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High Fidelity (1) is the eighteenth episode of Season 5 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.


When Darcy discovers that Spinner is far from a virgin, she's ready to pull the plug on their relationship, but not before she pulls a big ol' handful of Manny's hair. Spinner's at risk of losing the girl he loves. If only there were some way he could become a virgin again...

Main Plot

Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin, but when she finds out the truth about him and Manny, her jealousy and anger over being deceived leads to the end of their relationship and a fight between Manny and Darcy.

Sub Plot

Paige and Alex's relationship comes to an end when Paige becomes too controlling. Spinner seeks solace with ex-girlfriend Paige, and Alex finds comfort with Jay.

  • This episode is named after the song High Fidelity by Elvis Costello.
  • This episode marked the end of Darcy and Spinner's first relationship.
  • This episode marked the end of Paige and Alex's first relationship.
  • This episode marked the first time that Alex admitted to being an actual lesbian.
  • Spinner reveals he has had sex with two other girls after Manny.

  • After suffering from a panic attack in Our Lips Are Sealed (2), Emma is back from the hospital and is trying to work on recovering from her eating disorder.
  • While trying to get support for the variety show, Manny is subjected to "Take it off!" comments from Danny Van Zandt and Derek Haig, referring to the video that circulated around the school of a drunk Manny taking her shirt off in Venus. The same video got her kicked off of Power Squad, which Manny later mentions.
  • Paige is accepted into Banting University, the college she has always wanted to attend.
  • Darcy is jealous of Spinner and Manny's past relationship, and the fact that they have had sex.
  • Marco helps Spinner "re-virginize himself" and says that the incident with Friendship Club back in I Against I is old news.

  • Gallery

  • Paige: "She's high on carpe diem. Side effect of being fired."
  • Darcy: "Manny, even you can become pure again. All it takes is repentance."
    Manny: "Yeah, I'll get right on that."
    Darcy: "Well, you should, considering you are the school's biggest slut."
  • Spinner: "You know what I believe, Darcy? I believe I will never be clean enough, not for you. We're through, okay."
  • Alex: "Jay, I'm not bi! I'm not confused. I'm a lesbian, an actual lesbian."

  • "Doesn't Anybody Hear" by The Novaks
  • "Dullsville" by The Novaks
  • "Tell Me" by Donatella

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