver that Jimmy Brooks hired to take him and his friends to Degrassi Community School's Bollywood themed dance. While on the job, he was arrested for not paying a series of parking tickets. He is portrayed by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Character History

Season 3

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Duke before he is arrested.

In The Power of Love, Duke arrives in a beat-up limo to pick up Jimmy, Hazel Aden, Paige Michalchuk, and Spinner Mason to take them to the dance. Jimmy thinks that there had been a mistake since he was expecting a better quality limo, instead of a trash-filled one, but it turns out he had actually hired Duke. Spinner compliments Duke's hat before Duke closes the limo's door for them. He drives the four to the restaurant where they eat dinner before heading to the dance.

As they are exiting the restaurant, Duke is being arrested for not paying a series of 30 parking tickets. However, before he is driven away, Duke gets one of the police officers to drive the four to the dance, as he doesn't like to leave his customers without service.


In West End Girls, before entering prom, Paige is complaining about everything that goes wrong with her arrivals to dances. She mentions in 10th grade their limo driver the criminal delivers them in a cop car, referring to Duke.


  • His license plate reads, "DUKE IT".
  • He was arrested for not paying 30 parking tickets.