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"No matter how much all of you want a happy ending, you can't have it! I tried to write one, but it's impossible. I rewrote and rewrote, but things kept changing. And I hurt people, and I...I knew they were hurting, but I didn't stop...because your mind tricks tricks you into thinking that things are fine, well they're not fine, nothing's fine, it's all WRONG! I'm all wrong. So that's it. There's no happy ending."
— Eli in Extraordinary Machine (2)

Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's Class of 2013. He had a reputation for being somewhat of a schemer, and being unpredictable at times, but has become a much calmer, more easy-going person. He suffers from Bipolar disorder and takes medication for it. He is known for his creativity, and has a knack for writing; expressing it by writing poems, stories, screenplays, and film scripts. Eli fears he has a close connection with death - losing his first love Julia, best friend Adam, finding hockey star Campbell Saunders' dead body post suicide, having Clare develop cancer, and the death of his unborn child.

He has an on and off again relationship with his best friend Clare Edwards. In Season 14, it is revealed that Eli and Clare are having a son together, but she would go on to miscarry.

He is best friends with Fiona Coyne, Jake Martin, Imogen Moreno, and Adam Torres before his death. Eli is good friends with Dave Turner, Lenore Mantino, J.J., Alli Bhandari, Tristan Milligan, Mike Dallas, and Mo Mashkour. Lauren Dawes has a soft spot for Eli and was a major supporter of his writing when he first began. He is close with Archie Simpson, his former school principal. He had conflicts with Drew Torres, which was later resolved, and the Baker Siblings, though he forgave Becky Baker, when she began dating Adam. He was also formerly involved in an intense conflict with Mark Fitzgerald. Eli was portrayed by Munro Chambers.

Character History

Season 10

Eli's first appearance.

In Breakaway (2), Eli makes his first appearance when he runs over Clare's glasses with Morty. He returns them to her, despite the fact that they are broken. He then mentions that she has pretty eyes, and leaves.

In Better Off Alone (1), Eli becomes Clare's English partner for the semester. His writing is said by Ms. Dawes to be a little wordy, and he is to help Clare with her writer's block. Neither of them seem very enthusiastic about it, however, and Eli purposefully pushes past her when leaving class. The next day, Clare still isn't ready to hand her paper in, and he convinces her to skip class to avoid turning it in. She invites him to come with her, and he does.

They are next seen sitting on a bench, where Eli advises her to write about something she cares about, and she immediately thinks of her parents' marital problems, but refuses to write about that due to its personal nature. He teases about how she cares so much what others think, something she denies. He dares her to scream in public to prove him wrong. When she yells weakly, he asks if it's the best she can do. She gains confidence to spite him, and screams at the top of her lungs with a flourish at the end. He seems surprised, and when she says it's his turn, he declines.

Eli in season 10

Clare, annoyed, begins to playfully walk towards him with her finger pointed accusingly. He backs up into a light pole, escalating until they are awkwardly pressed together against their chests and Eli holds her wrists to stop her from coming any closer. Though they are both smiling shyly, he lets go, she backs away, and sits back down on the bench. Later that night, Eli instant messages her and asks if she's down for more public humiliation. Clare is forced to decline because her parents are still fighting and she must take her father's place at her church's fundraiser.

In Better Off Alone (2), Eli finds Clare the next day, playfully asking why she stood him up the night before by asking if there was a Twilight marathon on TV. She seems extremely distraught about her parents, and explains when Eli asks her to. He initially suggests that she talk to her parents up front, but then tells her she should write about it instead. When they return to English class, they both receive detentions for skipping class the day before.

Ms. Dawes tells her to read the assignment she has been working on, a letter to her mother. As she reads, Eli is listening raptly with a smile on his face. Ms. Dawes asks him his opinion on it, and he says he believes it is so good that she should read it at the school showcase that night. Clare seems upset and declines, but Ms. Dawes insists, to Eli's pleasure. Clare reminds Eli that her mother will be at the showcase, but he only replies that she wanted to tell her parents how she felt, anyway. On the night of the showcase, she is too afraid to read her letter and leaves, ignoring Eli's protests.

Later, Eli comes to Clare's house to learn that her parents read the letter and are now talking things through. She is confused as to why he is there and he sarcastically teases her into greeting him politely. He gives her his headphones, explaining that they are noise-cancelling and that she might need them if her parents start fighting again—or, he adds jokingly, if she needs to ignore him. Eli apologizes for interfering and promises not to do it again. Clare stops him as he is about to leave by grabbing his hand and tells him she won't mind it if he interferes occasionally.

Eli resorts to dirty tactics.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Eli is one of the contestants that is trying to win backstage passes to the Dead Hand concert. He is using dirty tactics to win, including deliberately not wearing deodorant to disgust Bianca and torturing Wesley by pouring water until he runs to the bathroom. Eli agrees to split the tickets with Adam when they are the last two left.

When Adam breaks Sav's taillight accidentally, Eli returns one of the tickets he won to Sav so he can pay for a new one, as well as offering to fix it himself. Eli repairs the taillight flawlessly, impressing Sav. Sav thanks Eli and says that he, Eli and Adam should hang out sometime. Eli agrees.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Sav, Eli, and Adam gather near the J.T. Yorke Memorial to think of ideas on how to keep Sav's parents busy while they are at the concert

Eli and his new friends at the concert.

Later while Sav's parents are at the show, Sav, Eli, and Adam take the car and go to the concert. Once they get there, Adam and Eli admit that they'd never take a chance to steal their parent's car to go to a concert. Eli, Adam and Sav arrive at the Dead Hand concert, backstage with passes. They stay for the concert and encore.

On their way home, Eli mentions that they'll never make it home in time, and is present when they are pulled over. At school the next day, Sav meets up with Adam and Eli in the hallway, and Eli asks him how long he is grounded. He agrees that being honest with Sav's parents is the best policy for a while.

In Try Honesty (1), Eli gets into a fight over a parking spot with Fitz. Fitz pulls the hood ornament off of Eli's car, making him giggle. Later Fitz is slamming Adam into a locker, and Eli intervenes. The fight is broken up, but it is clear that Fitz will now be targeting them. Eli tells Clare that he refuses to be a victim of Fitz's bullying, but Clare seems worried by his insistence. Her fears are realized when she meets Eli again and finds out he is planning on getting revenge. He is confident he is in the right, but Clare tells him that if he goes through with it she will be impressed.

Eli asks her what makes her think he's trying to impress her and she smiles at him, staying silent. He caves, promising to smooth things over with Fitz, but is interrupted when Fitz arrives. Eli makes a snide remark and Fitz knees him in the groin.Clare insists that he should still not retaliate, but Eli seems determined now. Later at The Dot, Eli finds Fitz and asks if he would accept a fake I.D., which Eli will make for him as a token of love, in exchange for leaving he and Adam alone. Adam seems disappointed, but Eli assures him he has a plan. The next day, Adam finds Eli scanning the Most Wanted List to see who best resembles Fitz. He then prints the picture, name and information of an arsonist onto Fitz's fake I.D.

In Try Honesty (2), Eli gives Fitz the fake I.D., and he assures Eli that as long as it works, he won't bother them. Later, Fitz greets Eli with a evil punch on the arm in the hallway. Clare seems pleased that Eli has made peace with Fitz, but he claims that he's going to finish what Fitz started, worrying her. Clare asks Adam about it, but Adam does not divulge her anything. Adam only asks that she stay out of it, because Eli has a 'big surprise' in store for Fitz.

Eli and Fitz getting caught fighting in an alley.

The next day, Eli waits for Fitz to finish buying bananas and calls the police, reporting a fight and hangs up. He then goes up to Fitz and instigates a fight. Fitz punches Eli several times and Eli, trying to prolong the fight, throws several trash cans between the two of them. They both hear sirens and Fitz tries to run, but Eli grabs his leg to stop him. The police arrive and make them stand against the wall while they search them. The officers takes their wallets to check their IDs.

After checking Fitz's ID, they take him into custody when they recognize him from the Most Wanted List. As they begin to pull out of the ally, Eli gives Fitz a dark smirk. Eli arrives back at school, running into a worried Clare. Clare touches Eli's chin, noticing his split lip, and asks him what happened. He explains the fight and Fitz's arrest. Clare, shocked and disappointed, starts to walk away. Eli reassures her that when the police figure out he and Fitz aren't who their fake ID's say they are, then they'll be released. Seeing that Clare is still uncertain, Eli promises her that the worst that will happen to him is that he'll get busted for fake ID possession and that he might have to go to court. She is still angry when Fitz appears behind them, sarcastically commending Eli on his 'nice trick' before bumping past him. Eli seems pleased, but Clare is still skeptical.

Eli and Clare accept Adam.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Eli is talking to Adam about his remedial gym class. Adam begins talking about the cute girls in his class when he notices Eli staring at someone behind him. Clare comes up and immediately begins critiquing the short story that Eli gave her to edit, saying she dislikes his character 'Clara Edwin' (a character he obviously based on her) because she is a 'floozy.'

Once she leaves, Adam tells Eli that the two of them give him the runs, and Eli replies that he finds it entertaining. Adam tells Eli that he thinks Bianca, who is in his gym class, is hot, but Eli warns him about her. Later, after Adam's incident with the tampons, Adam finds Eli and Clare outside talking about it. When Adam begins to explain, Eli says he doesn't have to, but Adam decides to tell them that he is an Female-To-Male transgender. Though Clare is obviously shocked and Eli seems confused, he accepts it immediately and assures Adam that nothing will change.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Adam, who must now be escorted through the halls by a teacher, sneaks away long enough to find Eli and Clare. He informs them that he's going to have to change back to "Gracie" during his grandmother's visit. Eli assures Adam that his family will accept him in time. Later, Eli is present when Adam decides to burn all of his leftover 'Gracie' belongings.

In Still Fighting It (1), Eli, Clare, and Adam are doing an English video project for a modern Romeo and Juliet,

Eli and Clare's first kiss

which Eli apparently picked. Clare, who will be playing Juliet, asks the two boys which one of them will be Romeo, and Eli hastily volunteers. Eli coyly suggests they change the scene so that it takes Romeo longer to die so that they can have a 'final kiss.'

While acting out the scene, Eli pauses and stares at Clare before sweetly kissing her. Clare asks Eli if they should re-shoot that scene, hinting she wants to kiss him again. Eli looks over at Adam, who is getting annoyed, and he smiles and says he thinks they got all the footage they need. The next day, Clare is excited about the kiss and asks him if after editing the video he wants to see a movie, but Eli ignores her. Later, Clare talks to Ms. Dawes, who said that a lack of communication caused the star crossed lover's death.

When Clare tries to confront Eli the next day, he convinces her that he isn't interested in her and that he is sorry that he led her on. When Clare walks away with her bike, upset, Eli watches with a stern expression on his face. The camera focuses on him, and ever so slightly, he shakes his head and continues working on Morty.

Eli,Clare, and Morty-3.jpg

In Still Fighting It (2), Eli has been ditching class and avoiding Clare. When Adam comes to Eli and says that he should tell Clare what going on with him. Eli says that "she doesn't need to know." Adam mentions, over-exaggerating, that Clare is "dying," which makes Eli glare at Adam. Eli is aware of how mean he is being to her, but softly adds, "When I'm around her, all I can think about is getting her to kiss me." Adam is insistent, but Eli firmly says that it is for Clare's benefit that he is ignoring her.

Later, Clare shows up at Eli's doorstep after getting his address from Adam – Eli seems aware of this, muttering "Dammit, Adam." – and sadly states that if he can't at least tell her why he doesn't like her, then she can't be around him. He says that maybe that's for the best, and she angrily says that they've wasted each others time, and starts to walk off. Eli stops her, and tells her that he thinks it's time they took a ride. He takes Clare to the place where his girlfriend died, and tells her that he likes her, but he doesn't deserve to be with her, because he killed his girlfriend. The next day, he is seen with Clare, Adam, and Ms. Dawes with their video assignment, with the kissing, which Ms. Dawes loves. Clare says that she still wishes they could change the ending, so that Juliet gives Romeo some time, obviously referring to her and Eli. Eli says that he likes that idea.


In Purple Pills (1), Adam makes plans with Eli at The Dot to hangout for a guys' night. Fitz comes in and starts to tease them, but Eli only glares at him and he soon leaves. Eli tells Adam that he can't hang out because he has to stay home and study, upsetting him. The next day, the day guys' night was supposed to happen, he goes to The Dot and sees Eli and Clare hanging out. Adam is hurt, but Eli tries to explain that he really wanted to see Clare and didn't want to make Adam feel left out by telling him the truth.

At school the next day Adam ignores Eli and Clare in the cafeteria, sitting with Fitz instead. Adam is confused by how friendly Fitz is being to him, but does not question it. They eat lunch and mock Eli, which Eli overhears. At The dot after school, Eli apologizes for bailing on their plans. Adam says it's okay and tells him about another fight that's coming on but Eli tells him he has plans with Clare but that he can call him later. Adam gets mad and says he doesn't want Eli's pity. Eli tells him to not be such a girl and Adam shoots him an outraged look. Eli tries to amend his statement, but Adam is furious. Eli tells Adam Fitz isn't a real friend but Adam just calls him jealous and paranoid. Eli smirks and says "I do pity you. You're making a huge mistake," and walks away.

In Purple Pills (2), Eli is seen catching up with Adam in the hallway, who is about to confront Fitz. Eli is oblivious to this until he sees him walking toward Fitz angrily and punches him in the stomach. He tries to intervene, but Adam pushes him away, saying "I can fight my own battles." Fitz then announces he's going to fight Adam after school, which Adam accepts.

Afterwords, Eli and Clare try talking sense into

Eli tries to talk to Adam.

Adam, who is using the punching bag in the weight room. Adam refuses to listen, and walks out. Eli is silent and Clare says "What, for once you have no sneaky plan up your sleeve?" to which Eli replies by giving her a disappointed look and walks out. Later, Eli meets up with Adam near a school bus and says he's going to stand up to Fitz with him. Soon after, Fitz comes out of the school and Adam starts pushing him right away. Fitz refuses to hit Adam so he punches Eli instead. After the school is evacuated due to Clare's stink bomb, the fight dissipates and Eli and Adam leave the scene to avoid more trouble.

Clare and eli.jpg

In All Falls Down (1), Clare is incredibly distressed about getting caught for setting of the stink bomb, so Eli lies to Principal Simpson for her (much to her shock), saying Fitz set it off. After Simpson leaves, Eli tells Clare he knows how she can thank him for lying for her before leaning in and kissing her. After Eli's exam, he attempts to kiss her again in the hallway but she stops him and asks if they are in a relationship.

Before he can answer, Fitz confronts Eli about Simpson questioning him about the stink bomb. Fitz puts him in a headlock, only letting go when he notices a teacher watching them. Eli contemplates getting back at him, but Clare, worried, distracts him. After Clare tells Eli that she's going to the dance with Fitz so that he would leave Eli alone, Eli is upset, but seems to go along with the idea after she persuades him not to fight it.

After she leaves, Eli confronts Fitz and tries to threaten him if he hurts her. Fitz makes a joke about sleeping with her, enraging him. Later, while Clare, Alli, and Jenna are getting ready at her house, Eli arrives and tries to convince Clare to put ipecac in Fitz's drink during the dance, which would induce vomiting and make him sick. She refuses, saying it wouldn't stop the violence, which upsets him.


In All Falls Down (2), Clare finds Fitz with a corsage near his locker. She asks him if he had brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. Their conversation quickly moves to the on-going feud that is happening between Fitz and Eli, and she asks him if he would be willing to end the feud should Eli apologize. Fitz decides he would, but only if that condition is met.

At the dance, Clare gets them to talk to each other and, much to her relief, succeeds in convincing Eli to apologize. Eli then proposes a toast, but Clare gets suspicious and asks Eli and Fitz to switch cups. Fitz takes a drink and starts vomiting violently. Eli finds this extremely funny, but Clare is furious with him and tells him that whatever happens next, he deserves it. After Clare finds Fitz and attempts to apologize for Eli's actions, she realizes Fitz has a knife in his possession. She runs to Adam, informing him of the situation and telling him to tell Principal Simpson and find Eli. The school is put on lockdown and Mr. Simpson calls the police, who are on their way.

