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The Degrassi series was originally a Canadian drama that followed the lives of a group of children and teenagers who lived on Degrassi Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The two main series were Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. The early Degrassi series were produced by the small production company Playing With Time. Degrassi: The Next Generation originally aired on CTV in Canada until it was moved to MuchMusic, and later to MTV Canada. In the United States, Degrassi was broadcast on Noggin's The N block, and it was later carried over to TeenNick. It also aired on BBC 2 in the United Kingdom and on ABC3 in Australia. The most recent series, Degrassi: Next Class, aired on Family in Canada and Netflix internationally and was canceled after four seasons. Degrassi is a upcoming series airs on HBO Max in the United States and unknown in Canada.

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Series Guide[]

Series Seasons Episodes Original airing
Season premiere Season finale
  The Kids of Degrassi Street 26 September 12, 1979 January 5, 1986
  Degrassi Junior High 1 13 January 18, 1987 April 12, 1987
  2 13 January 4, 1988 March 28, 1988
  3 16 November 7, 1988 March 6, 1989
  Degrassi High 1 15 November 6, 1989 February 13, 1990
  2 13 November 5, 1990 January 28, 1991
  Degrassi: The Next Generation 1 15 October 14, 2001 March 3, 2002
  2 22 September 29, 2002 February 22, 2003
  3 22 September 17, 2003 April 5, 2004
  4 22 September 7, 2004 February 14, 2005
  5 19 September 19, 2005 March 20, 2006
  6 19 September 26, 2006 May 14, 2007
  7 24 October 5, 2007 June 23, 2008
  8 22 October 5, 2008 August 14, 2009
  9 23 October 4, 2009 July 16, 2010
  Degrassi 10 44 July 19, 2010 April 22, 2011
  11 45 July 18, 2011 May 18, 2012
  12 40 July 16, 2012 June 21, 2013
  13 40 July 11, 2013 July 29, 2014
  14 28 October 28, 2014 August 2, 2015
  Degrassi: Next Class 1 10 January 4, 2016 January 15, 2016
  2 10 July 19, 2016 September 20, 2016
  3 10 January 9, 2017 January 20, 2017
  4 10 July 3, 2017 July 14, 2017
  Degrassi (2023) 1 10 2023 TBA

The Kids of Degrassi Street[]

Episode # Title Original airdate Production code
1 "Ida Makes a Movie" September 12, 1979 101
When Ida Lucas' movie on garbage wins first prize in a competition, but the judges commend her film on war, she has to decide between accepting the prize, and owning up to the truth.
2 "Cookie Goes To The Hospital" September 1, 1980 201
When Cookie goes to hospital without her doll, Ida and Noel, having sworn a pledge of loyalty, have to get it out to her somehow, but the hospital is a pretty scary place.
3 "Irene Moves In" September 1, 1981 301
When Irene comes to live on Degrassi Street, Ida thinks she is just a little too friendly with Cookie. But Irene is not the only newcomer to Degrassi Street. Reports are circulating that Bigfoot has been seen in the neighborhood.
4 "Noel Buys a Suit" May 30, 1982 302
When Noel's dad decides to get married again, Noel is not so sure he likes the idea. Gayle is ruining everything, changing the house around, and she does not like the terrific checked suit Noel has bought for the wedding.
5 "Lisa Makes The Headlines" December 13, 1982 401
What Lisa needs to make her newspaper is a real scoop. But when she does find some real news, she has to decide which is more important - the truth or family loyalty.
6 "Sophie Minds The Store" December 20, 1982 402
Sophie gets Chuck to help her out at her parents' store, but the cash is out by $20 at the end of the day. Chuck's father is in jail, so it appears that it must be like father, like son.
7 "Casey Draws The Line" December 27, 1982 403
When a new survey line goes through the pen of the rabbit Casey and Lisa share, too much arguing over rights makes them lose sight of their responsibilities - to look after Rabbit.
8 "Pete Takes a Chance" January 2, 1983 404
Pete always has his eye out for a money-making proposition, and he knows he has found a winner, but he just needs a little capital. However, his "investment" costs him more than he expected, when he puts his friendships on the line.
9 "Chuck Makes a Choice" September 1, 1983 501
Chuck has told Tina his dad is a pilot, but Pete insists on inviting their father to the school play. How can he hide the fact that his father's actually finishing up his time behind bars, except by un-inviting him?
10 "Billy Breaks The Chain" November 9, 1984 601
Billy knows it will not be luck that sends him to hockey camp, it will be his own hard work. Then a bad-luck chain letter comes to him, and while he hesitates about passing on the bad luck, disasters begin to occur.
11 "Catharine Finds Her Balance" November 16, 1984 602
When both divorced parents want to come and watch her at the gymnastics meet, Catharine gets involved in some fancy footwork to prevent them from making a scene in front of the whole school.
12 "Benjamin Walks The Dog" November 23, 1984 603
Billy and Pete want to do grown up things, without Billy's pesky little brother, Benjamin. They finally get rid of him, but Billy has second thoughts when it looks like they might have gotten rid of him forever.
13 "Liz Sits The Schlegels" November 30, 1984 604
Liz finds she has her hands full when she takes on a babysitting job with two lively kids, and one who refuses to have anything to do with her.
14 "The Canards Move Out" December 14, 1984 605
Lisa simply does not want to leave Degrassi Street and move to Vancouver, but it seems no one will listen to her feelings on the subject. In fact, her feelings are so strong she is having trouble listening to anyone else's.
15 "Martin Meets The Pirates" January 4, 1985 606
Martin cannot believe the Pirates from Boulton Ave. want him as area lieutenant for their expansion to Degrassi Street - they are the toughest gang around. But he is not sure that he is that tough.
16 "Connie Goes To Court" January 11, 1985 607
When Connie returns five dollars Casey has dropped on the floor, Casey thinks Connie is contributing her share for the present for their teacher, and does not pay attention to Connie's explanations. Connie is not worried - she will be collecting for her paper route on Wednesday, anyway, and she can pay up then. But the paper goes on strike, and Connie finds herself in more trouble than she thought.
17 "Griff Makes a Date" January 18, 1985 608
No one really like Griff - after all, he used to be a Pirate - but it does not matter much to him, until he meets Lisa, just back from Vancouver.
18 "Samantha Gets a Visitor" January 25, 1985 609
Samantha cannot wait for her city slicker cousin, Lisa, to arrive for the weekend. She is so sophisticated now she just knows that Lisa will be impressed.
19 "Rachel Runs For Office" February 1, 1985 610
Rachel is very keen to be her school's representative to the new City Hall Youth Council. She is interested in the issues and is ready to work hard. But Billy's break dancing and Pete's campaign management have put Billy well in the lead.
20 "Jeffrey Finds a Friend" February 8, 1985 611
Jeffrey is supposed to be the smartest kid in the class, and he is mortified when Connie, who claims she never studies, beats him on a math test - in fact, she bets that she can beat him on the next one, too.
21 "Connie Makes a Catch" December 1, 1985 701
Connie has her eye on Candy, the popular captain of the baseball team, but he does not even know she exists. She would do anything to catch his eye, and everyone has advice to offer, but being a "lady" is tough for a tomboy like Connie who would rather be playing baseball.
22 "Karen Keeps Her Word" December 8, 1985 702
Money is on everyone's mind as the yearbook is in desperate financial straits. But Karen is not remotely interested in the yearbook's problems, or in the class voting itself a nuclear- free zone. She has found a pair of roller skates that are destined for her feet - all she needs now is the money to buy them.
23 "Ryan Runs For Help" December 15, 1985 703
Ryan is always making up stories, and it is hard to know when he is telling the truth. But his best friend Benjamin is convinced of Ryan's tales of treasure when Ryan produces evidence - he actually has a gold coin he found. Even though he is grounded, Benjamin sneaks out to a construction site to investigate with Ryan, and ends up falling down a hole and cannot get out.
24 "Martin Hears The Music" December 22, 1985 704
Nobody wants to be different from everyone else, and Martin is horrified to discover that he is going to have to wear a hearing aid. And it certainly does not help that everybody starts acting so weird around him.
25 "Lisa Gets The Picture" December 29, 1985 705
The Yearbook needs pictures. Lisa sees her chance to spend some time with Griff when Casey comes up with a brilliant plan - Griff can draw caricatures of everyone.
26 "Griff Gets a Hand" January 5, 1986 706
Robin "Griff" Griffith is having trouble with schoolwork. He would rather be drawing pictures than studying, and when his friend Danny, the crossing guard, asks for a caricature of himself, Griff is determined to make it his best ever. But Danny suddenly dies of a stroke, and Griff just cannot stand that he did not finish the caricature in time.

Degrassi Junior High[]

Season 1 (1987)[]

Series # Season # Title Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 1 "Kiss Me, Steph" January 18, 1987 September 19, 1987 101
When Steph swaps kisses for votes, she learns some promises are easier made than kept.
2 2 "The Big Dance" January 25, 1987 September 26, 1987 102
Voula does the wrong thing for the right reason, much to her strict father's dismay.
3 3 "The Experiment" February 1, 1987 October 3, 1987 103
Arthur has a plan that will prove Mr. Raditch is biased, but ends up putting the "fool" in foolproof idea.
4 4 "The Cover-Up" February 8, 1987 October 10, 1987 104
When Joey sees Rick getting beaten up by his father, he must decide whether to report the incident or keep it to himself.
5 5 "The Great Race" February 15, 1987 October 17, 1987 105
It's battle of the sexes when L.D. challenges the boys' soccer squad to a swim meet against the girls' swim team.
6 6 "Rumor Has It" February 22, 1987 October 24, 1987 106
Kathleen is spreading rumors that Ms. Avery is gay, which ultimately causes Caitlin to question her own sexuality.
7 7 "The Best Laid Plans" March 1, 1987 October 31, 1987 107
Stephanie asks Wheels out on a date though neither is sure that they're ready for it.
8 8 "Nothing to Fear" March 8, 1987 November 7, 1987 108
When L.D.'s dad goes into the hospital, L.D. is terrified that he may die.
9 9 "What a Night!" March 15, 1987 November 14, 1987 109
Voula goes shopping with Lucy, but when she finds out Lucy doesn't pay for her clothes, it's too late.
10 10 "Smokescreen" March 22, 1987 November 21, 1987 110
When cynical Rick suddenly takes an interest in the Environmental Action Committee, Caitlin decides he can be redeemed.
11 11 "It's Late" March 29, 1987 November 28, 1987 111
When Spike's period is late, she doesn't know what to tell Shane, or worse, her mother.
12 12 "Parents' Night" April 5, 1987 December 5, 1987 112
When Wheels' birth father shows up out of the blue, Wheels has to deal with his feelings about who he really is.
13 13 "Revolution" April 12, 1987 December 12, 1987 113
Stephanie makes Joey Sports Rep, a position traditionally held by a seventh grader, and the seventh grade starts a move to impeach her.

Season 2 (1988)[]

Series # Season # Title Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
14 1 "Eggbert" January 4, 1988 January 11, 1988 201
Shane begins to understand the responsibilities of parenthood when Spike includes him in an experiment.
15 2 "A Helping Hand..." January 11, 1988 January 18, 1988 202
Just as Lucy's parents seem busier than ever, the new substitute teacher makes Lucy his class pet.
16 3 "Great Expectations" January 18, 1988 January 25, 1988 203
Joey plans to find out for himself if Liz, a new student, is as fast as everyone says.
17 4 "Dinner and a Show" January 25, 1988 February 1, 1988 204
Shane's parents invite Spike and her mom to dinner so that everyone can meet and talk.
18 5 "Stage Fright" February 1, 1988 February 8, 1988 205
Caitlin has difficulty accepting her condition after she learns that she has epilepsy.
19 6 "Fight!" February 8, 1988 February 15, 1988 206
Joey has to face consequences when he crosses Dwayne, the class bully.
20 7 "Bottled Up" February 15, 1988 February 22, 1988 207
Rick and Caitlin try to help Kathleen when they discover that her mother is an alcoholic.
21 8 "Sealed with a Kiss" February 22, 1988 February 29, 1988 208
Erica decides that she is spontaneous, romantic, and mature while her twin Heather is sensible and boring.
22 9 "Dog Days" February 29, 1988 March 7, 1988 209
Stephanie's depression deepens as her father continues to fight for custody and her mother makes plans to remarry.
23 10 "Censored" March 7, 1988 March 14, 1988 210
Caitlin submits an article to the student newspaper, supporting Spike's right to remain in school. But when the article is rejected, Caitlin distributes it herself.
24 11 "Trust Me" March 14, 1988 March 21, 1988 211
Spike's pregnancy gets her thrown out of school, and disaster strikes when Joey and Wheels talk Snake into letting them spend the night.
25 12 "He's Back..." March 21, 1988 March 28, 1988 212
Lucy wants Wheels and L.D. to forget about what Mr. Colby did to her—until he returns to substitute at Degrassi.
26 13 "Pass Tense" March 28, 1988 April 4, 1988 213
Degrassi kids face their final exams, and while Wheels worries that he might not pass, Joey discovers that he may have to repeat the year.

Season 3 (1988–1989)[]

Series # Season # Title Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
27/28 1/2 "Can't Live With 'Em" November 7, 1988 Part 1: December 10, 1988
Part 2: December 17, 1988
Wheels struggles with grief and guilt when his parents are killed in a car accident. Shane tries to prove to Spike that he wants to help take care of the baby.
29 3 "A Big Girl Now" November 14, 1988 December 24, 1988 303
Lucy's relationship with Paul makes her a fickle friend, and Paul has some sexual expectations she's not sure she's ready for.
30 4 "Season's Greetings" November 21, 1988 December 31, 1988 304
It is Christmastime at Degrassi, yet all is not cheerful.
31 5 "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" November 28, 1988 January 7, 1989 305
Caitlin gets hurt when she misunderstands Joey's intentions.
32 6 "He Ain't Heavy..." December 5, 1988 January 14, 1989 306
Snake's brother, Glen, unexpectedly returns home from medical school and announces that he is gay.
33 7 "The Whole Truth" December 12, 1988 January 21, 1989 307
Caitlin is always searching for a "hot issue" for the Degrassi Digest—which she finds when Liz organizes a protest for animal rights.
34 8 "Star-Crossed" January 16, 1989 January 28, 1989 308
True to her horoscope, Erica falls madly in love after catching a glimpse of Clutch, so when Clutch asks out her sister, Heather, the twins decide to switch places.
35 9 "Food for Thought" January 23, 1989 February 4, 1989 309
Kathleen shows symptoms of anorexia and Melanie tries to help her.
36 10 "Twenty Bucks" January 30, 1989 February 11, 1989 310
Shane spends his monthly child-support money on a concert ticket. Joey asks Caitlin out to win a $20 bet.
37/38 11/12 "Taking Off" February 6, 1989 Part 1: February 18, 1989
Part 2: February 25, 1989
Wheels continues to have trouble dealing with the death of his parents. Meanwhile, Luke and Shane take acid on their way to a concert, leaving Shane badly hurt and in a coma.
39 13 "Making Whoopee" February 13, 1989 March 4, 1989 313
Arthur is feeling rejected and worried that his dad may remarry. Melanie decides to ask Snake out.
40 14 "Black and White" February 20, 1989 March 11, 1989 314
B.L.T. asks Michelle to the graduation dance, but her parents disapprove. Spike is rejected from a job because of her hairstyle.
41 15 "Pa-arty!" February 27, 1989 March 18, 1989 315
Joey, Snake, and Wheels are caught by the police after buying beer for Lucy's "secret" party.
42 16 "Bye-Bye Junior High" March 6, 1989 March 25, 1989 316
The end of the year means facing final exams, finding dates for the dance, and saying goodbye to Degrassi.

Degrassi High[]

Season 1 (1989–1990)[]

Series # Season # Title Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1/2 1/2 "A New Start" November 6, 1989 Part 1: January 13, 1990
Part 2: January 20, 1990
It's the first day at Degrassi High, and Erica fears that her summer romance has left her pregnant.
3 3 "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" November 13, 1989 January 27, 1990 103
When Michelle's parents split up, things are not as clear as they first appear. Erica's abortion wasn't easy, and someone is making it worse.
4 4 "Dream On" November 20, 1989 February 3, 1990 104
Arthur fantasizes about his dream girl. Meanwhile, Caitlin accepts an invitation from someone else, even though she has plans with Joey.
5 5 "Everybody Wants Something" November 27, 1989 February 10, 1990 105
The Zits make a non-sexist rock video. Caitlin and Joey learn that breaking up is hard. Erica discovers who has been harassing her.
6 6 "Nobody's Perfect" December 5, 1989 February 17, 1990 106
Kathleen's new boyfriend, Scott, becomes abusive. Spike goes on a date with Patrick, despite her initial hesitation.
7 7 "Just Friends" December 12, 1989 February 24, 1990 107
At a party, Heather throws herself at Wheels and seriously damages their friendship. L.D. finds out she has leukemia.
8 8 "Little White Lies" December 19, 1989 March 3, 1990 108
By smoking and drinking, Diana tries to shed her "good girl" image and Melanie tries to impress Luke. Meanwhile, Joey, Snake, and Wheels suffer deflated egos and wallets when they try to see a striptease.
9/10 9/10 "Sixteen" January 9, 1990 Part 1: March 10, 1990
Part 2: March 17, 1990
Michelle's father's rigidity and his prejudice toward B.L.T. convince her to move out. Lucy comforts L.D. as she faces her fears about leukemia. Joey and Snake joke their way through driver's ed.
11 11 "All in a Good Cause" January 16, 1990 March 24, 1990 111
Claude convinces Caitlin to help him spray anti-nuke slogans on a factory where nuclear weapons will soon be produced. Scott beats up Kathleen again.
12 12 "Natural Attraction" January 23, 1990 March 31, 1990 112
When Erica starts dating again, Heather has trouble dealing with it. She feels guilty about supporting her sister's abortion, and is afraid a new romance could lead to another pregnancy.
13 13 "Testing One, Two, Three..." January 30, 1990 April 7, 1990 113
Joey finally gets his driver's license but learns that his academic difficulties are due to a learning disability.
14 14 "It Creeps!!" February 6, 1990 April 14, 1990 114
Lucy directs her first movie – It Creeps! Shane returns, after many months of rehab, wanting to see Spike.
15 15 "Stressed Out" February 13, 1990 April 21, 1990 115
Degrassi students face final exams. Snake is afraid to fail his driving test again. Caitlin writes a letter of protest because she mistakenly believes that Ms. Avery is being fired.

Season 2 (1990-1991)[]

Series # Season # Title Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
16/17 1/2 "Bad Blood" November 5, 1990 Part 1: April 6, 1991
Part 2: April 13, 1991
Dwayne is shocked to learn that his summer sexual encounter has made him HIV positive. B.L.T. and Michelle's relationship is in trouble. In a bid to win money for a car, Joey streaks through the cafeteria.
18 3 "Loyalties" November 19, 1990 April 20, 1991 203
Caitlin is devastated when she discovers that her father is having an affair. Alexa lies to Michelle about spending time with B.L.T. and his new girlfriend.
19 4 "A Tangled Web" November 26, 1990 April 27, 1991 204
Still struggling with his parents' death, Wheels is acting out in school and at home. Caitlin tells her parents she knows about her father's affair.
20 5 "Body Politics" December 3, 1990 May 4, 1991 205
Alexa and Michelle reconcile their friendship. Having broken up with Spike, Patrick asks Liz out.
21 6 "Crossed Wires" December 10, 1990 May 11, 1991 206
Liz is haunted by memories of being sexually abused as a child. Tessa and Yankou discover the joys and frustration of early romance, and Joey and Dwayne find new ways to relate to each other.
22 7 "The All-Nighter" December 17, 1990 May 18, 1991 207
Kathleen surprises her friends by bringing marijuana to Diana's birthday party. Joey continues to be frustrated by Wheels, who is still staying at Joey's house.
23 8 "Home Sweet Home" December 24, 1990 May 25, 1991 208
Joey asks Wheels to leave after he discovers that Wheels has been stealing money from his mother. Michelle decides to move back in with her father.
24 9 "Extracurricular Activities" December 31, 1990 June 1, 1991 209
Bronco reveals to Lucy that The Savages are coming to Degrassi to film a video.
25/26 10/11 "Showtime" January 7, 1991 Part 1: June 8, 1991
Part 2: June 15, 1991
While the other kids are preparing for a talent show, Claude becomes depressed and feels he has no place to turn. Later, Claude commits suicide at school. Joey helps Caitlin deal with her conflicting feelings after Claude's death. Snake gets help as he tries to recover from finding Claude's body.
27 12 "Three's a Crowd" January 21, 1991 June 22, 1991 212
The Degrassi kids are preparing for the semiformal, and everyone is looking for dates—with varying success.
28 13 "One Last Dance" January 28, 1991 June 29, 1991 213
After rumors start circulating that a student at Degrassi High has HIV, Dwayne reveals that it's him. Joey and Caitlin reunite at Degrassi's last dance.

Degrassi: The Next Generation[]

Season 1 (2001–2002)[]

The series' broadcaster in the US, The N, aired episode three, "Family Politics", as the series premiere; "Mother and Child Reunion" was held back and aired as the season finale. This caused continuity problems for viewers as the episode depicted Toby being introduced to Manny and Emma for the first time, and was set before the school year began. The final episode of the season, "Jagged Little Pill", was also held back while The N decided whether its subject about ecstasy abuse was too controversial. When an edited version was made available, The N aired it as part of season two. In reruns however, the episodes have aired in the original order intended by the show's producers.

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1/2 1/2 "Mother and Child Reunion" Emma 14 October 2001 1 July 2002 101/102
After months of flirting via e-mail, 12-year-old Emma's new love interest, Jordan, is going to be in town. Coincidentally, it's the same night as her mother's high school reunion. After much consideration and some advice from her mom's friend Caitlin, Emma decides to go for it without telling a soul, even her friends.

3 3 "Family Politics" Ashley
4 November 2001 1 April 2002 103
Ashley has set her sights on becoming Degrassi's School President. Toby, spurred on by the awkward new situation as step-siblings, is frustrated by her unchallenged status and convinces J.T. to run against her. The conflict follows them home.

4 4 "Eye of the Beholder" Terri 11 November 2001 8 April 2002 104
Terri's sure that no guy will ever want her and she wants to skip the school dance. Spinner seems interested in her though, and Ashley and Paige convince her to let them make her over. Paige secretly wants Spinner for herself and plays on Terri's insecurities – ultimately getting Terri drunk and into some overly sexy clothes.

  • Note: This is the 100th episode in the Degrassi franchise. First appearance of Sean Cameron.
5 5 "Parents' Day" Toby 18 November 2001 15 April 2002 105
Toby can't stand the idea of Parents' Night – the last time his divorced parents were in the same room they had a huge, embarrassing fight. Toby cooks up a scheme to convince his parents that the night is cancelled, but it backfires on him.
6 6 "The Mating Game" Ashley
25 November 2001 22 April 2002 106
Ashley and Jimmy's eight-month anniversary is coming up – and so it's the question of whether or not to have sex. Paige is playing Juliet opposite Jimmy's English-class Romeo and she's planting doubts in Ashley's mind. If Ash doesn't "put out" soon, will Jimmy move on?
7 7 "Basketball Diaries" Jimmy 2 December 2001 29 April 2002 107
Jimmy desperately wants to make the basketball team. But surprisingly, it looks like Sean is surpassing him as a possible star player. Adding to Jimmy's pressure is his academic status – he's been given a few warnings since he can't seem to balance school and sports. When he convinces hyperactive Spinner to skip a Ritalin pill and give it to him instead, he plays a great game – but not as a team player.
8 8 "Secrets & Lies" Ashley 9 December 2001 6 May 2002 108
After a long absence overseas, Ashley's dad is back in town. She's enjoying his company and attention, but something tells her there's a piece of his life that's being kept from her. Under pressure, her mother reveals a long-kept secret.
9 9 "Coming of Age" Ashley
16 December 2001 13 May 2002 109
Lacking real family time at home, Jimmy has been spending more and more time at Ashley's house. He and Toby are like brothers and Kate's begun referring to him as their "third kid". When Ashley asks him to stay away for a night and he turns up anyway with Toby, she's had it and decides to break up with him.
10 10 "Rumours and Reputations" Emma
6 January 2002 20 May 2002 110
When Emma sees Liberty and Mr. Armstrong getting up-close and personal she asks J.T. if he thinks something could be going on between them and the rumour spreads. Spinner finds a bug in this cafeteria lunch.
11 11 "Friday Night" Emma
27 January 2002 3 June 2002 111
When Sean asks Emma what she's doing tonight, Emma's thrilled – that's a date, right? But nervous Sean is unable to muster the courage to arrange the details and Emma misunderstands his hesitancy as rejection. When they finally do cut through their misunderstanding and go out, the date is fundamentally a disaster with catastrophe after catastrophe and Emma's sure she's blown it.
12 12 "Wannabe" Manny 3 February 2002 10 June 2002 112
When Paige decides to start a Spirit Squad at Degrassi, Emma can't believe that the "sexist" sport of cheerleading is being revived. But Manny, who's had years of gymnastics training and is desperate for something to help make her "cool", wants to try out. The disagreement, which ensues, leaves Manny vulnerable to Paige's in-crowd manipulations.
13 13 "Cabaret" Ashley
17 February 2002 17 June 2002 113
Ashley's convinced that she and Terri are going to be the stars of the school talent show, singing her new (and incredibly earnest) ballad. Terri would rather add Paige – and some fun sparkle – to the act, but she's not sure how to tell Ashley. Meanwhile, Emma has worked hard on her new environmental dance piece, but it looks like it's going to be a disaster when Manny falls and can't dance. Hoping to win Emma's favor, Toby steps in – and bravely dances in front of the whole school. But it's Sean who gains Emma's gratitude when he yells at the audience to stop laughing at their dance recital.
14 14 "Under Pressure" Sean 24 February 2002 24 June 2002 114
Faced with the pressure of passing Grade 7 on his second time around and his mother's newest threat to take him back to his unhappy life up north, Sean is beginning to slip into old, angry patterns. Although Emma's helped him study for Mr. Simpson's exam, he runs out of time to finish and is positive he's failed. As an outlet, he picks a fight with Jimmy. When Emma tries to stop him, he pushes her to the ground, shocking everyone. Although he's passed the exam, he's lost her.

15 15 "Jagged Little Pill" Ashley 3 March 2002 21 October 2002 115
"Perfect" Ashley is beginning to bore even herself. With their parents away for the weekend, Ashley decides to join Toby in breaking the "one-guest-each" rule and invites Paige and Hazel to join her and Terri. Sean comes to her when he confiscated Toby and J.T.'s Ecstasy, expecting her to do the responsible thing. Instead, Ashley takes it. When Jimmy arrives, he's furious with her. A strung-out Ashley becomes convinced that Sean is the only one who understands her. After some private time in her room with him, Ashley publicly dumps Jimmy, humiliates Paige, and alienates most of her other friends. A messy house and a broken vase when their parents get back the next morning are the least of Ash's worries.

