Holiday Road is the thirteenth episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on November 22, 2009 in Canada, and on April 23, 2010 in the United States.


Emma's taking a cross-country bike trip with Kelly, and keeping a big secret from Snake and Spike. Back at Degrassi, Danny urges Chantay to blog about their relationship—until he reads her post.

Main Plot

Emma and Kelly stop by Degrassi while on a cross-country bike ride. The two of them meet up with Holly J., and they do the announcements to sponsor their bike riding tour. They have a cook-out and Kelly and Spinner are in Connor's room eating meat, then Emma comes downstairs and finds a bottle of alcohol opened, and Emma is furious at Kelly because Snake and Spike had been saving that alcohol since they got married. Emma yells at him and kicks him out. Kelly admits she was too controlling and he got a job at his dads engineering firm.

The next day, Kelly leaves in a cab. Emma goes back to Degrassi the next day as she is about to leave and is questioned by the students about college life. Emma snaps at them, especially Alli and Holly J. and tells them the truth, that she's failing Smithdale, and doesn't want to go back. Later, she visits Spinner at The Dot and questions if he likes where he is and Spinner replies and admits he loves where he is. Emma says she envies him and Holly J. tells Emma she will be good at anything she does. The two become friends and Holly J. says she will be excited to see her next time.

Sub Plot

Chantay and Danny have a date. When Danny doesn't pay the entire tab, Chantay writes an article on it, making everyone think he's cheap.

  • School Marquee: "Degrassi Welcomes Emma Nelson and The Recycling Program."
  • (Emma to Spinner): "Get me a Double Dot Burger. With bacon."
  • Snake: "Be careful and call if you need anything."
    Emma: "I'll be fine on my own. I love you."
  • Spinner: "I gotta go...feed my turtle."
  • Jane: "Why have a hamburger when you can have a giant mushroom instead?"

  • "Dreamwishing" by Savannah Outen
  • "C'mom" by The Candidates
  • "Grow" by Jaylene Johnson
  • "Eye To Eye" by Ashbury Keys
  • "Sense Disaster" by Josh Schroeder
  • "Difference Of Opinion" by Shane Alexander
  • "Here I Am Now" by Brandon Chandler & The Revival - Heard during the last scene.

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