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"My whole life has being people telling me to stay positive, but no one wants to talk about how I'm going to die!"
— Grace to Zoë

Grace Cardinal is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2016. Having been a fixture in the rubber room, Grace was always giving off a counterculture vibe. Even though she is as plugged in as it gets, she is rebellious in her stance and straight up about everything. She's a dichotomy -- blunt and unapologetic, but cares and comes through for her friends. She is best friends with Zig Novak, Tiny BellMaya Matlin, and Zoë Rivas. She is currently dating Jonah Haak. She is also good friends with Goldi Nahir, Rasha Zuabi, and Miles Hollingsworth III. She is on good terms with Becky Baker, Winston ChuLola Pacini, and Tristan Milligan. She used to have a conflict with Frankie Hollingsworth and had shown a dislike towards Baaz Nahir. She is labelled as being the "The Eyes and Ears of the School." Grace was portrayed by Nikki Gould.

Character History[]


Season 13[]

In Barely Breathing, Miles Hollingsworth III takes Maya Matlin to Grace, and pays her for the information about who made the hate page for Maya, which turned out to be Zoë Rivas.

In The World I Know, Maya's instantly intimidated when she joins the Rubber Room by Grace, who refers to Maya as a princess.

In Better Man, Maya wants to fit in with the other kids in the Rubber Room, so she pays Grace for tips on how to win them over. Despite Zig Novak’s disdain for Maya, she continues to hang out with him, Grace and Tiny Bell. The next day, Grace tells Maya she was impressed with how Maya stood up to her after her and her friends trick Maya with a fake gun, and the two become friends.

In Unbelievable, with no leads on who raped Zoë, the anonymous hacker who released pictures of the incident's identity is revealed: it’s Grace. She helps Becky Baker with a plan to discover the identities of those who assaulted Zoë.

In What It's Like, Grace appears in the Rubber Room with her classmates to turn in their assignment. When she sees Maya looking through Zig's bag, she warns him that he won't like that. Later on, she switches places with Maya during the trust exercise so that she may talk to Zig.


Grace and the Rubber Room kids.

In Close to Me, Grace immediately believes Miles is the one who snitched on Zig dealing drugs, and he confesses.

In You Are Not Alone, Grace is seen with Zig and Maya looking at all the clubs they could join and when Maya mentions film club she looks over at the movies they have and the people that are sitting there move the movies and Grace comments if I wanted to steal them I would pirate them idiots. Then Maya pitched another idea show choir club and Zig and Grace laugh and Maya says ok maybe not then Zig says look there aren't things for people like us and grace says they are unique outsiders and Maya responds if the unique outsiders can do anything here what would it be? Grace responds something like burning man a crazy event in the dessert go there and create art and just explore. Then she is seen explaining the dealing to Maya on the laptop and she says get involved again not a good idea.

In Enjoy the Silence, Grace and Maya discuss Zig, with Maya revealing that she convinced Zig to try and quit the gang. Maya confesses that they made out, and Grace is convinced that she does like Zig. However, Maya reveals that she is still hung up on Miles, and she kissed Zig to stop him from leaving the house. Grace tells her that the only ways out of the gang is either death, jail, or moving far away, but Maya confesses that he has nowhere to go. After Tiny comes looking for Zig, Grace comments that he may have to stay at Maya's house for forever. At the art event, both Maya and Grace are excited. Maya wishes that Zig was there to see it, to which Grace points him out to her in the audience. Later, Maya looks for Zig in Grace's room in the art exhibit, but she hasn't seen him. Grace knows he went back to his old neighborhood and finds his location for Maya. Maya is upset he is at the bus station, but Grace sees it as an opportunity for Zig to escape.

In How Bizarre, Grace, Maya, and Zig discuss Zig's new job at a restaurant during class. When Zig tells them about how he immediately was given higher tasks in the kitchen, she calls him out on his lie. When he complains about wanting respect, she tells him to go in there and demand it.

In My Hero, Becky approaches Grace after class and asks her for help in finding the identity of Sir Excellence. While she refuses to hack into the Realm of Doom account, she gives Becky the idea to ask the person controlling the account for a picture of himself holding a sign saying "Me".

In Believe (1), Grace catches up with Zig on the way to class to hand in their report. Later she helps make posters and shirts for Zoë's trial.