Season 2 (2002–2003)[]

CTV originally aired episode fourteen, "Careless Whisper", two days before episodes twelve and the thirteen, the hour long special "White Wedding". Episode eighteen, "Dressed In Black" aired before episode seventeen, "Relax".

In the US, The N aired season two in two blocks. The first block aired 7 October 2002 to 13 January 2003. The second block of episodes aired 11 July 2003 to 29 August 2003, but the episodes did not air in the order intended by the producers. The season finale of season one, "Jagged Little Pill", had been held over, and was shown in an edited format as this season's third episode, along with season two's true third episode to form an hour-long special. Due to the sensitive subject of teenage date rape, episodes six and seven, the "Shout" two-part special, were held over until 11 July 2003 and opened the second half of the season creating an hour-and-a-half long special with episode eighteen, "How Soon Is Now?". Because of plot continuity, episode eight, "Mirror in the Bathroom", was also held back and had its first US airing in the second week of the second block of the season, before episodes thirteen through seventeen continued to air in the correct order, followed by episodes nineteen and twenty, "Tears Are Not Enough, Parts One and Two" which were broadcast as an hour-long season finale. In re-runs and syndication, the episodes have all aired in the order the producers intended.

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1/2 16/17 "When Doves Cry" Craig 29 September 2002 7 October 2002 201/202
Summer's over and the Degrassi kids are back... in droves. A neighboring High School has amalgamated with the Junior High and things are a bit of a zoo. Degrassi alumni Joey Jeremiah and his small daughter Angela are objects of someone's attention. Someone who is spying on them and taking photographs... Meanwhile, J.T.'s a man on a mission: this year, he's going to land an older woman. And his chosen challenge? Paige Michalchuk. When Paige agrees to go out with him, he thinks he has scored until he discovers the real reason why she is out on the date.

3 18 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Emma 6 October 2002 14 October 2002 203
When Spike reveals the identity of the mystery man she's been dating, Emma is shocked. Mr. Simpson - her teacher! Emma claims she's okay with it, but if that's true, why is she suddenly being so rude to Mr. Simpson? When her mother cancels out on girls' night to go out with Mr. Simpson, Emma decides it's time to rebel. She and Manny are going to sneak into the Seniors' Dance.

4 19 "Karma Chameleon" Ashley 13 October 2002 21 October 2002 204
Ashley feels like an outcast. Nobody's willing to forget how she treated them at her party last year. Ash decides to take action, swallows her pride and apologizes to everyone. And it works. She boasts to Terri about her success - it's like last year never happened! Paige forgives her, Jimmy would take her back in a second and Sean even asks her out.

5 20 "Weird Science" Emma 20 October 2002 11 November 2002 205
It's Science Fair time at Degrassi. Emma's a serious contender for first prize, but when the results of her experiment don't fall in line with her hypothesis, she's in a panic. Mr. Simpson, one of the judges, provides Emma with advice but the fact that he's dating her mom makes her feel uncomfortable with his attention. At least nobody at school knows Mr. Simpson and her mom are dating... until Manny accidentally spills the beans in an email to the entire class.
6 21 "Drive" Craig 27 October 2002 25 November 2002 206
Joey is going away for the weekend with his latest girlfriend, and Craig is surprised when Joey tells him he can stay on his own – and even have the guys over! When the guys get to Craig's for the weekend, they can't think of much to do – they're bored. After a lame afternoon they're raring to let loose - and what better way than by taking a drive?
7 22 "Shout (1)" Paige 3 November 2002 11 July 2003 207
The Degrassi Panthers have a new star soccer player: Spinner. His victory's even sweeter when Paige agrees to a movie. When the losing team's defensive back, the gorgeous Dean, invites a smitten Paige to a house party, she cancels on Spinner. At the party, things are going great with Dean – until Spinner shows up. Trying to hide, Paige takes off upstairs with Dean. When things start to go farther than Paige is ready for, Dean won't take no for an answer...
8 23 "Shout (2)" Paige 10 November 2002 11 July 2003 208
Haunted by memories of her recent sexual assault, Paige is desperately trying to appear normal. A girl band contest sounds like a great distraction. Terri wants to reunite PMS—including Ashley. Paige refuses, and recruits Hazel instead. After a disastrous rehearsal with Hazel's grating voice and Terri's terrible lyrics, Paige takes action and invites Ashley to rejoin the band. Paige's pain resurfaces when Ash shows up the next day with a new song – inspired by rape. Paige can't bear listening to it and walks out during rehearsal. When Ashley confronts her, Paige reveals her secret.
9 24 "Mirror in the Bathroom" Toby 17 November 2002 18 July 2003 209
Toby is tired of being an invisible computer geek, so he decides to join a sports team. Girls love wrestlers - that includes Toby's crush Kendra. To Toby's dismay, the few extra pounds he carries put him in the same weight class as athletic Sean. Toby's desperation leads him to start sneaking laxatives and running endless training sessions. He's feeling terrible, but it's all worth it when he drops a weight class. Now he'll be wrestling a scrawny Grade 7 instead—no contest! Concerned, Ashley and J.T. try to talk to Toby but he refuses to listen to them. It's not until Toby takes to the mat for his big match—and faints— that Toby realizes the harm he has done to himself.
10 25 "Take My Breath Away" Craig
24 November 2002 9 December 2002 210
Manny's crush on Craig has reached huge proportions and everyone's urging her to ask him out already! But Manny's a romantic; she thinks the guy ought to do the asking. When she finds out that Craig might be interested in someone else, Manny is given the 'push' she needs to ask him on a date. She's ecstatic when he accepts. The next day, Manny gives her friends all the details of her incredible night. She and Craig are a couple! But Craig has an entirely different version of the date – and he'd rather they stay just friends. Now Craig faces the impossible mission of letting an overly enthusiastic Manny down easy...
11 26 "Don't Believe the Hype" Hazel 1 December 2002 23 December 2002 211
Grade Nine International Day is coming up and Hazel isn't thrilled. After all, Hazel's Jamaican and everybody loves the islands - right? When the day arrives, Hazel's display is a hit, but she isn't acting like herself. She's moody, mean and openly antagonistic to Fareeza, a Muslim girl. When Fareeza's display on Iraq is destroyed and anti-Muslim slogans are scrawled on it, the school takes the afternoon to discuss it.
12/13 27/28 "White Wedding" Emma
5 January 2003 6 January 2003 212/213
Emma Nelson is revealing her newest job as her mom's maid of honor and planner extraordinaire! Her mom, Spike, is marrying her high-school crush, Snake - who also just happens to be Emma's favorite teacher. Joey and Caitlin, who arrive to celebrate the occasion, can't help feeling nostalgic about their own plans to marry so long ago. With just hours to go before the ceremony, everything suddenly starts going wrong... Hoping desperately to keep things on track, Emma meddles where she shouldn't. Not before long, everyone starts wondering if Spike and Snake will even make it to the altar... Despondent at her own part in the fiasco, Emma finds herself turning to the unlikeliest person for support - her ex-boyfriend Sean.
14 29 "Careless Whisper" Ellie
3 January 2003 13 January 2003 214
Marco and Ellie are the best of friends. But Ellie is starting to want more...and Marco can't seem to respond in kind. He's more and more confused about what and who he's looking for... After a Sex Ed class discussion turns to homosexuality, rumors start to circulate about Marco and the teasing and questions won't stop. Marco freaks. He's not gay and he'll prove it - by asking Ellie to be his girlfriend. Ultimately, though, Marco can't bring himself to go through with the lie and hurt Ellie. Before he can tell her, Ellie guesses the truth and gives him her support, even going as far as posing as his girlfriend...but neither of them can pretend forever.
15 30 "Hot for Teacher" Hatzilakos
10 January 2003 25 July 2003 215
When class clown J.T. acts up in Science class, his teacher Ms. Hatzilakos gives him a serious detention - assisting her with guinea pigs all week. J.T.'s annoyed, but he perks up when his friends point out that he's getting time with the best looking teacher in school. J.T. quickly forgoes making attempts at gaining her favor when he discovers he actually enjoys hanging out with her. Ms. Hatzilakos is the first teacher to take him seriously. Unfortunately, he can't resist making jokes for too long – and gets caught making her the brunt of one in front of everybody.
16 31 "Message in a Bottle" Sean 17 January 2003 1 August 2003 216
Things are looking up for Sean. He and Emma are back together, he's a star on the basketball team, and he and Jimmy have buried the hatchet. But the good feelings don't last for long. After his brother quits his job, Sean becomes very aware of the insecurity of his home life. Having dinner with Emma and her parents, in their well-established home, doesn't help. After sneaking some wine in a misguided attempt to "relax", Sean overreacts to something Emma's mom says. He storms out of the house and over to Jimmy's party. When Emma comes looking for him, Sean causes a scene that gets them both kicked out. Emma and Sean have a heart-to-heart discussion that helps Sean realize that alcohol is not a solution to his problems.
17 32 "Relax" Liberty 26 January 2003 8 August 2003 217
Liberty can't believe it when she doesn't make the girls' floor hockey team – she's never failed at anything. So when Coach Hatzilakos asks her to be the team manager, Liberty throws all her energy into managing. She approaches Joey Jeremiah as a sponsor for team uniforms; however, the boys' basketball team has also asked him—and they want Liberty to back off. Instead, she challenges the boys to a floor hockey game. The winner gets the sponsorship and the losers get laundry duty for a week.
18 33 "Dressed in Black" Ashley
19 January 2003 15 August 2003 218
Ashley and Jimmy are back together, but it doesn't feel quite the same. It quickly becomes obvious to Ashley that Jimmy isn't really comfortable with the "new Ash" who has replaced her 'golden girl' looks for Goth. Ashley tries to suppress her own doubts and make changes to please Jimmy. In the meantime, Craig, her drama partner seems to understand her better... Will Ashley and Jimmy connect romantically again or is friendship in store for them?
19 34 "Fight for Your Right" Emma 2 February 2003 22 August 2003 219
Emma's mom is away for a few days and it's just her and her stepdad, Mr. Simpson. He's supportive of Emma's involvement in "Food for Thought," a student group who wants to remove genetically modified (GM) foods from the school cafeteria. Emma is highly disappointed after the group's meeting with Principal Raditch is turned down. Determined to fight the decision, Emma attempts to convince students to boycott the cafeteria, but a food fight erupts and Emma is blamed and suspended from classes. Despite Raditch's demand that she apologize for her actions, Emma stands by her beliefs and accepts the consequences.
20 35 "How Soon Is Now?" Paige 9 February 2003 11 July 2003 220
After being in counseling for a long time, Paige is positive she's recovered from her date rape. She's convinced her life is back to normal, but when she finds out that Dean is coming to Degrassi for a basketball tournament Paige goes into a tailspin. A little pep talk from J.T. helps, but when she actually confronts Dean, Paige feels powerless once again. When J.T. and Spinner find out about Paige's secret, J.T. goes after him in front of the entire school. Paige must find the courage to take control and make sure Dean knows he'll have to pay the consequences.
21 36 "Tears Are Not Enough (1)" Craig 16 February 2003 29 August 2003 221
It's exam time and everyone's stressed – especially Craig. In a surprise visit for his father, Craig learns that his dad is very eager to have him back in his life—he even wants Craig to move back home and live with him again. Craig's concerned that Albert may abuse him again, but Albert insists he's changed. Plagued by worries about his Science exam and flustered by chaos at his guardian Joey's house, Craig decides to go to his dad for help. Old patterns resurface when Craig is late for dinner with his father. After bitterly telling Craig that he isn't living up to his potential, Albert hits him. Later, Craig breaks down and confesses to Joey. The next morning, a police officer comes to the door. Craig thinks he's come to take him to his father's. But instead there's horrible news – Craig's father is dead.
22 37 "Tears Are Not Enough (2)" Craig 23 February 2003 29 August 2003 222
Although his father is gone, Craig wants to get on with his life as normal. He doesn't know how to respond when his friends at school keep asking how he is – because, in fact, he's not feeling much of anything. The eulogy at his father's funeral is too much. Hearing what a 'devoted' father he was, Craig bursts into hysterics. Outside he admits to Joey what the problem is – the only thing he's feeling is relief.

Season 3 (2003–2004)[]

In the US, The N aired season three in two separate blocks as it had done with the second season. The first block of episodes aired between 3 October 2003 and 19 December 2003, and the second block from 4 June 2004 to 6 August 2004. Episodes fourteen and fifteen, the "banned" episodes, were finally broadcast on 26 August 2006, three years after their original Canadian broadcast during an "Every Degrassi Episode Ever" Marathon.

In Canada episode 313 "This Charming Man", aired before Christmas themed episode 311/312 "Holiday".

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1/2 38/39 "Father Figure" Emma 17 September 2003 3 October 2003 301/302
The pending birth of a new baby for Spike and Snake inspires Emma to search for her birth father. With some detective work, Emma discovers that her father, Shane, lives just outside the city. She convinces Craig to skip school with her to go in search of her dad, but the man she finds is not who she expects. Meanwhile, Spinner and Paige have spent the entire summer as the most lovey-dovey couple of all time. But with their anniversary approaching, he can't afford to buy her a worthy present... until he realizes that Paige deserves the perfect locker.
3 40 "U Got the Look" Manny 1 October 2003 10 October 2003 303
Manny's on a mission this year—it's bye-bye cute and hello hot. That means midriff-baring tops, low-riders, and thongs. Manny's riding high on her newfound popularity... at least among the guys. But Manny's new look comes with some behavior and Emma decides she's had enough of her best friend. Meanwhile, Craig and the guys decide to form a band and Joey offers them the garage as a practice space. Seeing the guys play brings back fond memories of The Zits and Joey's soon offering some unsolicited advice.
4 41 "Pride (1)" Marco 8 October 2003 17 October 2003 304
Paige organizes a final hurrah at the beach and even convinces her older brother Dylan to act as chauffeur. Spinner's a bit put-off by Dylan's openly gay attitude, but his presence is an eye-opener for Marco. Spinner convinces Marco to go out with Hazel. But the pressure's too much. Marco reveals his secret to Spinner—he's gay. Meanwhile, when Snake faints while playing video games with Craig and a cut on his thumb refuses to heal, Snake decides to visit his doctor. The diagnosis is unexpected and scary.

5 42 "Pride (2)" Marco 15 October 2003 17 October 2003 305
Spinner just can't deal with the fact that his close friend is gay and decides to cut Marco out of his life. But when all the guys go to watch Dylan's hockey game, Jimmy makes sure that Marco comes along. While walking through the Gay Village on his way to the stadium, Marco is attacked by a group of gay-bashers. Marco's beating, combined with Spinner's treatment of him, creates even more frustration and confusion. Meanwhile, still reeling from the news that he has cancer, Snake decides to beat the chemo and volunteers to shave his head as a fundraiser for the Spirit Squad.
6 43 "Gangsta, Gangsta" Sean 22 October 2003 24 October 2003 306
Things haven't been going very well for Sean lately. Feeling lonely and neglected, he's drawn to car-loving, tough-talking Jay and his group of buddies. When Jay asks Sean to prove himself by stealing a keyboard from the MI Lab, Sean goes one step further, stealing something even bigger. Meanwhile, J.T.'s been spending more time with Paige and the popular kids and he seems reluctant to share the limelight with Toby. But when J.T. has a wet dream about (gasp) Liberty while sleeping over at Toby's, Toby uses the information as an in with the cool gang.

7 44 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Ashley
29 October 2003 31 October 2003 307
Things are pretty hot between Craig and Ashley, but she keeps pulling back from going all the way. She wants to know Craig loves her, and since he is unable to express himself in words, Craig pours his heart into song. Ash decides she's ready. Craig can't help sharing the news with Spinner, who's innuendo-laced jokes cause Ash to call the whole thing off. Craig storms out followed by Manny, who offers Craig a sweet, supportive shoulder to cry on. Soon, Craig and Manny are caught up in the moment—a moment that goes farther than either of them anticipated. Meanwhile, worried about her husband's deteriorating spirits during his chemo, Spike enlists Joey's help in cheering him up.
8 45 "Whisper to a Scream" Ellie 5 November 2003 28 November 2003 308
Life's getting more and more stressful for Ellieher dad just left on another Peacekeeping Mission, her mom's drinking again and she's interning for Caitlin Ryan's TV show. As things get more and more hectic, Ellie has no one to help her cope. Angry and alone, Ellie discovers a new outlet for her pain and begins cutting herself. But help arrives from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Terri's secret admirer is back, leaving red roses on her locker.
9 46 "Against All Odds" Emma 12 November 2003 5 December 2003 309
Emma decides it's time to move on in matters of the heart when she realizes she has feelings for new kid, Chris. With some encouragement from Manny, Emma hooks up with Chris at a rave – even though he has a girlfriend. But as Emma and Chris get closer, she realizes she can't be with him if he's still with someone else. Then Manny takes her own advice when she discovers that Craig's at the rave too – without Ashley. When Emma finds out how far Manny's willing to go to get what she wants, it's the final straw in their friendship. Meanwhile, Spinner and Jimmy are both in trouble with their math grades so they ask Marco to tutor them during a Friday-night study session. Spinner's discomfort with Marco's homosexuality soon has him misinterpreting all of Marco's behavior and he ends up convinced that Marco has a crush on him.
10 47 "Never Gonna Give You Up" Terri 19 November 2003 12 December 2003 310
Terri's in heaven – not only does she have a terrific boyfriend, the wonderful, romantic Rick, she also has the lead in a school play! Rick's being really supportive, offering her some helpful performance advice. But Hazel doesn't find Rick's advice helpful at all. She thinks Rick's controlling and abusive. When Hazel raises her suspicions with the rest of Terri's friends – and Terri starts coming to school with cuts and bruises – she convinces Terri that Rick is far from the perfect boyfriend. Meanwhile, J.T.'s been spending more and more time hanging out with Paige and her Grade 10 friends, much to Spinner's annoyance. So Spinner begins a campaign of embarrassment to drive J.T. back to his rightful place with the other Grade 9 geeks and losers.
11/12 48/49 "Holiday" Ashley
17 December 2003 19 December 2003 311/312
The holiday season is fast approaching and the Jeremiah house is abuzz - Angela has her upcoming Christmas skating pageant, Craig and Ashley are a serious item, and Joey and Sydney are getting serious themselves. As Sydney organizes the perfect Christmas, Caitlin feels like the odd girl out. But she's really thrown when she and Joey share an unexpected intimate moment, leaving Caitlin to wonder if she and Joey can ever just be friends. Meanwhile, underneath Craig's holiday cheery lurks a big secret - he's still seeing Manny behind Ash's back.
13 50 "This Charming Man" Emma
10 December 2003 4 June 2004 313
Things are back on track for Emma now that she's officially over Sean. Newly single Chris has even asked her out! But when she hears rumours that Sean's part of a gang stealing things from Degrassi (including Mr. Simpson's laptop), Emma becomes obsessed with bringing Sean to justice. But is she really interested in making the school a safer place, or does she just want Sean to pay for breaking her heart? Meanwhile, Paige, Spinner, and Jimmy are inching closer to freedom when they all begin Driver's Ed.
14 51 "Accidents Will Happen (1)" Manny 26 January 2004 26 August 2006 314
There's a big gymnastics meet at Degrassi, and Manny's going to lead the team to gold! But when she starts to feel sick, she fears that her queasy stomach might be more than the flu or even a case of bad nerves. And she's suddenly not sure she and Craig used protection when they had sex. Not knowing where to turn, Manny turns to Emma's mom Spike, the one person she knows who's been in her shoes. When Manny's worst fears are realized, she finds support from Spike, Emma and even Craig, who takes the news surprisingly well. Meanwhile, tired of being unpopular, Toby comes up with a plan to win Jimmy over: he'll hack into the school's computer system and alter Jimmy's math grade.
15 52 "Accidents Will Happen (2)" Manny 9 February 2004 26 August 2006 315
Manny's tempted by the romantic family scenario Craig paints and begins to think she and Craig really could keep this baby. But after she and Craig fail miserably at taking care of Baby Jack, Manny has to confront the reality of being a mother at her age. She can't do this! But can she carry the baby full-term and give it up for adoption? Or should she deal with this now, and have an abortion? Meanwhile, J.T.'s finally had enough of Liberty's go-nowhere crush and tells her to move on. So when she's paired with Sean on a history project, she decides that Sean's the latest target of her affections. Impressing Sean takes a lot more effort and ingenuity than anticipated, but in the process, she discovers someone else has a crush of their own—on her!
16 53 "Take on Me" Ellie, Hazel, Jimmy, Sean, Toby 16 February 2004 11 June 2004 316
Five kids from different words are stuck in a room – on a Saturday! When Raditch introduces Saturday detention, Sean, Ellie, Hazel, Jimmy and Toby are the first inductees. Despite being in different cliques, having different friends, etc., the students come to realize that they're all in the same boat together. And with a school all to themselves, they have a lot more fun that they anticipated. But will these new-found friendships survive Monday morning?
17 54 "Don't Dream It's Over" Terri 23 February 2004 18 June 2004 317
Just when Terri thought she'd gotten over her ex-boyfriend, Rick, he makes a concentrated effort to win back her affections. She and her friends are wary – after all, leopards can't change their spots. But when Paige snags her older brother's car for a night out, Terri decides to give Rick a second chance. When Terri arrives with Rick, Paige can't believe that she would be so stupid and sets out to show Rick he isn't welcome. After getting into a fight with Rick, Paige washes her hands of Terri and her romantic follies—with tragic results. Meanwhile, things between Ellie and Sean are heating up, but Marco keeps showing up at the most inopportune times. Sean's eager to find a way to get rid of him, but is Ellie?
18 55 "Rock & Roll High School" Ashley
8 March 2004 2 July 2004 318
Craig's determined that he and the guys will be the "Last Band Standing" at Degrassi's battle of the bands and win a spot on the show. Winning this contest means the world to him. Same goes for his ex-girlfriend Ashley and she's vowing to blow him off the stage with her new all-girl punk band. Suddenly, the music contest is an all-out battle of the exes. Meanwhile, Joey and Caitlin's romance is progressing nicely when Joey throws out his back and is laid-up on serious bed-rest. And when Joey suggests that his mother should come stay to help care for him and Angela, Caitlin declares that she's perfectly capable of caring for them both.
19 56 "It's Raining Men" Marco 15 March 2004 9 July 2004 319
The year-end Junior Formal is fast approaching, and Marco is in charge, except when it comes to a date. Problem is, Marco's too nervous to ask Dylan out at all, let alone ask him to the prom. He's not even sure Dylan likes him that way! But with some unexpected help from Spinner, Marco and Dylan finally go out on a real date. But is it everything they imagined? Meanwhile, J.T. has huge hopes for the first commercial he's ever been in – he's sure it's his ticket to fame and fortune. But J.T. learns that acting in a French fry commercial is a recipe for humiliation.
20 57 "I Want Candy" Ashley 22 March 2004 16 July 2004 320
A stressed-out Paige and Spinner decide they need a break and skip school for the day. Ashley, meanwhile, is in the doldrums, too "sick" to go to school. So when Ashley calls Paige to get her homework, Paige decides Ash needs to join them in a little fun. But Ash proves to be a total downer and a frustrated Paige lays it out for her: bad things happen, but it doesn't mean you can just run away and expect everything to get better! And more importantly, Ashley can't run away from herself. Meanwhile, when J.T. and Emma are stuck in detention, they accidentally discover Mr. Simpson's will. Emma freaks out, fearing the worst.

21 58 "Our House" Sean 29 March 2004 30 July 2004 321
Once again, as things finally start to come together for Sean, the other shoe drops - his brother and guardian, Tracker, has found a new job in Alberta. Sean thinks his life is over until he finds out that he can legally live on his own. Student welfare will cover his expenses – if he maintains good grades, and a clean lifestyle. Problem is, without an adult around, Sean's place becomes party central. Meanwhile, having failed Grade 9 English the previous year, Spinner is extra neurotic about this year's final exams. He enlists Paige's help studying. But when he aces his first exam, it goes straight to his head.
22 59 "The Power of Love" Jimmy 5 April 2004 6 August 2004 322
The year end semi-formal is only hours away and Jimmy wants to make it a perfect night for Hazel, Paige, and Spinner. However, it ends up being disaster after disaster and he's afraid to disappoint Hazel. Meanwhile, Sean confesses to stealing Mr. Simpson's laptop and apologizes and Joey asks Caitlin to move in.

Season 4 (2004–2005)[]

The season premiere was an hour-long television special. CTV broadcast episodes two and three, four and five, and twenty and twenty-one on the same nights, though not as hour-long specials. In the US, The N aired the season in two blocks, the first block began 1 October 2004 and ran until 11 March 2005. The second block, advertised as the "Summer '05" season, was screened between 1 July 2005 and 26 August 2005. The season premiere and episodes thirteen and fourteen aired as hour-long specials.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 60 "Ghost in the Machine (1)" Paige 7 September 2004 1 October 2004 401
Paige's rape case has finally made it to trial and she's the star witness. But when she runs into her rapist, Dean, he seems like a changed man. Grown-up. Contrite. Does she really want to go through this trial ordeal?

2 61 "Ghost in the Machine (2)" Paige 7 September 2004 1 October 2004 402
Shocked by the outcome of the trial, Paige holes up in her room. Marco coaxes her out to a party. But things go from bad to worse when she and Spinner have a blow-out fight. Paige grabs the keys to Spin's clunker and drives off towards Dean's frat house.
3 62 "King of Pain" Alex
21 September 2004 8 October 2004 403
Marco's a shoe-in for Student Council President until Alex enters the race. Her strong opinions and anti-establishment platform starts to take hold. And if that wasn't bad enough, Marco's mother wonders if he and Dylan are more than "friends." When Alex threatens to "out" Marco at a school assembly – with Marco's parents in attendance – the question arises: will he be outed or will he bow out of the election?
4 63 "Mercy Street" Emma
21 September 2004 15 October 2004 404
Emma takes up a new cause – getting "girlfriend abusing" Rick, out of Degrassi. Emma's successful "anti-violence against women" ribbon campaign goes too far however, forcing her to choose between fighting for a cause and doing the right thing.
5 64 "Anywhere I Lay My Head" Ellie 28 September 2004 22 October 2004 405
Sean asks Ellie to move in. Ellie hesitates and Sean doesn't understand why. But when he meets Ellie's mom, he discovers the real reason. It turns out the couple have more in common than Sean realized - alcoholic parents. Sean's determined to convince Ellie to start thinking about what's best for her, not her mother. But it's Ellie's mom that ends up convincing her...

