"Johnny: And that's how separating recycling will save the world... Hurray...
Mr. Perino: God help us all.

  Got My Mind Set On You is the fifteenth episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on April 11, 2008 in the United States, and on April 14, 2008 in Canada.


Danny and Derek's friendship may end over a girl. Meanwhile, when Emma turns to Damian for comfort, things start to get too serious between the two of them.

Main Plot

When cute and funny Rachel joins Peter, Danny and Derek's MI group for their "How-To" video project, confidence is high. With a bona-fide female on board, and Peter's video skills, Danny and Derek know their romantic instructional video's going to be hilarious. Derek's determined to ask her out, but when it turns out it's actually Danny she likes, a jealous Derek slips panties into his backpack while they are in a store. When Danny and Rachel were walking out of the store, the manager of the store wanted Danny to open his backpack to see if he stole anything from the store. The manager took out panties out of his backpack and he didn't know anything about it and he didn't know who placed them in his backpack. As the manager was calling security, Danny and Rachel ran out the door as fast as they could and never looked back.

Sub Plot

After a fun spring break, reality really bites for Emma. With trouble at school and at home, Emma turns to Damian. He's only too happy to give her some comfort - until Emma really starts to turn up the heat between them.

  • This episode is named after the song "Got My Mind Set On You" By George Harrison.

  • Johnny: "And that's how separating recycling will save the world... Hooray..."
    Mr. Perino: "God help us all."
  • Derek: "Step 1) Get jealous when your best friend gets the girl you like. Step 2) Try to get even with some stupid prank. Step 3) Let your best friend take the fall. With these easy steps, you'll end up with no project, no girl, and no best friend. Thank you."
    Mr. Perino: "Real touching. C+."
  • Derek: "So Rachel, I was thinking maybe we could go out sometime."
    Rachel: "Derek? Maybe we should focus on the project."
  • Emma: "You wanna walk him together? He would be like ours."
    Damian: "Whoa, like ours? But we just started going out?"

  • "Paralysed" by Clearfield
  • "Easy Ridin'" by Sweet 17
  • "Carousel" by P. Saunders
  • "It Was A Better Time" by The Hermits