Clare finally finds Eli in the hallway and warns him that Fitz has a knife, but Eli refuses to leave, saying he won't allow Fitz to scare him. Fitz appears, holding the knife, and Eli pushes Clare to the side telling her to stay away from him. Fitz then backs Eli up into a corner and Eli begs him not to do it, but Fitz's replies, "Someone has to shut you up." He jerks the knife forward, making Clare cry out in terror, but has actually stabbed the wall next to Eli. Clare runs to Eli who had sunk to his knees, paralyzed with fear. The cops arrive and arrest Fitz. As Eli and Clare are walking out, Eli explains to Clare that he was bullied relentlessly as a child, which is the reason he couldn't stand backing down to Fitz. Clare insists that it still wasn't the right thing to do, and that if he is going to be acting like this all the time, she can't be with him.


In Love Lockdown (1), Eli arrives at school in his usual black clothing, not the now-required uniform, and is warned by Ms. Dawes on the matter. Eli hops a few desks to talk to Clare, and by the end of their conversation, Clare forgives him for Vegas Night. He reveals he got Chuck Palahniuk tickets for their first date, but Clare realizes that she has to attend the theater awards and that her parents will be there.

Eli is upset when he hears about the situation with her parent's fighting, but asks if Clare can still make it to the author's talk after the awards, which she answers by grabbing a ticket. At the awards, after Clare finishes her speech, Eli greets her backstage, and the two sneak out and run across the stage to leave. Later, Eli and Clare are seen talking about the Chuck Palahniuk event, as they walk along the street together. Clare avoids her parents phone calls and suggests the two get matching piercings. After their ears are freshly pierced, they grab a cup of coffee at The Dot. Clare's parents continue to call, and Eli tells her he wants her parents to like him, saying they might blame him for her staying out late. She distracts him from the subject by kissing him.

In Love Lockdown (2), Eli and Clare discuss how they had a great first date last night. Eli wants to know if Clare's parents hate him, and Clare confesses that she hasn't told them about him yet. Eli's visibly disappointed, but then they are interrupted by Ms. Dawes, who gives Eli a detention for not following the new dress code. Eli complains about how he can no longer express himself with the new dress code. Clare then comes up with an idea, and invites Eli to dinner, so that he and her parents can get to know each other. Later at Clare's house during dinner, Eli tries to introduce himself to Clare's parents. However, Clare continuously interrupts Eli and provides information about him that makes him look like a bad influence, making her parents dislike him, which upsets him. The next day at school, a transformed Clare comes to school and tries to seduce Eli.

Eli at Clare's house for dinner in Love Lockdown (2)

Eli pushes her away because he doesn't understand why she's acting this way. Clare tells him she is afraid her parents will divorce, and Eli expresses his feelings about last night, saying her that he didn't appreciate her giving her parents a bad impression of him. Eli tells her that now she has hurt him as well, and walks away upset, leaving Clare by herself.

In Umbrella (1), Clare meets up with Eli. She expresses to him that her parents are selling the house, and he suggests that maybe she can stay in the house and her parents can go back and forth to stay with her, as an acquaintance of his had done. Clare takes this into consideration. Before she leaves for class, she gives Eli her father's old watch which he likes. When he goes to put it in his locker, a bunch of random items and papers falls out.

At first, Eli looks nervous and embarrassed but then him and Clare laugh it off. At home, she proposes this idea to her parents, and her parents reject the idea. This infuriates Clare, and she storms out and goes to Little Miss Steaks, where she meets Eli and someone she didn't expect to see, his parents. Clare tells them she couldn't handle being around her parents, and his parents say that she is welcomed anytime. She says that it's nice to know there's a guest room if she needs it, and Eli's father says no - she'd be staying in Eli's room. He says "We've been trying to get a girl in Eli's room for awhile now."

This confuses Clare, and Eli asks if his Mom and Dad could leave them alone for a bit. Eli confesses that him and Julia had sex when she stayed at their house, and Clare tells him she isn't having sex before marriage. Eli tells her that he even though it's not his favourite thing, he accepts it. Clare starts to think about how they are different, and thinks that they'll end up like her parents, and Eli says "we're not your parents." Clare then leaves. The next day at school, Clare is with her religious group, and Clare tells them all that her parents are getting a divorce, and while saying this, Eli comes in the room and listens to their discussion. Clare is confused as to why Jesus would do this to her, and her friend tells her that it's part of Jesus' plan, which Eli says sucks.

Clare later runs out crying, saying she's losing everything she loves. Eli tells her that he'll always be there for her. Afterwards, Clare goes home and her mother wants


her to sort through some things, and while doing so they come across a picture of Clare, Darcy and their father at a skiing trip in Maine. Her mother mentions that she regrets not taking risks when it came to her family for example learning to ski and going on the Maine trip. Clare then goes to Eli's house, and tells her that she wants to spend the night with him. Eli knows this isn't who Clare is and he tries to talk her into letting him take her home, but she refuses, saying "I don't know who I am!" Clare tries to hold Eli's hands, but he jerks back. This confuses Clare. Saddened and hurt, she leaves and he goes back inside his house.

In Umbrella (2), Eli is seen waiting at Clare's locker. He wants to talk about what happened the previous day, and Clare refuses to talk. Clare brings up Julia and asked if the rejection had to do with her somehow. After a heated argument with Clare, she requests her watch back. Eli says he left it at home, and this upsets Clare. Later on, without Eli's consent, Clare and Adam go to Eli's house to retrieve Clare's watch.

After an unsuccessful try, Adam suggests Clare tries "22-04-09," which was the date of Julia's death. Clare tries the combination, and is annoyed that it works. They go into Eli's room and discover that it is a pigsty.


Eli is pleased to see Clare waiting at his locker and she tells him that she understands he didn't reject her but was just embarrassed because he's messy. He's confused by this and opens his locker where he discovered Clare had cleaned it out. She says she hoped he could see how nice it was and then he would let her help with his room.

When Eli discovers that Clare has revised his locker, he has a panic attack. He has trouble speaking, and goes to the garbage can to retrieve his things. Clare tries to calm him down, but he pushes her away, and yells "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" which frightens Clare. Eli continues to frantically look for his things. Eli is then later seen in Morty with his Mom, Cece. Eli expresses to her that he hates living like this, and that his life is hell. Cece says that it's been a long time since Julia's death, and Eli wonders if he'll forget about her. His mother reassures him that all the stuff in Eli's room isn't Julia, they are merely a representation of her. Julia is still in his heart, and Julia would want Eli to be happy.

Eli later goes to Clare's house, and explains to her that if he throws something out, he feels like he'll die, or someone will get hurt, someone that he loves. Clare asks if he's ever heard of hoarding, and Eli says his mother tried to get him to a therapist, and he wants to change. Eli expresses to Clare that he doesn't want Clare to give up on him, and that she's really the only thing that makes him feel like he could ever get better. The two share a long hug. Later on, both Eli and Clare are


seen in Eli's room trying to throw away all of the useless junk that Eli has been keeping in his room.

Eli has a hard time with this, but Clare is there to guide him through it. Eli then tries to give Clare her father's watch back, but she says he can keep it. Eli makes a comment about how much work his room is going to be and Clare says that she will stay with him as long as he needs it. He then refers to his room as a hotel and Clare asks if it's four stars and he says "Once its ready..and you are" Clare answers "Maybe someday." The two then share a kiss, and cuddle as the screen fades to black.

In Halo (1), Eli and Clare are holding hands, before Adam teases them, which causes them to let go of each others hand. They laugh about it, and Eli asks Adam about his current love interest, Fiona. Eli and Clare later take Adam to their secret romantic hideout. Eli jokes about deflowering Clare in the spot where Adam was standing, which Clare quickly denies. Adam comes up with the idea of throwing a party to cheer Fiona up in their hideout, but Eli is hesitant about the idea.


In Halo (2), Eli helps Clare and Adam set up for the party in the abandoned church grounds for the party. Eli attends the party and is amazed at how many people showed up. His viewpoint changed, and now believes that they possibly could be the "party-throwing types." He questions Adam about when Fiona would be arriving. Later that evening, Eli and Clare cuddle in a hammock, looking at the stars.

In When Love Takes Over, Eli is first seen talking to Adam about finding a leading lady for the play are putting on. Adam thinks they won't find anyone and Eli says they will find the perfect girl for him and points out Fiona before leaving her and Adam to talk. Eli teases Adam while Fiona auditions and encourages him to go for it with her.


After Fiona tells Adam she wants to pretend the kiss between them never happened, he goes to Eli for advice. Eli tells him that maybe Fiona's drinking enabled her to show feelings that she would otherwise be scared to. The next day, Adam tells Clare and Eli about his make out session with Fiona to which Eli gives him a high five. Eli is happy for his friend until he finds out Fiona was drinking again. Adam gets defensive and Clare invites him and Fiona to join her and Eli for a lovers lunch in the Cafe.

At first, it seems like Fiona has stood Adam up but then she comes and is clearly out of it. Eli warns Adam to get her out of there because she is wasted. Eli and Clare find Adam and try to comfort him and Adam admits he wants what they have. Eli tells him he'll eventually get it. Adam is down because Fiona said she didn't want to see him after he tricked her in to going to an intervention, so Eli and Clare try to comfort him again.


In Jesus, Etc. (1), Eli is seen teaching Clare how to drive and also talking about submitting a story for a comic book. Eli becomes cautious and tells her to go slow. She teases him and starts to drive forward when Fitz crosses in front of them causing her to stop the car. Fitz comes up to the window and says he's been looking for them and wants to talk to them. While Clare is clearly surprised, Eli just wants to get away as soon as possible. They speed off leaving Fitz to look after them. While they're walking between classes, Clare wonders why Fitz would want to talk to them and if he escaped. Eli dismisses the thought and says he was probably let out early but wonders if he wants to settle the score between them.

Later, Eli shows up to give Clare another driving lesson and notices she's distracted. She tells him that she saw and spoke to Fitz. She tells him that Fitz found God while he was in juvie and he says Fitz is just playing on her weakness, her religion. Clare says she thinks it more than that which causes Eli to hit Morty's dashboard in frustration saying that she is making it hard for him to do his job and protect her. Clare says she never asked for him to protect her and he yells "if not me, then who?".

Clare is clearly offended by his outburst and says she not in the mood for a driving lesson and gets out the car. Eli says he didn't mean his comment the way it came out but she doesn't respond leaving him alone in the car. The next day, Eli is seen watching the area, looking out for Fitz. When he pulls up to The Dot later that day, he sees Fitz and Clare and assumes that Fitz is bothering her. He storms in, shoving Fitz and telling him to back off. He turns to Clare and ask if she's alright and she says she's fine and they were just talking.

Eli gets suspicious and demands Fitz tells him what they were talking about. Fitz apologizes to him about Vegas Night and he responds by saying "whatever" and turning back to Clare, pulling her elbow and heading for the door. Clare stays in her spot and says Fitz apologized and all he did was say whatever. Eli tells her he has nothing to say to Fitz and asks her if she's going to stay or go with him. She chooses to go with him and he holds the door open for her. As he leaves, he glares at Fitz.


In Jesus, Etc. (2), Eli is first seen reading in an empty classroom when Clare comes up to him and apologizes about talking to Fitz and freaking him out. He says it's okay and continues reading his edited story. Clare asks him what he thought about the changes she made to his story. He stands up and tells her she improved it and he's impressed.

Clare throws her arms around him and gives him a hug. She tells him that he has nothing to worry about and promises to not let anyone come in between them. He says they should promise not to fight anymore and then she gives him a quick kiss before the bell rings. Later, Clare tells him over the phone that when he's done working on his story, he can come over to her house. When he arrives, he is shocked to see Fitz standing with Clare in her living room. Clare explains that Fitz had just showed up, beaten up, and that he's having problems at home. Eli says it's just another lie and asks her why she even cares. She tells him anyone with a heart would care about someone in trouble.

Eli responds by asking her if she's saying he's some heartless monster to which she blurts out "sometimes." Both seems surprised by the comment and Eli just stares at her in disbelief. Fitz chimes in saying that he and Eli need to talk. Eli turns his attention to Fitz saying he has nothing to say to him and walks out. After Fitz leaves, Clare comes outside to find Eli sitting in Morty will his head down. She gets in and apologizes for calling him heartless and says she didn't mean it. He says it's fine and he deserved it.

When he lifts his head up, he is shown crying. He tells her that he doesn't want to lose her but feels like she's slipping away and there's nothing he can do to stop it. He asks her to promise not to leave him and she agrees. The next day, he tells her that he finished the story and changed the ending after being inspired by what happened with them and Fitz the previous day. He tells her that in the story, the hero realizes he can't protect the heroine so he kills her, drinks her blood, and that way they can be together forever as one. Clare says that's disturbing, but he says it's his masterpiece and a true horror story.

Eli then tells her he couldn't have written it without her and that it's all about her. Clare seems unsettled by this but just brushes it off with an nervous joke. He says he owes her a driving lesson and gestures toward the exit. Before leaving, Eli publicly declares his love for Clare and puts his arm around her. They smile at each other and once they turn away, both of their faces change. While she looks somewhat nervous and uncomfortable, he looks somewhat possessive and sinister. They then walk off, with Clare looking rather uncomfortable.

In Drop the World (1), Eli is seen running to a comic book store. He picks up Gothic Tales and starts smiling before buying every copy. He runs to school and shows Clare that he won the contest and that he put her name alongside his in his story. She seems a little scared but says thank you. He starts to talk about locking themselves in a room and working on their first novel together, and pulls her extremely close to her. Alli comes and Clare pulls away from Eli and talks about getting dresses for the Spring Fling. He tells her getting published was a lot more important and offends her when making fun of her wanting to go. She tells him that if he's not interested then not to come and walks away leaving Eli confused.

In a panicked tone, Eli catches Adam and tells him whenever Clare disagrees with him he panics. Ms. Oh tells Adam to come to class and Adam simply tells him not to worry about it. Later, Ms. Dawes calls Eli into her classroom and asks him if there's anything he would like to talk about. She tells him that sometimes writers use their own experiences and put them into their writing. He tells her "I'm not gonna kill Clare and drink her blood. I'm good." She stares at him for a while then says okay. Even though you could tell she was still not convinced. She tells him about the Gothic Convention in Bloomington and he thinks he should take Clare. He and his dad, Bullfrog go to Clare's house and asks her mom's permission.

After she says no, he tells her that Clare is his best friend, and the most kind and patient person he knows. She then agrees that she can go. Then, Clare and Eli are laying on top of Morty when Clare jumps down, turns up the radio, and starts dancing to a song she likes. After she stops Eli shows her the tickets to the convention. She is hesitant to go and Eli seems disappointed, but she agrees to go. Eli is still disappointed and puts on a fake smile. Then Eli, Bullfrog, and Adam are hunting. Eli keeps holding up his phone to see if Clare called him.

Eli In His Degrassi Uniform At Degrassi Smirking Possibly At Clare.jpg

Adam asks what's wrong and Eli tells him Clare wasn't as excited for the trip as he wanted. He thinks after the trip things will be perfect. Clare asks him to meet her at their "Special Bench." Clare tells Eli she gets

Eli begins to act strange.

why he's being so clingy and intense. She tells him he's not over Julia and he says he is over her. He continues to tell Clare it's about her and he'll prove it. She tells him they should take a small breather and he continues to argue with her. Clare tells him the spring break trip was a bad idea and walks away. Next, Eli is seen at the abandoned church throwing wood and items. Then he hangs up a picture of him and Julia and starts screaming at it and says she ruined his life but won't anymore. Then he grabs a gun and shoots it.

Eli crashing Morty.