6 65 "Islands in the Stream" Paige
28 September 2004 26 November 2004 406
Paige is on a quest to repay Spinner for damage to his car. Spin's using his new-found dominance in the relationship to zap any confidence Paige has left, much to the disgust of her friends! Paige is pushed to her limits when she finds out that Spinner's alpha male behavior involves some suspicious contact with Manny. Also, Toby and Rick compete to see who can get the most girls to kiss them, but their dare draws some unwanted attention from Jay and Spinner.
7 66 "Time Stands Still (1)" Rick 5 October 2004 3 December 2004 407
Jimmy realizes that he and his friends have taken the anti-Rick campaign too far. He tells them to call an end to the hostilities. More determined that ever to drive Rick from Degrassi, they secretly plan a final assault. This isn't over. Not by a long shot.
8 67 "Time Stands Still (2)" Rick 12 October 2004 10 December 2004 408
Rick returns to Degrassi after his "tar and feathering". Some try to get him to go home and relax. He stays, vowing his enemies will pay for what they did. When Rick pulls out a gun, Degrassi will never be the same.
9 68 "Back in Black" Sean 19 October 2004 17 December 2004 409
After the shooting at Degrassi, the media makes Sean the hero. It doesn't mean he wants to be on TV... unlike his mother. Upset, Sean decides to confront his past and takes off on a road trip to Wasaga Beach. Also, Toby's having trouble at school. Will people realize that he and his friend Rick were not the same kind of person? Or will they think Toby had something to do with the shooting?
10 69 "Neutron Dance" Ashley
26 October 2004 18 February 2005 410
The recording deal "Downtown Sasquatch" won last year is about to expire, but the band is nowhere near ready to record. Craig's being pressured to fire Ashley. The only thing is, he still has feelings for her and desperately doesn't want to hurt her again. Meanwhile, a reluctant Paige takes a yoga class, but is only interested when she discovers the cute new teaching assistant is the instructor. She thinks the interest might be mutual.
11 70 "Voices Carry (1)" Ashley
2 November 2004 25 February 2005 411
Craig's back with Ashley and determined not to screw it up this time. Craig kicks into full-on Romeo mode, creating a romantic hideaway for them at a motel. A proposal? Will she marry him? A stunned Ashley doesn't know what to do...
12 71 "Voices Carry (2)" Ashley
9 November 2004 4 March 2005 412
Distraught when Ashley refuses his proposal, Craig falls into a deep depression.
13 72 "Bark at the Moon" Manny 23 November 2004 11 March 2005 413
Manny's got her eye on a new "hottie" at Degrassi. Her "boyfriend" Spinner can't even be bothered to take a night off work to come to the Cupid Dance she's organized. But she soon realizes she's the one who isn't committed to her relationship with Spinner. She's afraid he'll break her heart, just like Craig did last year. At the dance, Paige schemes to be partnered with Mr. Oleander with surprising results.

14 73 "Secret (1)" Emma 30 November 2004 1 July 2005 414
Something's wrong with Emma. Since the school shooting, she has been numbly reassuring everyone that she's fine so they'll leave her alone. Emma finds herself drawn into a new world Jay shows her.
15 74 "Secret (2)" Emma 7 December 2004 1 July 2005 415
When a number of students—including Jay's girlfriend Alex—have been diagnosed with gonorrhea, a public health nurse is called in to discuss symptoms and methods of transmission. Emma is really worried...
16 75 "Eye of the Tiger" Spinner 14 December 2004 8 July 2005 416
Spinner hasn't talked to Jimmy since the shooting. Spin's part in it leaves him wracked with guilt. But the more time Spinner spends with Jimmy, the more guilt Spinner feels – until he confesses to the part he played. Spinner feels better, but only for a moment.
17 76 "Queen of Hearts" Ellie 17 January 2005 15 July 2005 417
Ellie is finding it hard to make ends meet. But when she learns to play cards, she discovers that she can make money doing it. Playing with Dylan's hockey team, the stakes get high. Ellie's not sure she can really gamble on her future anymore. Meanwhile, Paige and Matt's secret relationship is progressing nicely. But Paige isn't so fine when she suspects Matt of still seeing his ex-girlfriend Charlie.
18 77 "Modern Love" Manny
24 January 2005 22 July 2005 418
Paige and Matt are totally in love. So what if they have to keep it a secret? It's worth all the extra effort. But when Manny reveals the secret during a heated fight with Paige, she learns that Matt might not be as comfortable with their relationship once it becomes public knowledge.

19 78 "Moonlight Desires" Marco 31 January 2005 29 July 2005 419
Marco is making huge plans for his summer with Dylan – and their future. So it comes as a shock when Marco discovers that Dylan's been seeing other guys on the side.
20 79 "West End Girls" Manny
31 January 2005 12 August 2005 420
Manny has been picking up the slack for love-struck Paige on the Spirit Squad and feels betrayed when Paige claims all the glory. Manny and Paige go to battle. Is Degrassi big enough for two ruling alpha girls? Meanwhile, Director Kevin Smith takes a tour of Degrassi as a possible location for his latest movie Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!. Craig is motivated to write a song for the flick, which just might keep Ashley from going to England for the summer.
21 80 "Goin' Down the Road (1)" Craig 7 February 2005 19 August 2005 421
Ashley's leaving for the summer and her upcoming departure is bothering Craig more than he's letting on. The idea of their temporary farewell – added to the stress of writing a song for Kevin Smith's movie – is making him, well, nuts.
22 81 "Goin' Down the Road (2)" Craig 14 February 2005 26 August 2005 422
Disturbed, Craig runs away. He wanders the street and meets up with unseemly characters. Alone, beaten and robbed of his precious guitar, a disoriented Craig winds up in a shelter. Can his family and friends find him before he slides further into trouble?

Season 5 (2005–2006)[]

In a change to previous seasons, CTV broadcast episodes one and two over two weeks, as opposed to an hour-long special. In the US, The N did broadcast the episodes as an hour-long special, on 7 October 2005. The N proceeded to broadcast the next ten episodes, and then put the season on hiatus until 7 April 2006, when it returned with another hour-long special.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 82 "Venus (1)" Manny 19 September 2005 7 October 2005 501
Another year at Degrassi kicks off and Manny decides she's going to be a serious actress, whatever it takes. Unfortunately, Manny's self-esteem is at an all-time low and when an agent tells her that she has to make changes, she heads for the last resort – a plastic surgeon. Once her strict parents find out, they freak! Peter, the new hottie, shows her attention but she doesn't see it. Feeling unwanted by everyone, Manny goes to Peter's party and finds comfort in a bottle of vodka. Looking for validation, Manny finds it at the wrong end of Peter's video camera.

2 83 "Venus (2)" Manny 26 September 2005 7 October 2005 502
Manny is still foggy on what exactly it was that happened at Peter's party the night before. She knows she made a pretty racy video but Peter will erase everything... or so he says. When things aren't going well between them, slimy Peter emails the video out into the world. Manny helplessly watches her reputation go down the drain... again.
3 84 "Death of a Disco Dancer" Paige 3 October 2005 14 October 2005 503
Paige has got her whole life mapped out. She plans on being accepted into the marketing program at the best university in Canada. Matt will transfer there and they'll live in a cozy apartment together. And it'll all be so perfect ...But Matt returns from his tree-planting gig in B.C. a changed man, and that's just the beginning. The situation goes from bad to worse and Paige finds her future dreams coming completely unraveled...

4 85 "Foolin'" J.T.
10 October 2005 21 October 2005 504
J.T. has got his license. He's got a steady girlfriend in Liberty, who happens to be Student Council President. So why is he feeling anything but a "man"? Because Liberty's in control. Desperate to prove his masculinity, J.T. brags about his and Liberty's sexual exploits. When Liberty finds out J.T. has been telling tales, she loses it. J.T. can't take it anymore, and when he tries to break up with Liberty... she has a surprising revelation for him.
5 86 "Weddings, Parties, Anything" Craig
17 October 2005 4 November 2005 505
After all the craziness of last year, Craig has one overriding goal: no drama. He's focused on his friends, his family, his studies, and his band – a reconstituted Downtown Sasquatch but no Spinner - a new addition is racking the drum-kit... Ellie Nash! Ellie seems to think everything about Craig is great. But she denies she has a crush on him point blank. Craig seems to be falling under her spell until... an old flame re-enters Craig's atmosphere: Manny Santos – still in crisis since her father kicked her out. And as Craig gets sucked into her orbit, Ellie fears the worst. Things come to a head when Manny crashes their wedding gig and steals the spotlight. Will Ellie come clean in time to confess her crush to Craig? Or will she lose him forever to Manny?
6 87 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" Jimmy 24 October 2005 11 November 2005 506
After proving he's still got talent on the hardwood, Jimmy is invited to try out for the Wheelchair Basketball Association's Junior Team. It's Jimmy's second chance at athletic stardom, and an opportunity to make his father proud. But he feels torn. Becoming a full-time athlete means giving up everything - friends, hobbies, even school. Jimmy's forced to ask himself what he really wants. If he gives up basketball, he could lose his dad. If he goes for the team, he could lose himself.
7 88 "Turned Out (1)" J.T.
31 October 2005 18 November 2005 507
As Liberty's pregnancy enters its sixth month, she and J.T. are forced to face reality: even though no longer a couple, they have to deal with the pregnancy. As the two grapple with the decisions they have to make, they find themselves reconnecting – and reunite as a couple. Soon, J.T. second-guesses his own feelings. Maybe he wouldn't mind being a daddy...? But how to support a baby on a part-time salary from the pharmacy? J.T. looks into alternative methods of earning cash.
8 89 "Turned Out (2)" J.T.
7 November 2005 2 December 2005 508
Desperate for cash, J.T. has stolen drugs from the pharmacy... He becomes entangled in a web between his boss, the drug dealer and the police. His situation is desperate and he doesn't know what to do. Liberty finds out and wants nothing to do with him.
9 90 "Tell It to My Heart" Marco 14 November 2005 9 December 2005 509
Someone's definitely interested in Marco, but not for the expected reason. Tim knows Marco is gay, and has been struggling with how to come out to his friends and family. Naturally, he turns to the most openly gay student at school, Marco, for advice. Marco is flattered with his role as a mentor, but when Tim asks Marco what it was like to come out to his parents, he conveniently leaves out the detail that he's never told his dad. Marco is a hypocrite and knows he has to finally deal with his situation.
10 91 "Redemption Song" Spinner 21 November 2005 16 December 2005 510
The one-year anniversary of the school shooting is approaching and everyone's feeling the weight of it. Not least of whom is Spinner Mason, still persona non grata. Luckily, he's got his friend Jay to party with. And then there's his girlfriend Darcy. Jay wants Spinner to dump Darcy so they can party 24/7. But Spinner likes this girl. Sure, it's hard to handle her devotion to Friendship Club. But so far, he's been able to fake his way through without bending himself out of shape. Spinner battles with the two forces in his life – Darcy the angel and Jay the devil.
11 92 "The Lexicon of Love (1)" Alex
28 November 2005 7 April 2006 511
Tonight is the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh and with many of the students and faculty on the guest list, it's like the whole school is gripped in movie premiere fever! Even Alex, who's never been to a glamorous event before, and is sure Paige will get her in. But Paige has already asked recently-dumped Hazel, to cheer her up. She thought Alex would understand. But Paige quickly discovers how much the night means to Alex, and vows to bring her to the ball. As the night unfolds, Paige and Alex have a surprisingly great time together. Really surprising.
12 93 "The Lexicon of Love (2)" Alex
5 December 2005 7 April 2006 512
Paige wakes Alex up in her bed – Paige spent the night on the floor – and as the two girls awkwardly prepare for school, they try to avoid the elephant in the room. As in, that they KISSED last night. What happened? That kiss... does it make them lesbians? Bisexuals? Alex shrugs it off. She doesn't know what they are or what that kiss meant. All she knows is that she's not freaked. Paige is. She is not supposed to be into women but Kevin reminds her – neither is Alex. He convinces Paige to be true to herself – and to her feelings. Are they lesbians? Are they bisexual? Who cares. They're together.
13 94 "Together Forever" Craig 12 December 2005 14 April 2006 513
Craig bursts into rehearsal with the good news – they've been accepted to perform at a Northern Sounds Showcase. The band is NOT so into it at first – music is Craig's dream, not theirs. But this is their chance at a record deal – his lifelong dream! The troops rallied, Craig drives the band hard and gets them ready for the competition... The band is rough around the edges and it shows. But Craig SHINES. And a label is interested... in Craig. So that means it's off to Vancouver. But for how long?
14 95 "I Against I" Spinner 30 January 2006 21 April 2006 514
Since being "saved" everything has been going Spinner's way: he's made a good friend in Friendship Club leader Linus; his relationship with Darcy has been going strong; and his recent interest in improving school life has been getting him noticed amongst the student body. Old friend Marco is so impressed in fact that he reaches out and befriends him again and Spinner is over the moon to finally have his old friend back. But things soon become ugly when Linus, his Friendship Club buddy reveals his real feelings about Marco's homosexuality and Spinner realizes the truth about Linus.
15 96 "Our Lips Are Sealed (1)" Emma 20 February 2006 5 May 2006 515
The Simpson-Nelson household is in chaos. With Snake gone and Spike totally down in the dumps, keeping the household together has fallen totally onto Emma's shoulders. She puts everything she has into looking after Jack, Spike and Manny. When Manny begs Emma to help her lose weight for an upcoming audition, Emma throws herself into it. She has no control in her life - she can't bring Snake home, and she can't even date Peter for fear Manny will find out. But she can control what she and Manny eat. There is comfort in that.

16 97 "Our Lips Are Sealed (2)" Emma 27 February 2006 12 May 2006 516
Emma is finally getting some control over her life. Snake and Spike are back together, she's been running every day, and she's barely eating. Luckily, she's managing to fool everybody about her eating disorder. Emma feels so in control these days that she finally gives in to Peter and agrees to become his girlfriend. The only hitch, as always, is Manny. What is Emma to do? Clearly she needs to keep Peter under wraps... forever. If Manny ever finds out that she is dating Peter, their friendship will be over for keeps. In the middle of her best friend and her boyfriend is a very stressful place to be.
17 98 "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Marco 6 March 2006 19 May 2006 517
Facing the pressure of year-end exams, the furthest thing from Marco's mind is what happened a year ago – when Dylan stomped all over his heart. Marco takes this as a sign that he's over Dylan for good. Such a good sign, in fact, that he decides to take his flirtation with Tim to the next level. They have their first date, and it all goes smoothly – including their first kiss (a first for Tim). That is, until Marco spots Dylan at the bar... Seeing each other again at Paige's party, emotions run high and it forces Marco to realize that despite his desire to be over Dylan, he is not. The same goes for Dylan – they are both very much in love. Still.
18 99 "High Fidelity (1)" Darcy
13 March 2006 2 June 2006 518
The end of the school year finds Darcy's faith – in her boyfriend – being put to the test. When she discovers that Spinner has a past, Darcy grapples with a harsh reality of teen romance: jealousy. Though Spinner is in no way a virgin – he decides to let Darcy believe this lie, knowing how much it will freak her out to learn about his sexy past with Manny and others. But when she finds her boyfriend isn't a virgin AND is a liar, it's clear that she can't let it go. This boils over into a huge, ugly breakup fight and Spinner runs for consolation to his old girlfriend Paige.
19 100 "High Fidelity (2)" Darcy
20 March 2006 9 June 2006 519
As Paige and Spinner awkwardly discuss last night's surprising kiss-fest, Darcy interrupts. She regrets their fight and breakup. But Spinner tells her he meant what he said – if Darcy can't accept him, past and all, they're through. He's riding high now – not only is he back with Paige, but he's got his old crew back, even Jimmy! He's got everything he ever wanted. The old Spinner is back! ...But soon enough he realizes he and Paige are awkward. And complicated. And wrong. When Spinner finds Darcy's loving note, a lightning bolt goes off in his head – Darcy's the girl for him!

  • Note: This is the 100th episode in "The Next Generation" series. Final appearance of Hazel Aden.

Season 6 (2006–2007)[]

Season six premiered on The N two months before its CTV debut, and it was not until the ninth episode that Canadian viewers were able to watch an episode before US viewers. The N aired the season in three separate blocks, airing the first third of the season between 29 September 2006 and 17 November 2006, then the second block of episodes between 5 January 2007 and 16 February 2007. The final episodes of the season were broadcast between 29 June 2007 and 3 August 2007. Every episode aired on Fridays at 8:00 p.m.

In Canada, CTV aired the season in two separate blocks of episodes. The first twelve episodes aired between 28 November 2006 and 9 January 2007, on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The second block of episodes aired between 28 March 2007 and 14 May 2007. The first two episodes in this block aired on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m., immediately after CTV's simulcast of American Idol; from 9 April 2007, the remaining episodes aired on Mondays at 9:30 p.m., immediately following CTV's simulcast of Dancing with the Stars. CTV also broadcast episodes fourteen and fifteen before episode thirteen.

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1/2 101 "Here Comes Your Man (1)" Emma
28 November 2006 26 September 2006 601
When Peter receives a new car for his birthday, he quickly becomes a frequent face in the street racing scene. Peter gains a new friend, equally in the scene... a recently returned Sean! Immediately it is apparent that Emma and Sean are oozing chemistry. Will things heat up again with Emma and Sean? Marco and Dylan find an apartment in the Annex, perfectly close to school - but Marco has to contend with helping Dylan find roommates, choosing courses with Ellie... AND throwing Paige a blow-out going away party all at the same time.
2 102 "Here Comes Your Man (2)" Emma
28 November 2006 29 September 2006 602
Things heat up between Emma and Sean - and when she takes time off from Peter to consider her relationship with Sean, Peter takes action - and Sean winds up expelled from Degrassi. To settle things, Peter and Sean decide to have a midnight street race... that ends in disaster. Ellie's cutesy new roommate Amberley is making dorm life a living hell. When Ellie writes an 'anonymous' article about roommates for the school paper, she suddenly finds herself intrigued with her editor - and without a place to live.
3 103 "True Colours" Emma
5 December 2006 6 October 2006 603
Emma is happy that the racing debacle is behind them, and that Peter is finally free, if you don't count the house arrest and five hundred hours of community service. But Emma's world is turned upside down when Jay tells her how much Sean needs help. Emma uses a dance to raise money for a legal retainer for Sean - and discovers the truth about why Sean was really kicked out.
4 104 "Can't Hardly Wait" Ashley
5 December 2006 13 October 2006 604
Jimmy starts the year off with big plans, coaching the girls' junior basketball team and he is determined to take his relationship with Ashley to the next level. But can Jimmy handle the realities of his sexual future? New Spirit Squad captain Darcy and choreographer Manny are determined to be a team. But when a hot new girl, Mia Jones, arrives at Degrassi, the girls butt heads. Mia is perfect for the squad, but she has a little issue that may drive Darcy and Manny apart.

  • Note: This is the 200th episode in the Degrassi franchise. First appearance of Mia Jones.
5 105 "Eyes Without a Face (1)" Darcy 12 December 2006 20 October 2006 605
Peter, hoping to join the Spirit Squad, links Darcy's personal web page to his. Darcy is thrilled with all the attention and hits she gets, and even posts some racy pictures of the Spirit Squad. It seems like a great way to raise money for new uniforms - but how far will it go? J.T. is excited to get his job as a Kids' TV host back, and he invites Mia and her two-year-old Isabella, down to a taping. But as they connect, seeing J.T. with another girl leaves Liberty reeling.

6 106 "Eyes Without a Face (2)" Darcy 12 December 2006 3 November 2006 606
Darcy's online admirers take up more and more of her time, and her relationship with Spinner suffers. As Darcy posts increasingly sexy photos of herself, she's surprised when her favorite online fan decides to introduce himself. While secretly dating her editor, Ellie learns what it's like to be with an 'older man'. She's determined not to be seen as a little girl, especially when it comes to grown up things... like sex.
7 107 "Working for the Weekend" Jimmy
19 December 2006 10 November 2006 607
After Career Aptitude test results come in, Spinner is less than pleased with his results, and in desperation, convinces Jimmy to go into business selling t-shirts with Jimmy's illustrations. But the guys get in over their heads - what will happen to the business - and their friendship? Alex is back at Degrassi to upgrade her marks for university, but with all her friends gone, her social life has taken a beating. To add insult to injury, her new lacrosse teammate, Sirina, is making Alex's life a living hell.
8 108 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Emma
19 December 2006 17 November 2006 608
After being released from jail, Sean finds himself sleeping on Spike and Snake's couch. Sean is focusing on putting the last few months behind him, getting a great job and being a fantastic boyfriend to Emma. But what will happen when he discovers she's not as perfect as he thought? Derek and Danny run into problems when their history teacher, Mr. Perino, doesn't appreciate their goofing off. But when things get heated, they have to figure out whether he's just being strict - or is really out of line.
9 109 "What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)" Craig
2 January 2007 5 January 2007 609
Craig's back in town for a music festival - and Manny can't help picking up right where they left off. Craig's embracing the rock star lifestyle, and though everyone else - especially Ellie - thinks he's amazing - Manny has to decide if this new, dangerous Craig is the same one she loves. J.T. and Mia couldn't be happier as Degrassi's newest cute couple - and everyone's happy for them - except, of course, Liberty. She decides Mia's got to know the truth about J.T.'s past - but will he be able to pick up the pieces of his relationship?
10 110 "What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)" Craig
2 January 2007 12 January 2007 610
Ellie thinks all Craig's bad behavior is due to Manny - to help him, she's determined to stay by his side while he's in town. When Craig grabs a spot playing with Taking Back Sunday at a university concert, Ellie thinks their problems are over. As Jesse begs her to see the truth, Craig spirals out of control. Can Ellie figure out the truth - in time to save herself? Derek and Danny are threatened by the Lakehurst goons, and learn they're really out for J.T. J.T. goes to the opposing school and confronts the bullies, especially after he learns Mia's stuck in the middle of the conflict. J.T. wants to be a man - but has to decide what's really the right thing to do.

11 111 "Rock This Town" J.T.
9 January 2007 26 January 2007 611
Manny is intent on getting over Craig, and uses Liberty's upcoming birthday as an excuse to throw a party at Emma's house while Spike and Snake are out of town. She's even got a great guy to introduce Liberty to - but doesn't anticipate how he'll feel. No party can be kept a secret for long, and when students from another school drop by unexpectedly, the party gets out of control. When tensions mount from a culminating school rivalry, one of Degrassi's favorite students is stabbed and left for dead.

12 112 "The Bitterest Pill" Liberty
9 January 2007 2 February 2007 612
In shock over the death of a fellow Degrassi friend, the grief-stricken students plan to throw a celebratory memorial at Degrassi to best honor their friend. But even with their friend gone, a secret is still lingering. One of the students must decide if the secret is better left unsaid or if it needs to be revealed.

13 113 "If You Leave" Emma 9 April 2007 16 February 2007 613
Manny's parents want her to come home after the tragedy at Emma's house - and to Emma's surprise, Manny agrees. She can't seem to tell Manny how she feels though, since Manny's got a Spirit Squad competition and a brand new boyfriend to balance. Emma can't hide the fact that she feels ignored - and when she thinks J.T.'s death is being glossed over - she decides she really doesn't have to hide her feelings. At all.
14 114 "Free Fallin' (1)" Paige 28 March 2007 29 June 2007 614
After a spectacular panic attack during a midterm exam, Paige's professor at Banting offers her one more chance - which comes in the form of a ton of work to be completed over the holiday weekend. But with a huge family dinner to cook and everyone dying to know how fantastic university life is, something's gotta give - and Paige isn't exactly sure what it's gonna be.
15 115 "Free Fallin' (2)" Paige 4 April 2007 6 July 2007 615
With her degree in jeopardy thanks to her failing grades, and the little issue of a dramatic dorm fire, Paige develops a Banting allergy. She slinks home to Toronto with her tail between her legs - but nobody can know the truth about what happened. Despite rising panic attacks and friends who just might understand, Paige is committed to keeping her secret - no matter what.
16 116 "Love My Way" Alex
16 April 2007 13 July 2007 616
Paige has one goal: to return to her former pre-Banting glory. She's going to get back to doing what she does best. Everything - and that includes dating. Paige surprises Spinner by asking him out. Nothing serious, just casual. Things get even more complicated when Ellie's newly-minted ex, Jesse, also arrives into the picture. But is there someone else who wants a piece of the Paige pie?
17 117 "Sunglasses at Night" Marco 23 April 2007 20 July 2007 617
Marco's at loose ends with Dylan gone, and nothing seems exciting. He and Spinner decide a spring break road trip will break the monotony - but cash is the key. When Marco's online poker skills start to show, he decides it's time to up the stakes, and in no time, he's a big winner. Marco knows you can't quit while you're ahead, but quitting at all may be a lot easier than it seems. "Father Marco" is going to need his friends' help on this one - but it won't be easy for them to understand him. Or forgive him.
18 118 "Don't You Want Me? (1)" Alex 7 May 2007 27 July 2007 618
Alex and her mother Emily are in trouble - Chad, Emily's boyfriend, has run up thousands of dollars in credit card debt and hasn't been paying the rent. The situation is dire and Alex needs to make more money than she can at the theater - when a job as a waitress at a 'gentleman's club' come up, she takes it - but learns there's bigger money onstage. Alex has to decide what to do - and how maybe more-than-friend Paige will deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Emma wants to make plans for next year and is shocked to learn Sean's don't include her. As well, Marco does his best to keep his best friend close.
19 119 "Don't You Want Me? (2)" Alex 14 May 2007 3 August 2007 619
Alex's double life is finally bringing in the cash she wants but hiding everything from everyone is taking a toll on her schoolwork and her connection with Paige. But making money is the only way she and her mother won't get evicted - Alex tries to convince herself she's making the right decision. Also, when Sean and Emma are not talking, she will have to go through her scariest experience yet all by herself. Marco also learns that sometimes love is very, very messy.

Season 7 (2007–2008)[]

Season seven premiered on The N two months before its CTV debut; Canadian viewers had to wait until the thirteenth episode to watch an episode before American viewers. The N broadcast the season in three separate blocks, airing the first seven episodes from 5 October to 16 November 2007, before putting the show on hiatus. It returned on 8 February 2008, and went off air 9 May, before returning once again on 11 July for the remaining six episodes. In Canada, the season premiere aired 14 January 2008 and aired a new episode each week until the season finale on 23 June.

The N aired Bust a Move Part 1 & 2 together as The Degrassi Spring Break Movie. The N aired episode 718, "Another Brick in the Wall" before 717, "Talking in Your Sleep", and 721, "Everything She Wants" before 720, "Ladies Night". CTV held back episode 703, "Love is a Battlefield," and broadcast it after episode 719, "Broken Wings".

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 120 "Standing in the Dark (1)" Darcy 14 January 2008 5 October 2007 701
When Darcy, Degrassi's God-loving Spirit Squad Captain chooses her bad-boy boyfriend Peter over her parents, she finds herself in scary, uncharted territory.

