"No, I wish I could destroy him. I do. I wanna erase him so he can't hurt anyone else again. But I can't do anything else but leave."
— Miles before he starts the fire

Firestarter (2) is the twelfth episode of Season 14, and the second half of the two part finale of the first block of Season 14. It aired on January 13, 2015.

Main Plot

Mr. Hollingsworth overhears Miles telling Hunter that he’s a crappy dad. Frankie is still missing and Miles finally confronts his dad over his behavior, stating that Mr. Hollingsworth doesn’t love or care about anyone but himself. In a rage, Mr. Hollingsworth throws his cup at Miles and it shatters against the wall, hitting Hunter, and he also slaps Miles.

Miles tries to tell his mom that Mr. Hollingsworth is a bully, but all she does is make excuses. Miles decides to handle his dad on his own; he confronts Mr. Hollingsworth and tells him to move out of the house. Mr. Hollingsworth laughs at the threat and says Miles is the one who’s the problem. Miles resists the urge to hit his father and heads to Degrassi to find Frankie to give her a goodbye letter. He reveals his plan to drive as far away from town as possible to Maya; he also tells her how much he hates his father and wants to get rid of him. Miles lights a campaign poster on fire in the hallway and accidentally sets fire to the entire display. After the fire, Miles refuses to go home with his father and Hunter tells Frankie about their dad hitting Miles. The trio stand united against their dad and want nothing to do with him.

Sub Plot

The Power Cheer squad is mad at Zoë for framing Frankie, but Zoë tells them she did it to protect them from getting in trouble. While waiting for their turn to perform at regionals, Zoë receives a text from “Zig” wanting to meet up. Zoë reaches the meeting place, an empty classroom, but is greeted by a masked character: the Degrassi Nudes blackmailer. Winston and Frankie try to get Zoë to admit to Degrassi Nudes, but she doesn’t fall for it. As she tries to leave, she grabs for the door handle which is hot to the touch. There’s a fire outside the door, leaving the three trapped. Frankie blames Zoë for their current situation and for forcing the Power Cheer girls into her Degrassi nudes scheme. Frankie calls Zoë a bully, and says that none of the girls will want to be her friend if she doesn’t accept responsibility.

The three safely escape the fire and afterward Zoë approaches a police officer to confess her involvement with Degrassi Nudes. Frankie’s upset with her dad when he doesn’t show much concern for her well-being after she nearly died. Miles and Hunter say that he only cares about himself, and tells Frankie about their dad’s violent outburst earlier. Frankie stands with her brothers as they watch their father walk away.

Third Plot 

Eli finds out from Imogen that he’s the father of Clare’s baby and rushes to Degrassi to talk to her. He offers to help her, Clare doesn’t want his help because of his history of freaking out over little things.

Eli tries to show Clare he’s changed by signing over his paycheck to her for her to use for the baby. He vows to earn Clare’s trust again, and she agrees that Eli should be a part of the baby’s life.

  • This episode is named after the song, Firestarter, by The Prodigy.
  • There was supposed to be an 11 week hiatus after this episode aired and fellow Epitome show Open Heart aired during the break. However, it went on for more than 11 weeks and returned on July 20th 2015, as part of the 2 week Degrassi series finale event.
  • A fire occurred in the school, started by Miles.
  • The Hollingsworth children finally spoke out against their father in this episode.
  • It is assumed that when Zoë tells the police that she needs to talk to them, it is confessing for being behind Degrassi Nudes.
  • Eli learns he is the father, and tries his best to convince Clare that he needs to be in the child's life, which in the end, Clare agrees.

  • Zoë: "After we were blackmailed by that creep almost exposed, I did what I had to protect us."

  • "Reality Show" by Hans Inglish
  • "I Want You" by AM Rodeo
  • "Party Of The Year" by John Gillette
  • "Obsession" by Fagault & Marina
  • "Broken Wing" by Mrs Bishop