In Drop the World (2), Eli gets out of Morty and sees Clare and asks her if they could talk, he agrees to give her space. He opens the back door to Morty and grabs his bag and Clare sees the gun in Eli's car. She hugs Eli and asks if he would walk her to her locker. Eli is surprised by her sudden change of heart and hugs her back.Next, they are in class and Adam asks why he isn't sitting with Clare, to which Eli replies he's giving her space. Adam says he didn't think that the word space was in his vocabulary. His name gets called on the loud speaker and he leaves the class, looking puzzled. He asks his dad why he called him out of class and his dad begins to lecture him about bringing his gun to school. Eli explains to his dad that he only shot a picture of Julia and his dad tells him that it won't make Julia any "deader" and shooting is never a way to deal with things.Eli's dad takes away his keys as a punishment and Eli becomes upset because he wanted to go to the convention with Clare. Eli finds Clare in the library and begins telling Clare that him and his dad had a laugh and she asks what was so funny about bringing a gun to school. He lies to her and tells her that he left the gun in his car when him and his dad went hunting and she forgives him. Eli tells Clare to meet him at their special bench if she changes her mind about the road trip and she agrees. Later, Eli is seen leaving his house and starting Morty with a screwdriver and drives away. He is then seen waiting for Clare at their special bench and he becomes agitated, kicking a bouquet of flowers and pacing back and forth. After he realizes that she stood him up, he gets into Morty and calls her telling her that she ripped his heart out. Eli mentions the road trip and Clare tells him that she doesn't even like Morty and that she thinks they should break up. He tells her that they were meant to be together & even says that he loves her and that he'd just have to get rid of Mort

Eli after his infamous collision.

y. He then hangs up on Clare and proceeds to crash Morty, thinking the fact that he's doing it for her is romantic. He is seen at the hospital as Clare runs in, asking him what he did. He replies by saying that he crashed Morty and that it was worth it because she came. Eli says that he knew she would come and Clare tells him that he's manipulating her. He says that denies this and Clare tells him that he scares her and that she can't be with him anymore, ending the relationship. Clare starts to leave and he grabs her wrist and she shakes him off and leaves. Eli watches Clare leave, with eyes full of sadness, as his dad comes in to comfort him.

Season 11

In LoveGame, Eli returns to school in a leg brace and using a cane. When he first talks to Clare, he seems to be over their breakup. Later, at

Season 11 Promotional Photo

The Above The Dot, he gets yelled at by Clare for not caring at all for their breakup. But at the end, he explains to her that he is on pills prescribed by his therapist and claims that he has no emotions leaving Clare troubled.

In Cry Me A River (1), In Grade 11 Drama, Eli is seen in the background and later asking Ms. Dawes about an assignment. He seems displeased when Fiona leaves. Later, Eli is also seen discussing with Adam about Dave.

In Cry Me A River (2), Eli is seen with Adam walking down a hallway and catching Dave in the girl's bathroom. Later Eli is seen talking to Fiona urging her to introduce a new theme of their play. The next day Eli and Fiona are walking into Degrassi talking about the play Wicked, and how it could be their new possible theme.

Eli laying on his skeleton pillow.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Eli begins talking to Adam about Clare. Clare then spots Eli and tells him she will be covering him on the play. Eli then is shown in Drama Club talking to Fiona. She says his idea is not very good. He disagrees and tells Ms. Dawes about his idea. She also agrees with Fiona. Eli then agrees to think of something else. When it is time for Eli to have his interview with Clare, Eli hesitates and tells Clare he must talk to Fiona. Eli then brings a letter to Fiona stating he does not want to write the play. Eli then quickly changes his mind when Fiona says that maybe since Clare is in the Newspaper Club she could help him. Then, Eli was shown at home trying to write the play. He seemed very nervous and keeps taking his medications. Then he lays on his bed thinking. He falls asleep and Bullfrog wakes him up the next morning. The next scene, Eli is in Ms. Oh's classroom alone writing the play with Imogen standing in the corner watching him. He sees Clare and Jake talking outside. He gets very upset and smashes the computer on the floor. Imogen runs toward him warning him that Ms. Oh was coming. Both get nervous. Imogen then has a plan and jumps on the floor looking like she tripped over the computer cord. Eli is shocked. Ms. Oh comes in and gives Imogen a tissue for her bloody nose. Eli follows Imogen into the hallway asking who she is. She introduces herself and tells Eli about the things that have happened to him before break. Adam then comes over asking Eli, "Who's your friend?" Imogen then turns around with tampons in her nose. Adam asks if she is okay and Imogen says Eli had punched her. Adam leaves saying she's a "psycho" while Eli is left shocked and agrees with Adam disbelievingly.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2), Eli is sure that if he want's to deliver a well written play he has to take a break from his anti-anxiety pills. In order to do so he goes to Adam, begging him to take his pills from him for one day just until he finishes writing the play for his drama class. Adam dismisses him and refuses to take his pills away from him, and advises him to ask his doctor for different pills. Once Adam walks away, Imogen rushes to Eli, takes his pills and walks off. In drama class, Eli promises both Fiona and Ms. Dawes that the play is nearly finished, when he still needs to write the whole thing. This makes Eli even more anxious, and he asks Imogen for his pills back as he is "panicky, sweaty, shaky," exhibiting the symptoms of withdrawal. Imogen refuses to hand them back to him and offers to skip the rest of the day. After a few hours on the streets, Eli finally asks Imogen if he can go home. Imogen finishes drawing his portrait and tells him to draw her because it's a relaxing activity - so he does. Eli explains to Imogen that although he doesn't want to be, he's still in love with Clare. Imogen tells him she will help him get over her by confronting her, so Imogen takes her things and walks off with Eli. Later on, Imogen walks out of a store dressed much like Clare. Imogen tells Eli that he shouldn't let Clare get away unscratched while he is struggling so much; so she tells Eli to pretend she's Clare and let the anger out. Firstly he thinks it's stupid, but then he starts shouting at her. They finish, and Imogen orders Eli to use his emotions in order to write a good play.

The next day at school, Eli and Imogen are talking happily about the play Eli wrote when they run into Clare. Clare and Eli agree to meet for lunch to talk about the play for Clare's newspaper assignment. After school, Eli and Imogen go to the Dot for drinks, and Imogen shows non-explainable knowledge on Eli's past year. Eli understands she was stalking him and starts shouting, but Imogen succeeds in calming him down. Later on, Eli performs the play in front of Fiona and she is very pleased and promises him an extension on the writing. After Fiona leaves Imogen enters the room clapping hands. She makes it obvious to Eli she wants more than friendship, and tells him that he should decide what he wants. As Eli and Clare meet for their interview, Eli, who is full of anxiety, explains what the play is about: "It's called Love Roulette - a tale of a high-school romance gone wrong." He then tells Clare about a manipulative lover who has become obsessed with a religious psycho. He asks Clare if it sounds familiar, and she answers telling him it's a lie. He tells her that he thought they broke up because of him but that now he knows the truth - it's because of her. Clare asks him if he's been taking his medication since he sounds crazy. He happily announces he hasn't, that he's better and that he doesn't love her any more. Clare, looking shocked says he needs help. At that moment Imogen arrives and Eli tells Clare he has all the help he needs. Eli then throws away his medication and walks off with Imogen.

In Paper Planes (1), Eli is seen telling Fiona about her bedbug infestation. He was also seen without his cane and his leg brace and cast for the first time since LoveGame.

In Paper Planes (2), Eli is seen in drama class with Fiona and notices that she is "glowing." When she tells him that she and Charlie got intimate he asks for the details jokingly. They then go into discussion about the celebration Charlie planned and Fiona tells Eli that she is scared that Charlie will run when she finds out the truth. Fiona then calls Eli a desperate romantic who writes plays for the exes. Eli then jokingly suggests that he write a play for Charlie to help her deal with Fiona's alcohol problem.

In Should've Said No (1), Eli is seen talking to Imogen while Clare is leaving a note on Jake's truck. Once he sees Clare, he deliberately flirts with Imogen.

In U Don’t Know (1), Eli is seen walking the hallways with Fiona, trying to find an actress for the role of Clara for the school play he is directing. Imogen comes up to the two after reading Eli's script, and makes it clear to Eli that she wants the part, but Eli is hesitant to make a decision, because playing a character based on Clare Edwards will be very "complex." Eli is auditioning actresses, and Imogen walks in, immediately going into character. Eli is impressed, and the two share a kiss for the audition.

In U Don’t Know (2), Eli and Fiona post the roles of the play on the board in theater. Imogen gets the role of Clara, and runs up to Eli, giving him a hug. He tells her to get off of him, and she makes it clear to him that she thinks they are in a relationship. Eli says that they aren't, and walks off. Later at Little Miss Steaks, Imogen called him to meet her there to run lines. When he shows up, Imogen tricks Eli into seeing Clare and Jake Martin kiss. Imogen continually calls him 'muffin', which causes him to yell "Stop calling me that!" before he runs out of the building. At the end of the episode, Eli is working on the set when he apologizes to Imogen. Imogen asks Eli why Jake is on the set, and Eli tells her that he's over it, and is giving Jake a chance. She thinks this means he will give her a chance at a relationship, but Eli admits to Imogen that when he saw Clare and Jake kissing, he realized that he isn't over Clare.

In Lose Yourself (1), Eli is acting friendly toward Jake on the set of Love Roulette, which scares Clare . When Clare goes to confront Eli about why he hates her and why he would want to ruin her relationship, Eli tells Clare that he doesn't, in fact, he hates him, and that Jake will be out of the picture soon enough, scaring Clare even more.

Eli's Smirk 2.png

In Lose Yourself (2), Eli asks Jake to do the read through of Love Roulette as Fritz. Clare sits in the read through because she is covering the play for the paper, and starts to yell at Eli because of what he put in the script, but Eli says nothing. Afterwards, he and Clare share a moment after she finds out that Eli changed it to Clara's being the hero instead of the bad guy, showing her that he has forgiven her for breaking up with him.

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Eli decides he wants to finally give Clare an interview about his play. However, he can't gather his thoughts once Jake walks into the Dot so he and Clare can go on their date they have planned. He decides to cut the interview short once he realizes he isn't making sense, and Clare leaves confused and worried. He calls Imogen and asks her if she can come over to go over the script. They run through the lines, and Eli gets wrapped up in the script and his own mind. Eli accidental calls Imogen 'Clare', thinking she really is Clare. Imogen corrects Eli, saying that he meant Clara. He brushes off what she said to the side, and they end up making out.

Eli improvises to a new level during the play's opening night.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Eli talks to Imogen before the play's dress rehearsal, and she thinks they are together. Eli says "The only thing keeping me from Clare is Jake," and Imogen looks upset, realizing that they aren't together. Later, Eli comes up with an idea to plant his pills into Jake's bag. Imogen blurts out "But what about us?!" and Eli responds with "You can't be with someone with someone between you."

Imogen twists his words and thinks that if she gets rid of Clare, she will be able to have Eli, and Imogen volunteers to do plant the drugs, actually putting them in Clare's bag, not Jake's. Eli becomes enraged, and yells at Imogen, saying she's nothing to him. Eli devises a plan to get Clare off the hook, and tells Mr. Simpson that the pills were his, and that Clare was just holding them for him. Mr. Simpson asks Clare if it's true, and she agrees, even though she was still mad.

Mr. Simpson then tells Eli that he has to tell his parents about the incident, and Eli agrees. Before the play, he admits to Fiona that he's a mess and can't do it, but she makes him act anyway, since Imogen didn't show up. In the middle of the play, he looks out to Clare, who is staring at him, and he forgets his lines. Eli decides to tell the audience that although he changed the ending many times, it still won't be a happy ending. He goes on about how your mind will trick you, and that he was the one who was wrong and he was the one who hurt people, implying he was talking about his relationship with Clare and jerking around Imogen. He starts to burn his script on stage while he cries, and everyone gives him a standing ovation, including Clare, who is also crying.

Clare watches Eli as he leaves to get better.

After the play, Bullfrog and Eli have a talk about why he isn't taking his pills and that Bullfrog is afraid that he might lose Eli if he doesn't stop what he's doing. Eli comes to the conclusion that he wants to get better for himself, not Clare. Bullfrog pulls Eli out of Degrassi for a couple days for some "family therapy." Eli leaves Degrassi smiling while Clare watches him go.

In Don't Panic (1), Eli and his therapist are talking about his Bipolar disorder. He is then seen making an apology list and tells Bullfrog that he wants to make peace with them. Eli gives Fiona a trophy with the Best Supporting Actress award to receive forgiveness from her. She accepts and they have a talk. He and Jake become project partners in History class, however, its bittersweet since Jake doesn't want to be his partner. Even though Eli asked for forgiveness, Jake won't have it. Eli later comes up with an idea after seeing Jake and Clare have a fight in the hallway. The idea is to help Jake learn what makes Clare tick.

6260364765 290328e545 n.jpg

In Don't Panic (2), Eli helps Clare and Jake fix the rough patch after he, along with Fiona, traps them in a sweat lodge. Later, he apologizes to Imogen about hurting her feelings, and says he could make things up to her by taking her out to coffee.

In Take a Bow (1), Fiona asks Eli to go to prom as friends, but he tells her he can't because Adam signed them up to be waiters. He then rolls across a locker with Fiona and encourages her to ask Charlie to prom.

In Dead and Gone (2), Eli is seen serving food to the graduates with Adam. Later he is dancing with the crowd. When Vince shows up unexpectedly and


shoots Adam, Eli catches him. After Vince runs off, Eli and Clare are seen kneeling next to Adam. Eli calls out to Drew to show him that his brother got injured. When Adam is placed on the ambulance stretcher, Drew asks Eli and Clare if they will ride with him to the hospital. They agree. In a hospital hallway, Eli jokes with Adam about how girls like scars. When Audra shows up, Eli and Clare give her a moment alone with Adam. Clare gets a text from Jake which is clearly upsetting and after saying her relationship with Jake has got complicated, she shows Eli the text. He says he's sorry that they have broken up and Clare says she guesses it wasn't meant to be. They smile at each other, hinting that they might get back together sometime in the future.

In Nowhere to Run, Eli is seen first biking up to a table at The Dot where Jake, Alli, Marisol, Drew, and Katie are discussing the cabin party they're planning for the end of the summer. Later, he is seen with Clare in the woods, trying to calm her down after he accidentally scares her. He later gives her his jacket, explaining that he took a bus to the nearest city, then biked the rest of the way to the cabin.. Then he is seen in the cabin with Drew, both becoming visibly frightened when they see something in the woods, which later turns out to be Glen and Helen (now stepparents of Jake and Clare). The next morning, Clare asks him if he wants to ride with Jake and her. He gladly accepts the offer, and they thus leave the cabin in Jake's truck.

In Underneath It All, Fiona bumps into Eli while she's talking on the phone. Fiona invites Eli to her party, but he is going to the Spinning Class, so Eli suggest to Fiona to invite Imogen to her party.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Fiona Coyne tries to hide her own feelings for Imogen by deciding to play matchmaker for Eli and Imogen. She is able to get Eli to confess that he has feelings for Imogen.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), Fiona reveals to Imogen that Eli has feelings for her. Later, she arranges a date at her condo for Imogen and Eli, but does not tell Imogen, instead startling her with Eli's appearance when she came over to work on a project. Eli quickly leaves, feeling that he had been rejected, but Eli and Imogen later happily tell Fiona that they have decided to go on a date.

In Need You Now (1), Eli feels his dad is being overprotective of him because of his bipolar and suggesting he shouldn't date. Imogen creates a mental illness mural featuring his portrait, and he lashes out and accidentally breaks her camera.

Eclare Kiss.

In Need You Now (2), Eli suspects Imogen is cheating on him. After sneaking into Fiona's, he angrily trashes his room, which encourages his dad to call the psychiatrist. They meet for coffee, and while Imogen doesn't want to give their relationship another try, she reluctantly agrees to give their friendship a chance.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Eli teams up with Clare, to help her with her newspaper.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), Clare is too worried to start her relationship with Eli again, thinking he cannot handle it. In the end, she realizes she still has feelings for him and she kisses him.

Season 12

Eli in Season 12

In Come As You Are (1), Eli returns from break. Clare sees him after Simpson announces they no longer have to wear uniforms. She goes over to him, teasing him about being late, and then asking how his break was. He tells her about New York and how he loved it there. He seems to be avoiding bringing up the kiss. Then Becky Baker comes over and asks Clare to show her to her class, ending their conversation.