2 121 "Standing in the Dark (2)" Darcy 21 January 2008 5 October 2007 702
When abstinence-pledged Darcy wakes with a hangover, she knows she had sex, but everything else is a blank.
3 122 "Love is a Battlefield" Alex
19 May 2008 12 October 2007 703
After landing a gig in the fashion world, Paige is ecstatic about her new career path... until her down-on-her-luck girlfriend Alex almost costs Paige her new job.

4 123 "It's Tricky" Ashley
28 January 2008 19 October 2007 704
After seeing Craig's newly released album on the shelves at the record store, Ashley decides to pursue her own music career—starting with a performance at the Lakehurst-Degrassi talent mixer.
5 124 "Death Or Glory (1)" Spinner 4 February 2008 2 November 2007 705
Amidst the crowded classrooms and the battle for school territory, tensions between Lakehurst and Degrassi students continue to mount.
6 125 "Death Or Glory (2)" Spinner 11 February 2008 9 November 2007 706
Faced with his looming mortality, Spinner attempts to prove his 'masculinity' by starting brawls with Lakehurst students.
7 126 "We Got the Beat" Jay
18 February 2008 16 November 2007 707
Manny's moved back home, but the honeymoon between her and her parents is over when her dad insists she have a traditional "Debut," the lavish 18th birthday party for Filipino girls.
8 127 "Jessie's Girl" Ellie 25 February 2008 8 February 2008 708
When Ellie's former mentor Caitlin Ryan arrives to guest lecture in Jesse's class, she throws herself into Ellie's assignment... and her boyfriend.

9 128 "Hungry Eyes" Emma 3 March 2008 15 February 2008 709
Auditions for sports drink models are being held at school, and Emma plans to protest.
10 129 "Pass the Dutchie" Spinner 10 March 2008 22 February 2008 710
While dealing with chemo, Spinner pushes Jane away and turns to marijuana to calm his stomach. When his dark path collides with his ex-girlfriend Darcy's, his school year and relationship with Jane are threatened.
11 130 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Marco 17 March 2008 29 February 2008 711
Desperate for cash, Marco considers doing something he never thought he would. Manny insists to Emma there's nothing romantic between her and Jay. When a pretend date turns into a real date and a pretend kiss turns into a real kiss, Manny and Jay are both pleasantly surprised. How far can this "relationship" go?
12 131 "Live to Tell" Darcy 24 March 2008 7 March 2008 712
Roofie rape victim Darcy is barreling down a self-destructive path and only a handful of people know why. When Mr. Simpson, who knows her secret, tries to reach out, Darcy is pushed to the edge and makes a choice... a very bad choice.
13 132 "Bust a Move (1)" Jay
31 March 2008 4 April 2008 713
Manny's audition for a drama program at Smithdale University goes wrong when Jay realizes she's mistakenly submitted a racy tape they made.

  • Note: Aired as a one-hour special titled "Degrassi Spring Break Movie" in the US.
14 133 "Bust a Move (2)" Jay
7 April 2008 4 April 2008 714
When Manny blames Jay for ruining her chances of getting into college, he's determined to make it up to her and hatches an awesome plan to get Manny into Smithdale's Drama program and back into his heart.

  • Note: Aired as a one-hour special titled "Degrassi Spring Break Movie" in the US. Final appearance of Ashley Kerwin.
15 134 "Got My Mind Set on You" Danny
14 April 2008 11 April 2008 715
When Danny, Derek, Peter and Rachel team up to make a romantic "how to" video for class, real-life feelings get in the way when Derek decides to ask Rachel out. But it's Danny Rachel likes, and jealousy makes Derek do things he never thought he would.
16 135 "Sweet Child O' Mine" Mia 21 April 2008 18 April 2008 716
Mia is ecstatic when she finally lands a spot on the Spirit Squad, but trying to be a normal teenager is proving to be difficult.
17 136 "Talking in Your Sleep" Paige 28 April 2008 9 May 2008 717
Excelling at work, Paige is on her A game until a distraction appears in the form of roommate Griffin.
18 137 "Another Brick in the Wall" Emma
5 May 2008 25 April 2008 718
Emma finds herself caught in no-man's-land between her parents as Snake's verdict on his sexual misconduct hearing looms.
19 138 "Broken Wings" Jimmy 12 May 2008 11 July 2008 719
Jimmy finally gets the news—he's been accepted into NYU! But he's got other things on his mind when it comes to his real dream: walking again.
20 139 "Ladies' Night" Anya 26 May 2008 18 July 2008 720
Anya is busy with the Free the Children Freedom Fast, which would be hectic enough without meddling Holly J., who's determined to make Anya choose between her and Sav.
21 140 "Everything She Wants" Mia 2 June 2008 11 July 2008 721
With extra time on her hands to do all the high school things parenting kept her from enjoying, Mia's relationship with Lucas has her on top of the world.

22 141 "Don't Stop Believin'" Ellie
9 June 2008 25 July 2008 722
Marco's world is rocked when Paige drops a bomb—her dad's going to help her buy a condo. Marco knows that if Ellie leaves too, he'll be all alone.
23 142 "If This Is It" Spinner 16 June 2008 8 August 2008 723
Spinner and Manny struggle with decisions as graduation looms. Spinner can't decide between staying behind with his band, or graduating with no future plans, and Manny is torn between Smithdale and West Drive.
24 143 "We Built This City" Liberty 23 June 2008 15 August 2008 724
With the Class of '07 Prom and Graduation ceremony looming, Liberty has the perfect night planned, with the amazing Natasha Bedingfield performing.

Season 8 (2008–2009)[]

This season had no hour long specials. However, a two-hour movie aired as the season finale, which was four episodes combined, called Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood. The TV movie follows the students during the winter break of the school year.

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD, which is also the order they originally aired.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 144 "Uptown Girl (1)" Mia 5 October 2008 10 October 2008 801
Mia starts the school year by bonding with new girl, Leia, and getting scouted as the new face of football star Tom Blake's shoe line. When Emma and Manny are assigned different rooms at Smithdale, Emma's horrified.

2 145 "Uptown Girl (2)" Mia 12 October 2008 10 October 2008 802
Mia has trouble balancing school, a relationship with Danny, and going to wild parties with Tom. Clare says she doesn't care what people think, but when new boy K.C. shows obvious interest, she begins to care what he thinks!
3 146 "Fight the Power" Jane 19 October 2008 17 October 2008 803
Jane plays football with the guys. But during the final moments of a game, Jane is not protected by her team, fumbles the ball, and costs them the win. Jane must decide if playing a sport she loves is worth the harassment from her teammates.

4 147 "Didn't We Almost Have It All" Liberty 2 November 2008 24 October 2008 804
Liberty rushes the most popular sorority at Smithdale. At Degrassi, Holly J. starts the year with an aggressive "to do" list: rule the school as Student Council President, take the Power Squad to the city finals, get into a top university, and lose her virginity.

5 148 "Man with Two Hearts" Peter
9 November 2008 7 November 2008 805
Peter begins a relationship with Mia and a friendship with Riley. Finding a balance between the two gets confusing, especially when Riley kisses Peter. Clare challenges her parents on their don't ask/don't tell views on sex.
6 149 "With or Without You" Anya
16 November 2008 14 November 2008 806
Sav and Anya plan to celebrate their anniversary on the school's overnight trip. Only problem? Alli, Sav's sister, convinces their parents to let her go too. At Smithdale, both Manny and Emma are crushing on their roommate, Kelly.
7 150 "Money for Nothing" Holly J. 23 November 2008 21 November 2008 807
Mia's T-Bombz campaign is hitting the city. Holly J. is desperate to keep her top dog status after she learns her parents are in financial trouble. Peter's mom drops in for a visit, and he quickly discovers life isn't so rad with mom around.
8 151 "Lost in Love (1)" Jane
30 November 2008 13 February 2009 808
When Spinner doesn't get into police college, he can't bear to tell Jane, so he lies. Clare gets invited to the dance by both K.C. and Connor. Kelly and Emma agree to go on a date.

9 152 "Lost in Love (2)" Jane
18 January 2009 13 February 2009 809
Desperate to win Jane back, Spinner proposes. Clare agrees to go to the dance with Connor to avoid hurting his feelings. But when she shares a dance with K.C., she hurts Connor anyway.

10 153 "Bad Medicine" Riley 25 January 2009 20 February 2009 810
Riley is a star on the football field, but steroid use and a deep secret have him lashing out. Danny and Derek both have it bad for Leia. How will that affect their friendship?
11 154 "Causing a Commotion" Clare 8 February 2009 27 February 2009 811
When Connor is expelled after a violent rage, testing reveals he has Asperger's Syndrome, but The Shep sticks to the expulsion. Anya meets Sav's family, and it doesn't go well.
12 155 "Heat of the Moment" Alli
Holly J.
15 February 2009 6 March 2009 812
Alli posts nasty things about Holly J. on the net. When nasty turns to threatening, Alli is expelled. Peter helps out with his half-sister, but when she interferes with his fun, he decides responsibility for her shouldn't fall on him.

13 156 "Jane Says (1)" Jane 1 March 2009 3 July 2009 813
Jane's mom wants her father back in her and her brother's life, and Jane doesn't want anything to do with him. Danny's new girlfriend Leia has a problem—she doesn't fit in with Danny's friends.
14 157 "Jane Says (2)" Jane 8 March 2009 3 July 2009 814
Jane admits to herself that her issues with her dad go deeper than the divorce—she thinks maybe he did things to her. Alli encourages Clare to get a new wardrobe, but with it, she gets some attention from boys.
15 158 "Touch of Grey" Emma 15 March 2009 10 July 2009 815
Emma wants to create a new university identity, so she smokes pot with Becca and Gwyneth. But she takes her new stoner persona too far when she shares pot brownies at a campus event.
16 159 "Heart of Glass" Alli 22 March 2009 17 July 2009 816
Alli is worried she'll lose Johnny to a more experienced girl, so she decides to play with the big kids at a ravine party. Peter has been talking to Darcy and is planning to visit her.
17 160 "Up Where We Belong" Mia 5 April 2009 24 July 2009 817
Mia drops out of school to model full-time, despite everyone's protests. It's Holly J. vs. Ms. Dawes when Holly J. gets a C on an art assignment. Sav struggles between registering for engineering or music.
18 161 "Danger Zone" Holly J. 12 April 2009 31 July 2009 818
Blue asks Holly J. to the winter dance in a very romantic way. Only problem? Holly J. has a thing for her co-worker, Spinner. K.C. and Clare are still tense with each other, following Clare's discovery of K.C.'s background.
19-22 162-165 "Degrassi Goes Hollywood" "Paradise City" (parts 1-4) Manny
30 August 2009 14 August 2009 819-822
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are back! This time, the Degrassi gang heads to L.A. to score parts in Jason's "Mewesical High." But what begins as a fun chance at stardom turns into a fight for the lead role when Manny blows her audition, and Paige lands her part! Meanwhile, Ellie reunites with Craig and her feelings for him return.
  • Note: Aired as a two-hour film, and airs as "Paradise City" in half-hour syndication. Final appearance of Ellie Nash.

Season 9 (2009–2010)[]

The first half of this season included a number of two-part episodes that aired on the same night on CTV, and MuchMusic later in the week. "Just Can't Get Enough" was an hour-long season premiere, and "Beat It" and "Heart Like Mine" were two-part episodes that aired on the same night in Canada, however on consecutive weeks in the US. Episodes 904 & 906 and 903 & 905 also aired together in Canada, to follow the ongoing story lines. The second half of the season premiered on MuchMusic, at one episode a week, then CTV a couple of weeks later in back-to-back format again. The first episode to have its Canadian premiere on MuchMusic was "Why Can't This Be Love? (Part One)". The US had aired the first half of the season by order of production, but opened the second half with the two-part "Why Can't This Be Love?", which was on consecutive weeks in Canada. In the US, four episodes were renamed by TeenNick, in both the TV spots, and the on-screen titles. This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1/2 166/167 "Just Can't Get Enough" Peter 4 October 2009 9 October 2009 901/902
When Mia is offered a major modeling contract in Paris, Peter decides that he'll go with her, but he soon realizes he doesn't fit into her sophisticated world. At a posh party, feeling frustrated and insecure, a guest offers an unlikely escape which leads Peter on a dark path. Alli becomes jealous when Clare spends more time with new girl Jenna. Holly J. becomes stressed out when everyone wants something from her.

3 168 "Shoot to Thrill" Alli
18 October 2009 16 October 2009 903
Alli starts feeling like her relationship with Johnny is going no where. In order to fix things, she decides to spice things up a bit. Meanwhile, Fiona finds the male students at Degrassi rather repulsive. Until she meets Riley, who may just have a future with Fiona... if his past doesn't hurt it that is.
4 169 "Close to Me" Declan
11 October 2009 23 October 2009 904
Jane loves Spinner from the bottom of her heart, but when the gorgeous new boy flirts with her, she finds it hard not to give in. K.C.'s new coach finally lets him play in a game. But when K.C. makes a mistake the coach freaks and K.C. sees it as a sign that he shouldn't be on the basketball team.
5 170 "You Be Illin'" Alli
18 October 2009 30 October 2009 905
Alli decides she's done with Johnny. However, after talking with him, she then starts falling for him once again. But when he tells her something shocking, all of her hopes disappear. Peter wants to regain his position in Stüdz. But they've moved on and have recruited Jane.
6 171 "Wanna Be Startin' Something" Holly J.
11 October 2009 6 November 2009 906
Holly J. and Jane surprise themselves during a class project when they bond and starts a babysitting business. But Holly J.'s crush on Declan could ruin things. Dave wants to be on the Anti-Grapevine, but Chantay refuses to put her cousin in the blog until he does something spontaneous.
7 172 "Beat It (1)" Riley 1 November 2009 13 November 2009 907
After an embarrassing incident in lifeguard class, Riley is determined to prove to the world and himself that he's straight. Meanwhile, Anya lies to Sav about her after school activities. Dave gets confident and asks Jenna out and when they go out he assumes that Jenna is his girlfriend.
8 173 "Beat It (2)" Riley 1 November 2009 20 November 2009 908
Riley is accused of gay-bashing after punching Sam and is ostracized by his classmates. Feeling desperate, he decides to search for a de-programmer to make himself straight. Sav finds out about Anya and Leia LARPing and is upset and bewildered in Anya for why she would hang out with losers. Jenna has to set Dave straight.

9 174 "Waiting for a Girl Like You" Declan
Holly J.
8 November 2009 5 February 2010 909
It's Matchmaker week at Degrassi and Declan's not interested in a serious relationship. But when he sets his sights on Holly J. as his next romantic victim, he is surprised to find she's immune to his charms. Meanwhile, Leia confides in Chantay about her rocky relationship with Danny oblivious to the fact that Chantay also has eyes for him.

  • Note: Renamed "Love Games (Part One)" by TeenNick.
10 175 "Somebody" Declan
Holly J.
8 November 2009 5 February 2010 910
Holly J. begins to fall hard for Declan but realizes that he may not feel the same way. Meanwhile, Dave and Connor's friendship is strained as Dave tries to improve his popularity among the basketball team.

  • Note: Renamed "Love Games (Part Two)" by TeenNick.
11 176 "Heart Like Mine (1)" K.C. 15 November 2009 9 April 2010 911
K.C.'s life is on the fast track, but when he and Clare start to grow apart and his feelings for Jenna grow stronger, he turns to Coach Carson for emotional support. Marco returns to Degrassi as a student teacher and Holly J. uses her friendship with him to her advantage.
12 177 "Heart Like Mine (2)" K.C. 15 November 2009 16 April 2010 912
K.C. begins to question his relationship with Coach Carson after he demonstrates questionable behavior as a teacher. Meanwhile, Fiona auditions for the school's musical and Declan gives her a part regardless of the fact that she had a bad performance.
13 178 "Holiday Road" Emma 22 November 2009 23 April 2010 913
Emma returns to Degrassi along with Kelly on their cross-country bike tour and is keeping a big secret from Snake and Spike. Chantay writes an article on the "Anti-Grapevine" about her date with Danny, making everyone believe he's cheap.

14 179 "Start Me Up" Peter 22 November 2009 30 April 2010 914
Peter opens up a club above The Dot to occupy his time and when Declan and Fiona's cousin Victoria returns Peter is put in a dilemma with a decision to make. Meanwhile, Clare is supposed to write a short autobiography on herself but uses a story that Declan told her, as her own.
15 180 "Why Can't This Be Love (1)" Anya
10 May 2010 2 April 2010 915
Anya and Sav plan on going to the spring formal together, but when Sav's parents introduce him to his arranged wife, everything changes. Johnny tries to win Alli back by asking her to the formal. When she refuses, Bruce tries to set him up with Lindsay, a waitress at a local pool hall. But when Bruce finds that Johnny is avoiding him, he lashes out at him.

  • Note: Renamed "Broken PROMises (Part One)" by TeenNick.
16 181 "Why Can't This Be Love (2)" Anya
17 May 2010 2 April 2010 916
Anya worries that her relationship with Sav may come to a bitter end as his arranged wife enters their lives which leads to her making a decision that will have serious consequences. Dave and Alli are set on drink serving duty at formal and bond when she realizes he isn't as immature as she thought he was.

  • Note: Renamed "Broken PROMises (Part Two)" by TeenNick. Final appearance of Bruce the Moose.
17 182 "Innocent When You Dream" Clare 24 May 2010 7 May 2010 917
Clare's having sexy vampire dreams about Declan and channels them into steamy fan-fiction, which she lets carry over into her real life. While the other members in the band are busy with finals, Sav begins to feel lonely and reconsiders his breakup with Anya.

18 183 "In Your Eyes" Riley 31 May 2010 14 May 2010 918
Riley has been hiding his feelings about his sexuality for a long time and struggles at being open and finally dating when he meets a cute new guy. Clare volunteers to tutor K.C. in math as friends, but things turn sour when Jenna suggests K.C. slack off on studying and consider cheating off of Clare.

19 184 "Keep on Loving You" Declan
Holly J.
7 June 2010 21 May 2010 919
Holly J. and Declan are going strong, but when he can't say the L word, she takes it personally. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coyne comes to town and announces to Fiona and Declan that their family will be moving to New York. Peter and Chantay are the leads in Declan's musical but Danny has insecurities about Chantay kissing Peter.
20-23 185-188 "Degrassi Takes Manhattan" Emma
16 July 2010 19 July 2010 920-923
The end of the school year and Graduation arrives, but gets off to a rocky start when Spinner finds out Jane cheated on him with Declan and The Dot goes up in flames. Jane is invited to live in the penthouse suite in Manhattan with Holly J., Declan and his sister Fiona and gets invited to front an indie band. Holly J. is about to start her internship at TVM and also finds out that Fiona will be interning there, as a result of her jealousy to Holly J.'s time with Declan. In an attempt to cheer up Spinner, Emma, Manny, and Jay "kidnap" him, and take him to a casino hotel at Niagara Falls. After a drunken night, Emma and Spinner find themselves married and try to navigate their muddled feelings for each other.


Season 10 (2010–2011)[]

The first run, of 24 episodes, began after the feature-length film Degrassi Takes Manhattan in July 2010, and ran for six weeks. This is also the first season that the episodes aired on the same nights in Canada and the United States, with the exception being the first week, when the United States was one day behind Canada. This is the first time that the opening credits have been revised halfway through the season, and was repeated for season 11.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 189 "What a Girl Wants" Part One Fiona 19 July 2010 20 July 2010 1001
Holly J. says goodbye to Declan and New York only to arrive home to find out that her parents sold their home and will be moving into an apartment due to their financial difficulties. She thinks she has the title of Student Council President sealed, but is surprised by the popularity of Sav. A redeemed Fiona introduces her new boyfriend, Bobby, to a seemly over-protective Declan. Dave makes a list of the hottest Degrassi girls to impress Alli, but there is an error in the computer programming, and Alli is ranked low.

2 190 "What a Girl Wants" Part Two Fiona 20 July 2010 21 July 2010 1002
Holly J. enlists Anya to fake a pregnancy in order to make Sav quit the election. However, Sav uses it to his benefit and vows to Anya that he will be there for her while she's "carrying" his child. Alli makes a "Biggest Losers" list and puts Dave at the top as revenge for her being low on the hottest Degrassi girls list.

3 191 "Breakaway" Part One Fiona 21 July 2010 22 July 2010 1003
Fiona confides in Declan about the truth about Bobby, but Declan has doubts. With advice from Holly J., Declan sides with Fiona when he sees her bruised leg and advises Fiona to press charges against Bobby. Fiona's mother tracks her down to Degrassi, and she tells Fiona that they will hire a lawyer. When Anya comes clean to Sav that Holly J. talked her into faking a pregnancy, they team up to use the sympathy card, and Sav ends up winning by 17 votes. Meanwhile, Jenna overhears Clare and Alli's conversation about surgery, and misinterprets it as breast enlargement surgery, when Clare was really talking about being a candidate for laser eye surgery.
4 192 "Breakaway" Part Two Holly J. 22 July 2010 23 July 2010 1004
Mrs. Sauvé suggests that Holly J. takes an SAT prep course, but due to her family's financial difficulties, she can not afford it. Envious of Fiona's free spending of money, Holly J. uses the password Fiona told her in confidence, to get into Fiona's bank account, and "borrows" $2,000. Meanwhile, Clare finds out about her rumoured boob job, and that Jenna was behind it all. Anya lies to the school to save face, and says that she had a miscarriage. Sav lies to his mother about why they were alone together in the house, and Anya breaks up with him.

5 193 "99 Problems" Part One Drew
26 July 2010 26 July 2010 1005
Riley competes against eleventh grader rookie Drew for the first quarterback position on the football team. Zane also signs up to join the team, much to Riley's discomfort. However, Drew overhears Riley and Zane in the gym talking about Riley's sexuality, and Drew then threatens to tell the whole team about it unless Riley backs down from competing for quarterback. Alli tries out for the Power Squad to be in the popular crowd, but finds out how tough Chantay is. After she doesn't make it, she becomes upset, until Clare suggests she start a club of her own. Meanwhile, K.C. is becoming more popular with the girls after joining the football team, and triggers his girlfriend, Jenna's jealousy.

6 194 "99 Problems" Part Two Drew
27 July 2010 27 July 2010 1006
Riley and Owen play a prank on Drew by tying him to the school's flag pole in his underwear. Drew does not tell anyone who it was, even though he knew, in order to have another thing over Riley, in order to get the starting quarterback. Alli makes a dance crew for the popularity. However, her plan to create her own dance crew backfires, leaving her alone. Meanwhile, Jenna looks at K.C.'s phone, fearing that he was talking to other girls, and finds out the K.C.'s mother is trying to get a hold of him now that she is out of prison.
7 195 "Better Off Alone" Part One K.C. 28 July 2010 28 July 2010 1007
K.C.'s mother shows up, despite his attempt to avoid her. She tells him she had an apartment, and is seeking custody of him. After a talk with his social worker, he is still unconvinced she is a changed person, and searches her apartment when he's invited over. In English class Clare is assigned a work partner, Eli, who convinces her to break out of her shell and express herself. Meanwhile, Alli asks Dave how to ask a boy out. Dave, who is still crushing on Alli, thinks she is talking about him. Dave tells her to throw a party and, with her parents and Sav out, she does.
8 196 "Better Off Alone" Part Two K.C. 29 July 2010 29 July 2010 1008
K.C. wakes up with Bianca and Fitz after a night of drinking, and he is still mad at his mother . At first he tries to legally stay at the group home, but after an intervention about his behaviour he changes his mind and decides to stay with his mom. Fearing that her parents may get a divorce, Clare is encouraged by Eli to write a letter to her mom for English class. She does, but is hesitant to tell her mom . Meanwhile, Alli is having trouble getting Drew's attention after their night of making out.
9 197 "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" Part One Sav 2 August 2010 2 August 2010 1009
Holly J. and Sav hold a 'Hands on a Car Body' contest for four concert tickets, using Sav's dad's truck. Not having anyone to give their extra tickets to, winners Eli and Adam give theirs back to Sav. He sells one to Bianca to pay for the new tail light. Eli and Adam ask if Sav can take his dad's truck to the concert, but when Sav tells his dad the tail light got smashed, he says Sav can not go to the concert. Fiona's mom has left town and told her to see a therapist. Fiona makes plans to spend time with Holly J., but her schedule is too filled to spend any time with Fiona. Jenna got a new uniform for the Power Squad calendar shoot, but she can not fit in it. She thinks that she's getting fat, and tries to work out. After, Bianca told the power squad that she can get fat absorbing pills, and Jenna asks her to get some.

10 198 "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" Part Two Sav 3 August 2010 3 August 2010 1010
Sav decides to take his dad's truck to Hamilton for the concert with Adam and Eli . This does not work, however, when his parents return home before they are back and report the truck stolen, resulting in Sav getting tickets for speeding on the way back and driving a stolen truck, and being grounded for two months. Bianca , riding along, also gets a record for under aged drinking. Jenna decides to take diet pills in order to lose weight, but the side effects eventually catch up with her at a photo shoot practice, before she accepts her body and orders a new uniform. Meanwhile, Fiona is feeling lonely enough to buy a small pig. Holly J. comes to her rescue after she realizes how not having friends has affected Fiona.
11 199 "Try Honesty" Part One Declan
Holly J.
4 August 2010 4 August 2010 1011
Holly J. starts worrying that Declan is cheating on her with Vanderbilt girls when he tells her he is planning a weekend trip to Yale, and finds pictures of him with another girl on Fiona's computer. She tries to find a job to relieve her financial woes, but decides to fly to New York to be with him. When he insists she stay in Toronto, Holly J. decides to break up with him, and does it on his voicemail when he does not pick up his phone, only to find him at The Dot. Wesley and Connor convince Dave to form a band, The Three Tenners, in order to score with the ladies, but find out Dave is not a great singer. Meanwhile, Fitz's bulling is getting worse, and Eli, with Adam's help, draws a truce with him, promising a fake ID. However, they produce one with the name of a person on the list of Canada's Top 10 Wanted.
12 200 "Try Honesty" Part Two Declan
Holly J.
5 August 2010 5 August 2010 1012

Holly J. rethinks her relationship with Declan when he asks her to come to New York with him but she still cannot because she has SATs planned for the weekend, and she has to help her parents move. Things get even worse between the two, when Declan starts offering her money to relieve her problems, and they get into a fight. Eli give Fitz the fake ID, and calls the police when he has it, resulting in Fitz getting arrested and not ending the bullying. Meanwhile, The Three Tenners record a demo, and Dave gets auto-tuned to sound better. At first he hates the truth about his bad singing, but then accepts the band's new sound.

