Fareeza is a Muslim student who attended Degrassi Community School, and presumably graduated in 2006. She was portrayed by Jacqueline Rose. Her only appearance was in the Season 2 episode Don't Believe the Hype.

Character History

Season 2


Fareeza getting picked on by Hazel.

In Don't Believe the Hype, Hazel Aden was hanging out with her friends Paige Michalchuk and Terri MacGregor while they handed out 'Fashion Tickets' to students who were out of style.

Fareeza walked by with a group of her friends and Hazel seized her opportunity and gave a Fashion Ticket to Fareeza, who was wearing a hijab, a headdress from her Muslim origins. The only reason Hazel did this was to keep others off the trail of her being Muslim.

Fareeza crumples the paper up and throws it to the ground and moves on. Paige and Terri are shocked and Paige (the meanest of the three) states that it's a bad thing when she was offended, believing that Hazel had gone too far.

It was Heritage Day and Fareeza did her display, like every other student, on Iraq. When they returned from lunch, Fareeza found her display destroyed with the word 'Terrorist' written across it.


Fareeza's display is vandalized.

She is devastated and taken to Raditch's office where Hazel later gets called while the rest of Degrassi discusses why someone would do this.

In the principal's office, it turns out that Hazel is a prime suspect for making fun of Fareeza's hijab.

They later found out via the police that it was some grade ten boys who damaged the display. Hazel is let go and Fareeza is invited to remake her display in the foyer, where no one would mess with it.

Hazel (who was pretending that she was Jamaican when she was really Somalian) does a slideshow for her class, saying that she was wrong for making fun of Fareeza and tells them that Fareeza made a brave choice of wearing a hijab all the time. She also says that she wears a hijab on Sundays when she goes to mosque.

We assume that all is well between Fareeza and Hazel as Fareeza is never seen or mentioned again.