"Because you were stupid, Craig. You didn't think she'd find out about me and you didn't think I'd find out about your lies."
Manny to Craig after Ashley finds out about him and Manny.

Holiday (2) is the twelfth episode of Season 3 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on December 17, 2003 on CTV Television and on December 19, 2003 on The N. The episode was written by story editors James Hurst, Shelley Scarrow and Aaron Martin and directed by Phil Earnshaw. It shares its title with the song by Madonna.

Main Plot

Ashley sneaks a peek at the Christmas gifts that she thinks Craig has bought for her, but is shocked when she sees Manny wearing them the next day. She confronts her, and they both realize that Craig has been lying to them the whole time. When Craig and Ashley were supposed to sing together on stage, Ashley just sat on stage with her arms crossed. When Craig then asked what was wrong she slapped him and marched off the stage. Craig followed her to see what was going on, and she told him that she knew what was going on between Manny and him. They break up, and shortly after Manny comes over to tell him it was over between the two of them.

Sub Plot

Joey realizes that the one he loves is Caitlin. He breaks up with Sydney, and tries to find Caitlin. He sees her boarding a plane and runs over there to stop her. Joey tells her that he wants her. She changes her mind and stays and soon moves in with Joey.

  • Spinner: "Well, one girlfriend down, one to go."
    Craig: "Spinner, shut up."
    Spinner: "Yes, Lord Stud."
  • Craig: "You told her."
    Manny: "No, no I didn't."
    Craig: "Then how did she find out?"
    Manny: Because you're stupid, Craig. You didn't think she'd find out about me. And you didn't think I'd find out.. about your lies."
  • Joey: "It's not about Syndey, that's over. It's about you and me."
  • Joey: "When I broke your heart those years ago, I thought I lost you forever, and I moved on."
    Caitlin: "Yet you're here with me in an airport on Christmas."
    Joey: "Yes, I am. I moved on, but I never left."
    Caitlin: "I guess I better get my stuff of the plane then"”
    Joey: "Merry Christmas" [they kiss]
  • Ashley:"Where'd you get that?"
    Manny:"Just a guy."
    Manny:"Just a guy I've been seeing a while, you know".
    Ashley:"...Is it Craig?"
    Manny:"I'm so sorry. He didn't want me to say anything because he didn't want you knowing that he moved on so quickly."
    Ashley:"Moved on? We're still together."
  • Sidney:"[to Caitlin] Joe and this family need me. Not some charming, klutzy blast from the past. ME."
  • (Ashley slaps Craig on stage, both walk off)
    J.T.:"Okay, looks like they won't be spending Christmas together..!"
  • Angela:"Maybe Santa will have presents for Daddy."
    Craig:"It looks like he's getting his gift early."

  • "I'll Spend Christmas With You" by Jake Epstein & Melissa McIntyre
  • "Let's Have Ourselves A Christmas" by The Degrassi Senior Orchestra (Feat. Cal Dodd)