  • Note: This is the 200th episode in "The Next Generation" series, and the number 200 was said in dialogue three times.
13 201 "You Don't Know My Name" Part One Alli
9 August 2010 9 August 2010 1013
Alli wants to be in an official relationship with Drew, but when she writes a paper for him, he does not want to be with her anymore. Sav and Holly J. work together on a dance for Above the Dot when Mr. Simpson cancels the Band Slam, and Sav starts to have feelings for her. Meanwhile, Connor is staying up all night and playing an online role playing game, where he has met a girl.
14 202 "You Don't Know My Name" Part Two Alli
10 August 2010 10 August 2010 1014
Alli tries to ignore Drew but when Drew tries to move on, he realizes he likes Alli. When she refuses to take him back, he does all he can to get her by doing what she wants. Sav and Holly J. continue to work on the dance, and become closer. At first Holly J. is worried that Sav is just a rebound boyfriend, but they decide to keep each other company for their last school year at Degrassi. Connor sets up a meeting with the girl, but Dave and Wesley convince him not to talk to her when they see she is a much older lady.
15 203 "My Body Is a Cage" Part One Adam 11 August 2010 11 August 2010 1015

Adam develops a crush on Bianca during a ballroom dancing lesson in recreational gym class. When the two begin to flirt with each other, Bianca discovers Adam's concealed breasts while playfully pushing him on the chest. Perturbed, Bianca concludes that he is transgender and outs him to Fitz and Owen, who react violently. Adam's mother pressures him to dress as his birth name, "Gracie", for his grandmother's impending visit. Leia leads Anya to believe Anya's mom is having an affair, but her mom tells her that it is worse. Dave tries to get Ms. Oh to laugh at his jokes but she will not budge.

  • Guest star: Jean-Marc Généreux as gym instructor
16 204 "My Body Is a Cage" Part Two Adam 12 August 2010 12 August 2010 1016

Adam feels pressure to detransition from his mother and his fellow students. He decides to dress up as Gracie for supper with his grandmother. He then goes to school the next day as Gracie, and begins to burn himself. After Clare catches him, she convinces Adam to stop trying to please everyone else, and resume living as a boy. Adam's mother decides to accept him and joins Eli, Clare, and Drew in burning Adam's "Gracie" clothes. Anya struggles to deal with her mother's cancer, and sabotages a school project with Holly J. and Sav, which Holly J. took as being mad about them being together. Meanwhile, Dave is still trying to get the attention of Ms. Oh, and finds out she just broke up with her boyfriend.

  • Note: This is the 300th episode in the Degrassi franchise. Final appearance of Leia Chang.
  • Guest star: Jean-Marc Généreux as gym instructor
17 205 "Tears Dry on Their Own" Part One Jenna 16 August 2010 16 August 2010 1017
Jenna auditions for a talent competition, Next Teen Star , but is still concerned about her growing belly and other symptoms. After getting into the top 24, Alli successfully convinces Jenna to take a pregnancy test, since she admitted not always using protection with K.C. The test is positive. Connor meets the woman he met online again at a gaming store, but Wesley and Dave interrupt causing her to leave. Meanwhile, Zane tries to convince Riley to be concerned about the homophobic comments in their football team, but Riley avoids all of them, and spends time with Anya .
18 206 "Tears Dry on Their Own" Part Two Jenna 17 August 2010 17 August 2010 1018
Jenna must deal with her biggest fear: being a teen mother. With her parents out of the picture, and just her brother to rely on, she seeks comfort in K.C., only to find out that he expects an abortion. After finding out she is already 20 weeks along, and it is unsafe to abort, K.C. breaks up with Jenna. Although Connor gets his computer privileges suspended, he contacts the woman he met online, and she meets him after school. In her car, she gets too personal with him, and he leaves. Meanwhile, Anya and Riley are both attracted to the same doctor, and when they determine he is straight, she convinces him to talk to Zane again.
19 207 "Still Fighting It" Part One Riley
18 August 2010 18 August 2010 1019
The homophobic comments in the football dressing room get worse, and Riley starts to see how it affects Zane. Anya convinces him to attend a homophobia discussion, and he realizes that he hates himself for being gay and is taking it out on others. Riley decides to teach the football team to be sensitive to others' feelings. While acting out the last scene of Romeo and Juliet for English class, Eli gives Clare mixed signals of his feelings toward her. When she tries to confront him the next day, he indicates that he has no feelings for her. Meanwhile, Wesley signed up to be an eligible bachelor for an auction, in hopes that his crush Anya will bid on him. He tries to have Drew help him be cool, to impress Anya, in exchange for tutoring.
20 208 "Still Fighting It" Part Two Riley
19 August 2010 19 August 2010 1020
Riley upsets Zane again when he takes things too far with Owen. His intentions were to show Owen that homophobic comments will not be dismissed, but Zane sees that Riley is just being violent. Clare uses Adam to help understand Eli and find out why he has been giving her mixed signals. Meanwhile, Drew tries to teach Wesley to be more confident, but with no one bidding on him at the auction, Anya pity bids on him for two dollars, and wins him, making Wesley happy.
21 209 "Purple Pills" Part One Fiona 23 August 2010 23 August 2010 1021
Fiona becomes stressed when she has to record her testimony against Bobby and self-medicates by drinking champagne, rather than taking the prescription her therapist gave her. Initially Holly J. is worried that this will affect the parents' decision on a Vegas teamed school dance, but the theme goes ahead. After a good date with Zane, Anya again asks Riley when he is going to come out. He decides to run for king and queen for the upcoming school dance, but when the nomination list is released before the last football game, he decides to come out to his teammates, and Drew defends him in the following harassment. Meanwhile, Adam is feeling rejected by Eli, now that Eli is in a relationship with Clare. Adam decides to befriend Fitz despite Eli and Clare's warnings.
22 210 "Purple Pills" Part Two Fiona 24 August 2010 24 August 2010 1022
Fiona continues to drink champagne to help reduce her stress, during both her deposition against Bobby, and an exam at school. After Fiona convinces herself she is crazy, Holly J. finally convinces her stop, to take the prescribed pills, and film a proper account of the events with Bobby. When a college football scout comes to Degrassi, and offers Riley a scholarship, he begins questioning being a trailblazer for homosexuals in sport. He takes the offer after talking with Zane and Coach Armstrong. Meanwhile, Adam accepts Fitz's friendship, until offering himself in a sparring match, and Fitz tells him to fight Bianca. The feud between Fitz and Adam escalates from a punch in the hallway, to a meeting in the parking lot, until Eli and Clare intervene to stop Adam.
23 211 "All Falls Down" Part One Alli
25 August 2010 25 August 2010 1023
After Drew realizes that all the time he has been spending with his girlfriend Alli is studying for the upcoming math test, Bianca starts flirting with him. When K.C. tells him that her invite to the boiler room means oral sex, he starts to contemplate a no strings attached fling. Fitz threatens to harm Eli, after Eli tells Principal Simpson that Fitz released a stink bomb during a test, but Clare comes clean to Fitz, and makes a deal to be his date to the Vegas night to prevent a fight. Meanwhile, Holly J. and Sav put the finishing touches on their Vegas night.
24 212 "All Falls Down" Part Two Alli
26 August 2010 26 August 2010 1024

The entire school is at the semester end event, "A Night in Vegas". Drew feels guilty for cheating on Alli, and she finds out after talking with Bianca. Alli tries to make him jealous by going to the boiler room with Owen, but she still has feelings for Drew, and Drew's apology gets interrupted by his mother. Clare tries to end the feud between Eli and Fitz, but when Eli's tainted drink causes Fitz to vomit, Fitz brings out a knife in search for him. Meanwhile, Holly J. and Sav sneak off to an empty room, and Holly J. performs a striptease. Following the events of the night, and school board member Mrs. Torres' semester-long disapproval of Mr. Simpson's leadership regarding discipline of students, he promises major changes to the school.

25 213 "Don't Let Me Get Me" Part One Alli 8 October 2010 8 October 2010 1025
Alli must deal with an increasing rumor that she had inappropriate relations at the school at Vegas night, her feud with Bianca results in her mass-texting inappropriate pictures of Bianca. Jenna feels pressured to have a sob story to garner votes in her talent competition, and decides to tell her pregnancy secret. Adam, Wesley, and Connor try to form a science team for an upcoming competition.
26 214 "Don't Let Me Get Me" Part Two Alli 8 October 2010 8 October 2010 1026
When Bianca discovers that Alli sent the pictures and they fight, resulting in Alli being sent to the Principal's office with her parents. After seeing how upset her parents are when they find out all that she has done, she decides to transfer to an all girls school. Despite revealing her pregnancy secret on national TV, Jenna is eliminated from the talent competition. When K.C. is forced to deal with the fact that he will become a father, he continues to push Jenna away, but his mother is more kind to her.
27 215 "Love Lockdown" Part One Declan
Holly J.
15 October 2010 15 October 2010 1027
Declan has returned from New York to attend the school theatre awards, and to win back Holly J. Finding out that she is now with Sav, it proves more difficult. Chantay tries to fight to keep the Power Squad running, but runs into blocked social network and blog websites, and a mobile phone jammer. Clare's parents agree to attend the awards, but fight the entire time, causing her to run out with Eli, assuming they want to have the divorce talk with her.
28 216 "Love Lockdown" Part Two Declan
Holly J.
22 October 2010 22 October 2010 1028
Declan and Holly J. have sex after a party at Fiona's condo. Holly J. feels she has cheated on Sav, and despite also being accepted to Yale University, she decides to break it off with Declan. Chantay's angry note posted to a bathroom stall wall against Principal Simpson's removal of extra curricular activities blows up into hundreds of notes, which she decides to cover Simpson's car with, resulting in him agreeing to open a forum. Clare continues to act out, hoping to stop her parents fighting with each other, but they divorce anyways.

29 217 "Umbrella" Part One Clare
29 October 2010 29 October 2010 1029
Clare finds out that the family house is being sold, and she will have to jump between parents. She tries to find comfort in the school's Christian club, but instead wants to take Eli's parent's offer of staying the night, regardless that she would be in Eli's room, and her sexual abstinence pledge. Drew and Adam run a food drive, and ask Fiona to volunteer, but both are attracted to her, and try to flirt with her. Dave's police officer father is stationed at Degrassi, and Wes does not understand why Dave is embarrassed.
30 218 "Umbrella" Part Two Clare
5 November 2010 5 November 2010 1030
Clare and Eli's differences continue to clash, and when she works her way into his bedroom, she discovers he is a hoarder, as everything reminds him of his dead ex-girlfriend. Adam continues to have problems with Drew liking Fiona, and it is revealed that Drew thinks Adam does not deserve a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Dave tries to win back his friends by stealing a taser, and shooting Wesley.
31 219 "Halo" Part One Jenna 12 November 2010 12 November 2010 1031
With Jenna's pregnancy hormones raging, she becomes angry at K.C's disinterest with her pregnancy, and has feelings for Sav, even kissing him. K.C. and Drew chase after the same girl. Wesley still has feelings for Anya, but begins to worry about premature ejaculation, after a nocturnal emission, before their date. Adam continues to pursue Fiona, as she misses a dance in New York.
32 220 "Halo" Part Two Jenna 19 November 2010 19 November 2010 1032
Jenna's feelings for Sav continue to fume, which Sav must dampen. K.C., less freaked out by the pregnancy, returns to Jenna's side. When Sav comes clean to Holly J. about the kiss with Jenna, she tells him she had sex with Declan. This news causes Sav to realize his feelings for Holly J., as Jenna and K.C. help them get back together. Wesley purchases a sexual endurance drug for his date with Anya, but this causes an unwanted erection, and a trip to the hospital. Meanwhile, Adam, with the help of Clare and Eli, organize a secret party for Degrassi students, with the intention to impress Fiona.
33 221 "When Love Takes Over" Part One Adam
11 February 2011 11 February 2011 1033
It is Sweetheart Week at Degrassi. Fiona agrees to act in Eli and Clare's play, knowing that she would have to kiss Adam. While rehearsing at her condo, she begins to drink champagne, and the pair start to make out, even after Adam tells Fiona he is transgender. After Anya's mother's cancer has disappeared, Anya pursues a relationship with the eight years older doctor. Dave finds Sadie, and they make a date, but he finds out she is much taller than him.
34 222 "When Love Takes Over" Part Two Adam
11 February 2011 11 February 2011 1034
After Holly J. tells Adam about Fiona's previous drinking problems, he ignores it, and believes that Fiona loves him without being drunk. When Fiona goes too far with the champagne, he, along with the support of Holly J. and Fiona's mother, takes Fiona to an intervention, where she agrees to go to rehab. Anya's mother convinces Anya to tell her potential boyfriend that she lied about her age, and they agree to talk again in two months, when she turns 18. After Sadie overhears Dave talk negatively about her height, she becomes angry, but he overcomes the fear, and makes up with her.
35 223 "The Way We Get By" Part One Bianca
18 February 2011 18 February 2011 1035
Despite helping the basketball team win, Drew finds he is not as popular as he was last semester. K.C. and Dave inform him that it was him cheating with Bianca, that has turned the girls at Degrassi away. Drew decides to be with Bianca, but is excluded from the after game activities. Alli has trouble making friends at her all girls school, and the one friend she invites over for the night, turns out to be using it as an excuse for her to sneak out to meet her boyfriend. After some hesitation to do something Zane is interested in, Riley attends an art showing, which leads the two to return to Riley's home, where his mother catches the two kissing.
36 224 "The Way We Get By" Part Two Bianca
25 February 2011 25 February 2011 1036
Bianca continues to be avoided by the girls at Degrassi, including the basketball girlfriends. Drew, being upset with this, takes mushrooms, and plans to skip the championship game. However, he changes his mind, and his mother stops him from playing. The friend that is supposed to make Alli looks good, causes her to get in trouble when she claims Alli was smoking. After Riley outright tells his mother he is gay, she continues to disbelieve, and he must wait for her to come to terms with it, just like he did.
37 225 "Jesus, Etc." Part One Clare
4 March 2011 4 March 2011 1037
Fitz is out of jail, and takes a job at The Dot, and when he finally talks to Clare, he reveals he has found God, and wants forgiveness. Eli, still angry with what Fitz had done, becomes upset when Clare talks to him. While Alli is suspended from her school, Sav bonds with her. He later recruits Drew to be his drummer for a recording, but Alli finds out, and is upset, causing Sav to explode. Jenna and K.C. feel they do not know enough about children, and attend a course.
38 226 "Jesus, Etc." Part Two Clare
11 March 2011 11 March 2011 1038
Fitz sends Clare multiple e-mails, almost to the point of cyberstalking, wanting to talk with her. When he invites himself to her home, he explains he truly is a Christian, and reveals that his drug addicted step-brother beats him. Worried Fitz is driving Clare away from him, Eli becomes upset, but Clare promises to never leave him. Alli disappears overnight, and Sav tries to convince their parents she is doing it for the drama, but she wrote in her diary she has trouble talking with her parents. Jenna and K.C. babysit a six year old for the day, who turns out to be trouble, however, they learn they will not be as over protective as his mother was.
39 227 "Hide and Seek" Part One Holly J. 18 March 2011 18 March 2011 1039
Holly J. and Chantay have a work placement with a city councillor, when Holly J. is already overtired, and falling asleep at school. When they find out that the placement could turn into a summer job, right before a ten kilometre run, Holly J. pushes herself too far, and becomes sick. Alli has run off to the University of Toronto, where her ex-boyfriend, Johnny, is. He tries to convince her to stop running, but she is still upset with her parents. After reading a letter Wesley wrote himself three years ago, he realizes he is still a nerd, and goes out to break a world record.
40 228 "Hide and Seek" Part Two Holly J. 25 March 2011 25 March 2011 1040
Holly J.'s symptoms worsen, and she tries to self-medicate, only to end up in the hospital after collapsing. Holly J. ignores the doctor, and leaves, until she loses bladder control and learns that she needs kidney dialysis. Alli tries to leave Toronto, but realizes she can not survive on her own. She decides to return home, and her parents welcome her back, wanting to have a fresh start. Wesley attempts to beat the world record for most pogo stick jumps in 24 hours, but falls and wrecks his hand.

41 229 "Chasing Pavements" Part One Fiona 1 April 2011 1 April 2011 1041
Fiona is out of rehab, but still gets tempted by alcohol. She takes her mother and Holly J. to New York to testify against Bobby in the trial, and when they win, Fiona kisses Holly J. in celebration. Alli is back at Degrassi, and to keep her mind off her ex-boyfriend, she studies for a standardized math exam, even though it does not affect her grade, with Clare. Owen tries to hit on Anya, but when she becomes uncomfortable with this, she goes to Coach Armstrong, which consequently gets Owen kicked out of the CPR class he needs for a potential lifeguarding job.
42 230 "Chasing Pavements" Part Two Fiona 8 April 2011 8 April 2011 1042
While Fiona is making out with Adam, she mentions how she likes him for his female body, which causes Adam to become upset. After examining her feelings for Holly J., Fiona realizes that she is a lesbian, as she has never been in love with a boy, and comes out to her mother, and Holly J. Alli promises the grade ten class a school dance if they do well in the math exam. Alli becomes close with Drew, under the watchful eye of Bianca, during studying, and the class gets their dance. Anya again talks to Coach Armstrong, letting Owen back into the CPR class, when he gives her a thank-you hug, he cups her breast, causing her to humiliate him in front of a group of girls at The Dot.
43 231 "Drop the World" Part One Clare
15 April 2011 15 April 2011 1043
Eli has become so close with his girlfriend Clare, that she says he is suffocating her, and asks for a break for a couple days. This is the weekend he planned a road trip on the anniversary of his ex-girlfriend's death, and he becomes upset. Holly J. is not feeling a connection with Sav, and intends to break up with him by telling his mother, but she approves of Holly J. Anya finds out Fiona is in love with Holly J. Jenna worries K.C.'s apartment won't be ready for the baby, and freaks out after he does not set up the crib when he said he would.
44 232 "Drop the World" Part Two Clare
22 April 2011 22 April 2011 1044
Clare realizes that Eli scares her, and asks for space. Eli reacts very emotional, and crashes his car, resulting in a trip to the hospital, Clare breaks up with him. Holly J. tries to direct Fiona's love for her elsewhere, when that does not work, they talk to set things straight. Jenna goes into labour at the school dance, while K.C. is partying with his friends at his apartment, they meet at the hospital.

Season 11 (2011–2012)[]

The first run, of 29 episodes, ran in July and August 2011, for a total of seven weeks. The summer season again aired episodes on the same nights in Canada and the United States. The summer season began with a two episode premiere, and an hour special aired between the summer and winter seasons. This season continued the tradition from season 10, that saw the opening credits revised halfway through the season, to reflect the changing cast.

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 233 "Boom Boom Pow" Part One Bianca
18 July 2011 18 July 2011 1101

It is spring break for the students of Degrassi. Drew breaks curfew to attend a Keke Palmer concert with his girlfriend, Bianca. There she meets an ex-boyfriend, who is involved in a gang, and he takes her to an alley. Drew catches him trying to rape Bianca, and in the ensuing altercation, Bianca knocks him out, and loses her bracelet. Sav meets Palmer on the street, not knowing it is her, and she invites him to the concert, and then on stage with her. Fiona's vacation plans are scrubbed, and she instead attends an art class with Holly J., where she asks out the model.

  • Note: Aired as a one-hour special titled "Spring Fever" in the US, this was filmed at the end of season 10 in 2010.
2 234 "Boom Boom Pow" Part Two Bianca
18 July 2011 18 July 2011 1102

Drew and Bianca find out that the gang member was killed, and she convinces him to keep quiet. When looking for Bianca's lost bracelet, she and Drew are told by another gang member, Vince, that they are going to be killed. In order to be kept safe, Drew finds out he must shoot someone to enter the gang. He then considers the situation, and turns himself into police. Sav, now with a crush on Keke Palmer, meets up with her, and she decides to elude her entourage with him. In a later video chat, Keke tells him she does have feelings for him. Fiona takes her date to her loft, where things move too quickly for Fiona, but they decide to first be friends, and then move on from there.

  • Note: Aired as a one-hour special titled "Spring Fever" in the US, this was filmed at the end of season 10 in 2010.
3 235 "Love Game" Clare 19 July 2011 19 July 2011 1103
Clare cannot figure out why Eli has no feelings after their breakup. She then meets Jake, a transfer to Degrassi, and the son of her mother's friend. He helps her realize that it is her who still has feelings, and needs to deal with her relationship with Eli. The next day, Eli tells her he is taking anti-anxiety drugs. Jenna is overwhelmed with the baby, and gets mad that K.C. is not helping. After dumping the baby on him, they decide Jenna and Tyson should move in with K.C. and his mother.

4 236 "What's My Age Again?" Anya 20 July 2011 20 July 2011 1104
Anya turns eighteen, and hopes to start dating a 26 year-old doctor, while Owen continues to flirt with her. She finds out the doctor will be in Africa for a year, and has sex with Owen at her birthday party. K.C. continues to struggle to be there for Jenna, and help with the baby, in the end he gets a job at Little Miss Steaks. Connor, struggling with his Asperger syndrome, shows an interest in girls, and steals a pair of Fiona's underwear, while attending a party. Drew meets with lawyers about the night he reportedly killed a gang member, and his mother continues to tell him Bianca is bad news for him.
5 237 "Idioteque" Bianca
21 July 2011 21 July 2011 1105
After Drew is unable to get an erection, when he is trying to have sex with Bianca, he admits that he is still thinking about Vince, and the gang that is out to kill him. When Drew becomes distant with Bianca, she has sex with Vince, hoping he would leave Drew alone, and Drew would appreciate her again, but instead Drew breaks up with her, and gets beaten in a public place. Owen begins bragging about his one night stand, and Anya accidentally makes a public post on the internet that it was her. After disregarding what others think about Owen, she decides to go on a date with him. Connor continues to steal women's underwear, starting with Miss Oh's.
6 238 "Cry Me a River" Part One Adam
25 July 2011 25 July 2011 1106
Dave and Adam vie for a position on the school's radio system, and Sav ends up giving them a two man show. When Adam is in the washroom trying to observe Dave's urinal stance, Dave mistakes it for a peak at his penis, then later when Adam tries to use a stand up to urinate device, Dave is curious, and Adam drops the device. Dave takes his frustrations to the radio show the next day, posing the question if "trannys" should enter the boy's washroom, offending Adam. Fiona joins the grade 11 drama class, but instead skips school to spend time with Charlie. Clare writes a newspaper piece hoping to join the newspaper, but is overzealous, and does not get in because she wrote more than Katie had asked for.

7 239 "Cry Me a River" Part Two Adam
26 July 2011 26 July 2011 1107
Dave sees the school turn on him, but continues to ask why Adam should get special treatment. When he attempts to enter the girl's washroom wearing a skirt, he gets into a fight with Adam. Principal Simpson gives them both detention, and Adam likens the transgender issue to racism, which causes to Dave to give a formal apology. Clare continues to bag Katie for a position on the newspaper, and when Sav intervenes, Katie invites Clare to join, but gives her the job of following the school play. While Fiona tries to reach out to a distant Charlie, she gets the directing position of the play, and invites Charlie to live with her.
8 240 "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Part One Eli
27 July 2011 27 July 2011 1108
Eli, trying to write the school play, encounters writer's block, and meets the outlandish Imogen. K.C. works at a restaurant, and does not have time for Jenna and Tyson. Jenna gets upset when she hears he stayed late to party, Marisol's idea. Riley's mother still has not accepted that he is gay, so when she sets him up on a date with a girl, the date convinces him to keep acting straight.
9 241 "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Part Two Eli
28 July 2011 28 July 2011 1109
Eli, with encouragement from Imogen, quits his anti-anxiety medication. He is able to have emotions, and writes the school play. Riley feels pressure from his parents to be straight, and asks Zane to act along, but decides not to put him through it, and breaks up with Zane. K.C. decides his job is keeping him from school and family and must quit. However, Marisol gets him a raise, and the two mutually flirt.
10 242 "Paper Planes" Part One Anya 1 August 2011 1 August 2011 1110
Not being accepted into her first university choice, Anya feels pressure from A student Holly J. and partying boyfriend Owen to make the right choices. To try to get away from it all, Anya decides to do cocaine. Fiona discovers bed bugs in her loft, and assumes it is her new roommate Charlie's, and in turn they learn about each other. Connor claims his girl underwear fetish is over, and plans to make a phone app for girl's clothing, but gets caught in the women's washroom.
11 243 "Paper Planes" Part Two Anya 2 August 2011 2 August 2011 1111
Anya attends an interview to get her accepted into another university, but when it does not go well, she takes cocaine, and becomes erratic. When Anya does not get the university acceptance, she continues to take the drug, and defies her mother. Fiona struggles in telling Charlie her previous problems with alcohol, and learns she is still unable to be around it. Alli recognizes her clothes in Connor's app, and tells Principal Simpson, Connor was in the girl's washroom. Simpson suspends him, and he attends an academic behaviour program, to help him deal with his Asperger syndrome.
12 244 "Should've Said No" Part One Clare
3 August 2011 3 August 2011 1112
Jake and his father are helping Clare's mother with home renovations, and Clare sees Jake shirtless. Clare can not keep her mind off how handsome he is, and wants to start a relationship, but hears he asked Katie out. When talking about their parents, they decided to keep it casual. Drew is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder when trying to fit back into school, he cannot handle the people at school, and asks his mother to move. Dave tries to convince himself that it is alright to be friends with Alli, but when he has to lie to his girlfriend about seeing her, he reconsiders.
13 245 "Should've Said No" Part Two Clare
4 August 2011 4 August 2011 1113
Clare finds out her father cheated on her mother before they divorced, causing her to question her casual relationship with Jake. After she decides to be exclusive with Jake, they find out their parents are dating. Drew considers moving, which upsets his younger brother, Adam, when he can not handle the stresses at Degrassi, but instead takes up ultimate fighting (mixed martial arts). Dave's feelings for Alli intensify, so he decides to be truthful with his girlfriend, causing her to dramatically break-up with him.
14 246 "U Don't Know" Part One Holly J. 8 August 2011 8 August 2011 1114
Holly J. starts to look for a kidney donor within her family, and when she finds out no one has the same blood type, she starts to suspect she was adopted, which are proven true. Adam is attracted to Katie, and thinks she may be reciprocating this feeling, but when Marisol says otherwise, he worries about his female appearance. Imogen wants to play the role of Clare in the school play, so she begins shadowing her.
15 247 "U Don't Know" Part Two Holly J. 9 August 2011 9 August 2011 1115
Holly J. finds her birth mother, and after mustering the strength to ask her to be a kidney donor, she asks Holly J. for $20,000. Adam worries that Katie is not attracted to him, because of his growing breasts, he asks to have surgery, but is too young, and instead wears a compression vest. Imogen has feelings for, and continues to flirt with, Eli, but she receives nothing in return.
16 248 "Lose Yourself" Part One Jenna
10 August 2011 10 August 2011 1116
Jenna struggles to find a way to attend Degrassi again, so K.C.'s mother agrees to watch the baby, Tyson, in the mornings. Jenna leaves Tyson unattended, and he falls off a table. Sav, with a crush on Miss Oh, competes to write the score for the school play. He wins, but is blackmailed into working with his competitor. When Clare finds out Eli has hired Jake to construct sets, she worries Eli is out to harm Jake.