Later at Adam's party, Eli is telling a guy about how he got to see Dead Hand in New York, when Clare comes up. She asks if he's having a good time, and he replies, "Yeah, totally. Love the vibe." She tries to say something else, but he doesn't hear her. Then Alli comes up and pulls her away. Afterwards, Eli is outside sitting on a bench, when Clare comes out. When she tells him she's going to go, he stutters out, "O-okay."

She goes to walk away, but stops herself and says, "Wait, this is ridiculous, I don't care what anyone else thinks! Why haven't you brought up the kiss?" He replies, "Because, Clare... I wrote a play to get you back last year. I've come a long way from that, and chasing you after one kiss takes me back about five steps. The ball's in your court." He tells her that if they get back together, she has to be all in, because there aren't always going to be twinkly lights. She kisses him and says, "Eli, I am all in." Eli leans in and kisses her again, symbolizing the start of their second relationship.

In Come As You Are (2), Eli is woken up by Clare saying his name through his phone. He says they must have fallen asleep while talking to each other late last night. He invites her to go on a re-first date and she accepts. Later, at school, he tells Clare he has tickets to an Arcade Fire concert that night, saying that he thinks they should have a re-first song. She says that she has her co-op that night. Eli looks disappointed, so she quickly asks what time the concert is. He tells her it's at 8:00 and she says she'll be there, and they share a brief kiss. He texts her 'Good luck' for her internship.

After the co-op, Clare calls Eli to tell him that she can't make the date because Asher asked her to cover a protest. She asks if he's mad, and Eli jokingly says, "I'm just gonna go crash my hearse into a wall. I'll see you later.... Kidding!" He tells her that being all in doesn't mean dropping everything, and that they can go on their re-first date anytime. He tells her to have fun and that he'll just invite Adam.


In Gives You Hell (1), Eli goes to Mr. Simpson to ask to produce another play for his NYU portfolio, but Mr. Simpson tells him that Becky already asked, and that they should work together. Eli meets Becky at The Dot, and she tells him that she worked on many plays and ran the drama club at her old school. She agrees on a partnership and asks him to help her hang up cast/crew volunteering posters, but he tells her he already has a crew and that she should just bring refreshments.

The next day, at lunch, Eli walks up to Clare, steals her bag lunch and throws it out. He tells her that he's taking her out for lunch, and they begin talking about Becky. Eli is annoyed by her and wants to work on the play by himself, but Clare wants him to be civil with her and try to cooperate. Later at the first meeting, Eli thanks Imogen for coming and then begins to pitch his idea for "Death of a Salesman" play to the crew. Becky then tells him that she already got an okay from Mr. Simpson to do "Romeo and Juliet. The Musical." He is upset, and says he doesn't know anything about musicals.

In Gives You Hell (2), Eli walks up to Becky expressing his concern about putting on a musical. Becky says not to worry and that auditions will be later, telling him not to be late. At auditions, he watches Tori sing and is unimpressed by her predictable performance and pays attention as Tristan performs after.

While Becky displays disappointment, he is impressed and says that there will be a role for him causing Becky to say that he seems confused. She tells him that she'll be deciding the cast when he gets irritated and she has to tell him to calm

"Welcome to Degrassi."

down and that she's used to doing everything herself. Later on, Clare meets him in the hallways and asks how it's going. He says that his only problem is Becky and she encourages that he'll make it through it and uses The Dark Knight as an example that he can give something a new take.

In the auditorium, he watches Tori and Tristan's auditions while Tristan walks in asking why he still doesn't have a role. With a sudden idea, Eli tells him that he'll be playing Juliet but it is now "Jules" and the play will be about two male lovers. He watches Tristan fill with excitement and tries to get him to calm down saying that he's happy to be able to irritate Becky.

Later on, he watches Tristan practice while Becky walks in asking why he is up there. Eli reveals the idea for the new musical and Becky freaks out and quits due to the musical encouraging homosexuality. She storms out after saying "This isn't right," to which he replies, "Welcome to Degrassi."

In Got Your Money (1), he walks up to Dave and Alli with Tristan to reveal the new Juliet. At practice, he watches Dave struggle to perform and tries to tell him to find a way to get into character, and to observe Tristan. At another practice, Dave joins in acting like a complete stereotype, causing Eli to stop him. He tells him that he's being offensive and that he just needs to act like he's singing to the person he loves. At a later practice, he watches Dave and Tristan get through a number perfectly.


In Got Your Money (2), he brings Dave and Tristan to the front of the school to take pictures for promotional posters for the play. When the hockey team begins to heckle them, he asks for them to stop and Luke approaches him asking to keep the gay stuff private. Eli refuses and tells him that pretty soon the school will be covered with the posters. At the dance, he points out a promotional billboard to the nervous Dave and later stops him from taking it down, asking why he's worrying about what jocks think when he could be having sex with Alli.

In Closer to Free (2), he talks to Clare about the Twitter incidents, reassuring her that everything will be fine.

In Waterfalls (1), he is first seen walking to the front of the school with Alli and Clare, trying to calm Clare's nerves about Asher. When she gets the call to go to lunch, he encourages her to go. Later, he is interviewed by Asher about the school play, telling Clare she didn't miss much while she was gone. When she says that the article wouldn't be good without all the right facts, he tells her to go after Asher and ask to take over the article. Later at her house, he watches her write the article and begins reading it after she sends it but is left when she leaves after finding the first error.


In Waterfalls (2), he greets Clare in the morning with all the newspapers he could buy to celebrate her article being published. When they open the first one, he asks what happened to her article and if they fixed it. She says that they did and she will talk to Asher about it later. At the end of the episode, he approaches Alli and Clare, asking what they are talking about to make his girlfriend cry. The two lie and Alli leaves. He hands Clare a framed copy of her article and watches as she stares at it, stunned. He asks if she doesn't like the frame but she says it's perfect and that she loves him. The two kiss and sit together, leaving him still unknowing that Clare was assaulted and lost her job.

In Never Ever (1), he listens as Imogen presents her designed set for the play. He likes it but asks how much it will cost. It ends up being $500 with recycled materials and he tells her she'll have to come up with the money on her own due to the budget. He is later seen talking to Mr. Moreno in the auditorium.

In Never Ever (2), he meets Imogen outside her car in the morning asking how the set is coming. When she tells him she has a lot on her plate, he asks if she can actually do it and she tells him she can. In class, he asks Armstrong if they can leave to work on the set but he says no because it's a quiz day. He talks to Imogen about the set and watches as she is kicked out of class for hitting Marisol. In the auditorium later in the day, he comes up to Imogen, stressed, and asking why the set is taking too long. He apologizes when he sees her crying and watches as she quits. Later on, he accepts Imogen's apology with Fiona and they reveal to her the completed set. With the finished set, he tells them that the show is ready.

Eli accepting Imogen's apology.

In Sabotage (1), he finds Clare working on her story about Dallas and Luke damaging the garden and he worries that she will make some very big enemies. After the meeting with Simpson about the article, Dallas sends hints about her 'dirty' secret and Eli questions her about it. She says she was fired from the Interpreter because she was a bad writer, which Eli believes.

In Sabotage (2), he is seen telling Adam, Fiona and Alli that he wants to throw a surprise 17th birthday party at Fiona's loft to cheer her up. When Eli calls her internship stupid, she takes it as offense and storms off. Adam suggests he gets her a gift. He decided to go to the Interpreter to get her job back, but Asher tells him there were too much problems with her 'obsession' over him.

Eli shows up at the party late, and looks miserable and Fiona tells him to buck up and get ready for the surprise. He then reveals to Clare that he went to the Interpreter and found out why she really got fired. Before they get a chance to really talk, Dallas and his team crashes the party and brings Clare beer. Eli was about to leave, but Alli made him stay and talk to Clare, making her finally talk about the Asher saga. After the conversation, they were about to leave, but Dallas was in the way. Since Eli and Jake had enough of Dallas and his team, they had a massive fight. Thankfully, Imogen's confetti canon worked and stopped the fight. Fiona ordered Dallas to leave with his team which they did. Eli hurt his hand and Clare tends to him. He promises her they will get Asher back together and share a kiss.


In Scream (1), Dave and Tristan show Eli that their costumes were mix up and told them to switch. He then instructs the crew to go over the last scene which had a few problems. Clare comes to him and asks if he thought about ways to get back at Asher, but Eli is too busy. He said he would work on it.

Later, Eli is going to help Clare, but Fiona tells him Simpson made them stop selling tickets and needs him in his office. Simpson said that a group of students and parents have complained against the play and wants Eli to walk through the subject matter to the concerned parties. Eli then talks to the crew about the rumors but tells them the play will go on. Dave gives Eli some advice on how to win them over.

When presenting his case, Eli is dressed as a religious figure while quoting scripture about love and acceptance. But as it turns out, homosexuality is not the only issue. Dallas proposes that it's irresponsible to glorify suicide at a time when teenagers are taking their own lives. Eli offers to show them the last scene but are still not impressed. He then decides to change it while at the same time Clare comes again to ask about Asher, but Eli still hasn't given it any thought but will work on it. He talks with Imogen and gets an idea on the issue then receives the news of the approval for the play.

Eli tells Clare he has done some 'plans' in the past so they shouldn't do anything to Asher. He tells her to talk to Ms. Oh. She declines, but he feels so strongly about this that he has already told Ms. Oh about Asher's abuse and is waiting to talk to Clare about it.

In Scream (2), Eli is looking through the windows while Clare is talking to Ms.Oh. After the conversation, Clare

Eli's play is a hit

tells Eli to 'go to hell' and is upset. She asks him for the last time if he wants to help, but declines. She tells him to go do his stupid play which he did. It's opening night and Tristan is missing and Becky offers to be Juliet, but Eli would rather cancel the play then go back to that.

Becky agrees to be Jules and right before she goes out, Tristan arrives, but joins in the chorus. The show goes on as a success and Eli goes on stage to take a bow. Clare later comes in with roses promising to be at the next 7 performances. She tells him what her plans were with the pictures but didn't do it anymore. They say they love each other and kiss.

Eli excited about Bret Barnett speaking to his class.

In Building A Mystery (1), Eli is excited about Bret Barnett coming to Degrassi, mainly because he's an NYU alumni and he can give Eli a recommendation for his application. During Bret's presentation, Eli asks many questions in repeated succession, causing Bret to give him the nickname, Question Guy.

The class is assigned a video project and Eli has a major writers block. He goes to Clare for advice and she suggests he talk to Jake about it. Eli and Jake talk near Jake's truck where he tells Eli that he got his "inspiration" from smoking marijuana, then proceeding to pull out a rolled up joint. Eli responds to this in complete shock, but then after some talking from Jake asks if he has to inhale.

Later, Eli and Jake are at his house where Jake is rollerblading while Eli works on his project. They are obviously high and Eli suddenly gets an idea, asking Jake for a pen. Jake misses Eli's hand completely and Eli says to forget it and that he'll remember it. He then pieces a string of special effects and transitions together randomly on his laptop.


In Building A Mystery (2), after finishing his film project, Eli shows it off during class. Much to his horror, what he thought was a great short film is actually a useless and meaningless jumble of screams and effects that do not live up to his usual work. After worrying about his future as a director, he decides to remake his project. This time with his most influencing muse, Clare. He hands in the video and through it learns about his worries about going to college and leaving Clare behind. Eli finds that film making is more about sending a message than showing off and making an impression. Bret ends up writing him a letter of recommendation.

In Doll Parts (2), he is seen briefly asking Adam what happened to his nose.

In I Want It That Way (1), he is seen talking to Tristan about a new play he is planning on doing which Tristan wants the lead of, but Eli tries to tell him without hurting his feelings that he needs someone in good physical shape.


In Tonight, Tonight, he is at Clare's house studying very intensely. Clare notices his heavy sighs and reminds him that there will be no more math once he's in film school next year. Eli stares at her lovingly until Clare starts to countdown. Once she hits 1, her mother knocks on the door, bluntly announcing that it's "time for Eli to leave." Which he does without a problem. Clare complains that Eli has to be kicked out so late. After her mother leaves, she then finds out Jake can have girls over as late as he wants which she finds to be a double standard.

The next day, Eli is going along with Clare's plan: to have him over as Jake's guest so he won't get kicked out. Though her plan is ruined when she reluctantly agrees to go a crafting service with her mom since Glen has to work late. Eli offers to tag along, but Helen reminds him that he and Jake have to study. After Clare returns a while later, he is seen spraying Jake with air freshener and uncontrollably laughing with Jake, as he's rollerblading around the house. Clare slowly realizes that they both smoked pot again, so she send Eli to go splash water on his face and hid in her bedroom while she hides the pot behind her back.

Helen walks in, asking if Eli went home, and Jake answers yes. Clare gives him a stern look before going up to her bedroom. She goes upstairs and sees him sleeping in her bed, frantically shaking him to wake up. He says "You told me to go to bed," to which she replies "I told you to go to my bedroom!" She then asks him how good he is at jumping out of window. Eli stands up from the bed, shirtless, and looks out the window. He realizes how high he is (mentally and physically, since Clare's room is on the second floor) and apologizes for being a bad boyfriend. Right then, Helen walks into her room. Eli silently apologizes to Helen and hurriedly leaves, picking up his shirt and covering his body. Clare's mom sees the weed on her bed and quickly assumes that he's a druggie, banning Eli from entering the house. But Clare then tells her that the weed's Jake's and that he gave it to Eli.

After finding out that Jake's punishment for smoking weed was to not smoke weed again, Clare calls a family meeting stating the double standards going on in her house. This brings Helen and Glen into an argument. Clare takes this advantage, and takes the keys to the truck to pick up Eli from The Dot. He jokes around about how hot she looks in he truck


and hops in, driving to the Battle of The Bands competition, which his dad is hosting. They are enjoying WhisperHug's performance when Helen calls Clare, apparently, not for the first time. Eli suggests that she should call her back, so Helen knows that she's safe. She does so, and it appears that Helen was listening to Clare during the meeting. Eli is now allowed over until 10pm and Clare can use the truck whenever she wants. They share a kiss in celebration.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), during the few days of competition between different teams of students, Clare can't go in her locker because her locker is moved. Eli offers to share his locker with her and convinces a doubtful Dave that it will turn out fine. When Eli and Dave leave for class, Dave notices that Clare's diary fell onto his books, but doesn't have time to return it because the bell rings. In a class he shares with Jake, he ends up reading the diary. He sees her old entries about her love for Jake. Some phrases in the journal are: "He is the spark that lights my fire. I think I might be in LOVE with him! When I'm with him, I am...," "...make love to him! He is romance! I could go all the way with Jake - I am ready to make love to him! I shudder with anticipation as my infatuation runs wild. Infatuation? No, this is more! L-O-V-E! It feels right! I'm so excited!" Eli looks up at Jake who waves to him. Later, Eli goes up to Clare who looks upset, though he doesn't notice at first, commenting that he saw she's against Becky in the spirit week gladiator competition and says he has to destroy her. When she doesn't smile back he asks if everything's okay. Clare mentions her diary was missing yesterday and when she checked again today, it was back. She asks him if he took her diary, he avoids the question and jokes by saying why and if she's worried he'd find out her deep, dark secret. She smiles and says she's sorry for asking but what she writes down is a stream of consciousness, unedited, unproofed. Just as she's speaking, Jake waves from over by the greenhouse and she waves back. She continues saying that it's embarrassing. Eli turns to see who she waved to and Jake waves at Eli and walks off. Eli gets up and takes a few steps in Jake's direction and turns back to Clare and smiles. She pauses until she sees his smile and then tells him Glen and her mom will be out tonight and was wondering if he wanted to come over. She smiles and wiggles her eyebrows. Eli asks if Jake will be there and Clare, confused, says she doesn't know and asks why. He says he wouldn't want things to be awkward and Clare figures out he did read her journal. He affirms he did. He admits, upset, that he read every word of it including the Jake chapter. He tells her he knew she dated "that lumberjack for like a second" but tells her it said she loved him and wanted to have sex with him. He expresses his shock by questioning "Jake?!" While Eli talks, Clare is very upset. She can't believe he invaded her privacy. He says he didn't think she needed any privacy from him. She gets up and says she guesses she does and storms off. Eli sighs.