In Believe (2), Zig meets Grace outside asking her if she's seen Zoë and tells her that he's dealing again. Grace pulls him aside and asks about the gang intervention, but the two stop and watch when Zoë comes down the steps to confront the reporter.

In Thunderstruck, Grace is seen sitting on a bench drawing near Zig when he accepts both Maya's and Zoë's offers to go to the dance. She tells him why it's a bad idea to choose either girl and tells him to buy Peach Schnapps so the tension can lighten up between the girls. She is later seen in the gym bouncing a ball against the wall when everyone is trapped by the thunderstorm.

Season 14[]

In Wise Up, Zig doesn’t understand why Zoë would be upset with him receiving nude pictures from other girls, until Grace points out that since her sexual assault, Zoë might not feel comfortable dating someone who’s looking to receive nude pics.

In If You Could Only See, using Grace’s help, the Power Squad sets up a private website where guys at Degrassi can request nude pics.


Grace stopping Zig and Tiny from fighting.

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Zig gets pissy after getting beat by Grace in an arm wrestling contest. In order to redeem Zig’s “manliness,” Grace offers Zig a challenge: if he gets a homemade tattoo, Tiny will take down the gifs he made of Zig losing to her. Initially Zig agrees, but backs out just as Grace is about to give him the tattoo. He tells her he doesn’t need to prove his manliness this way and they all agree.

In There's Your Trouble, Zoë vents to Grace, telling her about the squads rebellion against sending nude pictures and how she just wants people to stop looking at her as a victim. Grace tells her she needs to stop behaving like a bitch, and also informs Zoë that Frankie Hollingsworth is the only one on the squad who hasn’t been sending Oomfchat nudes.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Grace and Zig take Maya to a park for Zen, and when that can’t calm Maya’s nerves they decide to hack Miles’ Facerange account to check if he is okay.

In I'll Be Missing You, Zoë can’t bring herself to quit Power Squad when she is threatened to, so she ends up telling Grace to shut down Degrassi Nudes.

In Hush, Zoë says the Power Squad needs to stick together, so they all visit Grace and ask for her help on finding out who is blackmailing them. She’s able to track down the person to the Hollingsworth home, so Zoë and the squad interrogate Hunter Hollingsworth.

In Something's Got to Give, Grace is in the hallway discussing what super power she would have. Grace, Maya, and Zig over hear Dallas' conversation and she along with Zig joke about Miles being to hit n run after crashing into Dallas's car only to be shocked that it was actually Miles.

In Firestarter (1), Grace interjects Zig and Tiny's bet on who can get a cheerleader's phone number first and says that instead of money, the loser has to dress up like a cheerleader and perform in public. She also points out who they must try to get the number from: Newman cheerleader Gloria Chin. Zig tells Tiny and Maya later that he decided not to get Gloria’s number, but Grace does it instead meaning Zig and Tiny have to dress up as cheerleaders together.

In Ready or Not, Grace is seen calming down Zig in the hallway.

In Wishlist, the only problem with the spa pass for two Maya receives from her mother is Maya doesn’t have any girlfriends; the closest thing she has to one is Grace. When Maya begs Grace to go she declines, so Maya goes to the spa alone. The next day Maya apologizes to Grace for being so desperate, and during their conversation Zig’s name comes up; Maya realizes she finally has romantic feelings for him.

In Get It Together, Grace is seen talking with Maya about Maya's problems with Tristan in gym class.

In Give Me One Reason, Grace and Tiny listen to Zig talk about his feelings for Maya while at lunch in the front of the school.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Tristan Milligan is on the dating app Teendr, but Grace and Zoë think his current profile is lame.

In Teen Age Riot, Grace is seen in the hallway talking with Zig and Maya. She is later seen with them, plus Tiny outside the school.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Grace is seen with Tiny, Maya, and Zig in the rubber room. Zig confesses to them that he was in the car when shots were fired at a house Vince had just visited. Later, she is seen working in the Food Van and also distributing cell phones to students. She gives one to Zig and Tiny so they can check the messages Damon's Gang has been posting.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (2), Grace is working in the Food Van once again. Zig comes to her for advice and she helps him and they read more messages Damon's Gang has been posting. She helps him realize he must go to the police with all of this.


Grace and her classmates try to solve Maya's kidnapping.

