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Erica Farrell (born June 1974) is a Canadian woman who attended Degrassi Junior High School, Borden High School, and Degrassi High School. After high school, she went to the Dominican Republic to teach under-privileged children. She is the twin and best friend of Heather Farrell, and was portrayed by actress Angela Deiseach.

Original Degrassi (Season 1-5)[]

Starts as: Grade 8

The Twins[]

Erica and Heather were portrayed as the perfect set of twins, often speaking up for other characters during their problems.

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Trying To Break Out[]

Erica tried to break out from her "twinness". When Heather showed up at a dance in the same outfit as Erica, Erica told Heather to grow up. The twins eventually forget about fighting to be different.

The Mono Scare[]

At a dance at Degrassi where students from another school called St. Mary's were invited, in the episode "Sealed With a Kiss" (Season 2, episode 8, 21st episode of the series), Some older high school students also were admitted without proper checks. One of these older students named Aaron became a new boyfriend to Erica. They left the gym for a secluded hallway and engaged in French kissing. The next day, however, based on symptoms, Erica was worried that he had given her


mononucleosis (or "kissing disease"). She kept it a secret, but after Heather went with the boy, pretending to be her twin (determined to prove she was not as "prudish" as Erica claimed), got kissed by him, and revealed it to Erica, Erica revealed her suspicion of mononucleosis. They went to the hospital to get checked, but it turned out that Erica merely had tonsillitis.

Erica's Pregnancy[]

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Erica sees the message Liz O'Rourke wrote.

When Erica began high school she discovered she was pregnant after an unprotected sexual encounter she had over the summer with Jason, a fellow camp counselor. Erica decided to get an abortion, despite Heather's protests. Liz O'Rourke found out and committed a hate crime against Erica. When Erica found out that it was Liz, she fought her in the halls of Degrassi. Erica was sent home for the day, and Heather eventually needed to go to counseling to deal with having to support Erica.


After graduation Erica moved to the Dominican Republic, therefore not appearing alongside her sister in School's Out!.

Degrassi: The Next Generation[]

Erica&Spike @ Spikes

Erica and Spike at Spike's baby shower.

In Father Figure (1), Erica is seen sitting next to Spike during the latter's baby shower.


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“I think I’m pregnant.”- A New Start


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