"I hate how you always think you know what's best for me. You don't. This year, you've taken everything good I've had in my life. First, it was Grant and maybe that wasn't perfect but you shouldn't have blabbed. And then, I get Miles. Miles! And then you butt in and make him fall in love with you, again, and you don't even want him. You get to have this perfect life with all these guys in love with you and what do I get? Nothing."
— Tristan finally expresses his feelings to Maya

Get It Together is the seventeenth episode of Season 14. It aired on July 23, 2015.

Main Plot

Becky and Jonah make a great pair when it comes to music, but they're finding romance to be a trickier pursuit. Becky isn't sure how to deal with her feelings, especially where her faith is concerned. So she goes to two resources her sexual active friend, Imogen and the internet

Sub Plot

Maya is relying on gym class to boost her average, but it turns out to be more difficult than she thought with her dance partner.

Third Plot 

Clare agrees to babysit Rocky when Dallas needs one for the night, thinking it'll be a breeze. Turns out taking care of a kid is harder than she thought.

  • This episode is named after the song, Get It Together, by 702.
  • This marks the beginning of Maya Matlin and Tristan Milligan's third friendship.
  • Clare is revealed to have a miscarriage in this episode. This marks the first instance of miscarriage in Degrassi History.
  • Katie Matlin was mentioned in this episode.

  • "Gotta Believe" by Sarah Fisher and Ehren Kassam
  • "Sand And Sun" by Megatrax Library
  • "Scuba Cuba" by Robert Lord
  • "Oh My Love" by LAYLA