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Fabio "Fab" Juarez was introduced in Season 12. He is in the Degrassi Drama Department and was Tristan Milligan's crush. He was portrayed by Kevin Alves.

Character History[]

Season 12[]

I thought his name was ari but people are calling him fab so

In Scream (1), Fab is first seen doing his stagehand duties by helping out with the final scene of Romeo and Jules. Later, while he was painting the set, Tristan falls over and drops his mask while rehearsing. Fab picks up the mask and the two touch hands.

In Scream (2), he tells Tristan and Tori to get ready for curtain call. Then he compliments Tristan on a nice job in the play.

In I Want It That Way (1), Fab is in the same yoga class as Tristan, Maya, and Tori. He tells Tristan about a modified position since he noticed that Tristan was struggling with the exercises. Tristan is offended by this, though, as he thinks that Fab was basically calling him fat, which prompts Tristan to try and lose weight through a cleanse diet.


Fab checks on Tristan, who had suddenly collapsed.

In I Want It That Way (2), Tristan sees Fab in the weight room and approaches him. Fab is surprised to see him and says that he hasn't seen him in yoga club for a while, before complimenting Tristan on how fit he is looking. The two plan a yoga date the next day after school. Tristan continues to starve himself for their date, and he ends up having a minor heart attack during his and Fab's date.

In Zombie (1), Maya wants to meet cute boys and Tristan agrees to that, and Maya asks him about Fab. Tristan tells her that he called Fashion Week shallow and doesn't seem to be into him anymore.


  • First Line: "You guys gotta get ready for curtain call. Nice job by the way." (to Tristan and Tori)


  • He has at least two tattoos.
  • His original name, Ari, was the same name as Eli's character in Love Roulette.
  • It is possible that he was Tristan's first successful love interest. He was said to be Tristan's first date.
  • He is from Brazil, which makes him a Latino.
  • He did not speak during his first appearance.