Eli finds Cam's body.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Eli walks behind Clare asking to let him talk. She tells him to speak but walks fast because she has to edit something. Eli starts apologizing profusely to Clare about reading her diary as he walks behind her, coffee and breakfast in hand. He says he loves her so much he can't think straight but he's wrong and he's sorry. Clare's stern face breaks into a smile and she turns around and she forgives him. He adds that they were broken up when she was with Jake, so she loved him. She tells him she didn't. Eli says that's what it said in her journal. She clarifies that she said "'I think I'm in love with Jake.'" She says that she wasn't because back then she didn't even know what love was. Feeling embarrassed, Eli asks if he mentioned he was sorry and smiles at her. She says she loves Eli so much that sometimes she can't think straight either. Eli smiles. She adds that when she was joking about taking "the next step" yesterday, she thinks she was actually being serious. Eli asks her if she thinks she was or she was. She clarifies that she was, she definitely was. Eli says okay, with a smile on his face, and suggests that they eat breakfast and make a plan. As they are walking, Eli discovers Cam's body in the greenhouse and pulls Clare close to prevent her from looking. In shock, he tells her not to look and to go find a teacher and call 911. He shouts for her to go when she tries to look. He walks up to the greenhouse with a horrified expression on his face. He is later seen talking to Dave and about how his dad gets over seeing dead bodies on the job. Then while Cam's ceremony is being held Eli goes to smoke weed with Jake at his house. After Jake brings them popcorn from the kitchen on his rollerblades, he asks Eli why he's not at the memorial. Eli says he's pretty wiped but that Clare is there. Jake solemnly reveals that if Eli and Clare had not found Cam in the greenhouse, he most likely would have instead, so he thanks him. He asks if Eli thinks the greenhouse will now be haunted. Eli looks off and chillingly replies, "No... just me" before snapping back to reality and asking to play video games.

Eli having a nightmare.

In Ray of Light (1), Eli is playing video games with Mo and Jake trying not to think about what he saw last week. Fiona interrupts their game by unplugging the TV. She then asks Eli to help with the video yearbook and he agrees. He is then shown filming students and Clare makes a comment, revealing she was the one who put Fiona up to asking him. Clare leaves to go to class and blows him a kiss while he continues filming. He asks a girl in sweatpants where she sees herself in ten years and she replies she doesn't know but she knows where she'll be tonight and hands him an invitation to a secret party. Later, Eli is editing the video yearbook and sees footage of Cam which reminds him of what he saw. Later, Eli asks Jake and Mo to go to a secret party with him. When they get there Eli sees red paint on the ground that reminds of his nightmares and asks Jake if he has weed, but he says he's dry and he asks if he's okay. Eli claims someone asked him and he didn't want any. Jake leaves to continue painting and takes MDMA given to him by Talia, unbeknownst to both Jake and Mo. Jake and Mo watch incredulously as Eli, high on MDMA at this point, crowd surfs.


In Ray of Light (2), he is seen walking with Clare the next school day and talks about how good he's feeling. Then, Talia comes up to him, gives him back his shirt, and asks him he's still "coming down."  Clare is upset about this and Eli tries to convince her not to worry. Clare questions him on what he's "coming down" from and Eli reveals that he went to the secret party with Jake and Mo and took MDMA. This worries Clare, and he tells her that he won't ever do it again.

Clare walks away and Eli unrolls his shirt and a baggy falls out. It contains MDMA and a note that reads "Leftovers, enjoy." During school, he and Fiona practice for his interview for NYU. While they practice, Fiona tells him that he doesn't have to do the video year book anymore.  Eli says he'll get right back to it as soon as he's done with his interview's over and Fiona tells him that she doesn't want to leave him with a burden. He then finds out it was Clare who convinced Fiona to talk Eli out of it since it seems to be putting Eli in a bad place.

Eli retaliates by going into the the cafeteria and taking away Clare's food. Clare questions him about it and he says that it's too spicy and she wouldn't be able to handle it referring to how she got him out of the video yearbook because she believes he couldn't handle it. She tells him that the last time he worked on the yearbook, he did drugs.  She tells him that he should postpone his interview that's suppose to take place shortly and Eli doesn't listen.


Eli does his interview for NYU and reveals that he's working on the video yearbook and his Zombie film to them, but is putting it on hold for the moment.  They ask him why it's on hold and he tells them that he saw something disturbing happen at school (referring to finding Cam's body) and it's having an effect on him.  He says most things have an effect on him due to the fact that he's bipolar.

They ask if that interferes with his work and Eli says that it's actually an inspiration for his work.  Eli says he puts his feelings in his work and it can be scary because it comes from someplace real and starts to cry. They call him a passionate young man and tell him that if he doesn't get in now, he should try next year. He tells them that doesn't sound very positive and they tell him that they say that to everyone. Eli walks out and tries to shake his interview's hand and she doesn't notice.  

He walks out she asks him if he's the one that sent a DVD of Romeo and Jules. She tells him that it's one of the best high school productions she's seen in her time at NYU and has been there for a long time. After his successful interview, Eli runs through the cafeteria and high fives people. He runs into Clare and tells her that the interview went great and they hug. He tries to convince her to celebrate and Clare thinks that they should talk about what happened to Cam.  Eli isn't comfortable with talking and thinks about seeing Cam's body. He then sits on a stage and decides to do MDMA a second time.

Eli is high on MDMA and runs through the school naked.

Eli is high on MDMA and is taking a shower in the girl's locker room. Clare and Alli find him there and Clare asks him why he's in the girl's locker room taking a shower with his clothes on. Eli says he's nothing thinking about nothing and takes off his clothes as he says that Clare has been forcing him frequently talk about his issues.

Eli is now fully naked, making all of the girls in the locker room freak out and Alli is grossed out by it. He asks Clare about the time where she wouldn't have sex with him because he was damaged and points at his penis and asks if he looks damaged to her.  He then runs through the school fully naked and has Clare and Alli chasing after him. He runs into Mr. Simpson and freaks him out. Eli then gives angry Mr. Simpson a hug.  


Afterwards, Eli and Bullfrog are seen in Mr. Simpson's office and Bullfrog tells Eli that he has an appointment with his therapist the next day. Mr. Simpson walks in and tells Eli that he is suspended and could possibly be expelled. Eli tells Simpson not to expel him so he can finish the year to get into NYU. Mr. Simpson says that they have more in common than Eli thinks, and Eli believes that Simpson also did drugs and ran through the school naked.

But in all actuality, Mr. Simpson reveals that when he was in high school, he found the body of Claude Tanner after he committed suicide in a bathroom stall.  He tells him that it doesn't get better overnight and Eli says he's been doing okay.  Mr. Simpson says that he's been keeping an eye on Eli and questions about what happened that day. Eli says he's being pressured to talk and doesn't want to talk to anyone other than his therapist about finding Cam. Eli then reveals that he could've committed suicide the previous. He promises to never do drugs again and hugs Bullfrog. 


The next day, he stands in the green house where he found Cam and Clare walks in. Clare asks if he's okay and Eli said he talked to his therapist and isn't freaking out or seeing dead bodies. Clare asks if he took drugs because of her and says that he regrets it. Eli says that it was her constantly trying to get him to talk is almost as bad as doing drugs. He tells her that they need time apart because he can't get better. He tells her that Cam isn't the problem, she is and they break up. Later, he watches the video yearbook with many other students. When a clip of Clare and Alli is played, Eli blinks uncomfortably. They all enjoy it, nevertheless. After the video plays and he gets pats on the back, he looks and sees Clare sitting on the windowsill, upset, and looks away.

In Karma Police (1) Eli is seen in a class with Imogen , they are brainstorming for Eli's zombie film when Fiona comes to sit down with them briefly before realizing they're too busy.

In Karma Police (2), he is seen instructing Dave on how to use a fake gun for his zombie film and asks Imogen if she got the time for a scene.

Dave and Eli before Connor scares them by quietly coming up beside them.

In Zombie (1), he films the final scene for the movie and tells everyone involved they have to film it one more time and it needs to be perfect. Alli is gossiping about Eli and Clare's relationship with Jenna, recounting what Clare told her Eli said. Alli says Eli "'needed space'" and Jenna asks if he's allergic to happiness and what he needs space from, "the love of your life?" Alli says he needs to get over himself. Connor clears his throat, wanting Alli to leave. Alli decides to leave, and Jenna tells Connor that Alli needs her friends right now since she is crushed that things didn't work out with Dallas. Connor says with a smile that what Alli needs is a boyfriend. Connor decides to try and get Alli a boyfriend so that it will keep her busy. Connor goes to see Dave who is watching Eli edit his zombie short film. He scares them and after Dave says not to do that, Connor pulls him away to talk. He tells him he needs to get back together with Alli. Dave declines and says they grew apart and are two different people now. Connor doesn't see a problem with that and says it would be like dating a completely brand new person. Dave says no, that they don't have common interests. Connor tells him that him and Jenna don't either but they make it work. Dave says he'd rather have it as a clean break, unlike Eli and Clare who break up and get back together and break up again. Dave turns to look at Eli and says he's a mess, buried in his movie, all sad and lonely. Connor excitedly says he can set up Eli with Alli. Dave slowly turns to him and sarcastically says that maybe fire and gasoline can hang out. Eli calls Dave over and Dave takes one last look at Connor and walks off, leaving Connor smiling. Later, Alli barges in on Connor and Jenna's date at The Dot to show Jenna flowers. Jenna asks if they're from Dallas and Alli declines and says they're from Eli, showing her the note on the flowers. Jenna reads "Will you be my girlfriend? XOXO Eli." Connor looks down as Jenna reads it. Alli says Eli's playing a sick game to get to Clare through her and adds that when she sees him he's dead. Connor mentions with a smile that Eli's not so bad. He continues, "He's sensitive and artistic," saying those are "both really attractive qualities." Connor adds that Eli would make an excellent boyfriend. Alli and Jenna both give him upset looks and they both gasp and Alli says "Oh my God" when Eli then also shows up, saying he went to Alli's house and her parents said she was at The Dot. Alli asks if he's stalking her and Eli denies it, and asks her to explain his identical flowers and note on them which he reads out loud "Would you be my boyfriend? XOXO Alli." Alli says she did not send those to him. Jenna thinks for a moment and figures out that Connor sent the flowers to both Alli and Eli. Connor admits he did and when Alli asks why, he says that they are both sad and lonely. Eli and Alli both share a surprised glance as Connor says they're a perfect match. Eli says he has to get back to his movie because he's on a deadline. Alli puts her flowers on Jenna and Connor's table without a word while Eli gives his flowers to an elderly woman and gives Connor one last glare as he heads out. Alli sits with Jenna as she tells him to leave.


In Zombie (2), he is seen working on his zombie film when Connor walks in. Eli asks him if he's there to set him up with anyone else and Connor tells him that he thinks he's a mess because he's not with Clare. Eli then tells him that he really loves and misses her. Then, Connor leaves and asks him why he wants he and Clare back together so much. Then, Connor approaches Eli the next day and Eli tells him that he's considering not getting back together with Clare. Then, Eli approaches Clare and Drew and tells her that he got into NYU and wants to get back together with her because he wants a happy ending. Clare is happy for him, but tells him that they're not a fairy tale and rejects him, leaving Eli sad.


In The Time of My Life, Eli helps Fiona and Imogen prepare for prom where he finds out Imogen won't be graduating. Eli is determined to win Clare back. Clare opens her front door, excited to see her date but is surprised to find Eli instead of Cliff, dressed in a prince charming outfit, standing in a horse drawn carriage. She repeatedly says "no" when she sees him. Eli, trying to look confident, fumbles with his plastic sword. He turns around when he hears Clare and his foot slips as he tries to prop it up. Alli and Jenna step out onto Clare's balcony and watch in surprise. He clears his throat and tells her, "You said we weren't a fairytale... I'm here to prove you wrong." Alli and Jenna giggle to each other and Clare looks up and rolls her eyes. Shortly after, Cliff shows up with a corsage and Eli asks who he is. Cliff says he is Clare's prom date and asks him the same question. Eli immediately responds that he is Clare's "soulmate" but Clare still goes to prom with Cliff. He spends the beginning of prom alone until Fiona announces that he and Clare are prom queen and king.

Eli hops onstage excitedly, however, Clare doesn't get on stage and runs off. Eli looks for her and finds her in the coat check room crying. He apologizes for how he acted when they broke up and states he will be leaving the next day to be a production assistant on Bret Barnett's new film during the summer. She says that they only have one night left in disbelief. He says that's why they shouldn't waste it, offers her her crown, and asks "What do you say, my queen?" Later, while dancing, Clare says she can't believe all these people (their peers) voted for them. Eli says with a smirk, "Correction: some of them voted for us." Clare smiles, saying she knew he rigged it and thanks him for making them prom king and queen. She then asks what kids do on prom night these days. Eli says they get drunk and get a room. Clare adds a breathless "Have sex?" Eli's eyes go wide and he looks at her. Soon after, they are heavily making out in the coat check closet. Clare says they can't have sex in there because they are in a hotel with rooms. Eli asks if she has her mom's credit card and she says she does for emergencies. Eli says it's an emergency. Clare agrees and they continue to make out until they hear someone sniffling. They push back some coats and find Imogen hiding behind some clothes, crying. She insists she just lost a contact (though she's wearing glasses). Clare leaves to go tell Alli she won't be spending the night. Eli offers Imogen some advice on how to get Fiona back and mentions if he and Clare can work out their problems, anyone can. Clare tells Alli and Jenna about her and Eli's plan to have sex. They get excited and give her advice. They tell her it might be weird, hurt during and after, and only last a couple minutes. Clare looks nervous but they wish her luck just as Eli walks up behind her. He asks if she's ready and Alli tells them to have fun before doing a provocative dance with Jenna. Eli asks if she told them and Clare wishes she hadn't. Eli takes Clare to their hotel room, notices her palms are sweaty, and asks if she's nervous. She is, she explains, because she wonders if it'll be a disappointment. Eli tells her to stand still. She complies, and he kisses her, asking if that was a disappointment. She smiles and says no. He kisses her deeply and asks again. Clare's eyes flutter and her breath stutters. They go inside the room to find candles he set up. Clare comments that it's beautiful and Eli says that she is. They kiss and Clare unbuttons part of Eli's shirt before embracing again and falling onto the bed. He takes her home in the morning on the horse drawn carriage and they talk about their night before. Clare asks if she looks different and Eli assures her they're going to know they had sex right when they see her. Eli says he had a great time last night and Clare shares the same opinion. Clare starts to get a nose bleed and Eli asks if he needs to take her to the doctor. She says no, but takes his handkerchief. Later, Eli graduates with the rest of the 2013 Class, some of which being Jake, Fiona, Owen, Mo, Katie, and Marisol. He joins Mo's sing along and makes out with Clare as everyone celebrates.

Season 13

Eli is ready. Too bad Clare isn't.

In SummertimeClare calls Eli and he answers thinking that it was Bret calling but is happy when he realizes that it is Clare. She asks him if it is bad time and he says it's never a bad time for her. Clare asks if he has seen the picture that she sent him and he says yes and if she is implying something. She says in order for her to not miss him that much, they should do something sexy. He asks what she has in mind and she says video chat sex. Eli is shocked but agrees and says they should do it later when he isn't busy. Clare asks if 10 o'clock is fine and he says yes and Clare is happy.


Clare and Eli are online starting their video chat. They begin to strip when Clare's mom knocks on Clare's door and says that the hospital called. Eli asks if anything is wrong and Clare says it's probably nothing and goes to talk to her mom. When she does so, she finds out that she has cancer.

