#Fire is the seventh episode of season four of Degrassi: Next Class. All three plots involve a grad camping getaway with Zig, Tiny, Jonah, Grace and Maya.

Main Plot

Maya suffers from songwriter's block, which leads her to realize the number one thing she needs to look out for.

Sub Plot

When her efforts to reach out and assimilate fail, Esme becomes despondent in order to keep Zig.

Third Plot

Shay and Tiny get closer during the camping trip.

  • This episode marks the end of the relationship between Zig, Esme, and Frankie, and mainly Zig and Esme's relationship.
  • Shay loses her virginity to Tiny.
  • Lola reveals to Frankie and Shay about losing her virginity to Miles, though they think it's a joke.

  • "Yes" by Olivia Scriven
  • "Daisy Chain" by David Krutten, James Sheppard, & Julien Bonneau
  • "Life's What You Make It" by The New Electric
  • "Elodie" by Ten Fé