Glen Simpson is Archie Simpson's elder brother. He was once the star of the Degrassi Junior High School basketball and football teams. He was the valedictorian of his graduating class. Glen was portrayed by Montgomery Randall.

In Can't Live With 'Em (2), Archie mentioned that Glen attended Borden High School.

In He Ain't Heavy..., he decides to come home and tell his family that he's moving in with his boyfriend. When Snake finds out his brother is gay, he's in a state of shock. Glen finally tells his parents and they reject him and tell him that Archie is the only son they have. Glen and Archie reconcile, but Glen decides not to return home until his family can accept him.


  • Glen is the very first homosexual character in Degrassi History.
  • He was the valedictorian of his graduating class.
  • He is the first "Glen" in the Degrassi Franchise, the second being Glen Martin.
  • He drove a black Jeep YJ (Wrangler); in Mother and Child Reunion (2), and Snake drove a red one.
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