The short-lived relationship between Chris Sharpe and Emma Nelson is known as Chremma (Chris/Emma). It began in the third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, when the two had both recently become single.

Relationship History


After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Sean Cameron, Emma became interested in Chris while she was on the rebound. The two flirted, though Emma was unaware that Chris had a girlfriend at the time. After Chris and his girlfriend Melanda broke up, he and Emma began to date. Chris and Emma shared similar interests in books and current events, which is why they got along so well. They went on to date for half of the third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, but broke up over the summer before their sophomore year.

Their relationship started in This Charming Man and ended approximately three weeks prior to Ghost in the Machine (1) for an unknown reason. However, they may have had a tough break-up, because in Modern Love, Chris makes fun of Emma for contracting gonorrhea from Jay Hogart after performing oral sex on him in the ravine.

Season 3

In Against All Odds, Emma goes to the rave with Manny to see Chris, not knowing that he has a girlfriend, Melanda. After Chris and Melanda get into a fight, Emma comforts him. She uses advice from Manny to take advantage of his vulnerable state. But after a kiss, Emma pulls away. She leaves the rave, telling him that she wishes that things could be different.

In This Charming Man, Emma develops a crush on Chris after he shows that he is intellectual, charming, and cute. She convinces Chris to help catch Jay and Sean with the stolen computer equipment. Chris, however, is able to see that Emma is not over Sean, and tells her he is just wasting his time with her. Emma later finds Chris and asks for another chance, which he decides to give her.

In Accidents Will Happen (2), Chris comes over to Emma's to give her a book. They hear Manny and Craig on the baby monitor, and they joke that the two are in "basic training" for parents.

In It's Raining Men, Emma and Chris both go to J.T.'s party to watch his commercial. After the commercial has aired, they both think it is funny.

In The Power of Love, Emma is Chris's date to the dance, and they have a good time with Manny and J.T. After the dance moves outside, the two are seen dancing together.

Season 4

At the beginning of Season 4, Chris and Emma toy with the idea of getting back together. Chris seems more enthusiastic about the idea than Emma is, however, as Liberty Van Zandt develops a crush on Chris, Emma's jealousy leads her to try and win Chris back, but only so he won't be seen with Liberty. At the end, Chris seemingly decides that he doesn't want either one of the girls and it ultimately leads to Liberty ending her friendship with Emma (they eventually reconciled).

In Modern Love, Chris makes fun of Emma for having oral sex with Jay Hogart and contracting an STI. This is Chris' final appearance in the series.

Rival Relationships


  • They both were interested in reading books.
  • They both disliked Jay Hogart, but Emma eventually became friends with him.
  • It is never stated why they broke up, but they split between seasons 3 and 4.



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