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Holly J. Sinclair and Jay Hogart become friends in Season 8 of Degrassi after being mutual friends with Spinner Mason. Their friendship culminated in Jay helping Holly J. get Jane and Spinner back together after a brief fight.

Friendship History[]

Season 8[]

Jay is Spinner's Hype Man

Jay is Spinner's hype-man.

In Lost in Love (1), Holly J. listens in as Spinner gets advice from Jay on how to tell Jane about not getting into police college. Jay says to not tell her but Spinner says that's not really an option. Holly J. says his two options are to either tell her now or tell her later. Spinner asks the difference and she says there is none because she breaks up with him either way. Jay says to write a letter, delivered from far away. Holly J. looks at him, annoyed. Spinner says Jane loves him and says that they'll be okay if they have to be apart for a year but he asks for reassurance. Both Jay and Holly J. look too uncomfortable to answer. Spinner has an idea though and leaves Jay and Holly J. in The Dot and makes Holly J. in charge while he's away. Jay is nowhere in sight for Spinner's celebratory dinner but Holly J. mans The Dot's counter. Jay later drunkenly gives Spinner terrible advice at a bar and nearly breaks Jane and Spinner up when Spinner shows up drunk at Jane's house. The next morning, Holly J. walks into The Dot to see Spinner and Jay at the counter. She asks why Spinner called her in before school "or else." Spinner says he has a plan to convince Jane to give him a second chance. Jay looks confident behind Spinner. Spinner says it involves her help or she's out of a job. Jay adds that she did tell Jane that Spinner didn't get into police college. Spinner says Jane is at a leadership symposium and he needs to be there for her speech. Jay repeats the word "speech," acting like a hype man. Holly J. says he can't just waltz in and Spinner says he needs her help because she's an expert at leadership stuff. Jay then repeats the word "expert." Holly J. agrees and tells him to put on a suit.

Jay Says Holly J

Jay tells Holly J. she is quite the schemer.

Jay's Picture of Manny

Jay shows Holly J. a picture of Manny from his wallet.

In Lost in Love (2), Jane and Spinner fight after Spinner lies about getting into police college and making the night awkward when he proposes to her at her Youth Leadership Symposium where she gives a speech on being a girl in football. They kind of break up, but Danny encourages Jane to see that she needs to appreciate Spinner more because he loves her so much and supports her through everything. She agrees but can't find him at the Sweetheart Dance. Holly J. overhears and says she won't get a chance to hurt him. Jane asks if she knows where he is and she says yes but she has to beg. Jane and Danny look incredulously at her. Holly J. repeats for her to get down on her knees and beg. Jane does it and Holly J. smiles and gets on her phone. Jay gets a phone call as he and Spinner walk down a sidewalk talking about getting away to a cottage. He wonders how he will convince Spinner to go to the dance. Jay comes up with a plan and tells him Manny is at the dance and he needs to win her back because it's his chance and he's been helping Spinner with girl troubles all week. It's all a ploy so that Jane can make a speech at the dance, apologizing to Spinner and thanking him for being there for her. She says she loves him and doesn't know what she'd do without him. People in the crowd "aww" and Spinner smiles. They get back together. At the end of the dance, Jay and Holly J. stand at the edge of the dance floor, watching Jane and Spinner. Jay compliments Holly J. and says she's quite the schemer. She disagrees, saying she's just a hopeless romantic while staring off sadly at Blue. He agrees, saying "me too," and pulls a picture of Manny out of his wallet, adding he wishes she really was there. Holly J. looks sadly at the picture and then at Blue again.

Season 9[]

In Close to Me, both Holly J. and Jay are invited to Spinner's housewarming party by Jane, though this time, Jay has Manny by his side. Jay and Holly J. watch the first performance of Janie and the Studs only a few feet apart. Holly J., Anya, Sav, Danny, Jay, and Manny are the last bunch to leave the party.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, when Spinner leaves to go to Jane's graduation, after Jay advises him to, Jay turns to look at Holly J. after commenting to himself that he's good at advice-giving.

