Eyes Without a Face (1) is the fifth episode of Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on October 20, 2006 in the United States, and on December 12, 2006 in Canada.


Darcy is tired of her goody goody reputation. She is convinced enough to post some racy photos of herself for Adams, a "friend" of Peter's.

Meanwhile, J.T. shows an interest for the new girl, Mia. He's excited to get his job back and invites her and her child to see the taping.

Main Plot

After a harsh break-up with Emma, Peter takes somewhat of an interest in Darcy, even though she already has a boyfriend: Spinner.

He tries to bond with her by not exactly trying out, but participating (along with some other guys) in some of the spirit squad activities and actually impresses Darcy and Manny when they see he can lift the cheerleaders correctly.

That results in Peter taking out his camera and taking photos of him and or Darcy and Manny.

Darcy takes the memory chip from the camera later and uploads the photos onto her MyRoom page. She soon start getting compliments from a guy Peter knows from the Web named Adams.

Peter lies when he realizes Darcy still isn't being nice to him and says he's a teenager, plays soccer, decent-looking and has money. Darcy takes an interest in this guy. She likes the fact that he has money.

Peter announces that Adams paid $200 for a photo on Darcy's page, and then he sends them new uniforms for the Spirit Squad.

Everything's going great until she tells Spinner about it. Spinner doesn't like it, but Darcy continues to do it.

Sub Plot

Trying to move on from Liberty, J.T. finds himself attracted in the new girl, Mia.

He's excited to get his job as a kids' TV host back and invites her and her two-year-old daughter, Isabella to the taping.

  • Darcy: "That was great today, Peter."
    Peter: "Yeah, I guess I was born for Spirit Squad, right, Manny?"
    Manny: "Just because you help with equipment and you cheer circles around those other losers, doesn't mean I suddenly think you're Mother Theresa."
    Peter: "I'm not Mother Theresa, Darcy is."
    Darcy: "I am nobody's mama, thank you!"
  • Peter: "Good morning, Emma."
    Emma: "Nothing about you is good. Don't talk to me."
  • Manny: An online admirer paying for photos. That's not creepy at all.
  • Darcy: (to Spinner) "Clare is a saint... I'm not"

  • "Shanghai Masai" by Shinjuku Zulu
  • "It All Adds Up" by Anamaria & Shalom
  • "The Tag Is It" by The Dirtmitts