17 249 "Lose Yourself" Part Two Jenna
11 August 2011 11 August 2011 1117
Jenna and K.C. get a visit from child services, after Jenna finds out K.C. has been cheating with Marisol at work. Their arguments grow as K.C. continues to leave Tyson with Jenna, and they decide to put Tyson up for adoption. Sav's love song to Miss Oh is leaked to her, and thinking things have been ruined between the two, Sav attends a concert, where he meets Miss Oh on a friendly basis. Clare is concerned Eli is jealous of Jake, but after reading the school play, she finds out Eli has made her character the hero.
18 250 "Mr. Brightside" Part One Drew 15 August 2011 15 August 2011 1118
Drew continues to train in mixed martial arts, with the mindset that he would be ready if anyone were ever to attack him. The news of unsupervised fighting gets to Principal Simpson, and he closes the weight room to unsupervised activities. Alli tries to sell Dave to her parents, but he feels that the presented self is not him. Holly J. finds out exchanging money for organs is illegal, and her birth mother is still not willing to give up her time and kidney for Holly J.
19 251 "Mr. Brightside" Part Two Drew 16 August 2011 16 August 2011 1119
Drew continues to increase the intensity of his fights, hoping to distract him from his fear of being beaten. At an illegal fight club, a fight goes to far, and is stopped by Katie. Drew's new girlfriend then teaches him to direct his skill into taekwondo. Dave returns to Alli's parents, as himself, and her father takes a liking to him, as Alli joins in on a poker game with the two. Holly J. continues regular meetings with her birth mother, and when Fiona buys her old prom dress for $20,000, she agrees to donate her kidney.
20 252 "Extraordinary Machine" Part One Eli 17 August 2011 17 August 2011 1120
Eli is off his medication and unstable. He is convinced that he can use the play to repair his relationship with Clare, and drives the cast and crew crazy with multiple script changes. K.C. and Jenna interview a couple that wants to adopt their baby, but K.C. fears he will lose Jenna after the baby is gone, and she moves out. Anya, still without any post-graduation plans, continues using cocaine, resulting in a break-up with Owen, she then sees an advertisement for the Canadian Forces.
21 253 "Extraordinary Machine" Part Two Eli 18 August 2011 18 August 2011 1121
Despite Imogen's efforts, Eli is obsessed with getting Clare back, to the point of framing Jake for drug possession. His feelings erupt at the end of the school play, in an improvised monologue, saying there are no happy endings in life and setting a copy of the script on fire. Anya's army application is rejected when she fails the drug test, and her secret is revealed to her mother, but she continues to pursue this career path. K.C. and Jenna give up their baby, Tyson, for adoption, and Jenna moves in with Alli.
22 254 "Drop It Like It's Hot" Part One Alli
22 August 2011 22 August 2011 1122
Alli plans a date night in order to tell Dave she will be gone for the summer, and Dave presumes he is going to lose his virginity. The miscommunication causes Dave to stop talking to her, until she buys him NBA tickets with her poker winnings, which she obtains by card counting. Wesley is threatened by another male student, when he joins him and his girlfriend in a science project, Wesley then lies about driving to impress her. Bianca is threatened by a gang member into peddling drugs at Degrassi.
23 255 "Drop It Like It's Hot" Part Two Alli
23 August 2011 23 August 2011 1123
Alli finds an underground poker group, and becomes addicted. Tensions rise when the other players realize Alli has been counting cards, and Dave must call his police officer father to breakup the game, and ultimately the two. Wesley is pulled over while driving without a driver's permit, but his girlfriend remains by his side. Bianca becomes friends with Imogen.

24 256 "Don't Panic" Part One Katie
24 August 2011 24 August 2011 1124
Katie keeps her relationship with Drew secret from long time friend Marisol, which makes Marisol upset when she finds out. After Katie calls Marisol a home wrecker at a student council rally, Marisol reveals to Drew Katie's bulimia. Eli returns to Degrassi with some counselling, but is unable to apologize to Jake. Sav and Miss Oh flirt over music.
25 257 "Don't Panic" Part Two Katie
25 August 2011 25 August 2011 1125
The rumours of Katie's bulimia circulate around Degrassi, and she worries that she will lose the presidential election. However, when it appears that the relationship between Katie and Marisol will end, Marisol says that the bulimia rumour was made up, winning the election for Katie. Eli helps Jake and Clare confess their love for each other. Sav's and Miss Oh's flirting continues, resulting in a trip to the principal's office, however they both stay interested in each other.
26 258 "Take a Bow" Part One Fiona 29 August 2011 29 August 2011 1126
After Holly J. and Anya gets dates to prom, Fiona hopes to ask Charlie, her ex-girlfriend to the prom. She finds out that Charlie has a girlfriend, and she only wants to be friends with Fiona, this leads to a relapse into drinking. Anya is accepted into the army, and begins physical training with her ex-boyfriend Owen, leading to his interest in her again. Katie assumes that the prom night with Drew will lead to sex, and begins preparations.
27 259 "Take a Bow" Part Two Fiona 30 August 2011 30 August 2011 1127
Holly J.'s kidney transplant gets rescheduled to prom night, and Fiona feels too guilty and depressed about her drinking to talk to her friends. The group of girlfriends, with Anya and Chantay, help bring each other's spirits up for one more evening together. Katie and Drew both do not want to bring sex into their relationship so early, so Katie meets Drew's mother.

28 260 "Dead and Gone" Part One Bianca
31 August 2011 31 August 2011 1128
Drew sees Bianca with Vince, the gang member that orchestrated his beating, and finds out that she has been dating him to keep Drew safe. Drew decides to meet him, and says the debt is done, although not reciprocated. Clare and Jake keep their relationship secret from their parents, until the parents announce their engagement. Now that school is done, Sav hopes to have a night alone with Miss Oh, but is unable to.

29 261 "Dead and Gone" Part Two Bianca
1 September 2011 1 September 2011 1129
The Degrassi students attend prom. Drew invites his ex-girlfriend, Bianca to the prom, and things are awkward with his current girlfriend Katie. Riley and Zane talk for the first time since their breakup, Riley tells Zane his mother accepts him. Clare talks to Jake about how their parents marrying will affect their relationship, and he breaks up with her. Vince comes to fight Drew, when that fails, a gun is pulled, and Adam, Drew's transgender brother, is shot in the shoulder. Miss Oh and Sav both find out via text message, as they have snuck to Degrassi. Bianca decides to shoot Vince in retaliation, but Drew talks her out of it, the police are called, and Vince is arrested. The next day, the heat between Miss Oh and Sav is still there.

30/31 262/263 "Nowhere to Run" (Parts 1-2) Clare
24 October 2011 18 November 2011 1130 & 1131

The Degrassi students return from a summer of activities a week before the new school year. Jake and Clare are still not talking, and their parents wedding sends Jake looking for space away from Clare. Katie is concerned that Bianca has been spending too much time with Drew, and Alli returns to Dave to find out he has cheated on her. Jake invites Katie, Drew, Marisol, and Alli to his remote cabin for a summer ending event, when Clare finds out, Bianca agrees to drive her. Clare arrives to find Alli kissing Jake, and runs into the woods, Jake and Drew follow, but Eli finds her first. Marisol freaks out when strange things start to happen, and Bianca keeps making references to horror movies. Marisol and Katie decide to relax with some weed Marisol found in the couch, but the two become paranoid in a shed. When repairing Clare's wound, Jake admits he still has feelings to her, the night ends with Clare and Jake's parents checking in on the party. The following morning Clare and Alli separate as friends, Katie becomes more comfortable with Bianca around, and Clare's and Jake's flirtation returns.

  • Note: This is a horror themed one-hour special, and airs as "Bleeding Love" in half-hour syndication.
32 264 "Underneath It All" Part One Fiona 24 February 2012 20 February 2012 1132
Fiona is nervous about making new friends in her new class, and decides to hold a party. After the apprehension of Imogen attending, a truth or dare game leads to a prank at Degrassi. Clare's and Jake's secret relationship grows, and Clare begins to consider having sex. Maya shows a liking to Zig, but past classmates Tori and Tristan warn her that he is bad news.

33 265 "Underneath It All" Part Two Fiona 24 February 2012 24 February 2012 1133
The grade 12 class decides to let Imogen take the blame for the overnight cafeteria prank. When Fiona feels bad for Imogen, she decides to come clean, but Katie and Marisol stick to their story, and Fiona's and Imogen's friendship returns. When Clare tells Jake she is ready for sex, Jake begins to worry about the commitment he is making. Maya asks Zig to let Tori have closure from their past relationship, but it backfires, and Zig begins dating Tori again.
34 266 "Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part One Katie 2 March 2012 2 March 2012 1134
With Drew cheering on, Katie is going through tryouts for a national soccer team. After a girl, who Katie previously injured, trips her, her knee becomes injured, and is told not to exert her knee. Katie takes codeine from her mother, who is wheelchair bound with MS. Jenna is still taking the break up with K.C. hard, and her poetry class inspires her to write a song. Tristan becomes worried Zig is taking Tori away from him.
35 267 "Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part Two Katie 9 March 2012 9 March 2012 1135
With a stressful day at school, Katie takes her mother's codeine during the day, despite sister Maya's warnings. Katie's knee gets too warn out before the soccer tryouts, and she requires surgery and recovery before being able to play again. After ex-boyfriend K.C. overhears Jenna's song about him, he writes a poem making Jenna's character a monster. Jenna keeps her song about how she is over K.C., and it is widely received well. Also at the coffee house, Tristan decides to sing without the Tori-Zig couple, but the two decide they will stick together, and Tristan does not get booed off the stage.
36 268 "Not Ready to Make Nice" Part One Clare 16 March 2012 16 March 2012 1136
Clare finds out Jenna is interested in another ex-boyfriend, Jake, whom he has invited to his birthday supper. When diving into vampire fiction is not enough of an escape, and her father does not have room, Clare moves in with a group of friends she had previously met. Connor makes it on to the football team, but has trouble fitting in, especially with Mo. Fiona continues to hang out with Imogen, but when she realizes she has feelings for her, Fiona decides Imogen should date Eli.
37 269 "Not Ready to Make Nice" Part Two Clare 23 March 2012 23 March 2012 1137
Clare continues to find comfort in the group of friends she has found a home with, and they continue to encourage her away from her past life. She finds out they run a marijuana growing operation, until it is broken up by police; Jake's brotherly commitment convinces Clare to move back home. Connor poses as a girl online, in a prank for Mo to skip a football game, to be stood up by a girl, but the two reconcile. Fiona makes a surprise date for Eli and Imogen, which at first turns them off, but then they decide to start dating.
38 270 "Need You Now" Part One Eli
30 March 2012 30 March 2012 1138
Imogen and Eli's relationship grows, and Imogen models an art piece off Eli's bipolar disorder, after learning about the disorder. This initially angers Eli, and he becomes more obsessed over Imogen. K.C. becomes interested in the baby he and Jenna gave up for adoption, while Jenna does not. Tori gets on the power squad, but is kicked off for being late to rehearsal, she then becomes the mascot.
39 271 "Need You Now" Part Two Eli
6 April 2012 6 April 2012 1139
Eli believes Imogen is spending time with another guy, and confronts her while she is confiding in Fiona. Worried this is another episode, Eli visits his therapist, who tells him he is a normal teenager, and Eli and Imogen's relationship recovers. K.C. learns that he will not be involved in the life of his son, and learns to be more responsible. When Tori makes Zig realize he does not compromise for her, he becomes the mascot, and Tori returns to the power squad.
40 272 "Smash Into You" Part One Dave 13 April 2012 13 April 2012 1140
Dave and Alli get back together, when Dave joins a model UN with Alli. Dave's summer fling, Jacinta, tries to reconnect with him, Dave calls her a stalker, and tries to remove all connection with her. Adam, with an LGBT button on his backpack, begins to receive notes from an admirer, Tori explains it is a friend of hers, who is interested in Adam. Marisol teams with Mo to enter the model UN.
41 273 "Smash Into You" Part Two Dave 20 April 2012 20 April 2012 1141
Jacinta ignores Dave's rejection at the model UN, straining his renewed relationship with Alli. While trying to escort Jacinta to the train station, she runs off with his phone, and is hit by a car. Adam meets his blind date, Tristan, and after some encouragement from Clare, Adam give Tristan a pep talk for coming out. Marisol realizes she has feelings for Mo, and the two share a kiss.
42 274 "Hollaback Girl" Part One Bianca 27 April 2012 27 April 2012 1142
Bianca's life has turned around, she's cleaned up, and is getting better grades. Drew's girlfriend Katie befriends Bianca, but only for her connections to drug dealers. Marisol is embarrassed being seen with Mo, and Mo is nervous to create the perfect date. Alli becomes concerned when Dave spends time with Jacinta.
43 275 "Hollaback Girl" Part Two Bianca 4 May 2012 4 May 2012 1143
Katie is hospitalized after overdosing, and is taken out of school to attend rehab. Drew stands by Katie, despite his feelings for Bianca, and Drew's mother takes on a motherly role for Bianca. Marisol separates herself from Mo, and Mo takes pictures of himself with strippers, hoping to improve his image. Dave stresses over what others are saying about him online, and he and Alli fight during a date.
44 276 "In the Cold, Cold Night" Part One Fiona 11 May 2012 11 May 2012 1144
With Katie gone, Marisol has trouble running Student Council, Fiona and Imogen go over her head, and get Principal Simpson to approve a semester ending event, with Fiona's funding. Meanwhile Fiona's attraction to Imogen grows. Clare agrees to put together a school newspaper in a week, meaning she has to reconcile with old friends. Maya, an expert cellist, has trouble fitting in grade 9 band.
45 277 "In the Cold, Cold Night" Part Two Fiona 18 May 2012 18 May 2012 1145
When the Coyne's finances are frozen, the semester ending event runs into funding problems, and Fiona considers leaving Degrassi. Fiona decides to sell her stuff, the event is a success, and Fiona and Imogen share a kiss. Working on the school newspaper, Clare and Eli are talking again, and also share a kiss. After Maya considers auditioning for a band at a bar, she decides taking up the trumpet will be the challenge she is looking for.

Season 12 (2012–2013)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 278 "Come As You Are" Part One Drew July 16, 2012 July 16, 2012 1201
Drew returns from break ready to end things with Katie, but begins to lose himself while drunk at a party after getting very drunk and suffering a fall. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but he seems to be ignoring her.
2 279 "Come As You Are" Part Two Drew July 17, 2012 July 17, 2012 1202
After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the party. At school, he finds out that during his attempts to break up with Katie, he had sex with her. He breaks up with her, and she is not happy about it. Clare begins to worry that her new internship might get in the way of her relationship with Eli.
3 280 "Walking On Broken Glass/Gives You Hell" Part One Katie July 18, 2012 July 18, 2012 1203
Rejected and angry, Katie seeks revenge on Drew. During an attempt to do so with Jake, she turns her anger on Bianca and ruins her car. She puts more at risk and eventually goes too far. Mr. Simpson asks Eli to work with Becky on the play. When Eli doesn't listen to her suggestions, she submits the idea for him.
4 281 "Walking On Broken Glass/Gives You Hell" Part Two Drew July 19, 2012 July 19, 2012 1204
After Bianca breaks up with Drew because of his recent antics, Drew feels like his life is falling apart. In an attempt to win her back, he faints in the hallway. At the emergency room, he finds out that he has multiple head injuries from last year and the party. Meanwhile, Eli and Becky struggle to cast the play, especially when Becky's bigoted views get in the way. She quits the play when Eli turns it into a promotion for gay tolerance.
5 282 "Got Your Money" Part One Zig July 23, 2012 July 23, 2012 1205
Zig tries to hide the fact that he’s poor from Tori. His friend tells him of an easy way to do so. During their four month anniversary dinner, Zig leaves without paying for their meal. Dave wonders if he’s the right choice to play Romeo when he finds out that his opposite is another male.
6 283 "Got Your Money" Part Two Zig July 24, 2012 July 24, 2012 1206
Zig must pay Marisol for his Dine and Dash if he wants to escape getting in trouble with the law, being beaten by Mo, getting kicked out of the band, and losing Tori. But to fix one bad, he might have to commit an even worse one. Dave begins to worry what others will think of him if he performs in the play. Fiona wants Imogen to define their relationship.
7 284 "Say It Ain't So" Part One Alli July 25, 2012 July 25, 2012 1207
Alli is offered a scholarship to MIT, but begins to worry that she may be pregnant. Jake decides college isn’t for him.
8 285 "Say It Ain't So" Part Two Alli July 26, 2012 July 26, 2012 1208
Alli makes a difficult choice, either stay with her boyfriend at the cost of giving up her once-in-a-lifetime MIT opprotunity, of go to MIT at the cost of having an abortion. Fortunately, she discovers she is not pregnant. Jake tries to prove himself to his father, but causes a disaster in doing so.
9 286 "Closer to Free" Part One Jenna July 30, 2012 July 30, 2012 1209
Jenna bonds with Becky — and Becky’s hot brother, Luke. When Becky tricks Jenna at performing for her Christian Youth group, Jenna feels pressured by Becky's religion, but puts these feelings away once she and Luke form feelings for each other. When Clare's boss, Asher, gives her advice on a school assignment, Clare gets annoyed when Connor and Adam do not feel like putting that much effort into it.
10 287 "Closer to Free" Part Two Jenna July 31, 2012 July 31, 2012 1210
Jenna gets baptized, not for religion, but for Luke, but finds out that Luke never really had feelings for her at all. Despite this, she decides to give religion a chance. Connor creates a blog about Clare, and later uses it to get back at her. Drew considers dropping out of Degrassi and taking up a great job.
11 288 "Waterfalls" Part One Clare August 1, 2012 August 1, 2012 1211
Clare tries to impress Asher, be shows signs of being obsessed with him. It turns out to be the other way around when he grabs and kisses her. K.C. and Bianca play matchmaker between K.C.'s mother and their team captain.
12 289 "Waterfalls" Part Two Clare August 2, 2012 August 2, 2012 1212
Asher sexually harasses Clare, and threatens to ruin her career reputation if she tells anyone. Clare blames herself and doesn't tell anyone, until it is too late — as a result, she loses her internship. K.C. gets some surprising news about his father.
13 290 "Rusty Cage" Part One Campbell August 6, 2012 August 6, 2012 1213
Cam blows off hockey practice to hang out with Maya. When the hockey team finds out about this, they put him under torturous training as punishment, leaving Cam distressed. K.C.’s dad is released from jail, but seems to have intentions of turning his life around.
14 291 "Rusty Cage" Part Two Campbell August 7, 2012 August 7, 2012 1214
Cam is shown to be a hockey prodigy, but struggles to live up to everyone’s expectations on the ice. He may do just about anything to get out of hockey. K.C. wants his dad out of his life after he proves that he hasn't changed at all. As a result, K.C. leaves Degrassi.
15 292 "Never Ever" Part One Imogen August 8, 2012 August 8, 2012 1215
Imogen designs a set for the musical, but when it costs too much money to put up, she considers asking her mother, whom she barely talks to after her parents divorce. Her father, however, begins acting stranger than ever. Meanwhile, Becky interferes with ticket sales, but during so, she gets a crush on Adam. Katie has a crush on Jake, but hangs out with Dallas instead.
16 293 "Never Ever" Part Two Imogen August 9, 2012 August 9, 2012 1214
Imogen worries about her dad’s strange behavior, and finds out terrible news. Becky bonds with Adam, until she learns his secret. Katie and Jake kiss, leaving Dallas felling rejected in front of his team.
17 294 "Sabotage" Part One Clare August 13, 2012 August 13, 2012 1217
Clare feels stress due to her past with Asher, and ends up bonding with Dallas, until he mistakes her cries for help for cries for attention. Clare then teams up with Katie and Jake and writes an article that stirs up trouble at school and makes her a new enemy — Mike Dallas. Both Alli and Bianca seem to be overwhelmed with school work, too much for their boyfriends.
18 295 "Sabotage" Part Two Clare August 14, 2012 August 14, 2012 1218
Eli organizes a surprise birthday party to cheer Clare up, and starts to suspect that she’s hiding something. Dallas and his team decide to crash the party. Alli ignores Dave and their spark begins to die down. Drew gives Bianca a great surprise.
19 296 "Scream" Part One Clare
August 15, 2012 August 15, 2012 1219
When a group of parents try to stop the play, Eli takes action. To his surprise, however it isn't about the plays two homosexual lead characters, but is about something he completely overlooked. Meanwhile, Becky wants to “save” Adam, but he ends up teaching her a lesson or two.
20 297 "Scream" Part Two Clare
August 16, 2012 August 16, 2012 1220
On opening night for Romeo and Jules, Tristan is nowhere to be found. When Tori, Maya, and Zig can't find him, they make a desperate call for Owen's help. When even Eli can't help her, Clare consults Katie's help on getting revenge against Asher's sexual abuse.
21 298 "Building a Mystery" Part One Adam
October 12, 2012 October 12, 2012 1221
As Becky begins to fall for Adam, she worries how her conservative parents will react. Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom. At a loss for film ideas, Eli is desperate for creative inspiration.
22 299 "Building a Mystery" Part Two Adam
October 19, 2012 October 19, 2012 1222
Becky doesn't want to keep Adam a secret from her parents any longer. Eli's film turns out to be a disaster. Bianca has to choose between Audra and Drew.
23 300 "Doll Parts" Part One Maya October 26, 2012 October 26, 2012 1223
Maya feels unnapreciated by her boyfriend and her band, so Tori gives her a makeover. Marisol draws a frightening conclusion when Mo starts acting secretive around her. Adam wants his mother to let him be on the volleyball team. 
24 301 "Doll Parts" Part Two Maya November 2, 2012 November 2, 2012 1224
The pageant isn't just fun and games for Maya now as she competes against Tori. Marisol decides to stage an intervention for Mo after assuming he has a drug problem. The first day of volleyball practice, Adam gets hurt, but he doesn't want to admit that to his mother. 
25 302 "I Want It That Way" Part One Alli November 9, 2012 November 9, 2012 1225
Alli's schedule is crammed and she wants to have fun, so Dallas is there to help her have it. After wanting to impress Fab, Tristan realizes he is going to have to lose some weight. Fiona wants to get along with Imogen's mother, but she isn't making it very easy.
26 303 "I Want It That Way" Part Two Alli November 16, 2012 November 16, 2012 1226
Alli starts taking pills to keep her awake with her busy schedule, but how far will it go before things get serious? Tristan's diet is becoming much more and he's starting to push himself to the max. Imogen gets upset when Fiona talks to Imogen's mother more than she does.
27 304 "Tonight, Tonight" Part One Adam November 20, 2012 November 20, 2012 1227
Adam hits it off with another musician at the battle of the bands contest. Zig knows that his kiss with Maya meant something and wants her to admit it. Clare is annoyed with the fact that Jake can have Katie over longer than she can have Eli and decides to do something about it.
28 305 "Tonight, Tonight" Part Two Adam November 20, 2012 November 20, 2012 1228
Things start to get messy with Missy and Adam might cost his band a spot in battle of the bands. Maya doesn't want Tori to find out about her kiss with Zig, but he isn't making it very easy. Clare has had enough of her parents and decides to go for a joyride with Eli.
29/30 306/307 "Viva Las Vegas" Bianca
December 14, 2012 December 14, 2012 1229 & 1230
Drew can't wait to tie the knot with Bianca in Vegas, but as the date gets closer, he finds himself longing for a big, traditional Torres family wedding. When Drew contacts his mom, Audra travels to Las Vegas determined to put a stop to the ceremony, leaving Bianca furious that Drew is second guessing the nuptials. Drew then decides to plan a big gesture by singing to Bianca while everyone else was playing an instrument and he reproposes to her and she says yes. In the end, they have an engagement party celebrating their engagement. Katie's ecstatic that she's been accepted to her dream school, Stanford University, but when her parents break the news that they can't afford to send her away, she comes up with a plan: go to Vegas and win her tuition. Katie then decided to sneak into a casino under-aged and play Blackjack where she meets the man who created Facerange who then gives Katie 1,000 dollars saying she's worth it. Katie then loses all her money playing Blackjack. Katie then visits Darrin about getting a job but instead he gives her the money back in exchange for a day with her. When she decides to accept the offer, Darrin says that he will pay one full year at Stanford if she would have sex with him. At first she considers it but in the end she runs out of his hotel room and doesn't hook up with him.
31 308 "Bitter Sweet Symphony" Part One Campbell February 15, 2013 February 15, 2013 1231
Cam is worried Zig will take Maya away from him, and starts a fight with Zig in a ball hockey game. Dallas lays on the pressure of hockey success, he makes up with Maya, and Zig calls him a psycho, causing Cam to have emotional highs and lows. Clare moves her stuff into Eli's locker, and Dave likens it to marriage, leasing Eli to read Clare's journal. Dallas continues to pursue Alli, who makes him realize he is a bully.
32 309 "Bitter Sweet Symphony" Part Two Maya February 22, 2013 February 22, 2013 1232
Cam commits suicide in the school garden, and everyone reacts in their own way. Maya tries to focus on music, but her sister, Katie, convinces her to speak at the candlelight vigil. She learns to grieve, and becomes friends with Tori again. Dallas blames himself, drinks, and considers jumping off the school's roof, but Fiona talks him down. Eli tries to work through seeing Cam's dead body.
33 310 "Ray of Light" Part One Eli March 1, 2013 March 1, 2013 1233
Eli tries to get over finding Cam's dead body by taking MDMA given to him by Talia. Jenna and Connor go on a date. Katie thinks the manager at Little Miss Steaks is looking for more from Maya than her music.
34 311 "Ray of Light" Part Two Eli March 8, 2013 March 8, 2013 1234
Clare begins to worry about Eli's mental health when she finds out that he has been using MDMA. After consideration, Becky tries to convince Jenna to date her brother, Luke, and not Connor. Katie tries to get back the garden and Jake.
35 312 "Karma Police" Part One Fiona March 15, 2013 March 15, 2013 1235
Fiona starts a Twitter account, but when she starts oversharing, she runs into trouble. Dallas finally gets Alli to go out with him again, but when an unexpected guest shows up on their date, Alli finds out that Dallas has been hiding something, or someone from her. Zig can't get over his guilt over Cam's suicide, and his guilt turns to anger which lands him in trouble at school.
36 313 "Karma Police" Part Two Fiona March 22, 2013 March 22, 2013 1236
After the attack in her loft, will Fiona ever feel safe again? She goes to extreme measures to achieve peace of mind. Zig tries to make it up to Madame Jean-Aux, but his performance gets mixed reactions from the crowd. Dallas tries to be a better dad for Rocky.
37 314 "Zombie" Part One Maya March 29, 2013 March 29, 2013 1237
In an attempt to change her reputation as a mild-mannered cellist and step out from under her older sister's ever-present shadow, Maya goes crazy at a party and posts a video of herself on the Internet to prove it. When Drew is nominated for school president, he casually agrees that he may as well run - no biggie - against the very serious Clare. When Alli starts to spend more time with Jenna after her failed romance with DallasConnor becomes jealous and sets her up with another sad and lonely individual...Eli.
38 315 "Zombie" Part Two Maya April 5, 2013 April 5, 2013 1238
Maya channels her confused feelings about her loss and acts out in unexpected ways. When Drew learns people think he's a joke, he starts taking the campaign seriously, and actually tries to win. Connor tries to get Eli to take back Clare.
39 & 40 316/317 "The Time of My Life" Imogen June 21, 2013 June 21, 2013 1239 & 1240
Imogen can’t imagine saying goodbye to Fiona, and resorts to desperate measures to try keep them together. Clare attempts to move on with her life without Eli. Mo wants to lock down a "bromance" with Jake before the summer.