Degrassi Minis[]

Season 7[]

Degrassi Party Etiquette:

  • Part Two: Holly J. moves between the group of people playing Truth or Dare, including Jay, Jane, Spinner, Jimmy, Darcy, Paige, and Manny, while she chases Toby.
  • Holly J

    Holly J. flirts with Sean Cameron.

    Part Four: Holly J. stands behind Emma and witnesses Sean try to win her back. As Emma dismisses Sean, Jay steps in to "break up" what is going on because Manny says they heard there was a fight. When Emma reveals she's with Damian and he comes in, Holly J. is visibly amused and Jay stands awkwardly by Sean before Sean tries to lunge at Damian. After Emma leaves and Toby tries to cheer him up by saying there are other fish in the sea, Holly J. comes up behind Sean and wraps her hands around his chest, saying he must be an underdog if Toby is giving him advice. She adds flirtatiously that she's always rooting for the underdog before grabbing the neck of his shirt and dragging him away.

Season 8[]

If Jay Can't Be Happy...:

  • Part One: After having no luck with Manny when it comes to love this holiday season, Jay decides to take on the part of Scrooge and make everyone's day harder with a little pouch of magical mist while at The Dot. He first uses the magic to have Jane get upset with Spinner so that he has a buddy sulking with him. He then zeroes in on Holly J. who is serving Blue. Spinner says he's in and asks the plan.
  • Part Two: Jay blows his magical mist on Holly J. and she immediately starts rapping to Blue, who is put off by her display. Jay is highly entertained as Holly J. gets into it. After Blue walks off, Holly J. goes up to Jay and Spinner who quickly calm themselves and says that she's embarrassed. Spinner says she looked happy doing it and Holly J. asks how she can possibly be happy. Jay says "It's simple my love" and says she needs to pay it forward by making someone else miserable in order to be happy herself. Holly J. says she'd rather just die but Jay says they should find "some poor miserable sap" for her to wreak havoc on. Just then, Sav walks in and sits with Anya. Holly J. gets a smile on her face and asks what the plan is.
  • Holly J Jay Spinner Sav

    Jay, Holly J., and Spinner try to get Sav to join them.

    Part Three: Holly J. asks Jay for clarification about the objective: to feel better by breaking Sav's heart. He confirms and Holly J. immediately starts walking towards the couple. Jay grabs her shoulder to stop her, asking what she's doing and holds up his pouch. They watch Sav and Anya talk for a bit before Jay puts a pinch in Holly J.'s hand. She blows it on them and turns the gift Sav got Anya into granny panties and a vibrator. They all laugh at Sav's misfortune. Jay says he could learn a lot from her. Sav joins them by the counter and they try to get him to join them. Holly J. points to Peter and Mia and asks if it doesn't make him sick. They all look uncomfortably at their PDA. Sav asks what he has to do and Jay dumps some magic dust in his hand and tells him to give it a blow. Sav blows.
  • Part Four: Suddenly Peter becomes more narcissistic and it seems to not be working. Jay looks at his dust and says he doesn't get it. Holly J. looks confused until Clare and K.C. come up to them and explain the true meaning of the holidays will never be corrupted by him. Suddenly, as they explain, all the scorned couples reunite, one-by-one. Holly J. disbelieves this at first but Clare tells her Blue is outside waiting for her. She pauses and then leaves to check. Jay is left alone once K.C. and Clare leave to make out and he ends up leaving Manny a voicemail.


  • Holly J. is shown to have Jay's cell number so it could be assumed they have known each other a bit longer than what has been shown onscreen, especially because they are never shown to formally meet.
  • Both Jay and Holly J. are both good friends with Spinner Mason and Emma Nelson.
  • In a deleted scene from Lost in Love (2), Holly J. waits in the hallway outside of the Sweetheart Dance. Once she sees Jay and Spinner walk towards her, Jay gives her a thumbs up and she nods and heads inside the dance. Spinner asks Jay's strategy and Jay says he will propose to Manny again. Spinner asks if he's learned nothing from his mistakes as they walk in.