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Dwayne Myers was a student at Degrassi Junior High School and Degrassi High School in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Degrassi Junior High[]

Starts as: Grade 7

In The Cover-Up, Dwayne punched Joey in the eye and Joey lies about how he got the black eye.

Starts as: Grade 8

In class 8D, which seems to be a special class for students with learning or behavioural problems. Considerably taller and heavier than his grade peers, it is possible that Dwayne is actually age 15-16 during his Grade 8 year, and may twice have not achieved promotion to the next grade through his elementary school years. Another possibility is that years before junior high Dwayne might have been held back a grade or two, so during his time in Degrassi Junior High his teacher might have thought it would be better for him to be with students and peers age, and also of course, his size, so he was put ahead a grade. This would mean that when Joey, Wheels and Snake came to Degrassi High School that Dwayne could have very well been in grade 11, since he pretty much seemed at home and very established at the time.

Dwayne had two sidekicks, and in early 1989, the nicknames of those two sidekicks were Stu (actor Kevin Marshall) and Meat (Raffi Malkhassian). As of fall 1990, he seems to be established already as a high school student, demonstrating scorn of the new arrivals (who actually should be in the same grade as him), and one of his two sidekicks is now Tabi, an aggressive girl, and the other is Nick.

Dwayne picks on Joey Jeremiah and the two become enemies, though when Dwayne discovers he is HIV-positive, Joey agrees to keep his secret and they reconcile.

Dwayne was known for breaking into the condom machine in the boys' washroom and using the condoms for water balloons.

Degrassi High[]

(season 1):

A New Start : Dwayne returns and is shown to be attending Degrassi High School. He is shown to disapprove of the Degrassi Junior High students attending Degrassi High and says that they are letting babies in his school. He, along with his sidekicks Nick and Tabi are shown initiating students around the school

Little White Lies: Dwayne and Nick are seen smoking cigarettes in the back of the school

Testing 1...2...3... : Dwayne rudely cuts in front of Joey and pushes him on the lunchline and calls Joey, Archie, and Derek cockroaches. Joey then calls Dwayne a retard and makes fun of him, which Dwayne overhears. Dwayne is then later seen teasing Joey in the hallway, and then a fight starts

Stressed out: Dwayne, Nick and Tabi are shown being rude to Ms. Avery, and then he is later shown refusing to sign Caitlin's letter of protest to keep Ms. Avery at Degrassi High.

Bad Blood (season 2):

Bad Blood (1) : Dwayne gets a call from Penny, the girl he has a summertime hookup with and was passing off as his girlfriend to impress all his friends. Penny was audibly very scared and upset; she nervously told Dwayne on the phone that her old boyfriend Bob was recently trying to enlist in the army, and after taking his medical tests the doctor diagnosed him as HIV-positive. Penny continued that to be on the safe side, she got tested also, and she was HIV-positive too. She warned Dwayne to get tested also. Dwayne was visibly stunned by this news, and later we see that he is very scared.

Wheels finds Dwayne kicking newly-installed condom dispenser machine in the bathroom. Joey tries to use this information to his own advantage, and plans to blackmail Dwayne to get money to buy a new car. Joey is asking him to pay for the debts Dwayne caused when he told Mr. Raditch about Joey's bet in Bad Blood (1).

Crossed Wires : Dwayne's friends don't know why Dwayne is acting differently recently. Dwayne then offers to fix Joey's car and he talks about how he's dealing with H.I.V. so far. Joey then offers Dwayne a ride home.

One Last Dance: Dwayne, tired of his friends ignorance, reveals to his friends that he has H.I.V. This news later spreads to the whole school and people are afraid to be near him. He then leaves school early that day. Going to the Dance that night, people show the same attitude which then causes him to hide in the washroom. Joey convinces him that people who stare and talk about him are the problem; not him and that he should enjoy his night. Tabi invites him to dance; which he accepts.



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