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"Hey Paige, I guess I'm the only one not sorry to see you go. I know you had sex with Spinner last year. Thought you were above being a low-grade ho, guess I was wrong."
Darcy confronting Paige about her fling with Spinner

Here Comes Your Man (1) is the first part of the premiere episode for Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on September 26, 2006 in the United States and on November 28, 2006 in Canada.


The new school year has started and Sean is back in town. Peter and Emma seem to be happy - that is until Sean returns to Degrassi. Peter is having mixed emotions with not knowing what is happening between him and Emma and also dealing with becoming the new person in the street scene. Meanwhile, Marco is overwhelmed with moving in with Dylan and throwing Paige a going away party.

Main Plot[]

Sean's back in town and haunting the local street racing scene. When Emma finds him, even Peter's new wheels might not be powerful enough to pull her away.

Sean reaches out to Peter in order to accept the fact that he is now dating Emma.

Peter gets caught up in a street race with Jay and Sean. When the police come one afternoon and see Peter racing Jay, Sean and Emma run to Sean's car after they see the police arrive.

Pulling of the road, Sean tells Emma that he is "bad news" and that he is making trouble for her. Emma insists that he is not trouble, and they look into each other's eyes and start to kiss. Emma's cell phone rings which momentarily interrupts the kiss.

The camera reveals that Peter is the caller. Emma looks at the phone, sees that it is Peter, but looks at Sean again and continues to kiss him.

Sub Plot[]

Marco and Dylan find an apartment, but Marco is overwhelmed when he has to juggle keeping his relationship with Dylan a secret from his father, finding roommates, choosing university courses with Ellie, and throwing Paige a going away party all at the same time.

  • Shenae Grimes has been added to the opening. Daniel Clark has also been re-added. Also Andrea Lewis, Jake Epstein, Jake Goldsbie, Pat Mastroianni, and Stacie Mistysyn have been removed. Jake Goldsbie is still appearing on the show regularly however, and is credited in the scene after the opening credits.
  • The theme song has been remixed. It's still performed by Jakelope, but it has been stripped of vocals.
  • First storyline Involving Street Racing ever in Degrassi history.
  • First subplot about the original college life.
  • It's Peter's 17th party at the beginning of this episode. However, his actual Birthday is two days after it.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Peter is driving down the highway with Emma, she takes a picture of him with her phone. This is not the first time she's taken a picture of him as she also did in the episode, Tell It To My Heart.
  • In this episode, Sean finds out that Emma had anorexia last year (in Season 5).
  • In this episode, we find out that Emma knits, which helps her deal with her anorexia.
  • This is the first time that American Viewers get to see an episode before Canadian viewers.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Spinner and Darcy's third relationship.
  • The members of Downtown Sasquatch, minus Craig and featuring Ashley, perform at Paige's going away party.
  • This marks Darcy's first regular appearance and Sean's return as a regular.
  • This two part episode is named after the song "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies.
  • Ellie tells Marco that she does not want to take any courses where she will have to read Beowulf. This is a reference to the Woody Allen film Annie Hall.

  • Sean, who hasn't been seen since Back in Black after moving to Wasaga Beach, returns to attend Degrassi.
  • After being accepted into Banting University in High Fidelity (1), Marco throws Paige a going away party.
  • Manny mentions to Emma how her and Peter went through hell last year, during the time when Emma developed anorexia and bulimia and her recovery from it.
  • Darcy tries to confront Paige about having sex with Spinner in High Fidelity (2), but Paige quickly writes her off.
  • Emma reveals to Sean that she developed anorexia last year in Our Lips Are Sealed (1), but is working on it day by day.
  • Marco mentions that Craig is off in Vancouver, as he left in Together Forever to record a solo album.

  • (Paige to herself): "Okay, I know Marco likes four sugars, and Ellie takes her coffee black, like her soul."
  • Sean: "Emma!" Emma: "Sean? What are you doing here?"
    Sean: "I moved back. I'm with Jay now."
    Jay: Easy, Brokeback Mountain. He means he's sleeping on my couch."
  • Jimmy: "Looking fine, Ms. Kerwin."
    Ashley: "Well, someone's gotta make up for Spinner."
  • Manny: "I'm going to go say hi to Sean's biceps.."
  • Manny: "Sean Cameron, bench press has been so, so good to you."
  • Emma: "Nothing. I'm all about fun. I love fun. In fact, if fun were people, I would be China."
  • Manny: "You know what's not fair? Me and Peter going through hell last year with you, and you finally being better.. And then WHAMO! You step right into the Sean Cameron man-trap."

  • "Chasin' Cheese" by Fiasco
  • "Get Loose" by The Salads
  • "Hardly Blame The Girl" by Vivian George
  • "Na Na Na" by Universal Honey
  • "Need" by Vibrolux
  • "Soulshine" by Downtown Sasquatch
  • "Whistleblower" by Bluebeard
  • "World On Fire" by Latefallen

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