In Don't Look Back, it’s summer school at Degrassi and Grace reluctantly becomes lab partners with Zoë. When Zoë continues to not understand their assignment, Grace uses trans-cranial direct current stimulation on Zoë to help her study. Zoë gets an A, and Grace encourages her to take an interest in science. Zoë becomes suspicious that their teacher is involved with the recent kidnappings nearby and flirts with him to see what he'll do, but this gets her kicked out of class, so Zoë and Grace go to Bain’s office to explain Zoë flirting was a misunderstanding, but they find information about Gloria on his desk. Because Zoë’s been hanging out with Grace, Miles is convinced Grace is in love with her. At school Zoë confronts Grace, who denies it. In order to test Grace, Zoë chooses to hang out with Miles over Grace. The constant PDA annoys Grace, and the two get in a fight while Grace is the third wheel on Ziles’ date. Zoë finally acknowledges she has feelings for Grace and kisses her, but tells her she wants to take things slowly.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1[]

In #BootyCall, after a discussion with Grace, Maya tells Zig that music is more important to her than him right now.


Grace tells Zoë that she's sick of everyone pretending that she isn't going to die young.

In #NoFilter, Zoë and Grace pair up for a class assignment where they must create an animation of where they think their life will be in fifteen years. While Zoë starts joking around with Grace about her piercings, Grace abruptly walks away. Grace also avoids Zoë, who tries to visit her at home later that day. Zoë winds up confronting Grace in the bathroom about her weird behavior, and Grace coughs up blood. When Zoë takes Grace home she learns that Grace has cystic fibrosis, a deadly illness with no cure. Zoë tries to be supportive by researching the disease and telling Grace to be positive, but that pisses Grace off…she’s tired of everyone telling her to be positive and then abandoning her because they can’t accept the fact she’s dying. In an attempt to reconcile with Grace, Zoë finishes their project which shows her mourning Grace at her funeral.

In #YesMeansYes, the next day after Zig attempts to forcefully have sex with Maya and she pushes him off and tells him to leave, Zig’s upset because he thinks Maya doesn’t love him anymore and Grace points out that forcing yourself onto someone, even a partner, is considered rape. Both Zig and Tiny cringe at the word and Grace gives them a frank lesson on sexual consent.


Grace and Jonah stopping Maya from going too far.

In #NotOkay, Grace says Maya shouldn’t apologize for calling out a sexist crowdmember at one of their shows, while Zoë says she should play nice because women have it tougher in the industry as it is and you need the men with power in your corner.

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Grace and Maya perform for the feminist club protest, and she helps educate her friends on the meaning of feminism.


Grace and Zoë.

In #NotAllMen, Zoë’s mom doesn’t want Zoë hanging out with Grace because she doesn’t want people thinking Zoë’s gay. Zoë tries to reach out to her father, who she believes is David Sutcliffe in order to have a supportive parent in her life; Zoë and Grace go to his trailer to find out the truth, and while it turns out he isn’t her father, he does give her advice: live your own life. Zoë feels as if she’s going to be alone because she has no father and she can’t hang out with Grace, but Grace says she’s still there for her and the two kiss.


Grace and Zoë have a sleepover.

In #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin, Zoë feels kind of awkward about having kissed Grace again, but the two end up making plans to hang out at Grace’s house. Grace’s mom returns and asks Zoë if she wants to spend the night (obviously she says yes). Grace is worried they won’t be friends anymore if taking things to the next level doesn’t work out, but Zoë assures her that won’t happen and the two hook up. The next day, Grace is standoffish and admits to Zoë that she tried to see how she felt about them being together romantically, but she can’t do it because she’s straight and likes Zig. Heartbroken by the news, Zoë films herself hooking up with Zig in the woods and sends the video to Grace in order to hurt her.

In #TeamFollowBack, Grace is glaring at Zig knowing that he cheated on Maya and along with Goldi supporting her through her online harassment. Grace was gonna tell Maya about Zig cheating on her, but backs down because Maya was already dealing with so much.

In #SinceWeBeinHonest, Zig comes to Grace for help with hacking Hunter's laptop and removing the video after finding out that Hunter was Maya's troll, but declines his help because it would useless because hunter may have back up copies. Grace calls out Zig on weither he's more concerned about Maya or if he's more concerned about not getting caught cheating after Zig is hesitant about telling Maya he cheated.

In#SorryNotSorry, as Maya and her band prepare for the Snow Ball, Maya learns that Grace knew Zig cheated with Zoë and excludes Grace from performing at the dance. While Maya ends up kicking Zig to the curb, she finds it in her heart to forgive Grace.

