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Heather Farrell (born June 1974) was a Canadian woman who attended Degrassi Junior High School, Borden High School and Degrassi High School in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She was the identical twin sister and best friend of Erica Farrell, and was portrayed by actress Maureen Deiseach.

Starts as: Grade 8

Character History[]

The Twins[]


While Heather was identical to her twin Erica Farrell, she was much more shy than her rather loud twin.

The Mono Scare[]

Heather erica 220x130

At a dance at Degrassi where students from another school were invited, in the episode "Sealed With a Kiss" (Season 2, episode 8, 21st episode of the series), older students also were admitted without proper checks. One of these older students became a new boyfriend to Erica. They left the gym for a secluded hallway and engaged in French kissing. The next day, however, based on symptoms, Erica was worried that he had given her mononucleosis. She kept it a secret, but after Heather went with the boy, pretending to be her twin (determined to prove she was not as "prudish" as Erica claimed), got kissed by him, and revealed it to Erica, Erica revealed her suspicion of mononucleosis. They went to the hospital to get checked, but it turned out that Erica merely had tonsillitis.

Crush on Wheels[]

Heather had a huge crush on Wheels in high school. She admitted it to her twin-sister Erica, and Lucy Fernandez when they were helping film the Zits music video. Heather later tried to get Wheels to like her at a party. After dancing with him, they went out on the porch and made out. When people saw them, Wheels was embarrassed and fled. Heather regrets it, as she knows that her friendship with Wheels will never be the same.

Dealing with the abortion[]

Heather began having nightmares of Erica entering the abortion clinic a few months after it. It became so bad that Heather threatened Erica's new boyfriend. Heather then decided to go into therapy.

(* Although many Grade 8 first season characters have birthdays in 1974, since Emma Nelson, daughter of one such student, was born in June 1989, and since Grade 8s start at the age of 12 or 13 and finish at 13 or 14, 1974 births should be retconned as 1975.)

Degrassi: The Next Generation[]

Heather&Liz @ Spikes

Heather and Liz at Spike's baby shower.

In Father Figure (1), Heather is seen sitting beside Liz at Spike's baby shower.


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