Season 13 (2013–2014)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1-2 318-319 "Summertime" Maya July 11, 2013 July 11, 2013 1301-1302
Maya is looking to play it cool and put the past behind her, but things heat up when she makes a questionable judgement call and winds up banned from the trip! Clare thought her summer would be a bummer with Eli off in New York City, but the Europe trip on the Horizon promises sunny skies ahead, as long as her cancer results come in negative. Adam got an awesome summer job at Degrassi's Kids Camp, but his beach babe, Becky, is Florida-bound for the next two months. He's insecure about being apart and wonders if time and distance will kill their relationship.
3 320 "All I Wanna Do" Clare July 18, 2013 July 18, 2013 1303
Tristan lets his eyes wander to his roommate, Miles. Not ready to come out to the new kids, Tristan panics and pretends to have a girlfriend. Could a fake girlfriend bring real problems? Alli is lonely in Paris and tries to make the best of it without her BFF. Despite her illness, Clare is determined to remain a regular girl.
4 321 "My Own Worst Enemy" Clare July 25, 2013 July 25, 2013 1304
Drew helps a scared Clare try to break free from the hospital. Alli starts to find romance in Paris. Tristan begins to develop feelings for Miles.
5 322 "About A Girl" Adam August 1, 2013 August 1, 2013 1305
Adam becomes jealous of Becky spending time with Todd, leading him to make a potentially wrong move. Alli may be falling too hard and fast for Leo. Maya can't stand the romance between Miles and Zoë.
6 323 "Cannonball" Adam August 8, 2013 August 8, 2013 1306
Adam takes Dallas’ advice and tries juggling two girls at once. But he’s not that kind of guy. When upset Tristan goes AWOL in Paris, Maya enlists her sworn enemy for help finding him. Jenna starts getting unwanted attention from a creepy French man.
7 324 "Honey" Alli August 15, 2013 August 15, 2013 1306
Leo and Alli are starting to get really serious. Drew needs to visit camp for comfort. Maya puts an expensive dress on her mother's credit card to show up Zoë.
8 325 "Young Forever" Becky August 22, 2013 August 22, 2013 1308
As summer comes to an end, and Becky tries to understand the meaning behind an unexpected tragedy, she orchestrates an evening to remember. Drew also grieves over the loss of his brother. Clare receives good news: She’s in remission and can leave the hospital, so she decides to help Eli make a memorial video for their fallen friend.
9 326 "This Is How We Do It" Drew October 3, 2013 October 3, 2013 1309
Student Council President, Drew, wants to make sure everyone has a positive year after the devastating loss of Adam. But it is easier said than done when he's battling insomnia. Zoë is about to tackle her greatest role yet: 'Zoë Rivas, Degrassi Student'. But when you grow up on a film set, how do you know what is cool in the real world? Alli wants to spend her senior year with her best friends, but when Leo flies to be by her side, it will take some convincing for the group to accept him as her new boyfriend.
10 327 "You Got Me" Drew October 10, 2013 October 10, 2013 1310
Zoë mistakenly tells people that she and Drew are together. Drew's treatment for his Insomnia sinks low. Alli is happy to have restarted her relationship with Leo but her best friends have a big problem with it.
11 328 "You Oughta Know" Clare October 17, 2013 October 17, 2013 1311
Clare's journalism skills are tested when she interviews Zoë for a national magazine. Miles and Tristan both make the basketball team, but Miles doesn't get the position of center that his dad wanted him to get, so Miles decides to go on steroids, which he gets from Tristan. After Drew approves her idea of Degrassi TV, Imogen looks for a news anchor, but is reluctant to choose Becky.
12 329 "Everything You've Done Wrong" Clare October 24, 2013 October 24, 2013 1312
Clare worries about her future as she struggles to cover up a huge mistake. Tristan finds trouble when he gets a reputation concerning steroids. Imogen has trouble working with Becky while she feels intense guilt about making out with her boyfriend before his death.
13 330 "Who Do You Think You Are" Maya October 31, 2013 October 31, 2013 1313
After Maya performs a new song in class, Zoë offers to direct an attention-grabbing music video. However, the video ends up having serious consequences that Maya wasn't expecting. When Dallas blows off a class project, his partner wants to know why. Alli studies for the SAT's to get into MIT, but worries about her relationship with Leo.
14 331 "Barely Breathing" Maya November 7, 2013 November 7, 2013 1314
Maya is struggling to see who started the bullying and begins her relationship with Miles. Dallas reveals to Drew why he is drinking and hooking up with random girls. Alli is willing to let go of Leo once and for all but how many chances can he get?
15 332 "Black Or White" Drew November 14, 2013 November 14, 2013 1315
A public clash with Winston threatens Drew's popularity. Eli comes home for a visit and Clare is planning their date. After an awkward date between the two, Clare finds a pack of cigarettes in his bag. After confessions, Eli then reveals that he cheated on her with his roommate Lenore. Tristan is assigned to do Bottom's monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream for drama class. Wanting to prove himself as an actor, he tries to do a serious take on the role instead of relying on comedy. When he's threatened with a failing mark by his teacher, Zoë convinces Tristan to stick with his strengths. After his final performance, an impressed Zoë asks Tristan to join the improv troupe she's putting together, promising to keep their renewed friendship a secret from Maya.
16 333 "Spiderwebs" Drew November 21, 2013 November 21, 2013 1316
Bianca came back for a visit and Drew went to go see her, but only to find out that she was planning to call of the engagment and break up, leaving him miserable. Meanwhile, Alli tries to cheer up Clare and tells her that she and Eli should talk things through. They do however, but then Clare reveals to him that he's not the only one with a secret: she screwed up her chances of getting into Colu7mbia. Maya is inraged that Tristan is now hanging out with her enemy, Zoë. For the Thanksgiving at Degrassi, Tristan and Zoë perform a play for the kids to laugh. He throws a pie in her face due to Maya's plead to help her get back at her. Tristan then comes up with a plan for Maya and Zoë to hang out again, which worked. Drew and Bianca fake being-together for his mother, and when he tries to kiss her, she pulls away and remembers him that it's all an act. Alone together, Clare and Drew pour out their feelings about their loved ones. Drew then says that Clare is good enough and that she's the best, and then they kiss. Eli then comes back and says that he screwed up the best thing in his life and wants it to still work, which Clare accepts with a hug. Then Dallas and Drew made a speech about what they are thankful for and everybody in the school ate as a family.
17 334 "The World I Know" Alli January 28, 2014 January 28, 2014 1317
It’s Alli’s birthday, but her spirits are crushed when she learns that the love of her life, Leo is being sent back to France with an expired visitor visa. Maya returns from suspension, only to find out she’ll be stuck in a new class with Zig. President Drew is excited for the first event of the term, a speaking engagement by Mr. Hollingsworth, but his first call of duty is to clear things up with Clare.
18 335 "Better Man" Alli February 4, 2014 February 4, 2014 1318
Alli continues to lie to protect Leo until Jenna and Clare change her mind and put him under arrest. Maya is determined to prove that she is not a princess to her new classmates in The Rubber Room. To do this, she hangs out with the bad crowd and soon realizes she may have to do more than she expected to gain their approval. Zoë helps Drew with Mr. Hollingsworth's impression.
19 336 "Dig Me Out" Drew February 11, 2014 February 11, 2014 1319

Drew tries to tell Zoë that he's not her boyfriend but instead takes their friendship to the next level. Imogen shows up to class late, not wearing a bra. Luke makes a comment about it while Becky repremands him. Imogen is told to go home and get a bra. Imogen was humiliated. To defend herself, she told Simpson that there were no specific rules in the book about needing to wear a bra to school. Simpson told her that there were certain community guidelines to follow. Imogen thought his reasonings were unfair and sexist. Imogen took to Degrassi TV to protest by wearing a bra over her shirt. When other girls follow her movement, Simpson responds by taking away her broadcasting privileges.

20 337 "Power to the People" Drew February 18, 2014 February 18, 2014 1320
Drew decides to break up with Zoë. Alli and Dallas team up to stay focused. Imogen takes her dress code fight to the Internet.
21 338 "No Surprises" Miles February 25, 2014 February 25, 2014 1321
Miles and Maya are hanging out at the Hollingsworth house when Miles tempts Maya into skinny dipping by removing his swimwear while in the pool. Maya hesitantly decides to go through with it. After jumping in the pool, they are promptly caught by Miles' father and members of his campaign staff. Maya tells Mr. Hollingsworth they were doing homework as she leaves in a towel after grabbing her stuff. Miles is scolded for being foolish and embarrassing him in front of his staff.

During breakfast with his family, Mr. Hollingsworth gives Miles the silent treatment over the incident. Mr. Hollingsworth praises Miles' siblings Frankie and Hunter for their work on his campaign and suggests Miles follow their example. Miles complains to his mother about the way his father has been treating him and she suggests he try harder.

In class, Maya asks him if she left a bad impression on his father and he assures her he has taken all the blame. She says though that it isn't good that his father thinks so lowly of him and suggests that he go the extra mile to impress his Dad. Miles, Maya and Winston then begin to organize a plan to help in Mr. Hollingsworth Mayoral campaign. Miles is excited to show his dad all the work he has put into helping out and goes outside to show him. However, he instead sees his father flirting with his campaign manager. He is shown to be in disgust. 

At school, the next day Miles show Maya a necklace that he intends to give to Andrea, his fathers campaign manager, to find out what is really going on between the two. Maya is reluctant for him to go through with the plan, warning him how it could just be one big misunderstanding. He still decides to go through with it to see what is truly going on. At his house during the mock press meeting, Miles sees Andrea happily smile as she opens the fake gift and reads the card he wrote. With his suspicions confirmed, Miles is left angered and disgusted that his father is having an affair.

During the media training meeting, Miles fails to impress his father with his new attitude, mocking him with saying sarcastically how he hopes to be just like him and leaves abruptly, kicking his chair over before storming out. Miles' mother follows him out, demanding to know what is going on with him. Miles tells her that his father is having an affair. She says that she knows about it and that she won't discuss her marriage with him. Miles asks why she won't leave him or try to deal with it and she says they will deal with it after the election. Miles remarks how the election always comes first before anything else and leaves.

That night, Miles is with Maya laying on the couch together. Miles says he is done with his parents and their political plans and she asks him if he is okay. Miles says that he has her now and then confesses that he loves her. Maya tells him that she loves him too and the episode ends as Miles looks upward. ==Sub Plot== Alli and Dallas are working on the science project at the Dot with Dallas's son Rock Dallas.  stayed focused for the science fair but Dallas asks Alli out on a date after Leo. Dallas approaches Connor and Jenna for information on Alli's romantic situation. Dallas presents Alli with a gift baskets in the science lab saying that he wants to go on a date with her to which Alli declines. Dallas arrives at Alli's house to explain the gift basket and says that he loves being her science project but thought more could be in the books. Alli tells Dallas that Leo isn't just her ex, but that he hit her. Alli says that he is being sent back to France and Dallas says that he could crush him. In celebration of being 6 months cancer free Clare decides to go bungee jumping with Jenna and Connor. Clare video chats with Eli to invite him as he plans to visit for the weekend. Eli says that he is super busy with a short film project and cannot come home for the weekend. Clare asks if Lenore can finish it without him to which Eli says they've already been working around the clock. Connor proposes inviting Drew to go bungee jumping with them after Eli can't make it. Clare tells Jenna and Connor that she and Drew kissed on Thanksgiving when she and Eli were on a break. Clare and Drew bungee jump tandem while holding each other tight. They walk away soaked in water saying they didn't know they would get dunked at the end. Drew and Clare change into dry clothes in Clare's car and she asks her if she wants to grab a bite. Clare declines saying her mother needs the car back and asks drew to grab a ride with Connor and Jenna.

22 339 "Basket Case" Miles March 4, 2014 March 4, 2014 1322
Miles' parents go out of town, so he decides to throw a party, where he makes a big mistake. Clare is starting to have feelings for Drew after they kissed. Alli tells her to keep her distance from Drew. Later Alli and Clare are making movie plan when the bump into Drew. Drew asks Clare to help him with his job. Alli says she can't but Clare nods and walks away with Drew. Later they pull up at Clare's house just to find one  "Eli Goldsworthy". Alli and Dallas plan on getting revenge on Leo.
23-24 340-341 "Unbelievable" Zoë March 11, 2014 March 11, 2014 1323-1324
Rumours of Zoë's drinking prompts Becky to file a report about teen girl and alcohol, when she discovers a video of Zoë and two strangers. After making a false allegation about Zoë's assault, Becky attempts to set things right.
25 342 "What It's Like" Maya March 18, 2014 March 18, 2014 1325
Maya believes Zig is the perpetrator who stole her laptop and she and Miles follow Zig home from school. They see Zig opening a window of an abandoned house and getting in. Maya seems concerned for Zig's well being and tells Miles she's going home but really waits by the house to confront Zig. Zig is surprised and upset that Maya followed him. It is revealed that Zig is squatting in the abandoned house and that his parents kicked him out. 

The next day Maya tells Ms. Grell in the rubber room what she discovered about Zig. Worried that he will end up in a group home, Maya talks to her mother and Zig's situation. When Zig confronts Maya about telling the school on him, Maya tells him that he can stay at her house for a while. Jenna is sick of people thinking she and Connor are a weird couple after they're nominated for the school dance so Jenna takes Connor shopping for a new look. Connor confronts Jenna about her intentions in giving him a new look. Later at school Connor is seen talking to a group of freshman girls who say they need math help. Jenna is seen as jealous of his new attention. Becky grows jealous of Imogen's attraction for a new girl named Jack.

26 343 "Close to Me" Maya March 25, 2014 March 25, 2014 1326
Maya invites both Zig and Miles to the dance, but someone tells a rumour about Zig having drugs in his locker. Grace accuses Miles of making the accusation, and Maya does not believe her. Maya then asks Miles if that was the truth, and he does not reply. Maya goes home upset, and single. Zig comes home, and Maya asks if he got caught by Mr. Perino about his drugs. Zig assures her that there are no drugs. He also reminded her of when he said that he would wait for her. He leans in to kiss her, but says that he wasn't allowed to due to the living arrangements, and says goodnight. Jenna and Connor try to get voted queen and king at the dance... where an unfortunate event happens. Alli and Dallas announce the names of the king and queen. Jenna and Connor get voted to be king and queen, and when Connor takes Jenna's hand and raises her arm, her dress slips off uncovering one of her breasts. Jenna runs off the stage and into the bathroom where Alli meets her. Alli assures her that it was fine, and leaves the bathroom. Connor walks in the bathroom with a shirt to cover Jenna. Jenna tells Connor that she was jealous of the 9th grade girls, and Connor assures her that he does not love them. This is when Jenna and Connor exchange "I love you's." Becky becomes jealous when Jack tags along to the dance with her and Imogen, ruining their girl's night. Imogen, Becky, and Jack are practicing their project, and when Imogen leaves, Jack tells Becky that she was going to ask Imogen to the semi-formal. Becky tells her that she is going with Imogen, but Jack questions her liking girls. At the semi-formal, Becky and Imogen are dancing to a fast-beat song, when suddenly a slow song comes on. Becky tells Imogen that she has never slow-danced with another girl, and Imogen shows her how to. Becky realizes that she can't dance with girls and Imogen is thankful because she wanted them to stay friends. Later, Becky meets up with Jack and tells her that she can go dance with Imogen, because they are just friends.
27 344 "Army of Me" Dallas April 1, 2014 April 1, 2014 1327
Dallas tries to win over Alli at the science fair, but an explosion happens where all black males are asked to stay behind for questioning. Later, Connor and Dallas are on their way to the science fair when they get pulled over. TristanZoë and Maya have a new teacher that sets up a secret society of writing. Tristan's parents are fighting and he thinks that they might get a divorce, the new teacher talks to Tristan and says that that happened to him and offers him a ride to his dentist appointment that his parents wouldn't take him to. Later, Tristan figures out that Zoë got an invite to the society, but Tristan didn't. He tracks the society down and finally was voted in by the members of the society. Clare tries to find Drew a new girl to make sure nothing else happens between them because Becky tells her that 93% of Degrassi thinks that she and Drew are dating. Clare confronts Drew about how the school thinks that they are dating and offers to find him a girlfriend. Clare keeps getting responds Drew's page on a dating site, and Becky and Imogen make the remark that she is popular. Clare tells her that it's Drew's dating profile and Imogen tells her that if she hurts Eli then she would be upset, and tells Clare that she is not Drew's type. Because of this, Clare sets up her own dating profile under a different name and presents her fake profile along with two other girls to see if Drew would pick Clare over the other girls, when Drew picks a different girl. Tristan's parents are fighting and he thinks that they might get a divorce, the new teacher talks to Tristan and says that that happened to him and offers him a ride to his dentist appointment that his parents wouldn't take him to. Later, Tristan figures out that Zoë got an invite to the society, but Tristan didn't. He tracks the society down and finally was voted in by the members of the society.
28 345 "Everything Is Everything" Dallas April 8, 2014 April 8, 2014 1328
Dallas finds out shocking news at the Science Fair. Tristan starts developing feelings for his new teacher. Clare tries to sabotage Drew and his date when she becomes jealous. After Drew's date, he tells Clare that Eden is amazing. Clare becomes jealous talks to Eden about how some people think Drew is not over Bianca. Later, Drew tells Clare that Eden cancelled their 2nd date because she got nervous about Drew still liking Bianca. Drew then tells her that she was the one to tell Eden. Clare tells Drew that ever since Eli cheated on her, she feels sad, except when she is with Drew. She then admits to being Annabella as a test to see if Drew liked her. Drew said that he knew Annabella was Clare, and reminded her that she has a boyfriend. He said that if she was single, things would have been different. Later, Eden apologizes about breaking the date to Drew, and he forgives her. She asks if they could get coffee, but he turns her down. She then realizes that he likes someone else, and that someone else, is Clare.
29 346 "Sparks Will Fly" Part One Maya
April 15, 2014 April 15, 2014 1329
Miles' top priority is settling the score with Zig as they fight for Maya's affection. The dream role that Zoë finally lands hits too close to home after her assault. Clare is in a pickle as she searches for a date to Wild Wild West Night. Is it Drew? Or Eli
30 347 "Sparks Will Fly" Part Two Maya
April 22, 2014 April 22, 2014 1330

Miles and Zig continue to fight for Maya's affection. Zoë isn't sure if she wants to play the victim in a new movie. Clare goes to the wild west dance with Drew, but will Eli finally figure out why they broke up? 

31 348 "You Are Not Alone" Maya
June 3, 2014 June 3, 2014 1331
Maya and the Rubber Roomies decide to put on a Burning-Man inspired "Panorama Night" to prove to the school they aren't delinquents. After Maya learns from Grace that Zig is gang-affiliated and finds "ganja" in his bag, she freaks out, flushes it, and vows to do whatever it takes to keep him on the straight-and-narrow. Zig freaks out in turn when he learns his weed is gone, and Grace reveals (too late) that he was peddling the weed to buy gang protection from chapters of the Bloods and MS-13 in his neighborhood; Maya worries she's put his life in danger.

Winston starts a Comic Book Society in an effort to meet girls, and when Frankie joins he discovers that she is growing out of being his surrogate little sister into a potential romantic partner. Zoe and Tristan suggest to Winston that Frankie thinks he's unattractive and he storms off to confront her, but when he arrives at her house while she's swimming and, spellstruck by her bikini, he falls in the pool where she reveals she thinks he's anything but unattractive and they kiss as Fitz and the Tantrum's "Out of My League" plays.

Heartbroken over Drew's rejection, Clare joins Triathlon Club to distract herself and makes an unexpected friend in Jack. Jack invites her to Axe-Throwing Club and Clare has a lot of fun; she demurs when she realizes all the other members are lesbians but Jack tells her she shouldn't feel uncomfortable and calls her "cool for a hetero."

32 349 "Enjoy the Silence" Maya
June 10, 2014 June 10, 2014 1332
Maya vows to help keep Zig safe from the gang and pays off Tiny, another member of Zig's gang, for the flushed weed. Tiny is not satisfied, however, and confronts Zig to demand he keep faith with the gang, casually threatening to trash Maya's house if he doesn't. At Panorama Night, Alli advises a worried Maya that she "can't help him if you can't help yourself," and when Maya hears Zig is skipping town she enlists Miles to help. Miles is able to persuade Miles Hollingsworth II to connect Zig with some gang mediators he knows and Zig accepts his offer to help get him and Tiny out of the gang. Maya makes Zig promise to stay out of trouble, and Zig promises he'll try.

Miles finds out someone kissed his sister and vows to teach the "creep" a lesson. Winston, scared, pins the blame on Damon but passes out when Miles confronts Damon due to bronchitis he contracted from Frankie. Miles finds out Winston kissed Frankie and reveals he isn't mad, but suggests that the idea of a relationship developing is ridiculous because Frankie is only 14 and Winston is 17. Winston is not convinced and muses about making "Franston" happen.

Jack encourages Clare to get revenge on Drew during Panorama Night, and she tricks Drew into taking a polygraph in front of a crowd where she asks him leading questions and calls him a "lying sack of garbage." Drew and Clare fight and Alli consoles her as she cries about feeling rejected by Drew after they had sex; the two of them and Jack go back to Axe-Throwing Club and throw axes at a picture of Drew's face to cheer up.