Season 2[]

IMG 5067

Grace changes her look in fear that her normal look scares people away.

In #BuyMePizza, while Grace is minding her own business, Baaz Nahir walks up to her and insults her appearance, saying that she looks like she’s damaged and actively trying to avoid attracting men. While even Maya and Jonah Haak think Grace’s style means she doesn’t care about trying to dress to attract guys, it causes her to become self conscious that Zig might not like her because of how she looks. She ends up wearing a pink dress to school, and gets upset when Zig and Tiny casually joke about her drastic change in style. Zig apologizes, and Grace reveals she’s afraid her look pushes might scare people from wanting to be close to her. However, Zig tells her he liked the old Grace and that she should only change for herself. Later, while scaring Baaz for his previous comments, Grace and Maya learn he was only saying those things because was reading tips from a dating advice book. Her plot ends with an awkward moment as Zig walks up, Maya avoids looking Zig in the eyes and Grace has to continue hiding her feelings for him.


Grace joins Lola's protest to undo Tiny's suspension.

In #ThrowbackThursday, when Lola gives up on her protest to undo Tiny's suspension, Grace tells her that racism at Degrassi is a bigger issue than just Tiny, and that he’s treated differently than someone like Frankie, who still hasn't gotten in trouble for her racist drawing.

IMG 5570

Grace watches Zig and Maya fight.

In #ToMyFutureSelf, with Jonah already having to bail on their music gig, Grace bails on a planning session with Maya because she’d already made plans to eat lunch with Zig. Later, Grace suggests that Zig fill in for Jonah, but Maya shuts that down and says Peter Stone will play with them instead. Grace is convinced Peter (who is 23) just wants to sleep with Maya (who is 16), but Maya insists they’re just friends. The next day after Zig and Maya get into a fight over Maya not forgiving him yet, Grace continues to lobby for Zig and the fact that he’s trying to make things right with Maya, but Maya tells Grace she can have Zig as a friend because she has Peter. The next day, Maya and Grace apologize to each other. Instead of trying to force their group to get back together, Grace says she’ll just hang out with Maya and Zig on separate days.

In #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen, later, after Tiny has to choose between taking Shay or Lola's advice, Grace points out that it’s clear Tiny likes Shay Powers, but Tiny doesn’t want to just break up with Lola because he still cares for her and appreciates everything she’s done for him.

In #RiseAndGrind, while Grace has her computer stuff and Tiny’s into science, Zig feels as if he doesn’t have anything he’s good at. Later, Grace and Tiny make fun of Zig for auditioning to be a male stripper believing he was actually auditioning to be a dancer, but Esme Song offers Zig a summer job as part of her dance group.

IMG 6119

Grace passes out at Tiny's party from her beer.

In #TheseAreMyConfessions, as Grace and Zig coordinate a keg party to raise money to pay for Tiny’s flight to summer science camp, Grace is happy when Zig agrees to go on a roadtrip with her to visit Tiny over the summer. Grace’s nurse also says the roadtrip is okay as long as Grace does her daily breathing treatments. At the keg party, Grace tells Maya that Zig is finally ready to move on, but Maya assumes it’s with Esme. Grace tells Zig her mom agreed to the roadtrip, and Zig says he’ll have to take time off from his summer job working in a dance troupe with Esme. Grace kisses Zig, but he says that it’s a bad idea if they get together because it could ruin their friendship. Later, Grace yells at Maya, finally revealing that Zig was her secret crush all along and that she’s jealous of the attention Maya receives from guys. After storming off, Grace ends up randomly passing out. As Maya, Tiny and Zig debate on what to do with Grace, Zoë runs up and demands they take Grace to the hospital because she has serious health problems. When Grace comes to we learn that even though she only drank one beer, it had a negative effect on her current meds. Because she’s kept her illness a secret, Grace feels as if she’s alone. Her mom tells her she will feel alone as long as she refuses to tell her friends, and Grace ends up telling Maya that she has cystic fibrosis.

IMG 6173

Grace checking on Zoë.

In #OMFG, preparing the bus to leave for Degrassi’s volleyball game, Zoë is approached by Grace. Zoë doesn’t understand why Grace is even talking to her, and Grace says it’s because she saved her life. Grace also tells Zoë that life is too short to keep pushing people away. Grace approaches Zoë again as she is talking to people online about her self harm, this time to check on her. When Grace sees that Zoë’s uploaded a self harm picture to Hastygram, she tells Zoë that things would be easier if she’d come out instead of always pushing people away.