After the talk, Clare comes back into the room and sees Eli naked on her screen. She quickly tells him to cover up and that they should take a rain check. Eli says okay and Clare tells him that she has cancer. He quickly responds that he is coming home. Clare tells him not to and if he does, she will be mad. Eli tells Clare he loves her and Clare says she knows and that she will be fine. During her stay at the hospital, Clare's strength crumbles. She packs up her things and begins to leave the hospital. Before she leaves, Clare stops outside her room and goes to sit in a corner to call Eli. Clare leaves a message for Eli and tells him that she knows she told him not to come back home, but asks him to return anyway and that she's scared. Soon after this, Eli appears and says he left right after Clare told him she had cancer. He sees her bags packed and asks if she's okay. She says she feels fine but everyone's telling her she's sick. She tells him she's scared and collapses in his arms.

After discovering that Clare's hair is falling out, the nurse walks in.

In All I Wanna Do, Eli and Clare are cuddling on her hospital bed watching TV. Clare suggests they "play doctor" and they begin to make out when they realize Clare's hair is falling out. Clare's nurse comes in and Eli leaves and says he will get Clare a healthy smoothie later. Eli texts Adam and tells him how to treat Clare so that she doesn't freak out , get scared, etc. about her cancer. Eli returns to Clare's room later that day and is yelled at by Clare, who is upset about Eli trying to control how people act around her. Clare asks him to leave. He and Adam leave and catch up. 

Clare has prepared a date and when Eli enters her room that night, he is pleasantly surprised to see that Clare has shaved her head and is now wearing a wig. He tells her he loves the wig. They cuddle on the couch and Clare tells him that if he wants out, to tell her now. She's been worried he'd leave her after she had a talk with another cancer patient. He assures her he loves her and that she is more than just a cancer patient. He tells her he is all in. He says, "I know you're a cancer patient, but you're also Clare smart and beautiful girlfriend."

In My Own Worst Enemy, he watches Clare as she researches on her laptop and she begins to become scared about the outcome. He then tells her to put it away and decides to get her a healthy drink. Later, he gets angry at Clare for leaving the hospital because it was a dangerous idea. Then, they both find out Clare's MRI came out clean and they have a group hug with Helen.

Eli and Clare at Adam's memorial

In Young Forever, Eli is seen at Adam's funeral and watches Drew as he talks to people leaving. Becky makes a comment about how Jesus wanted Adam closer and he gives her a look. Bianca tells her that it was a stupid thing to say and Eli interrupts her to ease the tension. He walks in to Clare's room while she tries to write a comment on Adam's memorial page.

Clare tells him that Adam helped her through the summer and they decide to make a memorial video. They then make the video and Helen walks in to inform them that Clare's Cancer is gone and the two of them hug. He comes back to Clare's room and sees that she's sad. She tells him that it's not fair that Adam died and she lived. He then tells her to come with her to the memorial and she agrees. He arrives at the memorial and hugs people for Clare so she doesn't get sick. He watches the video and it makes him happy. While Drew gives his speech, Eli wipes a tear off his face. Then, he and all the other guests are seen lifting a lantern up into the air.

In You Oughta Know, he makes a brief appearance during a video chat with Clare, discussing their future plans. His brief roommate and editor Lenore can be heard in the background during the chat.

Eli edit.jpg

In Black or White, Eli and Clare are seen together on a date. They're watching a movie in a truck where Eli gets a phone call from his editor. Clare then allows him to answer the call. It is then that Clare finds a packet of cigarettes in Eli's bag and becomes suspicious.

Later on, Eli is seen with Clare as she serves him a pie. Eli asks her if Clare is "(going) to forget that last night was weird," and Clare tells him that she's glad he "noticed it too." Clare claims she knows why but Eli doesn't know she's talking about the cigarettes. Eli says the cigarettes don't belong to him, but they belonged to Lenore. Clare then realizes that when Eli had said "it was just one time" that he wasn't talking about the cigarettes, he was talking about cheating on her. She makes him leave.

In Spiderwebs, at Clare's house, Alli comforts Clare and says it's been over a week since she and Eli spoke. Clare reminds Alli that Eli cheated on her, and Alli reminds her it was only one time, but Clare insists she can't get over it. Even though Clare says it's over and she can't come back from cheating, Alli tells her she need to talk to Eli. When Clare can't decide on the spot if she is truly breaking up with him, Alli reminds her it's because she doesn't know the whole story. Clare agrees to talk to Eli.

Clare is seen walking to school with Eli behind her. Eli answers the question that Clare asked him off-screen, revealing Lenore's full name as Lenore Mantino. He also reveals that he has no romantic feelings for her, and that they did not have sex. Clare asks if came off, and Eli asks how knowing that information will make it easier for her. Clare tells Eli she has to know the truth. He reveals that some clothing came off when he made out with Lenore, but that that was it. Clare tells him she doesn't feel she can believe him, but Eli insists it meant nothing. Eli asks what he can do, and Clare responds with "Tell me that it never happened!" Eli can't, and Clare reveals that she messed up her magazine deal which was her last chance to getting into Columbia. She says that Eli and Lenore can have each other next year, and she leaves, saying she needs to help with the Family Feast.

Drew later finds Clare crying in the student council room. He tells her that Bianca broke up with him, and she tells him that Eli cheated on her. Clare suggests that Eli cheated on her because she isn't good enough for him. Drew tells her that she is best, and the two share a short kiss on the couch, before Clare comes to her senses and leaves, shocked.

Clare is working at the Degrassi Family Feast when Eli comes in behind her. When she turns around, Eli immediately tells her to listen to what he has to say. She asks him what he's doing there, and he replies that he can't leave without trying to fix their relationship. He hands her a book and as she flips through it, she realizes it's a book of their emails during their relationship. He tells her that it's their story, and that it shouldn't end now. The two hug. She sees Drew over Eli's shoulder, but she tries to ignore him.


In No Surprises, Eli is first seen video chatting with Clare, in which she invites him to go bungee jumping. He says he cannot come, which upsets Clare, as she had already purchased the tickets. She ends up going with Drew.


In Basket Case, Eli arrives at Clare's doorstep and Clare sees him. She gets out of the car and asks what he's doing here. He then tells her he finished the short film quickly so he could come bungee jumping with Clare. Eli and Clare are seen walking into Clare's house together.


In Sparks Will Fly (1),  Eli is seen talking to Clare on the phone, in which she asks him out to the Wild West Dance. Eli says he cannot be there, which upsets Clare. Later, she calls him, which he does not answer, and Clare breaks up with him over voicemail.


Sparks Will Fly (2), Eli is seen walking in when Clare and Drew are making out. He then gets upset, thinking that she only broke up with him for Drew.

In Thunderstruck, Clare asks Eli if she can stay the night so she can go to her interview the following day at Columbia. He lends her his dry clothes and offers to sleep on the floor. When Clare insists she sleeps on the floor, Eli compromises and suggests they share the bed head to feet. They lay in bed for a bit and decided


to go get something to eat. Eli takes Clare to try a hotdog from a food stand and pays for the food. He asks how things are with her and Drew, to which she responds by saying they aren't dating. She asks Eli about him and Lenore, but he says they aren't dating either. The head back to the dorm for the night. The next morning, Eli goes to see Clare at Columbia after her interview. He confesses to her that he's still not over her, and to think about them being together again. Clare seems happy to hear this, but doesn't express her feelings.

Season 14


In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Eli surprises Clare by returning home after telling her he was sending her a surprise after getting into Columbia. He shows up at Clare's house to find her and Alli and tells Clare that he is looking for a summer job and he wants to talk about their future together. After school he returns to Clare's house but Helen tells Eli that Clare isn't feeling well. Later Eli finds Clare at The Dot and asks what's going on, Clare then tells him that she's pregnant. They talk outside and Eli tells Clare that the timing is all wrong thinking that the baby is his and is upset that Clare didn't tell him right away. Clare then reveals that the baby is Drew's; Eli gets upset and Clare tries to tell him that she doesn't wanna be with Drew and that she loves him and can't imagine her life without him in it. Eli tells Clare that he doesn't care and walks away.


In There's Your Trouble, Eli is seen walking out of The Dot and bumping into Tristan. They catch up for a bit and Tristan walks inside. Eli sees Clare and Drew having fun and asks Clare to hang out, and naturally, she agrees. The next day, Eli asks who's calling Clare and she tells him it's telemarketers. Suddenly, Drew shows up. Having grown tired of Clare's lies, Eli tells Clare that he wants to be with her without Drew around and leaves. Later that day, he is seen at The Dot being interviewed by Spinner. He sees Drew leaving the Dot and confronts him. Drew calls him a crazy hothead (alluding to his bipolar disorder), causing Eli to punch him in the face. Clare shows up and breaks up the fight, but Eli tells Clare that he is furious with her, walks back in The Dot and takes the job.

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In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Eli is seen working at the dot. then Imogen shows up. She asks Eli if he wants to go on a date with her because she is now going to be polyamorous just like Jack. Eli declines her offer and tells her if she doesn't want to be polyamorous she should tell Jack.

In Hush, Eli is seen giving great words of encouragement to Jonah and Becky.

In Something's Got to Give, Eli is seen working at the Dot talking to Imogen.


In Hero vs. Villain, Clare walks to Eli and asks him if they can talk. Eli asks why she doesn't talk to Drew instead, and Clare tells him she has something to say that will fix things between them. Eli asks Clare how stupid she is, and Clare, taken aback, replies, "Excuse me?" Eli says she can't fix things between them because there is no "them" anymore. Clare says she knows he's angry, to which Eli says he's beyond angry at her for throwing their future together away. Clare tries to further explain, but Eli cuts her off, saying, "No, you don't get to come here every time you want to for a chat. Not after you ruined everything, and for what? So you could just jump into bed with Drew Torres?" Clare is extremely hurt by this and she begins to cry. Then, coldly, Eli says, "Tears, Clare? Didn't expect to see those from such a whore." Clare is shocked, and Eli walks off, leaving Clare crying alone.

Eli with Clarence.

In Firestarter (2), Eli and Imogen are talking at the Dot. Imogen says she is excited to watch Jack perform at the Power Cheer. She asks if he wants to go, and Eli asks if Clare will be there. She responds yes and that she is working concessions with Alli, and Eli's answer is, "Then no." Imogen says that it's good that Eli has something to keep his mind off of everything since he has a lot on his plate. Eli then sarcastically lists off the things he has to do, and then asks what she is talking about. Imogen realizes that Eli does not know that he is the father of Clare's baby, not Drew. Eli rushes out to the school to find Clare. When he arrives, he tries to convince Clare that he should be part of the baby's life, and Clare reminds him that he slut shamed her. She tells Eli that he can't lash out on every little thing, and with a baby, there are a lot of little things. After the school was lit on fire by Miles, Eli comes over as soon as he heard. He gives Clare his first paycheck that he signed over to her, parenting class brochures, and a stuffed wolf from his childhood named Clarence. He then promises to earn Clare's trust. Clare then agrees that the baby needs to know his father, and that she could use his help, smiling.

In Ready or Not, Eli is seen at The Dot serving Clare and Alli coffee while making plans with Clare to go to her

Eli and Clare are back together.

birthing class. Eli and Clare are at birthing class, while during one of the exercises Eli calls Clare incredible, saying he's lucky to on the journey with her and he loves her. Eli arrives after Clare called him. She lets Eli in and he asks what's up. Clare thanks him for coming and says they need some rules. Eli doesn't understand so Clare clarifies that they need to set some boundaries. Eli wonders why and says he thought they were doing pretty well, that birthing class was awesome. Clare says it was too awesome. Eli starts to say Clare's name but she cuts him off, "rule one, no telling me you love me or how amazing you think I am or how much you support me," to which Eli says he does and that's never going to change. Clare slowly says, "two, no looking at me the way you do that turns me into a pile of mush." Eli takes a step towards Clare and says those rules are gonna make things difficult.

Clare, nervous that Eli is getting closer, gets out "three, no saying the exact thing I need at the exact moment I need to hear it." Eli reaches out his hand to touch Clare's arm but she steps back and says "four, no physical contract of any kind." Eli tells Clare he'll obey any rule she wants but asks what she's afraid of. She has little time to answer before Eli leans in to kiss her. They break apart and Clare responds to his question by saying "that." They quickly embrace again and fall back on the couch.

Eli and Clare are sitting on the couch, smiling at each other. Clare says she didn't plan for that to happen so Eli asks if she regrets it. Clare says no, but adds that they can't just pretend that things haven't happened because everything's changed. Eli sits up next to Clare.

In Wishlist, At The Dot, Eli and Clare are giving Imogen advice on her relationship problems with Jack and when Imogen leaves Eli reminds her that she still has to pay for the cupcake that she's eating.

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In Get It Together, Eli and Clare watch Rocky for the night to prepare for themselves for when the baby arrives. Eli comes over Clare's house and helps Clare calm down Rocky by giving a water gun, Clare tells Eli to take the water gun away from Rocky because they shouldn't give someone else's kid a gun and Rocky squirts Clare with the water gun. Eli and Clare are building the crib and Eli comforts Clare when she isn't sure how to handle raising a baby. Eli and Clare go to an ultrasound appointment and the Doctor revealed after a double checking informing Clare and Eli that he no longer can hear a heart beat.

11745784 1027082333969127 2128713385434331451 n.jpg

In Give Me One Reason, at the hospital, the doctor is explaining to Eli and Clare how much harder it is losing a baby at this point in a pregnancy because you still have to deliver it. Clare says coldly that she thought he could just suck it out. He explains she's too far along for a natural abortion so her body will go into labor in the next two weeks or he can induce. Eli looks at Clare sadly for a moment. The doctor says they should also also consider how to commemorate their child and gives them an info sheet before leaving the room. Clare looks at the sheet and incredulously says it's a checklist. Eli reads, "a lock of hair. Footprints, seriously?" Clare doesn't want to deal with it and asks Eli to throw it out but Eli tells her to wait a minute because there's a reason people do it and thinks they should consider it. Clare stares off into space as Eli looks at her.

Clare is driving her car, loudly singing along to Eli's favorite band Dead Hand's song 'Paisley Jacket," which is a throwback to the season 10 episodes I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1) & (2). Her singing gets interrupted by Eli's phone call, and when he calls again after sending his call to voicemail the first time, she answers him, annoyed. Clare answers with what and Eli replies "your friends said you ditched school, are you alright?" Clare says she's fine and Eli asks where she is. Clare says she's driving and Eli asks where to because he will meet her there. He adds they should talk about the stuff that happened this morning and Clare says no thank you.

Clare picks up Eli but tells him he is here to support her and she doesn't want to talk about it. She asks if he can handle it and Eli quickly says yes, almost threatened by her sharp tone. After he starts to say they should consider what the doctor said, Clare threatens to pull the car over, calling him Goldsworthy. Eli puts his hands up in surrender then asks where they are going. Clare says, "next stop, New York City."Eli and Clare are walking back to the car from a rest stop and Eli asks what the plan is. Clare says she's going to convince Columbia to accept her offer. Eli asks why she doesn't just call them. Clare thinks it's harder to turn someone down in person. Eli agrees but asks if she already said no a month ago. Clare says "what's one more student? If I was worthy then I'll be worthy now, right?" Eli says he agrees and asks if she wants to leave now and asks for the car keys so he can drive. Clare obliges and they get in the car. Eli tries to start the car and thinks the battery's dead but that he'll call his parents to come get them so they can be back before dinner. Clare asks Eli if he's trying to take her back and Eli returns, asking what happens if she goes into labor on the road. Clare says she knew he didn't support her and gets out of the car and Eli says he does support her but there are a lot of things to consider. Clare says she is going to New York and if he won't take her he'll find someone who will and walks off.Clare tries to wave down a car to hitchhike the rest of the way but is unsuccessful. Eli tells her she can't hitchhike to New York and Clare says she can if she can find someone to take her. Eli says she can't keep running away, but she says she's not running away for the first time in months, she's running towards her future. Eli says they lost a child and there are things they have to deal with and it's okay to take a break. Clare doesn't want to take a break because a year ago she had cancer and then got better. Then she says she thought to herself, "now you can live your life," but then got pregnant. Clare shows Eli her iPhone lock screen, which is a photo of their baby's ultrasound. Clare then says what was the point of any of this if she was just going to lose the "stupid baby." She continues angrily, "'take a break Clare,' the universe keeps telling me. No, I will not take a break. Not for this, not for that doctor, and not for that stupid car!" Eli tells Clare he'll take her and Clare questions this because the battery's dead. Eli admits he may have faked it. Clare asks if he's serious and Eli tells her to forget about that because he wants her to be happy after everything she's been through; she deserves it. He requests that he takes her and Clare agrees but demands they follow GPS directions and that there's no funny business.

