Hollaback Girl (1) is the forty-second episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on April 27, 2012.


Bianca wants to change but Katie ruins that. Dave feels guilty about Jacinta's accident. Marisol is embarrassed by Mo.

Main Plot

Bianca's turning over a new leaf, but she’s getting weary from the tight restrictions of her probation (random drug tests and having a curfew). Simpson commends her for her hard work though, and suggests that Bianca should start applying to university. Bianca doesn't know how to get started, so Drew volunteers Katie to help her. At first, they talk about universities and possible career options. After a while, Katie asks Bianca where she used to score drugs. Bianca tells her it’s all about connections, but that she’s done hanging out with that crowd. Katie suggests that they should hang out and have a girl’s night. Bianca is suspicious of why Katie wants to be so friendly, but Drew tells her she’s being paranoid.

Bianca and Katie hang out at a club and run into one of Bianca’s former druggie friends. Bianca goes to the washroom and when she returns she finds the guy talking to Katie, who reveals that she bought oxycontin from him. Bianca thinks Katie shouldn't have bought the drug, but still promises not to tell anyone about it. Later, Bianca catches Katie dancing with the guy and realizes that Katie is high on Oxy. Bianca realizes that Katie was only using her to score drugs. Despite being close to curfew Bianca takes Katie home. At home Katie tells Bianca that she knows B has been waiting to steal Drew from her, and that she never really wanted to be friends. An upset Bianca sprays water at Katie, waking up Maya and then storms out and heads over to Drew’s place, where Drew feels like Katie’s changed and is hoping for relationship advice. Bianca tells him that he should break up with Katie get back together with her, and the two share a kiss. Bianca immediately regrets the kiss, but Drew says he wants to be with her as well.

Sub Plot

Dave still feels guilty about Jacinta's accident which worries Alli, because Dave doesn’t want to talk to her about the situation and he also wants to go visit Jacinta in the hospital. To take his mind off things Alli invites him over to her place. Before he arrives Alli and Jenna stumble upon a Facerange group with people posting well wishes for Jacinta. They also find some of the people are posting nasty comments about Dave because they believe he’s responsible. She hides the page from Dave at first, but eventually tells him about it in a bid to get him to open up to her.

Third Plot

Marisol thinks that she and Mo should tone down their PDA (holding hands) because they aren't an official couple yet. Bummed out, Mo asks Jake for advice and he suggests Mo take her on an official date. Mo and Marisol meet at The Dot, with Mo saying it was time for them to have their first date. Marisol asks when, and Mo is secretly embarrassed because Marisol didn't realize he’d planned their trip to The Dot as a date. Mo quickly improvises by saying their date will happen during the upcoming weekend, and Marisol badgers him for details because she wants to be prepared for the date. Mo lies and tells her that their first date will be at the CN Tower.

  • This episode is named after the song "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani.

  • "Magic Fountain" by Art Vs. Science
  • "Twice" by The Tanuki Project
  • "Traveller" by The Weather Station
  • "They Come To Get Us" by The Death Set