Later, it is revealed that the bus going to Degrassi's volleyball game had crashed and the characters on bus when it crashed were Grace, Tristan, Zig, Maya, Jonah and Tiny.

Season 3[]

In #IWokeUpLikeThis, after missing the first week of school, Maya returns with a lot on her plate: she has missed school work to complete, university applications to start and Grace and Jonah want her to write lyrics for their new song. After Maya talks with Zaya, she’s questioned by Grace and Jonah, who’ve been waiting for her and the lyrics after school for 40 minutes. Maya tells them she feels like she can’t juggle everything at once and both Grace and Jonah tell her they feel the same way…they also tell her to take the night off and she can work on the lyrics later.

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Jonah gets a funny message from Grace, and when Frankie grabs his phone to see what it isJonah snatches it away from her. Frankie’s now paranoid that Jonah might have feelings for Grace. When Jonah doesn’t respond to her message right before her driving exam, she logs into his Facerange and finds out that he told Grace that Frankie’s immature.

In #HugeIfTrue, when Jonah rejects Frankie sexually, Frankie points out that Jonah’s had sex with other girls, and asks if it’s because he has feelings for Grace; he says he and Grace are just friends, and says he doesn’t want to sleep with Frankie because he doesn’t want to rush into things and ruin their relationship.

In #ThatFeelingWhen, Miles has decided to cast Lola as Hope in the play, which bring up questions from Grace and Jonah about whether or not Miles is hooking up with Lola.

Zoë’s afraid to ask Rasha Zuabi out straight up, so instead of following Grace’s advice to be straightforward, Zoë asks Rasha out for coffee on Winston’s behalf and Rasha agrees.


Grace in the hospital.

In #Unsubscribe, Grace learns that her lung function is declining and she has two options: get a risky lung transplant that could extend her life by 10 years, or not do the transplant and live for 3 years. Grace is looking for support from her best friend Maya, who’s nowhere to be found, so she vents to Jonah instead. Grace doesn’t see the point in getting the transplant, so Jonah takes her to play minigolf; the stakes are if Jonah wins, she has to get the transplant. Jonah tries to convince her that there’s so many things she could do in 10 years, but Grace is afraid the people around her will eventually move on to live the type of fulfilling life she won’t be able to. When they return to Degrassi, they find Maya lying seemingly dead on the steps; it turns out Maya’s doing another “death” photoshoot with Saad, and Grace is furious that Maya’s been ditching her to do that. Later we learn that Grace has decided to put her name on the lung transplant list. Maya finally texts Grace back, and explains what she was doing by sending Grace photos from the shoot. Grace is then shown blocking Maya’s phone number.

In #IRegretNothing, Maya tries to reconcile with Grace, but Grace wants nothing to do with her.


Grace and Jonah working on the play.

In #Woke, later, after Rasha and Zoë have a fight, a teary Zoë is comforted by Grace at The Dot. Grace tells Zoë she can stay at her place for as long as she wants, and the two head home.

In #ImSleep, Maya runs into Jonah and she wants him to give Grace a gift for her, but he gives Maya a ticket to the play and tells her to give it to Grace herself. Maya arrives to the play, but when she spots Esme sitting in her seat, she tells Yael to give the gift to Grace and she leaves. After Maya attempts suicide and ends up in the hospital, Miles, Tristan, Zig, Esme, Grace and Zoë are in the hospital waiting room; Grace regrets not having seen the warning signs and Zig feels guilty for having blown her off earlier that day.

Season 4[]


Grace takes a selfie with her classmates.

In #BackToReality, Grace is given a hickey by her new secret boyfriend, Jonah, who doesn’t want their relationship to be public. Grace is fine until Zoë and Winston Chu tease her about her moped lover– “Fun to ride on until someone sees you on it.” Winston makes a comment about Grace maybe being her new guy’s moped. An already insecure Grace snaps at Jonah at the fun fair after hearing Frankie say that she thinks Jonah wants to get back together with her because he said hi to her in the morning. “So how long are we gonna sneak around? Another month? Prom? Until I die?” Grace yells, reminding both Jonah and the audience of the deadline on her life. Jonah ends up hijacking the mic at the fun-fair and improvising a song about Grace, asking at the end: “Grace Cardinal, will you be my totally-public, not-so-secret, completely-out-in-the-open girlfriend?” She says yes and kisses him, and that secrecy plot is resolved– but Frankie saw the entire commotion and doesn’t look happy.

