Here Comes Your Man (2) is the second part of the premiere episode of Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on September 29, 2006 in the United States, and on November 28, 2006 in Canada.


When Emma tells Peter she needs a break from him in order to deal with her feelings for Sean, Peter freaks. He and Sean tear up the streets in a final throw down, but neither of them are prepared for the collateral damage.

Meanwhile, thanks to her new roommate, Ellie's choking down way more than the recommended daily allowance of cute.

Main Plot

Emma tells Manny about kissing Sean, and Manny gets upset. Mysteriously, a bag of weed is planted in Sean's locker. He gets suspended and blames Peter for doing it, who admits to doing it, Sean goes to race him, in hopes that he will win. As they are racing, Sean hits a pedestrian. He drives off, leaving Jay and Peter to deal with the situation.

Emma walks downstairs, into her room, and sees Sean sitting on her bed. Sean tells her he screwed up badly, and that she is the only one that cares about him. He tells her he needs her help, but Emma tells him that he is wrong—she does not care about him. The police are looking for him, and Sean turns himself in to the police. After being escorted into the police car, he puts his head in his hands, and begins to cry.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Ellie struggles to get along with her new roommate, Amberley. Amberley's personality clashes entirely with Ellie's and Ellie can hardly deal with it.

After writing an article about roommates, Amberley kicks Ellie out of their dorm room. Ellie's article was supposed to remain anonymous, but the editor thought it was so good, they left her name on it.

Ellie moved in with Marco and Dylan afterwards.

  • This two part episode is named after the song "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies.
  • Peter called Sean a "bitch" in this episode, marking the first time the word has been said in the series.

  • Sean: "We're gonna settle this out there on the street!"
    Peter: "You want to race me in that hunk of junk? You're on, bitch!"
  • Emma: "You're wrong. I don't care."
  • Sean (To Emma): "I know. That's why I like respect you and whatever."
  • Spinner (To Peter): "Yo, Eminem! Where's D12?"
    Jimmy (To Peter): "Degrassi's new MC, too white, too furious."
  • Sean (To Emma): "I gotta stop hanging out with you."
  • Marco: "Saved By The Bell marathon starts in five and I have the microwave popcorn with the buttery jalapeño sauce!"
  • Manny: "It's not about Sean, it's about you not screwing up your life. You are not going back to "rexie-ville Emma Nelson. Not on my watch."
  • Sean: "I know what I want and I think you do too."
  • Sean: "You know what, Emma? Go to hell!"

  • "It Don't Stop" by Fiasco
  • "Handout" by The Nein
  • "Are Sonic" by Neurosonic