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#Fire is the seventh episode of season four of Degrassi: Next Class. All three plots involve a grad camping getaway with Zig, Tiny, Jonah, Grace and Maya.

Main Plot[]

Maya is sitting in a classroom when Jonah and Grace come in. She tells them she can’t come camping because she has to write music but they convince her to come. Later at the campsite she is frustrated due to not being able to write a song and she wants to have some of the weed brownies Esme brought, but Jonah says it’s a bad idea. When she’s alone Maya eats the brownies. Maya becomes high and tells everyone she wrote the best song, but then stops and asks if she’s twirling. Grace asks if she’s okay and Maya reveals she ate the brownies. Maya goes to lay down, but later she is seen sitting outside crying and Zig approaches her. She tells him she doesn’t want to be high anymore and Zig tells her she should go to bed but she tells him she tried but wasn’t able to and is still upset about needing to write a song. Zig offers to help her with the song and they go back to her tent. Maya plays him a song she wrote and Zig is shown to be tearing up. She asks him what’s going on and he reveals she scared him. She says she’s fine and he asks why she would do that to herself. She says she feels pressure coming at her and he tells her that when he and Esme found her on the roof, he felt like the world was gonna end and he doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost her. The next morning Jonah reminds Maya that the brownies were a bad idea but Maya says she figured out that her health needs to be her main priority, but states that it wasn’t the brownies that helped her, and looks at Zig with a smile. Zig approaches her and tells her he’s glad she’s feeling better.

Sub Plot[]

Esme, Frankie, and Zig are cuddling and talking at school when Tiny approaches to talk to Zig about their camping trip. Esme didn’t know about the camping trip and is upset she wasn’t invited. She convinces Zig that it’d be more fun if her and Frankie were there. Later she shows up at Frankie’s house with matching bikinis for the camping trip but Frankie said she’s not gonna come because they weren’t really invited. Esme thinks it’d be better if Frankie was there because Zig’s friends don’t like her, but Frankie tells her to show them how awesome she is. Later after talking with Shay and Lola Frankie ends up going on the camping trip anyway. Esme tries to join in on the conversation with everyone at the campsite but they don’t really respond. She tries to give them the weed brownies she brought but no one wants them. Esme is upset and goes to her tent. Frankie comes in and Esme tells her that Zig’s friends still rejected her and that they need to put on their bikinis to go skinny dipping with Zig so he will hang out with them. Later it is dark and they are walking and Frankie wants to go back but Esme is convinces that Zig is going to abandon her. She says that the only way to stop that from happening is to have a threesome but Frankie rejects the idea. Esme says Frankie is turning on her like everyone else and leaves her alone in the woods. Later, Esme overhears Zig and Maya talking in the tent alone and becomes upset. She starts screaming that she can’t breathe and everyone rushes out to help her. Zig reveals she’s allergic to bees and must have gotten stung and gets her epipen, and Esme pretends to inject herself. Everyone realizes she didn’t actually use the shot and Zig is mad that she faked all of this and leaves her alone with everyone else. The next morning Zig returns to his and Esme’s tent and breaks up with her for what she did and tells her to ride home with Frankie, leaving Esme in tears.

Third Plot[]

Shay is invited by Tiny to go on the camping trip, and Lola tells Shay this means they will have sex. Shay later is on the phone with her mom who reveals she is allowed to go camping after talking to Tiny. Shay is hesitant because she isn’t sure if she’s ready for sex, and convinces Lola and Frankie to go with her. Later when it’s night time Shay and Tiny go to their tent and discuss if Shay is ready for sex or not and Tiny tells her she can always talk to him. She says she wasn’t sure how she’d feel when she was here with him, but tells him that she’s ready, and they start kissing. They end up being interrupted by Zig telling them about Esme’s medical emergency. The next morning Tiny tells her he’s sorry they were interrupted last night. He says they should help with breakfast but Shay kisses him implying they should have sex and Tiny accepts.

  • This episode marks the end of the relationship between Zig, Esme, and Frankie, and mainly Zig and Esme's relationship.
  • Shay loses her virginity to Tiny.
  • Lola reveals to Frankie and Shay about losing her virginity to Miles, though they think it's a joke.

  • "Yes" by Olivia Scriven
  • "Daisy Chain" by David Krutten, James Sheppard, & Julien Bonneau
  • "Life's What You Make It" by The New Electric
  • "Elodie" by Ten Fé

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