Gwyneth is a minor character, who attends Smithdale University along with Manny Santos, Emma Nelson, Liberty Van Zandt, and their roommate, Kelly Ashoona. She is best friends with Becca. She is in the Smithdale Drama Program and used to be in a relationship with Kelly. She was portrayed by Hayley Andoff.

Character History

Season 8

In With or Without You, Manny Santos and Emma Nelson found Kelly and Gwyneth making out in their dorm, signaling the start of her and Kelly's relationship at Smithdale. Afterwards, Kelly yells at them because they walked in even though there was a sock on the doorknob.

In Lost in Love (1), Kelly and Gwyneth break up, and he talks to her for 8 hours while drinking coffee, consoling her because she was devastated over their breakup.

In Touch of Grey, she is one of the students at Smithdale who consumes Emma's weed brownies and smokes weed with Emma.

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, she can be seen in the background of Mick's class.



  • Although Gwyneth appears in more episodes than her friend Becca, her character is not as notable as Becca is. She also never really had a big storyline like Becca did.


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