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Eyes Without a Face (2) is the sixth episode of Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on November 3, 2006 in the United States, and on December 12, 2006 in Canada.


Darcy's Web pics are getting sexier and sexier, and she seems more interested in her online boyfriends than her real one, but reality catches her off guard when her number-one Internet fan suddenly makes a real-life appearance.

Meanwhile, Ellie's determined that her new older boyfriend won't think she's a little girl.

Main Plot

Even though she has no approval from boyfriend Spinner, Darcy continues to let Peter take sexy photos of her in a sexy school uniform and a sexy bikini and all as she continues to post them on the Internet & let Adams buy stuff for her and the spirit squad.

Spinner eventually breaks up with Darcy when pictures are released around school by Peter of Darcy's sexy shots in her bikini.

Darcy cancels her Myroom page and because of this, this brings a weird visitor to Degrassi High School.

Peter explains to Darcy that Adams is just some weird, unmarried creep with money: "He played me, just like he played you."

Sub Plot

While secretly dating her editor, Ellie learns what it's like to be with an 'older man'. She's determined not to be seen as a little girl, especially when it comes to grown up sex.

  • Manny (to Darcy): "You need to watch out for Peter. He sure has his creepy eyes on you."
  • Peter (to Darcy): "So, how naked are we getting here?"
    Darcy: "Naked? I don't do that, thanks."
  • Ashley: (referring to Jesse) "So what's he like?"
    Ellie: "Cute, funny, um sexy, smart, intimidatingly so. I don't know what he sees in me."
    Ashley: "Oh come on, El."
    Ellie: "Ash, he's 22 with tons of experience. I've only had two boyfriends. One was and the other was Sean. We know."
    Ashley: "You think he wants to?"
    Ellie: "Um, he's a guy."
    Ashley: "Yeah, good point. So have you know, talked about uh doing it?"
    Ellie: "Can we not say doing it? And no. No, we haven't talked about it. Not yet. I mean I find it a little embarrassing and by a little, I mean hugely."
    Ashley: "Well, if you can’t talk about it, you should at least be prepared in case, you know, it just happens."
    Ellie: "I hate when you're right."
    Ashley: "Lucky for you there's a health clinic at the university."
  • Jesse: "Uh, next pitch. Ellie?"
    Ellie: "Uh, okay. Um, as most of you know and love to bug me about, I'm a first year and I'm a little fascinated by that office down the hall."
    Nina: "The sexual health office?"
    Ellie: "Um, so following in the great though fictional steps of Carrie Bradshaw, I'd like to pitch a series on sexual health on campus."
    (Everyone starts laughing)
    Jesse: "Pass. Next?"
    Ellie: "Hang on, I've done research."
    Jesse: "It's okay. We get it. Next."
    Ellie: "I, I just um I think it's important that, that we're all informed about sex."
    Jesse: "Our readers are informed, Frosh."
    Ellie: "But..."
    Jesse: "It's dead, okay? Stop pitching it. Freddie, what do you got?"
  • Ellie: "I want to resign from the paper and us, so goodbye."
    Jesse: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Can't we discuss this?"
    Ellie: "Jesse, I just made a complete ass of myself and you sat there with Nina and watched."
    Jesse: "No, I did not. I was trying to help you. Why do you think I was trying to stop you? You just keep going and going and going."
    Ellie: "I do have that tendency."
    Jesse: "What were you doing with all that stuff anyway? I mean, how much birth control do you need?"
    Ellie: "Jesse, don't. It’s not funny at all."
    Jesse: "You know you're, uh, cute when you're mortified."
    Ellie: "Well, remind me to mortify myself more often."
    Jesse: "Remind me we need to have a talk about us, where we're going. That is, if there still is an us."
    Ellie: "Resignation cancelled."
    Jesse: "Good 'cause I wasn't going to accept it anyway. You're stuck with me, Frosh, for a long time I hope."
    (They kiss)

  • "Cliffhanger" by Kathyrn Rose
  • "Right Place Right Time" by Cadence Grace

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