Eli and Clare are on the road as Eli comes up with potential questions Columbia's admissions officer might ask her like, "our first year program is full, how do I propose I let you in?" Clare confidently responds that she's willing to audit the classes until the first few students inevitably drop out. Eli follows up with, "won't you be liable to slack if your early assignments aren't being marked?" Clare says "no, I'm the most determined girl you'll ever meet." In a gas station, Eli and Clare are buying snacks. Eli asks if she wants corn chips and she replies that she definitely wants them, with salsa. Eli continues the questions, saying, "great you're in, but you will have to find accommodation in New York City which can be very difficult." Clare slowly says she'll tell her she will live with her boyfriend. Eli is surprised and asks "really?" Clare asks if that sounds nice. Eli smiles and says obviously. Eli turns away and excitedly finds raisins, which Clare brands as disgusting rotten grapes. Clare turns and asks about beef jerky. Eli playfully says, "oh sure, dried fruit gross, but dried animal carcass, mmm." They laugh. As Eli asks Clare what makes her equally deserving of this exception, Clare comes upon a frame for a baby photograph and stares at it, taking it in. After a beat, Eli says her name and she replies to Eli's question with, "I tell her 'if you think I overcame adversity when I beat cancer, wait 'til you see what I'm like after losing a baby.'" She stares for a bit longer, sad, and turns back to Eli.

Clare and Eli are two miles past the border of the United States when Clare, eating the jerky they bought, asks him to not burst her bubble and imagine a future where they could have everything they wanted. Eli agrees and says a secret study with a huge balcony and jokes that Clare wants a humidity-controlled beef jerky drawer. They laugh at this before Clare goes quiet, considering. Clare asks if "he" would have liked beef jerky too. Eli looks to her and asks if she means their son. Clare starts choking up and Eli pulls to the side of the road and parks the car. He sighs and says maybe, but he would have taught him better, with a small smile. A tear falls down Clare's cheek as she says she can't believe they will never get to know him and that might never know why. Eli looks at her with a tear rolling down his cheek too. Clare adds that it's just not fair. Eli assures her he would have been beautiful and amazing. Clare takes it in with a sob and nods her head. Eli wipes a tear away and asks her if she's ready to hit the road. Clare wipes away a tear as well and responds that it's time to turn around because they have some things to take care of. Eli leans in and says for her to come to him and they kiss. Clare sighs and takes a beat. Clare says okay, takes Eli's hand, and kisses it.

Clare is sitting in her kitchen staring at the same frame she saw in the gas station when Eli comes up and says it's time for the procedure. He looks at the frame and asks if she's nervous. Clare says it won't be easy before pausing and thanking him for being there. Eli picks up the checklist from the doctor's office and asks if she's sure she doesn't want to do any of the commemorative stuff. Clare assures him she knows they won't forget him and explains that she wants those memories to stay between with them. Eli says the three of them will always have their road trip. Clare smiles into him and Eli kisses Clare on the head and asks if she's ready to go. Clare says she's as ready as she'll ever be and Eli walks off as Clare takes one last moment to look at the framed picture of their son.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Alli takes Dallas, Connor, Jenna, and Drew through a proposed prom idea based on Van Gogh's Starry Night. Alli says her and Clare have planned this prom idea since they were in grade 9. Drew says she obviously doesn't care enough to show her support. Jenna also asks "where is Mama Clare." Drew makes a snarky comment that she's probably off somewhere making out with her baby daddy. Alli tells him he doesn't know that. In class, Clare is grabbing a book from a bookshelf when Alli comes up and tells Clare there are over 100 boat companies in the city and she figured Clare can call half of them. Alli tells her that they planned for four years and their plans got defeated in one minute. Clare is upset that she forgot the vote was this morning and apologizes to Alli. Alli says she hopes Clare has a good excuse and Clare pauses before saying she had to talk to Eli. Alli guesses baby stuff and Clare replies sort of. Alli reminds Clare that prom is their last night together and that's why they agreed to organize it. She adds that if this pregnancy stuff is too much she can find another co-chair and Clare tells her no because she'll do it. At the Dot, Alli finds Dallas with his celebration cake since he has got a job playing hockey for the Nippon Paper Cranes in Japan. He notices that she isn't super excited and guesses she's worried about long distance. Alli tells Dallas she knows they can make it work and she's excited for him but her problem isn't with that. He guesses that her heart-to-heart with Clare didn't go so well. She says that she asked her to help with prom but you'd think she invited her to her own execution. Eli overhears as he cleans up a nearby table and makes a confused face. Alli adds that she thinks Clare's moved on. Dallas asks if it's from high school but Alli thinks it's from her. She asks if Dallas knew she ditched her this morning to hang with her boyfriend. She adds that Clare and Eli should just get married and move to some deserted island where they could read each other pretentious poetry. Eli, hearing this conversation, turns around and tells Alli he thought she'd be a bit more understanding. Alli asks if this is about the baby and adds that Clare isn't the first girl in the world to get pregnant. Eli says she isn't Alli asks what and Dallas looks at Eli. Eli pauses and says they lost the baby. Alli is shocked and Dallas says "woah dude. I'm so sorry." Eli says he can't believe Clare didn't tell Alli and walks off. Alli quietly adds her either.

The next day in the cafeteria, Alli and the rest of the prom committee watch Becky and Jonah audition to play at prom. Jenna asks where Clare is. Just after she asks, Clare shows up with five coffees in a cup holder, apologizing for being late because of a long line at The Dot. She comments that being the barista’s girlfriend, you’d think she could skip ahead. Alli bolts up and grabs the coffees from Clare. She tells her to not feel the need to stay because she’s got everything under control. Clare looks at her confused and asks if she doesn’t want her involved because she missed a couple meetings. Alli dismisses that and says she is only trying to be an understanding friend before giving Clare a sweet smile. Clare understands now and asks if Eli told her. Alli’s smile drops and she admits that Eli thought she knew. Clare says she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to be treated differently. After a brief argument about their friendship, Clare angrily walks out of the cafeteria, leaving Alli upset.

Eli is seen briefly working at the Dot while Tristan and Gage finish their date, Tristan and Zoe catch up about Miles, and Zoe has a conversation about concert tickets with Miles. It can be assumed that Eli served Tristan and the others.

In Teen Age Riot, Eli is at The Dot with Clare and Ali discussing how Clare feels violated that Ms. Pill has been spying on her with the schools camera system.

In Finally (1), Eli meets up with Clare at Degrassi on break and Clare doesn't know what she wants to do after graduation and Eli tells her she should come to New York and Clare agrees. Eli is with Clare, Connor, Alli, Dallas, and Jenna taking photos before going to prom. Eli gets on one knee which causes Clare, Alli, and Jenna to think he's proposing but he's only presenting her with key to his apartment asking to move in with him but Clare rejects his offer saying moving in with Eli can't be her plan after high school.

Clare and Eli share a final kiss, cementing their status as "endgame."

In Finally (2), Eli with Clare, Ali, Jenna, and Connor eating while Ali discussing how Dallas should be with them and Connor receives a message to bring Alli to The Dot. Eli asks Clare to dance with him at The Dot prom. During the dance Eli and Clare discussing Clare's future and Eli leaves the prom as he feels that Clare doesn't want to be with him. Eli is in the Degrassi auditorium watching the Class of 2014 graduate surprised by Clare's choice and shown tearing up during Adam's memorial segment. After the ceremony, Eli and Clare discuss Clare's future. She tells him that she doesn't want to follow him to New York because she wants to find out who she is on her own and he tells her loves her now and he'll love when she becomes the person she wants to be. They agree that they will make the long distance work. Clare pulls Eli in for a kiss before joining the Class of 2014's conga line as Eli watches on, clapping with the crowd.


  • He appeared in 31 episodes in Season 12, more than any other character in that season.
  • He appeared in the most episodes in the Class Of 2013, he also was the only character to reach 100 episodes in that class.
  • He is one of many present and former Degrassi students who don't go by their full name. The others are:
  • Eli's first name and style was inspired by Ellie Nash.
  • He drove a vintage hearse named Morty until he crashed it in Drop the World (2), as an attempt to win Clare's heart back.
  • Although Eli is one of the most original characters from Degrassi, he does share with similarities with former Degrassi students Archie Simpson, Craig Manning and Ellie Nash and with future students Campbell Saunders, Jonah Haak and Miles Hollingsworth III.
  • His first name was originally going to be Elias but was changed to Elijah. Eli is a nickname for both.
  • He calls his relationship with Clare the best thing that ever happened to him.
  • On the Degrassi Writer's Twitter, the writers tweeted that Eli and Clare were separated at the start of the pandemic (Clare in Toronto and Eli in New York), but since December 10th, they have been staying in Glen's friends' cabins across a lake from each other until they had quarantined long enough to reunite on Christmas Eve. Before this, they had been sharing an apartment in New York City. (Note: This can be considered canon, but doesn't prevent the writers from retconning this information in any sort of reboot.)
  • Eli is an atheist, and in Scream (1), he shared verses from the Bible (both the Old Testament and the New Testament) to Reverend Baker in order to show homophobes have no place in Christianity. He also referred to Clare as "Judas," a person from the New Testament, a name that also means "betrayer," in All Falls Down (2). This suggests that although he doesn't personally believe in it, Eli is knowledgeable about the Bible.
  • Eli wore black eyeliner, rings & black nail polish, but has really toned down his dark style since the end of Season 11.
  • He had a stuffed animal as a child named Clarence.
  • Eli has started wearing brighter colors since late season 11.
  • When Eli was using a cane after the accident, he used something that looked like Morty's hood ornament as the top of the cane. It wasn't the real hood ornament though, since it was made of different material.
  • Eli is the second character who:
    • Lost a loved one named Julia. The first was Joey.
    • Was nicknamed Emo Boy. The other two being Jesse, and Sav.
    • Taught his girlfriend how to drive. The first was J.T.
    • Smashed a vehicle on purpose. The first was Paige.
    • Smashed a computer on purpose. The first was Sean. The third was Zoë. and Maya. is the fourth.
    • Was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. The first was Craig.
    • Was brought to his girlfriend's household by his girlfriend, in order to spite her parents. The first was Jay.
    • Discovered someone's dead body on accident. The first was Snake.
    • Took Ecstasy. The first was Ashley.
    • Streaked during Season 12. The first was Drew.
  • Eli and Clare have matching helix piercings.
  • Eli is a published writer.
  • Eli got accepted to NYU.
  • Eli is shown to have good car mechanic skills as shown in I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1).
  • Both of his first relationships ended on April 22.
  • Eli and Fiona share the same lines: "Why so glum, chum?" and "You have pretty eyes." He said "Why so glum, chum?" in Take a Bow (1) to Fiona, and she said it in Love Lockdown (1) to her brother, Declan. He told Clare that she had pretty eyes in Breakaway (2) , and Fiona also said that to Clare, drunk, in When Love Takes Over (2) .
  • Eli, Imogen, and Fiona all share the same line, "Why so glum, chum?"
  • Eli and Jane share the same line, "don't be such a girl"
  • It was revealed in All Falls Down (2) that Eli was bullied when he was 9 years old by a boy named Mike, though not Mike Dallas.
  • Eli has many LGBTQ+ friends. Fiona, who is a lesbian, Tristan, who is gay, J.J., who is bisexual, Adam, who is transgender, and Imogen, who is pansexual.
  • His Twitter
  • Eli and Chester share the same line, "Welcome to Degrassi."
  • Eli, Clare, Grace, Frankie, Hunter, Sean, Marco, Griffin, Adam, and Lola all share the same line, "Go to hell."
  • Eli is the fourth character to go streaking.  The other three being Joey, Liberty and Drew.
    • Eli is the second character to streak onscreen. The first one was Joey
  • Eli is the third student Mr. Simpson has seen naked while working at Degrassi. The other two being Emma and Alli.
  • His trademarks are his guitar pick necklace (which he is virtually never seen without wearing), his dark style, and lopsided smirk.
  • Eli is arguably the most popular character among the viewers of the current cast.
  • Eli's voicemail says "You've reached Eli's messages. Leave one."
  • Eli is considered a male lead protagonist of his era.
  • Ms. Dawes has a soft spot for him, and was a major supporter in his writing before he was published.
  • He and Clare had sex in The Time of My Life.
  • He believes him and Clare are soulmates.
  • He was the Production Assistant for Brett Burnett's new film before leaving back home to take care of his girlfriend.
  • Eli is one of the nine characters to be a regular after their graduation.
  • Eli fears he is connected to death.
    • His first love died.
    • His first car, a vintage hearse, crashed.
    • He found a teen's dead body post-suicide.
    • His best friend died in result of a fatal car accident.
    • His girlfriend, Clare suffered a miscarriage.
  • Eli is one of the five characters to lose two friends to death. He lost his girlfriend Julia after she was hit by a car while riding her bike from his home, and his best friend Adam passed in a fatal car crash (both were killed in car related accidents). The others who have lost two friends are TobyClare,  Maya, and Dallas.
  • Eli is one of nine characters who is diagnosed with a mental disability which is bipolar disorder. The other eight are:
    • Joey, who has dysgraphia
    • Liberty, who has dyscalculia
    • Spinner, who has ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
    • Craig, who also has bipolar disorder
    • Anya and Zoë, who both have dyslexia
    • Connor, who has asperger's syndrome
    • Hunter, who has ODD(oppositional defiant disorder)
  • Eli is the fourth character to have lost a love interest.  The others are Maya, Becky, Imogen, Joey, Liberty and Mia.
  • Eli has said that he can't sing.
  • In a deleted scene from Umbrella (1), Bullfrog and Cece sing a song I am dancing on a high wheel and bringing my son Eli who later called a villain. (citation needed)
  • Eli hates cotton candy.
  • After Clare's interview in Thunderstruck, Eli confesses to her that he's still in love with her. Clare seems happy to hear this, but doesn't express how she feels to him.
  • Eli came back because he had early exams and he was finished. Based on him saying that "...the summer job hunt begins..." it may imply that Eli was be back for the whole summer and thus the rest of the season.
  • Eli has punched both Dallas and Drew, who are best friends.
  • It is revealed in Something's Got to Give that Clare is farther along in her pregnancy than she thought, which makes Eli the father of her son and not Drew.
  • In the third part of Eli: Dorm Life, "Moving On," Eli said that he had never impregnated anyone before, ironically however, Clare was pregnant with his child (though he didn't know it at the time).
  • Eli is the eighth guy to get a girl pregnant in Degrassi history. The others being Shane and Spike (child kept), Erica and Jason (child aborted), Joey and Tessa (child aborted), Craig and Manny (child aborted), J.T. and Liberty (child given up for adoption), K.C. and Jenna (child given up for adoption), Dallas and Vanessa (child kept), Miles and Lola (child aborted) and Jonah and an unnamed girl (child kept).
  • Eli is the first character to be introduced after the tagline was dropped to meet an original student from Season 1, namely Spinner Mason in There's Your Trouble.
  • Eli was the fourth character to bring a gun to school. The first was Claude, the second Rick, the third K.C., the fifth Vince and the sixth Hunter.
    • Eli was the only one who brought the gun to school accidentally, and the gun never entered the school building. It was spotted by Clare in the parking lot.

Appearance & Style

Eli's original gothic appearance.

Eli's appearance has changed over the seasons he has appeared in, from dressing in goth clothing, to sporting a more punk-ish style. Despite confirming himself to be gothic, others had a tendency to call him "emo" as an insult.

During Seasons 10 and the first half of Season 11, Eli's clothing consisted of full black attire, including black nails, hair, and clothing. He also wore black eyeliner to compliment his look. His character looked to be heavily influenced by former characters Ellie and Ashley's goth and rocker looks respectively. His appearance and belongings, as well as his early writing style, earned him a reputation of being "fascinated with death", having a locker decorated with skulls, a skull pillowcase, and even driving a vintage hearse named "Mortimer" (nicknamed "Morty", possibly based on the Latin word for death, "mors/mortis").

