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#HugeIfTrue is the fifth episode of season three of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot[]

Lola, Shay, and Frankie are having a sleepover and Lola goes downstairs to make face masks for them. Frankie gets a text from Jonah then and invites him over and Shay decides to invite Tiny. Lola is making the face masks and Miles walks in and Lola tells him about how happy she is they’re having a girls night away from Frankie and Shay’s boyfriends. She immediately worried she may have upset Miles by mentioning boyfriends but he said it’s always nice to talk to her. She tells him more about her plans for girls night and Miles says she’s welcome to hang out with him later if she wants. When Lola finds out that Frankie and Shay invited Tiny and Jonah, who brought Esme, Zig, and Grace with them, Lola is upset. They are all playing Never Have I Ever and Lola makes a comment about Shay stealing her boyfriend and they get in an argument. Grace suggests they stop playing. Esme suggests Truth or Dare and dares Tiny to spend seven minutes in heaven with Shay. Tiny accepts but Shay is uncomfortable and says no. Esme dares him to go in the closet with Lola instead and Shay says no at first but finally gives in. Lola and Tiny are in the closet together and Lola tells him how all her friends ditched her for their boyfriends and how she feels like she’s everyone’s second choice. Tiny tells her she’s a great girl, and when Lola comments that he dumped her for her best friend Tiny apologizes and says there must be one guy out there who will appreciate her. They hug while coming out of the closet and Shay asks if they kissed. Lola says no and Shay says she guesses Lola will give Tiny what she won’t. Lola gets upset and leaves. Shay and Tiny then get in an argument and he leaves. Lola goes to Miles’s room. They talk about the play and Miles offers her to play Hope and says how awesome she is. Lola is unsure and admits to Miles that she likes him and fears they will do something to get them in trouble if they spend too much time together. Miles kisses her then and then they fall back on the bed and have sex. Lola wakes up in his bed the next morning and asks if he’s thinking of Tristan and if he feels guilty, Miles says he does but that he also feels good and kisses her. Lola says she never thought her first time would be with someone who has a boyfriend. She assures him she’s okay with him being bisexual, but Miles asks if it was really her first time. Lola assures him she won’t get clingy with him and Miles reminds her they can’t date. Lola says for them to just enjoy whatever it is they have and Miles agrees. Lola comes downstairs and lies saying she fell asleep in the guest room. Shay apologizes to her for last night and Lola tells her that her and Tiny never had sex and that she drank during the “Never Have I Ever game” when questioned about sex because she wanted to feel like her relationship with Tiny was important. Shay is happy that none of them are having sex and Frankie says it’s for the best and that sex just complicates things. Miles comes downstairs then and says “only if you let it” and winks at Lola.

Sub Plot[]

Hunter is getting ready for a date with Yael when Baaz and Vijay show up. Hunter tells them to leave but they think Hunter always ditches them for Yael. Baaz comments about Hunter wearing the same hoodie everyday when he has a lot of nice designer clothes and asks if he can have a pair of Hunter’s shoes. This leads to a conversation about their “size” and they decide to have a dick measuring contest. Hunter lies to Yael and says he is sick but they come over anyway to give Hunter one of their mom’s homemade remedies and they are upset that Hunter about Hunter lying to them. Baaz lies and says they were going to watch porn and Yael says they will watch with them. It becomes awkward and Hunter finally reveals the truth that they were going to measure their penises. Yael says they don’t want to get in the way and offers to measure for them. While Yael is getting a ruler Hunter is saying how Yael hasn’t even seen his dick in real life yet and Baaz feels like Hunter takes Yael and all the privilege in his life for granted. After Yael measures everyone, Hunter asks them to lie and say that Baaz won to boost his self-confidence and Yael reluctantly agrees.

Third Plot[]

Frankie invites Jonah over and during a game of Never Have I Ever with their friends, she invites him upstairs. They make out for awhile until Frankie tries to take off Jonah’s pants and Jonah doesn’t want to hand sex. Frankie says straight edge doesn’t mean no sex and Jonah says that’s not why. Frankie asks if it’s because of Grace and Jonah says they’re just friends, and that he doesn’t want to have sex because he doesn’t want to ruin what they have. Frankie thinks because he’s had sex before he just doesn’t want to do it with her and gets off the bed but accidentally knocks over a candle and starts a fire. Miles comes in and helps put out the fire. Jonah asks if him and Frankie can talk later but Frankie tells him she needs space. Frankie is later upset and confiding in Miles and he tries to comfort her but also says Jonah may have been freaked out by her being a virgin. Frankie doesn’t think Jonah’s like that and Miles says at least she didn’t burn the house down. Frankie is later eating snacks in her bed and Shay comes in and asks her what happened. Frankie tells her that she tried to have sex with Jonah but instead started a fire. Shay tells Frankie she slut shamed Esme and drove Tiny into the closet with another girl. Shay also says she’s glad Frankie didn’t do it because she didn’t want to be the only one not having sex. They both comment that guys are the worst and eat snacks together.

  • Lola loses her virginity to Miles.
  • Degrassi Community School itself does not appear in this episode.
  • This is first time an episode takes place solely at someone's house. All plots take place at The Hollingsworth mansion.

  • "Let's Do Something Crazy" by Crystalyne
  • "Oh No" by Pmr
  • "The Girl, The Gold Watch And Everything" by Literature
  • "Do Right" by JWalk
  • "Shades" by Autolaser ft. Satica
  • "One Of These Days" by My Name Is You

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