33 350 "How Bizarre" Drew June 17, 2014 June 17, 2014 1333
Becky tells Imogen that their home life is cold since she turned in her brother in. Imogen argues that her parents need time to heal ad they will come around. Later at dinner Becky tries to break the ice with her family. Luke snaps at her, upset that he has an ankle bracelet and might be going to jail. Her parents run after him. Becky distraught gets online to find Realm of Doom. Becky is later shown playing Realm of Doom and asks for help cross the mountains. The group whom she asks for help says they don't want girls playing and attack her character. She is saved by Sir Excellence who gives her a healing potion and offers to help her cross mountains. She asks if it is a date and after he says yes she is very excited at the prospect. Becky later tells Imogen that things aren't better at home. When Imogen asks her why she's happy Becky tells her that she has a date. When Imogen is confused about her dating a computer Becky explains that is is a real life person and Imogen happily helps her character pick out a dress. Becky and her date go somewhere special in the game and he shows her his secret hideaway. He gives her flowers as a romantic gesture and the two kiss online. Sir Excellence removes his clothes and Becky does too. The two begin making out. Drew is shown working with Dallas on a project. Dallas is going to the movies when he tells Drew that Jenna, and Alli are upset with him. When Drew confronts Clare she says that Drew that he ran away after sex. When Drew argues that that's not what happened she tells him to tell Jenna and Alli that. Drew is later seen joking with Miles. As he is about to leave Mr. Hollingsworth asks him to find his wife . When Drew finds her she is crying and Drew comforts her. Drew later meets Jenna and Alli at the Dot. He explains his side and just when they are about to believe him someone sends him a picture of their boobs. Jenna and Alli walk away disgusted leaving a confused Drew. Later after he shows Dallas it is revealed that the boobs were Mrs. Hollingsworth's. When Drew arrives at work he tries to avoid Mrs. Hollingsworth. He avoids her in the pool house. Mrs. Hollingsworth tells Drew that she was out of line and begins to cry again. When he hugs her to comfort her Frankie sees them and is upset. Drew tells Dallas about what happened and Dallas tells him not to say anything and that he never learns. Drew says he is going to tell him anyways and he does. Mr. Hollingsworth is confused and he realizes that Frankie didn't tell him anything. Mr. Hollingsworth thanks Drew for his honesty and asks to put things behind them. Mrs. Hollingsworth walks in immediately after and asks what the conversation was about. Mr. Hollingsworth says fantasy football. Mrs. Hollingsworth looks unbelieving. Drew tells Dallas that everything worked out and he didn't lose his job. Immediately afterwords Drew finds out that he is fired. Zig is reading a cooking magazine under his textbook in class. Grace cracks a joke and he argues that the proof is in the pudding. When Zig gets there he is excited to get to work and disappointed when his boss tells him he's watching Jamie chop onions and he's lucky she didn't stick him in the dish pit. Zig is upset at the thought of being a gang member charity case and it treated with no respect. Grace tells him to demand respect. After Zig goes back to work he asks for more responsibility. His chef asks him to chop the onions as shown and he can't. She yells at Zig for not paying attention and Zig is upset that he wasn't given a chance or respect. His boss rebuffs that he's being given a chance by being in the kitchen. She calls Jamie back over and Zig once again watches him chop onions this time willing to learn.
34 351 "My Hero" Drew June 24, 2014 June 24, 2014 1334
Becky's online gaming becomes online dating. Becky, who is starting to fall for Sir Excellence, wants to find out if Sir Excellence is being truthful about his identity. She asks him for a picture and shows Imogen. Imogen then asks Chewy about the picture, and he tells her it's Hunter Hollingsworth and that they can probably find him gaming at a computer in the computer room. Surprised and upset, Becky decides it's time to break things off with Sir Excellence and tells him that both of them being at Degrassi is a bad idea. She also doesn't like the fact he lied about who he was. Hunter guesses Becky is the girl he's been dating and finds her gaming with Imogen by her side. Angry, he asks for his items and money back from the game, and threatens to turn her into a troll if she tells anyone what they did in the meadow. He is upset when Becky tells him that it's just a game, but he replies saying she doesn't understand the game. He seems to take the game very seriously, and more real than reality itself. Drew's life is turned upside down after he is fired from the campaign, has a fight with Dallas and gets a reputation as a homewrecker. Zig's meeting with his mom has him more nervous than ever, especially with the possibility that she may never want to speak to him again.
35 352 "Hypnotize" Tristan July 1, 2014 July 1, 2014 1335
Tristan is auditioning for the Degrassi Fashion Show as emcee. Becky and Imogen are running it and he begins to do a dance and song number as his audition. As he dazzles the crowd with his singing and dancing, Mr. Yates walks in and watches him. After Tristan finishes his performance, Yates shouts "Bravo!" as the audience claps. As Tristan is told to have nailed his audition by Becky and Imogen, Yates comments that they have "an immense talent" before them. As he walks away, Tristan hurries up to him and thanks him. Yates says he doesn't have to thank him because he was "seriously impressive" on stage. Tristan asks if he can use him for a reference since one from "a cool teacher" can help him in his future, to which he agrees. After Yates walks off, Imogen teases him about being the teacher's pet. Tristan tries blowing it off and says Yates was just being "super supportive". Imogen remarks for him "not to fight it" and makes a comment about Yate's obvious good looks.  Later on, Tristan gets a text mesage from Becky who confirms his landed spot as emcee. He excitedly tells Zoë and Maya about it as they walk into class and Yates congratulates him as he hands them their books for the class. As Tristan bashfully thanks him again, Maya and Zoë tease him about his obvious crush on Mr. Yates. Maya remarks about him "always going for the unavailable guys". Tristan brings up how supportive Yates was after his audition, but Maya reminds him that he is still their teacher. Tristan brings up West Side's storyline with Gatsby becoming involved with a teacher, but Zoë reminds him that it ended with her character getting an STI. After class, Zoë offers to buy lunch, but Tristan decides to stay back to, supposedly, ask Mr. Yates about a question in the book. Maya tells him how he isn't a good an actor as he thinks he is, earning a playful swat from Tristan. Once alone, Tristan asks Yates for help in his show work with writing banter. Yates agrees to help him out, but that if he wants the help today then he will have to go to his place. Tristan is clearly surprised. Yates says that he needs to stay for a delivery and doesn't see a point in going back. Tristan is clearly nervous, but agrees. As he walks off after getting Yates' home address, Yates stops him. He asks Tristan not to mention their meeting to anyone since he "doesn't want the other students to get jealous". Tristan assures him that he won't and that it'll be "their little secret". Later on, Tristan goes to his apartment with a few snacks and is nervous as he goes to the door. After being let in, Yates asks him about his clear nervousness. Tristan blows it off, saying he just has never been to a teacher's apartment before. Yates then tells him to not think of him as his teacher if it makes him feel any better. Tristan asks if he isn't his teacher then what he is to view him as to which Yates answers with "Creative collaborator". He asks him to sit down while he gets them something to drink. He soon brings out absinthe alcohol for them to drink. Yates does a cheers to Tristan as they drink. As some time passes, and some drinking, Tristan talks about his interest in classical movies and stories, such as Gone with the Wind. Yates says how he didn't think anyone his age would have seen the movie. Tristan says that he is not like most people his age, to which Yates agrees on and pats him on his thigh. After a moment, Tristan kisses him. He quickly apologizes and gets up to leave. However, Yates tells him not to apologize - "not for that". He then kisses him and gets on top of him as they begin to make out. Yates then begins to undo Tristan's belt buckle in a clear attempt to take off his pants. Panicking, Tristan gets up and leaves in a rush with an annoyed Yates asking what he is doing. Confused with the events that happened, Tristan heads over to Maya's house for advice. However, Zig is the only one there since Maya is out with her mom. Zig says she should be home soon and offers for him to wait for her. Tristan reluctantly agrees, and Zig notes that he seems to be upset over something and offers his advice. Tristan asks him what he would if a girl "wanted to head downstairs" on a first date. Zig is initially confused and asks "Like to the basement?" but soon catches on. Tristan asks if that is too forward and Zig says no and that if anything it would be "too awesome". Tristan says he feels like he needs a second opinion. Zig picks up a women's magazine and does the quiz "Are You Ready To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level?" and remarks girls read them for a reason. After resulting positively on the quiz, Tristan believes he is ready to have sex with Yates. In class, Yates wraps the lesson up. As the students leave, Tristan apologizes for running out on him. Yates mostly ignores him, blowing his responses off, but is clearly upset. When Tristan explains how he didn't expect things to have moved so fast, Yates tells him to keep his voice down so the other students don't hear. Yates then says how he thought Tristan was "mature" enough to have handled the situation, but was wrong about him. He then says what happened is to stay between them and Tristan agrees. Yates then gives him his notes that he left at his place after he ran out. He reveals how he made some notes for improvement on them. Tristan tells him how he didn't need to do that. Yates replies with "I know" before leaving. Tristan sits against the desk sadly. That night, Tristan goes to Yates' apartment. After a breath, he knocks on the door. Yates opens the door and asks what he is doing there. Tristan thanks for him for his writing advice, calling his work now perfect. Yates accepts the thank-you and begins to close the door, but Tristan holds it open. He says how he knows he freaked out before, but that was only because he was surprised. He adds on how he knows he believes him to be immature, but he isn't and is ready for the next level. He kisses Yates and pulls back, waiting for an answer. Yates answers with a "Get in here" as he pulls Tristan into the room and shuts the door, ending the episode.  Frankie gets upset when Winston says she's not the type for modeling. Imogen starts showing feelings of love towards Jack, and begins to do the things that she does in order to impress her.
36 353 "Out of My Head" Tristan July 8, 2014 July 8, 2014 1336
Mr. Yates warns Tristan about concealing their affair. But when Tristan tells Maya, their friendship ends after she reports the relationship to Mr. Simpson. Will they ever be friends again? Imogen changes the outfits in the fashion show to impress Jack. But she upsets Becky, along with a few others in the fashion show, in the process. Frankie learns that Winston is the reason she was cut as a model. Why doesn't Winston want Frankie to be a model?
37 354 "Believe"Part One Zoë July 15, 2014 July 15, 2014 1337
When Zoë worries about how she is being portrayed in her trial, she takes matters into her own hands. Becky is concerned about what she will say on the stand. Miles tries to win Maya back. Zig finds it harder to escape the gang than he expected when he is forced to sell drugs again.
38 355 "Believe" Part Two Zoë July 22, 2014 July 22, 2014 1338
The media covers Zoë’s trial; Zoë gets nervous as the verdict nears. Becky is still trying to decide if she should side with her brother or do the right thing. Winston feels uneasy about lying for Miles. Zig starts dealing again and Zoë soon finds out.
39-40 356-357 "Thunderstruck" Becky
July 29, 2014 July 29, 2014 1339-1340
Zig accidentally invites Zoë and Maya to attend a Degrassi dance, but get stranded by the thunderstorm. Maya, and Zoë seek shelter at The Dot, and have nothing left to do but sort out their differences. Clare heads to NYC for an interview at Columbia and fears running into Eli. Clare is forced to spend the night with Eli while in New York City. Drew attempts to hide his feelings for Becky. Miles and Tristan share a bonding moment during the storm.

Season 14 (2014–2015)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main plot Canadian airdate US airdate Production code
1 358 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Clare October 28, 2014 October 28, 2014 1401
Clare has a serious dilemma that will affect her entire future and confides in Alli. Zoë sees red when Becky tells her she’s too much of a distraction for the power cheer team. It’s time for Zoë to bring Becky down, literally. Miles and Tristan are getting close, but with his campaign in full swing, Mr. Hollingsworth is worried his son’s behaviour could damage his political prospects. An upset Miles decides to take annoying his father to a whole new level.

2 359 "Wise Up" Miles November 4, 2014 November 4, 2014 1402
Mr. Hollingsworth thinks he can buy Miles’ support and crafts a plan to protect his image. Drew’s not taking the easy way out - he’s going to be part of his child’s life, whether Clare wants it or not. Zoë is over being judged by everyone and when she senses this from Zig, it’s time for her to make a hard decision.
3 360 "If You Could Only See" Frankie November 11, 2014 November 11, 2014 1403
Frankie thinks it’s unfair that girls are expected to show their bodies to men with nothing in return. This gives Zoë the perfect fundraising idea. Maya doesn’t want to remain silent when she knows one of her friends is in trouble (again). Becky isn’t the bubbly sunshine-y girl she used to be. So who is she now?
4 361 "Can't Stop This Thing We Started" Clare
November 18, 2014 November 18, 2014 1404
Clare has to muster up the courage to tell Eli about her situation. Winston is making some headway with Frankie but is insecure about his friendship with Miles. A normally confident Zig feels emasculated when he loses an arm wrestle to Grace.
5 362 "There's Your Trouble" Becky November 25, 2014 November 25, 2014 1405
Becky visits her brother in juvenile detention, but she can’t bring herself to forgive him. Desparate for a distraction, she auditions for a new school band. Zoë pushes the cheer squad too hard and they crack under the pressure. A major obstacle affects Eli and Clare’s relationship.

6 363 "(You Drive Me) Crazy" Maya December 2, 2014 December 2, 2014 1406
Maya can’t sleep because of her Cam/Miles nightmares. Jack reveals to Imogen that she practices polyamory. Imogen, who is usually fine with the abstract, is honest with Jack about wanting monogamy. Frankie finds disturbing comics on Hunter’s computer.
7 364 "I'll Be Missing You" Zoë December 9, 2014 December 9, 2014 1407
Zoë receives threatening texts from an unknown number about her fundraising activities. Worried about Miles, Tristan checks in on him and realizes that he has a vice that needs to be kicked. Alli is accepted to Cambridge and this scares Dallas.
8 365 "Hush" Miles December 16, 2014 December 16, 2014 1408
Tristan organizes an intervention for Miles, but it only pushes him further away. Zoë is sure that Hunter is the blackmailer and confronts him. Becky loves writing songs with Jonah but could he want to do more than make music?
9 366 "Something's Got to Give" Imogen
December 23, 2014 December 23, 2014 1409
Imogen is determined to find out who is behind the crooked online venture that has everyone at Degrassi talking. Maya lies in order to protect Miles, but the guilt is eating her up. Drew is committed to keeping Becky happy but his situation with Clare has his attention divided.
10 367 "Hero vs. Villain" Zoë December 30, 2014 December 30, 2014 1410
Mr. Simpson calls an assembly to address the offending fundraising website. Tristan is trying his best to make up with Miles, but the connection seems to be fading. Alli can’t keep a secret and blurts Clare’s news to Dallas.
11 368 "Firestarter" Part One Frankie January 6, 2015 January 6, 2015 1411
Degrassi’s fundraising scandal threatens to ruin Frankie’s relationship with her father. Zig and Tiny compete to get a cheerleader’s number. Clare contemplates her future and is confident that she can really have it all.
12 369 "Firestarter" Part Two Miles January 13, 2015 January 13, 2015 1412
Mr. Hollingsworth’s campaign is in its final stretch, and the stress has him even more tense than usual. Miles appeals to his family about his father’s behavior, but it seems like he’s the only one who realizes there needs to be a change. In the meantime, Zoë has used Frankie as a scapegoat for the Power Cheer debacle, but Frankie isn’t giving up. Along with Winston, she creates an elaborate plan to prove that Zoë is the one behind the scheme. Imogen reveals to Eli the truth about Clare’s situation.
13 370 "Watch Out Now" Becky July 20, 2015 July 20, 2015 1413
Becky has been spending a lot of time songwriting with Jonah and the pair comes up with a great idea to showcase the talents of the fellow Degrassi students in a lunchtime variety show. But when Drew denies the proposal, Becky hatches a plan to change his mind. Zoë may be facing criminal charges for the part she played in the fundraising scandal. Winston performs standup in front of the school.
14 371 "Ready or Not" Zig July 21, 2015 July 20, 2015 1414
Winston is set to play the lead in the musical but finds himself reluctant to bring Lola on as the leading lady given their recent history. The musical seems to be the perfect distraction from Zig’s guilty conscience, but the reality of the situation hits him in the face. Clare and Eli’s lives keep intersecting and find it difficult to just be friends. Should they stop fighting it?
15 372 "Wishlist" Frankie July 22, 2015 July 21, 2015 1415
It’s Frankie’s birthday, and she’s going to celebrate it Hollingsworth-style—with a "Gatsby" party! She warms up to the idea of having a relationship with her financially inclined father while she plans for her party. Maya looks for a gal pal to take with her to the spa for a much needed day of relaxation. Imogen uses drastic measures to defend herself and is hurt when Jack doesn’t have her back as things get violent with Damon, causing the principal to get involved.
16 373 "Walking in My Shoes" Zoë July 23, 2015 July 22, 2015 1416
The entire school hates Zoë after her wild fundraising plans went awry. To get them back on her side, she naturally hatches another risky plan. She works lunch duty at the school where she has to serve peers who are angry with her. Imogen thought she was okay with Jack not being out to her parents, but she failed to realize the number of ways it could affect their relationship. Frankie's grades begin to slip and she gets caught cheating in school. She must decide between doing the right thing or saving face with her parents.
17 374 "Get It Together" Becky July 24, 2015 July 23, 2015 1417
Becky and Jonah make a great pair when it comes to music, but they're finding romance to be a trickier pursuit. Becky isn't sure how to deal with her feelings, especially where her faith is concerned. Maya is relying on gym class to boost her average, but it turns out to be more difficult than she thought with her dance partner. Clare agrees to babysit Rocky when Dallas needs one for the night, thinking it’ll be a breeze. Turns out taking care of a kid is harder than she thought.
18 375 "Give Me One Reason" Maya July 27, 2015 July 24, 2015 1418
Maya knows the house rules, but she can't stop thinking about Zig. She wants to keep her promise to her mom, but the feelings are hard to ignore. Clare is distraught after a recent tragedy. In an effort to shield herself from grief, she embarks on an impromptu road trip to New York, along with an unwitting passenger. Hunter has a crush on his friend Arlene, but unfortunately, romance isn’t his strong suit. Imogen convinces him that a grand gesture is the perfect way to get Arlene’s attention, but Hunter isn’t so sure. He could risk losing Arlene’s friendship in an attempt to win her love.
19 376 "I Wanna Be Adored" Alli July 28, 2015 July 27, 2015 1419
Clare's been absent from prom committee meetings, and Alli is starting to get worried. Something is up with her best friend, but somehow Alli isn't in the loop this time. Zig needs somewhere to go, seeing as his mom isn't ready to take him back just yet. Tiny and his brother Vince take Zig in, but Zig is unprepared for the lifestyle adjustment. Tristan is trying online dating, but his profile isn't getting much action. After some "adjustments", he catches the attention of a handsome suitor. The only problem is Tristan is nothing like his new profile.
20 377 "Teen Age Riot" Zig July 29, 2015 July 28, 2015 1420
Maya wants to visit Zig at his new place, but Zig is hesitant. With the sort of things his housemates are involved in, anything could happen. Clare is nominated for valedictorian, something she's been picturing since she first entered high school. Too bad something else has caught her attention. Seeing her nomination speech as an opportunity, Clare decides to shine a light on the questionable practices in the school, even if it means risking her own future. Frankie loves being in the musical, but she's having some issues with her leading man. She's finding it impossible to be professional, and the turbulence is ruining something that was supposed to be a good time.
21 378 "The Kids Aren't Alright" Part One Zig July 30, 2015 July 29, 2015 1420
Zig learns the truth behind some recent events, and now he's an accomplice to a crime. With opening night fast approaching, Frankie finds herself falling for Winston all over again. Given their rocky past, she's determined not to get hurt this time around. Frankie comes up with a plan to test Winston's fidelity. Becky is happy with Jonah, but Drew isn't having it. He's convinced that Jonah is not a good guy, and he's trying to prove that to Becky.
22 379 "The Kids Aren't Alright" Part Two Zig July 30, 2015 July 30, 2015 1422
Vince's actions have put Zig, and now even Maya, in harm’s way. With only a day until the play premieres, Winston finds himself without a leading lady. Drew's accusations towards Jonah are now making Becky suspicious.
23 380 "Finally" Part One Drew July 31, 2015 July 31, 2015 1423
Drew plans an elaborate last minute prom-posal, and Dallas makes a mistake that could ruin everything for Alli's prom. Drew agrees to help him salvage prom, and is punished. Miles tries to help Hunter in matters of the heart. Imogen has managed to win Jack back, but her happiness is fleeting. Clare is still unsure of her future plans, including where she stands with Eli.
24 381 "Finally" Part Two Drew July 31, 2015 July 31, 2015 1424
Drew agrees to help Dallas salvage prom and is punished. Imogen has managed to win Jack back, but her happiness is fleeting. Clare is still unsure of her future plans, including where she stands with Eli.

25-28 382-385 "Don't Look Back"' Maya August 2, 2015 August 2, 2015 1425-1428
When you’re in high school, everything feels different in the summer – and for the students of Degrassi, this summer is no exception. Along with the record-breaking temperatures, tensions, romance, and friendships are on the rise. But while everyone hopes this will be the best summer ever, the city might have something else in store for them.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1 (2016)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main Plot CAN Airdate US Airdate Production code
1 1 "#BootyCall" Maya January 4, 2016 January 15, 2016 101
A school election brings up past heartbreak between Tristan and Miles. Maya is forced to choose between her music and Zig. Shay feels inadequate.

2 2 "#NoFilter" Zoë January 5, 2016 January 15, 2016 102
Miles sees something he wishes he hadn't. Frankie feels like her friends don't understand her anymore. Grace's stand-offish behavior worries Zoe.

3 3 "#YesMeansYes" Zig January 6, 2016 January 15, 2016 103
Seeing that his mom is quick to forgive, Miles feels betrayed. Tiny coaches Zig to be more assertive. Hunter submits a request to student council.

4 4 "#NotOkay" Maya January 7, 2016 January 15, 2016 104
Sexist digs get Maya riled up at her band's first gig. Tristan tries to move on. Shay allows fear to get in the way of accepting an invitation.
5 5 "#ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness" Miles January 8, 2016 January 15, 2016 105
Maya and her pals debate the definition of "feminist." Miles finds healthy and unhealthy ways to cope with anxiety. Lola learns to love herself.
6 6 "#NotAllMen" Zoë January 11, 2016 January 15, 2016 106
Feeling unaccepted by her mom, Zoe searches for her dad. The gamer club lands in hot water over misogyny. Frankie wonders if she's self-absorbed.
7 7 "#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin" Zoë January 12, 2016 January 15, 2016 107
Zig feels insecure when Maya and Jonah go to New York to visit a producer. Miles spirals out of control. Zoe and Grace try being more than friends.
8 8 "#TeamFollowBack" Maya January 13, 2016 January 15, 2016 108
Publicly embarrassed, Tristan gets sympathy from an unlikely source. Hateful online attention spooks Maya. Frankie's heart leads her to a surprise.
9 9 "#SinceWeBeinHonest" Zig January 14, 2016 January 15, 2016 109
Frankie is unsure how to proceed with her current love interest. Miles finds it difficult to avoid Esme. The online troll threatening Maya is found.
10 10 "#SorryNotSorry" Hunter January 15, 2016 January 15, 2016 110
Miles breaks some news to Tristan. Maya confronts Zoe. Frankie chooses between her two suitors. Hunter goes off the deep end.

Season 2  (2016)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main Plot CAN Airdate US Airdate Production code
1 11 "#SquadGoals" Frankie July 19, 2016 July 22, 2016 201
After a rival school pranks the Degrassi volleyball team, Frankie retaliates and is called out for being a racist. When Hunter purposely crashes his car, Miles realises that Hunter needs help. Maya's feelings for Zig threaten her co-op placement opportunity.
2 12 "#TurntUp" Hunter July 26, 2016 July 22, 2016 202
Hunter is admitted into a psychiatric ward, & realises that if he ever wants to recover, and see Yael again, he must accept professional help. After learning more about racism, Shay considers if she can defend Frankie’s stunt. Angry, Zig blames Maya for everything that happened between them.
3 13 "#CheckYourPrivilege" Frankie August 2, 2016 July 22, 2016 203
Frankie organizes a diversity mixer to fix things with the Northern Tech team and hold onto her position. Tristan, worried about pressuring Miles and straining their relationship, takes over their robot baby assignment. When Yael's app goes viral, she has to choose between her integrity and her success.
4 14 "#BuyMePizza" Zoë August 9, 2016 July 22, 2016 204
When Zoë doesn't receive a callback, she worries that it's because of her homosexual feelings & comes up with a way to hide her true self. When Grace is made fun of for her appearance, she decides to take on a new look. When Tiny asks Lola to delete her dating profile, she makes a very bold decision.
5 15 "#ThrowbackThursday" Lola August 16, 2016 July 22, 2016 205
Lola stages a protest for Tiny's unfair suspension and garners attention during the Degrassi Alumni event. Tristan sets out to alleviate tension in the air by censoring all gala night sketches. Frankie looks for a way to change people's perception of her after being kicked off the volleyball team.

6 16 "#ToMyFutureSelf" Shay August 23, 2016 July 22, 2016 206
Shay is given the opportunity of a lifetime, but must apologize for the protest & compromise her values in order to get it. When Grace begins spending more time with Zig, Maya decides to pursue a friendship with Peter. Zoe's rivalry with Esme comes into play while working on a school project with Winston.

7 17 "#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen" Frankie August 30, 2016 July 22, 2016 207
Frankie tries to escape from her problems by driving off with Jonah, but soon realises that running away isn't always a solution. A suffering Tiny takes Shay's advice over Lola's. Zoe takes a friendly competition with Miles and Tristan too far.
8 18 "#RiseAndGrind" Miles September 6, 2016 July 22, 2016 208
Miles and Tristan run into relationship troubles when they disagree on the importance of sex. When a dancing opportunity presents itself to Zig, he's eager to prove himself and turns to Esme for help. When Maya asks Vijay to take down his cover of her song, he responds online, and his fans blow up at her.

9 19 "#TheseAreMyConfessions" Grace September 13, 2016 July 22, 2016 209
Grace confesses to having feelings for Zig during a party in the woods. To win Volleyball City Finals, Shay realises that they need Frankie, but wonders if she can forgive her. Yael must reluctantly go on a date with Baaz.
10 20 "#OMFG" Shay September 20, 2016 July 22, 2016 210
Lola shuts down Shay's request to date Tiny, which leads Shay to act out during their championship game. Zoe's burning intensifies & as Winston begins to second-guess their relationship, she finally gives into her true self. Hunter attempts to define his relationship with Yael.

Season 3 (2017)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main Plot CAN Airdate US Airdate Production code
1 21 "#BreakTheInternet" Miles January 9, 2017 January 6, 2017 301
Degrassi is giving a warm welcome to an influx of Syrian refugees and a spiteful Lola posts a controversial photo.

2 22 "#IWokeUpLikeThis" Maya January 10, 2017 January 6, 2017 302
The Gamers are determined to make their vlog a success. Maya discovers an interest in ‘tragedy porn’. Esme tests Zig’s limits on how far is too far to go at school.
3 23 "#WorstGiftEver" Shay January 11, 2017 January 6, 2017 303
Jonah and Grace pitch the Student Council on a play about the Degrassi bus accident. Goldi has questions about what it really means to be Muslim.
4 24 "#PicsOrItDidntHappen" Maya January 12, 2017 January 6, 2017 304
Maya meets Saad, who shares a mutual interest in the dark side. Frankie feels that Jonah is hiding something.
5 25 "#HugeIfTrue" Lola January 13, 2017 January 6, 2017 305
Shay, Lola and Frankie cozy up for girl’s night until it becomes…less cozy. Is Frankie ready for more intimacy and will Shay’s insecurities put her own relationship in jeopardy?
6 26 "#ThatFeelingWhen" Frankie January 16, 2017 January 6, 2017 306
Frankie is driving herself crazy over Jonah. Miles and Lola work on the play, together experiencing an emotional roller coaster. Zoe and Rasha are also taking a kind of thrill ride.
7 27 "#Unsubscribe" Grace January 17, 2017 January 6, 2017 307
Zoe and Rasha are determined to make it work, even if it means keeping secrets. Grace is faced with a life and death decision and needs a friend.
8 28 "#IRegretNothing" Lola January 18, 2017 January 6, 2017 308
Lola’s friends are not there for her. If Tristan makes it to the play, will Miles’ indiscretions be revealed? Maya’s obsession with death is getting out of control.
9 29 "#Woke" Maya January 19, 2017 January 6, 2017 309
Maya can’t deal with her depression. Frankie and Jonah are trying to figure things out. It’s Ms. Rivas’ wedding and Zoe violates her mother’s wishes and brings Rasha anyway.
10 30 "#ImSleep" Miles January 19, 2017 January 6, 2017 310
Everyone loves the play but Tristan clearly senses the truth. Maya appears to be happier… but appearances can be deceiving. It's opening night and the play receives rave reviews.

Season 4 (2017)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main Plot CAN Airdate US Airdate Production code
1 31 "#BackToReality" Grace
July 3, 2017 July 7, 2017 401
Jonah hides a secret from Frankie. Yael feels self-conscious about her body. Maya’s return draws Zig’s attention— and Esme’s jealousy.
2 32 "#GetMoney" Frankie July 3, 2017 July 7, 2017 402
Frankie’s attempt at posting happier photos on her social media feed backfires. Shay grows desperate for a competitive edge in her athletic training.

3 33 "#ILookLikeA" Goldi
July 5, 2017 July 7, 2017 403
A shocking photo hurts Goldi and Winston’s friendship. Miles is thrilled by an invitation to a writing program, until he learns it’s a diversity spot.
4 34 "#RollUpToTheClubLike" Grace
July 6, 2017 July 7, 2017 404
Grace decides to write up a bucket list. Maya rediscovers the fun of music. A terrorist attack overseas puts Goldi in a scary situation close to home.
5 35 "#Preach" Lola
July 7, 2017 July 7, 2017 405
Saad is misunderstood when he questions a show of support for the Brussels terrorist attack victims. A rumor circulates about Frankie, Esme, and Zig.
6 36 "#FactsOnly" Yael July 10, 2017 July 7, 2017 406
Esme and Frankie distract Zig after he gets bad news. A talent show performance earns Maya an offer. Yael seeks Lola’s help with an image makeover.

7 37 "#Fire" Maya July 11, 2017 July 7, 2017 407
During a camping trip, Maya suffers from songwriter’s block, Frankie learns the real reason Esme befriended her, and Tiny and Shay get closer.
8 38 "#GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth" Tristan July 12, 2017 July 7, 2017 408
Saad confides in Lola, who helps him out of a troubling situation. Shay awaits a “promposal” from Tiny. Tristan pushes himself too hard in rehab.
9 39 "#Obsessed" Zig July 13, 2017 July 7, 2017 409
A scare delays prom and brings the police. Esme shows up at the dance and makes a scene. Miles talks with his father about his near-future plans.

10 40 "#KThxBye" Zoë July 14, 2017 July 7, 2017 410

Zoë invites her estranged mother to graduation. Esme makes a last ditch effort to win back Zig. The truth about the bomb threat comes out.

Degrassi (2023 series)[]

Season 1 (2023)[]

Episode # Series # Title Main Plot CAN Airdate US Airdate Production code
1 1 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 101

2 2 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 102

3 3 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 103

4 4 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 104
5 5 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 105
6 6 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 106
7 7 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 107
8 8 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 108
9 9 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 109
10 10 "TBA" TBA 2023 2023 110