During the second half of Season 11, Eli, now a senior, had to adjust to wearing a blue shirt rather than red, as the school had a uniform policy at the time. At this point, Eli began to don a more relaxed style of clothing with more colors, while maintaining a dark style. He stops straightening his hair and allows it to become curly. After Degrassi's uniform policy was abolished, he went back to wearing mostly black, but his gothic attire was noticeably toned down.

In Seasons 12 and 13, Eli began to wear more rocker/punk clothing with vivid colors, such as dark green jean jackets and white or full-color shirts. It is believed that at this point, he dropped his "goth" look for a more "punk" look.

By Season 14, his look is similar to Season 13, but with a little more black.


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  • (About Clare's glasses): "I think they're dead." (first line)
  • (To Clare): "Alright go." (Last Line)
  • (To Clare): "You have pretty eyes."
  • (To Adam): "How's the man in the mirror? You askin' him to change his ways?"
  • Clare: "Edited your story. I don't approve of this Clara Edwin character."
    Eli: "She's an ingenue."
    Clare: "She's a floozy. Change it."
  • (To Adam): Have fun dancing with cute-- Wait, are there cute girls in remedial gym?"
  • (To Adam about Bianca being hot): "Yeah, in a scary, SUV hit-and-run, club district kind of way."
  • (To Clare "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!"
  • (About Adam being an FTM): "Cool."
  • Clare: "'A-', really?"
    Eli: (laughs) "Should've taken my notes."
    Clare: "And risk having my poetry sound like rejected Alexisonfire lyrics? No, thank you."
    Eli: "Ouch, lady, you're hitting me where I live."
  • Eli: "You'd think that Romeo would require a few minutes, before the poison kicked in."
    Clare: "Y-you make a-a valid point. He does die pretty hastily. What if... Juliet were to wake up, and find him alive for a brief moment?"
    Eli: "They could... share a final kiss."
  • Adam: "Guess what I ordered for us on pay-per-view."
    Eli: "I don't do that with other guys."
    Adam: "Don't be gross, Eli."
  • Adam: "I don't want your pity."
    Eli: "Don't be such a girl!"
  • Clare: "Thanks. I can always count on you."
    Eli: "That's me, your rock."
  • Bullfrog: "Yeah, no guest room."
    Clare: "Excuse me?!"
    Eli: "Dad."
    Bullfrog: "We've been trying to get a girl into Eli's room for a while now!"
    Eli: "Dad!"
  • Clare: "Were your parents serious about me staying in your room?"
    Eli: "Well, um, they just assumed, since we've been dating--"
    Clare: "That we have sex? Why would they think that?"
    Eli: "It's just that, um, well, Julia--"
    Clare: "Your old girlfriend."
    Eli: "Yeah, sh-she had a l-she had a lot of, uh, problems with her step-mom, so... she stayed with us."
    Clare: "Like, with you, with you."
    Eli: "I didn't even know you existed, yet."
    Clare: "You know I'm not having sex until I get married."
    Eli: "I got the memo."
    Clare: "Does it bother you?"
    Eli: "It's not my favorite thing, but that's what's gotta be."
    Clare: "We're really different, aren't we?"
    Eli: "Opposites attract."
    Clare: "And get married, and have kids, and get divorced."
    Eli: "Clare, we're not your parents."
  • Clare (crying): "I'm losing everything I love."
    Eli: "Not me. I'm not going anywhere."
  • Clare: "Spent the night dividing my stuff into Mom's place and Dad's place; I don't really need a locker stalker right now."
    Eli: "You wouldn't answer my calls, texts. I thought about smoke signals, but--"
    Clare: "What do you expect, after rejecting me like that? Or was your ex-girlfriend turned on by rejection?"
    Eli: "I know you're going through stuff because of your parents' divorce, but your faith..."
    Clare: "Oh, you think my faith is bogus, and we both know it!"
  • Cece: "You seemed so happy with her..."
    Eli: "I was... but now she knows the real me."
  • (To Cece): "It sucks living like me, Mom. It's hell."
  • (To Clare): "Every time I try to throw out something, I feel like I'm going to die...or...or somebody else is going to. Someone I love."
  • Eli: "Here's what I want, Clare, I want you not to give up on me. You're the only thing that makes me feel like I could ever get better."
    Clare: "Then I guess you're stuck with me. Just like you said I was stuck with you."
  • Eli: "You could work hard enough to earn a whole year of free stays at the Hotel Eli."
    Clare: "What is it, four stars?"
    Eli: "Once it's ready... and you are."
    Clare: "Maybe someday."
  • Eli (Referring to Fiona): "You liiike her!"
    Adam: "Stop it."
    Eli: "...You LOOOVE her."
    Adam: "Do not."
  • Eli: "Women are trouble."
    Clare: "Even me?"
    Eli: "Especially you."
  • (To audience): "No matter how much all of you want a happy ending, you can't have it! I tried to write one, but it's impossible. I rewrote and rewrote, but things kept changing. And I hurt people and I... I knew they were hurt, but I didn't stop. Because your mind tricks you. It TRICKS you into thinking that things are fine, they're not fine. Nothing is fine. It's all wrong! ..I'm all wrong... That's it... There's no happy ending."
  • Imogen: "But you still have me."
    Eli: "No, you did this on purpose! Don't you get it, Imogen?! You are to me what I am to Clare, and I am nothing to her!"
  • Eli (waiting tables): "More bread?"
    Adam: "Don't all fill up on it." (looks at Eli) "Awkward."
  • Eli: "You okay?"
    Clare: "Things have gotten complicated between me and Jake."
    Eli: "Sucks to hear that."
    Clare: "Really?"
    Eli: "Yeah. How complicated is it? (Clare hands him her phone) 'Off to the cabin until the wedding. See you there, sis.' Sis?"
    Clare: "Our parents are getting married."
    Eli: "Well, I can see how that might be a problem. I'm sorry, Clare."
    Clare: "Maybe it wasn't meant to be."
  • Eli: "So, what do you think? Even though the Grundy's didn't nominate my play, I tried to remain objective.
    Clare: "I love it. At no point did you call the Grundy's stupid, pointless or moronic."
    Eli: "Yeah, you should've seen my first draft."
  • Eli: "Were you really worried that us hanging out would set me off?"
    Clare: "It wasn't you I was worried about."
  • Eli: "Clare, I just... I need to know if you mean what I think you mean." (Clare kisses Eli)
  • Clare: "How was New York?"
    Eli: "I hated it. There was all this indie theater, and art, and architecture, and culture. Ugh!"
    Clare: (Smiles) "So, you loved it."
    Eli: "I'm already thinking about my NYU portfolio for next year."
  • Clare: "Why haven't you brought up the kiss?"
    Eli: "Because, Clare... I wrote a play to get you back last year. I've come a long way from that, and chasing you after one kiss takes me back about five steps. The ball's in your court."
    Clare: "Umm. Well... I'm happy I kissed you. No regrets. Are you... okay with it?
    Eli: "Yes. And no..."
    Clare: "What's the 'no' part?"
    Eli: "You knew I was leaving... There were twinkly lights. It was easy. I wanna know it wasn't just some fleeting moment, because there won't always be twinkly lights. And if we're gonna do this... you need to be all in."
  • Clare: "Eli, I am all in."
  • Clare: "Eli? Eli?"
    Eli: "Good morning. I think we fell asleep on the phone."
    Clare: "I guess so. You have morning voice."
    Eli: "Look who's talking."
    Clare: "Is it weird that I already miss you?"
    Eli: "It's been eight hours since we last saw each other."
    Clare: "No more uniforms means I'm gonna need extra time to get ready."
    Eli: "Are we still set for our first date tonight? Like a... re-first date?"
    Clare: "I said I was all in, didn't I?"
    Eli: "I'll see you at school."
  • (To Clare): "I'm just gonna go drive my hearse into wall. I'll see you later.... kidding!"
  • Eli: "We can go on our re-first date anytime."
    Clare: "I know, but it was important to me."
    Eli: "And me too, but being all in doesn't mean dropping everything. And just because you cancel a date on me, doesn't mean I'm gonna lose it."
  • (To Clare about Becky): "We're stuck in a vortex of creative differences."
  • Clare: "When you're at NYU, you're gonna have to work with a lot of people who are different from you. This is good practice."
    Eli: "Clare, this musical is not gonna get me into NYU."
    Clare: "When we watched The Dark Knight together, you talked nonstop about how Christopher Nolan took all these familiar, played out elements, and made them new again. You can do that too."
    Eli: "I'm not Christopher Nolan. Or Batman. Hell, I can't even pull off the Joker, anymore."
    Clare: "Find a way to make it your own. I believe in you."
  • "Tristan, you need to be in this musical. And if that bothers Becky in the process: bonus."
  • Becky: "What's this?"
    Eli: "Ah, there you are. I cast Tristan as Jules. A boy."
    Becky: "Romeo is a boy."
    Eli: "Yeah."
    Becky: "You're joking."
    Eli: "No."
    Becky: "This is absurd! Do we need a conference with Mr. Simpson to clear this up?"
    Eli: "I already talked to Simpson about Tristan. He said the choice was... 'inspired'. Direct quote."
    Becky: "But he's the principal of the school! How can he support a play that condones homosexuality? You're only doing this to spite me."
    Eli: "I'm not."
    Becky: "You're trying to push me off my own project."
    Eli: "I just want the play to be special! It'll be awesome, trust me."
    Becky: "I have to quit. I quit."
    Eli: "Look, the only thing that has changed is that it's two gay guys. Big whoop! That's no reason to quit."
    Becky: "You don't get it. I can't be part of something that depicts an alternative lifestyle choice as normal."
    Eli: "Wow, you're serious."
    Becky: "This isn't right."
    Eli: "Welcome to Degrassi."
  • Clare: "Okay, we have to act professional during the interview. No touching, not like you're my boyfriend."
    Eli: "So, you go on a lunch date with your boss; and now I'm not allowed to touch you. Should I be jealous?"
    Clare: "What? No, of course not."
    Eli: "Good, because if anyone got in between us, I'd have to kill them."
    Clare: "Easy, Dexter. I've only got eyes for you, and you know it."
  • Eli (about paper that Clare wrote): "'Eli Goldsworthy, the musical's brilliant director. Just brilliant, what about handsome?"
  • Eli (Whispers to Adam): "Why are we hiding?"
    Adam: "I don't want Becky to see me like this."
    Eli: "Oh (looks at AdamWoah! Who's fist did you run into?"
    Adam: "Don't worry, it's not broken."
    Eli: "I dunno, I busted up Dallas' nose a few weeks ago, and yours doesn't look any better."
    Adam: "Can I just tell people you punched me?"
    Eli: "No!"
  • Clare: "Five, four, three, two, one." *Helen knocks on door*
    Eli: "Clockwork."
  • Jake: "So let's start with the radius."
    Eli: "That doesn't sound right... Radi-i?"
  • Eli: "Shh, sleep time."
    Clare: "No no no, not sleep time, up time!"
    Eli: "You told me to go to bed."
    Clare: "I told you to go to my bedroom! Come on!"
    Eli: "I like your bedroom."
  • Eli (Looks high): "I'm high. Sorry, I'm such a bad boyfriend."
  • Eli: "Hey, sweatpants girl! Where do you see yourself in ten years?"
    Talia: "I don't know, but I do know where I'll be tonight." (hands Eli the secret party invite)
  • Eli (To Clare): "Enjoy your chilli. You can do it!"----
  • Eli (To Clare): "You want me to cancel my interview that starts, in fifteen minutes?"
  • Eli (To Simpson): "You do drugs and get naked?"
  • Eli (To Clare): "Remember when you said that you wouldn't have sex with me because you thought I was damaged?"
    Clare: "What?"
    Eli (Gesturing to his penis): "Do I look damaged to you?!"
  • Eli (During NYU Interview): "I put my feelings in my art, and that’s why doing what I do can be scary…because it comes from some place real."
  • Simpson: "I found the body of a fellow student when I was your age. It doesn't get better over night.
  • Eli: It's been hard but I'm okay."
  • Simpson: I know. I've been keeping an eye on you. So, what went wrong today?"
  • Eli: "There's all this pressure to talk."
    Bullfrog: "You gotta talk about it, bud."
    Eli: "To my therapist, yeah, but not to everyone 24 hours a day. I didn't know him. I didn't choose to walk into that damn greenhouse."
  • Eli (To Clare): "Cam's not the problem. You are."
  • Eli: "I drove by your house and your parents said I would find you here."
    Alli: "Are you like, stalking me or something?"
    Eli (unamused): "No. I was hoping you could explain this." (Pulls out bouquet) "'Will you be my boyfriend, xoxo Alli.'"
    Alli: "I did not send those to you."
    Jenna (looking suspiciously): "Connor, did you do this?"
    Connor: "Yes."
    Alli: "Why?"
    Connor: "Because you and Eli are both sad and lonely." (Eli and Alli exchange shocked and annoyed glances)
    Connor: "You guys are a perfect match."
    Eli: "'Kay, I got to get back to my movie. I'm on a deadline. (walks away to a table of elderly women) Ladies. (gives a lady the bouquet)
    Lady: "Aww! That's so nice!"
  • Eli (to Clare): I know that you're a cancer patient. But you're also Clare Edwards, my smart and beautiful girlfriend."
  • Eli (to Clare): "You want to honor Adam, don't you?"
  • Eli (to Clare): "You said we weren't a fairy tale, I'm here to prove you wrong." 
  • Eli (to Cliff): "I'm her.. uh.. Soulmate."
  • Eli: (To Clare): "So, you and Drew, you’re what? You gonna raise a family together? Get married? Buy a house?"
  • Eli (To Clare): "Everything has changed!"
  • Eli (To Clare): "No, all this time I thought I was mad at him. But really I'm mad at you. I'm really, really mad at you."
  • Eli (To Clare): "How stupid are you?"
  • Eli (To Clare): "Tears, Clare? I didn't expect to see those from such a whore."
  • Eli (To Clare): "Look, I tried to find something that would make you trust me, but apparently that's really, really hard."
  • Eli (To Clare): "So, all i can tell you is that I want to be serious, And I promise to earn your trust."
  • Eli (To Clare): "I want to be a part of his life."
  • Eli (To Clare): "Clare Edwards, you are the most incredible person I've ever met. And I know this isn't how you planned for things to go and I know it's scary but I feel really lucky to be part of this journey with you. I love you and I'll always be here for you no matter what."
  • Eli (To Clare): "Things haven't been perfect and they never will be but I don't know any other way to be other than with you. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together."
  • Eli (To Clare): "Honey, I'm home."
  • (To Clare): "Anyone ever tell you, you have pretty eyes?"
  • Eli: "Drew! Can I have a word?"
    Drew: (sighs) "Look, man. Maybe it's just better if we stay out of each other's way."
    Eli: (angry) "You knocked up my soulmate, ruined my life, and that's all you have to say?!"
    Drew: "It's a messed up situation."
    Eli: "Yeah, and who made the mess?"
    Drew: "Maybe we could just try and be civil, okay? At least for Clare's sake?"
    Eli: (coldly) "Shut up."
    Drew: "Look, will you just calm down, man? You think Clare's gonna want our kid around a crazy hothead like you?" (Eli punches Drew in the eye) UGH!
    Clare: (shocked) "Oh, my God! ELI! What is wrong with you?"
    Drew: "It's okay. I deserved it."
    Clare: "No, you didn't. Do you feel better, now?"
    Eli: (furious) "NO, ACTUALLY I DON'T! ALL THIS TIME I THOUGHT I WAS MAD AT HIM! But, you know, really? I'm mad at you. I'm really, really mad at you.


Main article: Eli-Julia Relationship
  • Julia
    • Start Up: Unknown.
    • Broke Up: April 22, 2009
      • Reason: After getting into a heated argument with Eli, Julia rode off on her bike into the street without looking. She was hit by a car and killed upon impact.
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