In #GetMoney, after Zig leaves, Esme fixes Frankie’s hair and encourages her to go talk to Jonah, who’s kissing Grace. Frankie approaches Jonah later to give him the money to fix his guitar and freezes when Grace approaches him and she hears people gossiping about her.

In #ILookLikeA, Grace asks what picture Winston sent Goldi Nahir, and she says: “His pickle.” “Who doesn’t like pickles?” Grace laughs before it dawns on her and Zoë. Goldi says she probably got what she deserved by accidentally flirting with him, and Grace says no one deserves that. Goldi realizes she’s right and approaches Winston about his “no-pants pic”.

Jonah admits Miles’ writing helped him get past the bus crash, and Zoë says it helped Goldi accept her and Rasha, and Grace could relate to it.


Grace and Jonah share a kiss after they open up to each other.

In #RollUpToTheClubLike, Zoë ditches her meal to help Grace, Rasha going with her, leaving Goldi and Winston alone.

The episode opens on Grace in a wizard costume doing a presentation, and her phone buzzes, saying she’s getting the new lungs she wanted. In a hospital bed, Jonah stands by her side as Grace starts to create a bucket list. However, the lungs didn’t survive the trip to the hospital, meaning Grace and Jonah can do this bucket list together. Zig and Esme give ideas for Grace’s bucket list. Esme suggests that Grace have sex with Jonah, and says “Thank me in Heaven.” Grace, with Zoë and Rasha, says she doesn’t want to die a virgin. She thinks that her and Jonah are going to have sex that night because he wanted to cross something off the bucket list. Grace pulls out a condom as Jonah walks in with fishing gear, and she hides it just in time. Grace and Jonah try out fishing, and he talks to her about the last item on her list. He says she shouldn’t want to have sex with him because he’s messed up. Grace accuses him of making an excuse to not sleep with her. Grace almost catches a fish but they lose it, and they kiss. Later, the death toll in Brussels is up to 50 but neither Zoë and Grace care much as they talk about Grace and Jonah’s deep talk and how they’re saving sex for prom night. Grace instigates a pillow fight, which was on her bucket list.

In #Preach, Grace suggests making out with Rasha to Zoë because Samira is thousands of miles away and can’t win her over that way.

In #FactsOnly, when Zig's friends gather and boast about where they got in (Tiny to Caltech, Esme to Columbia and Harvard, Grace to University of Toronto, Jonah to Queens) Zig lies and says he got into Kempton. His lie falls apart when Grace checks the “acceptance” email to see what residence he got into.

In #Fire, Zig reluctantly tells his girlfriends about the grad camping trip this weekend with Tiny, Maya, Grace, and Jonah.

Later, when Maya is stressing about writing a song, Jonah and Grace tell Maya to relax about her song-writing, but take the brownies away from her when she tries to use those to help her relax. “Maybe try meditation before mind-altering substances.” Grace recommends, but Maya eats two as soon as they turn their backs.

Grace, Jonah, and Lola all go to their tent and Frankie’s car when it turns nighttime, respectively, leaving Shay and Tiny.

In #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth, in science class, Tiny starts an elaborate system that ends with a sign popping up saying ‘Will You Go To Prom With Me’ Shay stands, excited, and a second sign pops up: ‘Grace?’ Grace says yes, and Shay sits back down.

In #Obsessed, Zig, Maya, Grace, Jonah, and Tiny are studying for their history exam at Maya’s place, with Zig barely scraping by.


Grace and others comfort Zoë at graduation.

In #KThxBye, Grace runs into Maya’s room to wake her up, and Maya admits she has a bad feeling about the coming day. “That’s your depression brain talking,” Grace retorts. Maya doesn’t know if she wants to go to California for SoCalArt, but Grace talks her into taking this one day at a time. At school, in graduation gowns, Maya, Miles, Tristan, and Grace reminisce before Zig hobbles in on crutches.

Next, there's a montage of social media posts after graduation and one of them shows Grace and Jonah, including one of Jonah kissing Grace’s head while she’s in a hospital bed.


