"I can't stand people looking at me like I'm some trashy teen mom like they did when you were pregnant."
Clare insults Jenna.

Firestarter (1) is the eleventh episode of Season 14 and is the first half of the finale of the first block of Season 14. It aired on January 6, 2015.

Main Plot

Miles knows Frankie was involved in the Degrassi Nudes scandal, and tells her she needs to figure out how to pin it on someone else before their dad finds out. Frankie decides to rally the rest of the cheerleaders to turn on Zoë; they want Zoë to confess and take full responsibility for Degrassi Nudes. Zoë “agrees,” but later Frankie discovers Zoë created a Facerange page naming Frankie as the ringleader. Frankie also learns Winston is the blackmailer and is upset because no one would’ve known the cheerleaders were responsible for Degrassi Nudes, and Frankie wouldn’t be facing her current situation.

Hunter advises Frankie to tell their dad before the press finds out, but it’s too late when a reporter brings it up during a press conference. Frankie confesses to her dad in private that she sent one nude OomfChat, but wasn’t the ringleader. Furious, Mr. Hollingsworth demands that Frankie address the press and take responsibility for what she did. However, when the time comes Frankie is nowhere to be found; she’s with Winston, upset with what’s happened and asking him for his help to make Zoë pay for what she’s done.

Sub Plot

Loving the influx of cheerleaders at Degrassi for Regionals, Zig makes a bet with Tiny: $20 to the first person who can get a cheerleader’s phone number. Grace interjects and says that instead of money, the loser has to dress up like a cheerleader and perform in public. She also points out who they must try to get the number from: Newman cheerleader Gloria Chin.

Tiny tries to flirt with Gloria, but she isn’t interested. Zig “bumps” into her and she spills her drink on him. She offers to clean his shirt, so Zig walks around shirtless. Zig’s not-so-casual flirting works and she’s willing to give him her number, but Zig goes on the defensive when Gloria starts talking bad about Zoë and her sexual assault. Zig tells Tiny and Maya that he decided not to get Gloria’s number, but Grace does it instead meaning Zig and Tiny have to dress up as cheerleaders together. Later, Zig tells Zoë he knows she’s a good person and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her. The two start talking again, and Zig’s happy that he has a chance with Zoë again.

Third Plot 

Everyone at Degrassi now knows that Clare's pregnant. After having a bad dream in which she marries Simpson and has a couple of kids with him, Clare decides she can’t put her future on hold. She talks to her mom and decides that instead of not going to Columbia, Clare wants to go to Ryerson, which is close to home.

Helen says it’ll be difficult, especially while trying to raise the baby, but Clare’s willing to accept the challenge.

  • "Stand Up Tall" by Ellie Wyatt, Philipa Alexander, Jussi Nukula
  • "Bright Red Chords" by Loomis And The Lust
  • "B-12" by The Lennings

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