"Actually, I'd like to answer that. That was my only experience, and I certainly would not have chosen to lose MY virginity upstairs at a house party with a guy I've known for an hour!"
— Paige during her case.

Ghost in the Machine (1) is the first-part to the season premiere of Season 4 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on September 7, 2004 on CTV Television and on October 1, 2004 on The N. The episode was written by story editors James Hurst and Shelley Scarrow and directed by Phil Earnshaw. The episode shares its title with the song by Sadistik.

Main Plot

After two years of her waiting, Paige's rape case comes to trial, and she's committed to testifying against Dean, and making sure justice prevails. She falls into a deep fear and begins to develop fear of human contact, especially sexual contact, causing her relationship with Spinner to go on the rocks. Eventually she decides that the case is too much for her to handle and she nearly ends it. This aggravates Spinner, causing him to break up with her. 


She then decides that it is time to put away her fears and testify against the man who raped her.

During the case, she is grilled with questions about her sexual interactions by Dean's lawyer, who goes as far as to ask how many men she had slept with.


Although Paige's lawyer objects to these questions, Paige answers that she had only been with Dean, and would have never given up her virginity to him, specifically because of her then-young age and the fact that she knew him for only about an hour. Although her testimony was good, the lack of evidence causes the Judge to find Dean not guilty, albeit reluctantly.

Sub Plot

For his 16th birthday, Craig inherits $10,000 after his father's death and Ashley knows 10,000 ways to spend it. Unfortunately, it turns out that Joey had plans for that money, which hurts Craig, who now believes that Joey only sees him as a bank.

  • Paige: "It will keep playing in the VCR in your head. Rewind pause play, rewind pause . You can't stop it. Then you'll dump me and i'll die alone with my 6 cats."
    Spinner: "Paige, I'll never dump you."
  • Dean's Lawyer: "Ms. Michalchuk, did my client ever hold a gun to your head? A knife to your throat? A grenade?"
    Paige: "No."
    Dean’s Lawyer: "Did he not in fact wear a condom?"
    Paige: "Yeah but that doesn’t make him-"
    Dean’s Lawyer: "You could show me how he managed to open one of these and roll it onto his penis without offering you a chance to get away - if you wanted to."
    Paige: "I said no! He is bigger than me! Stronger…I was afraid. I’m not sure."
    Dean’s Lawyer: "Oh so you don’t know! How many men have you had sex with Miss Michalchuk?"
    Dean's Lawyer: "Ms. Michalchuk, how many men have you had sex with?"
    Paige's Lawyer: "Objection!"
    Paige: "Actually, I'd like to answer that. That was my only time. And I certainly would not have chosen to lose my virginity upstairs, at a house party, with a guy I'd known for an hour!"
  • Emma: "Chris and I broke up in July."
    Toby: "Sorry. Kendra and I broke up in August."
    Liberty: "Sorry. I believe I was abducted by aliens over Labor Day weekend...And Towerz and I broke up."
    Emma and Toby: "Sorry."
  • Paige: "Morning, Ellie."
    Ellie: "Hey Paige. Great outfit!"
    Paige: "New year, new look, new Paige."
    Alex: "Ellie, just because Princess Prissy talks to you doesn't mean you have to answer."
    Paige: "I'm going, I'm going."
  • Marco: "Oh hey. Happy birthday, buddy."
    Craig: "Wow! Uh, you hit the mall lately?"
    Marco: "You think it was easy finding those streamers and musical notes?"
    Craig: "No, I meant your outfit."
    Marco: "You like it?"
    Craig: "Yeah, man. And I love the locker, thanks."
    Marco: "No problem."
    (Craig puts his arm around Marco's shoulders)
    Craig: "Man, are you dating anyone?"
    (Marco laughs)
    Craig: "I'm serious."

  • "Ready For You" by Sloan - Heard during the opening scene.
  • "Feel It" by Jakalope - Heard while Spinner and Paige are making out in The Love Mobile.