Season 13

Season 14

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 1)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 2)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 3)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 4)


  • She was the second new regular character introduced in the Fall block of Season 13.
  • Grace is the only character to be present in every episode in three seasons. She extended her record in DNC Season 4 by appearing in every episode in that season, the only character to be present in every episode in three seasons.
  • Like Ashley, Ellie and Jane, she is rebellious and has a lip and double nose piercing, but she also has a belly button piercing and a gauge ear piercing.
  • She regularly calls Maya by her last name.
  • She was in the "Rubber Room" with Maya, Tiny and Zig.
  • It is mentioned in The World I Know that she has a younger sister. Judging by her reaction following a boy looking at her, she is protective over her.
  • Grace, Frankie, Hunter, Sean, Marco, Griffin, Adam, Eli, Clare and Lola have all shared the same line "Go to hell."
  • She watches the Food Network.
  • She shares similarities with previous characters Ellie Nash and Jane Vaughn, both of whom were outsiders.
  • She is the third character to have dyed their hair an unnatural colour. The first was Ashley (bright red), the second was Jane (green) and the fourth was Lola (multicoloured) The fifth was Frankie (white).
  • She is the fourth First Nations character in the franchise.
  • She is a feminist.
  • It is shown that she never loses arm wrestling.
  • Her first kiss on the show was with Zoë.
  • She has cystic fibrosis.
  • She is fan of the show, Battlestar Galactica.
  • In #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin, she had sex with Zoë. They were each others first time with a girl.
  • In #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin, Grace admits that at some point she has/had feelings for Zig.
  • She is the first straight character whose first on-screen kiss was with someone of the same sex.
  • Her user on Hastygram is grac3_% 43.
  • She is the only one who knows that Jonah has a daughter.
  • She broke her arm in the bus crash.
  • Grace is one of six heterosexual characters to be crushed on by a homosexual. The other five being Griffin (by Marco), Peter (by Riley), Holly J. (by Fiona), and Adam and Campbell (both by Tristan).
  • Grace is the second character to get an organ transplant, the first being Holly J. Sinclair.
  • In the original audition script, Grace was originally going to be Becky Baker’s foster sister.


  • (To Maya): "Hey, you're the video girl. Nice pics." (First line) - Barely Breathing
  • (To Maya): "So did you make up your mind about SoCal Art?" (Final line) - #KThxBye
  • (To Maya): "[fake coughs] Princess." - The World I Know
  • (To Maya): "You should stop pretending you give a crap. You're not here to make friends."
  • (To Maya): "You think you're better than us." - Better Man
  • (To Maya): "Quick tip: if you don't want to seem stuck up, don't pay people to do stuff for you."
  • (To Maya): "Trust me, you don't want that Zig as your friend."
  • (To Maya): "He's lying to you, Matlin! He can't even look at you!"- Close to Me
  • (To Becky, Drew, and Imogen): "Defender of justice, friend to the little guy."- Unbelievable
  • (To Maya and Zig): "What the balls happened last night?"
  • “Too bad – I was really getting into your excuses. Chimney spider-bites was my favorite.”
  • (To Zoë): "Maybe you'd have more luck if you weren't such a bitch." - There's Your Trouble
  • (To Zig And Tiny) "Or maybe she doesn't want to get raped."- #YesMeansYes
  • (To Maya) "Death isn't beautiful, it's FINAL!" - #Unsubscribe
  • (To Maya) *Jonah and Grace lifting Maya's headphones* "Maya!"
    Maya: "Whoa!" - #KThxBye
  • Rasha: "Have you ever done... anything?"
    Grace: "Some stuff, I guess." - #RollUpToTheClubLike
  • Zoë: "...and all I could think was I'm alone."
    Grace: "What am I? An acquaintance?" - #KThxBye.


Main article: Jonah-Grace Relationship

Love Triangles[]

Main article: Jonah-Frankie-Grace Love Triangle


Friendships Relationships Conflicts Attractions Love Triangles
Grace-Maya Friendship Jonah-Grace Relationship Zoë-Grace Conflict Zig-Grace Friendship Zoë-Grace-Miles Love Triangle
Zig-Grace Friendship Grace-Baaz Conflict Grace-Zig-Maya Love Triangle
Grace-Tiny Friendship Frankie-Jonah-Grace Love Triangle
Zoë-Grace Friendship
Tristan-Grace Friendship
Grace-Lola Friendship
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