Hungry Eyes is the ninth episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on February 15, 2008 in the United States, and on March 3, 2008 in Canada.


Emma becomes a Purple Dragon girl, but finds out what they're really like. Mia gives Sav lessons on how to kiss and treat a girl, but does Mia have the wrong idea?

Main Plot

Emma decides to join the Purple Dragons in order to show that she is not as predictable as everyone thinks, but when she learns more about Purple Dragon, she decides to take a stand. She finds out that Purple Dragon Girls cannot drink the Purple Dragon drinks due to the number of calories in one bottle. The Purple Dragon Girls are only meant to look sexy and get more people to buy the product.

When Emma is told by the Purple Dragon leader, Natasha that she cannot drink it, she gets mad and writes on her dress "Purple Dragon" with an X covering the words. Natasha tells her to shut up or take the dress off. Of course, Emma does what she feels is right. She pushes Natasha, saying, "I'm not going to shut up" and takes the dress off, revealing her naked self, shocking everyone, especially Manny.

After a minute, Manny covers her with the purple dragon poster, but that doesn't stop the boys' reactions. Afterwards, she asks Mr. Simpson when she is getting suspended, but he tells her that she only got two detentions for violating the dress code, and that she wasn't suspended because she did the right thing.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile Mia learns, after she makes a move on Sav, that he is not only a virgin, but that he also has never kissed a girl. Mia agrees that he'll help her on the court and she'll help him off the court. While teaching Sav a lesson on how to treat a girl, they share a passionate kiss and Holly J. sees it. After running into Holly J. in the washroom, Holly J. warns Mia that that may have been his first kiss, but it's not going to be his last. Confused, Mia walks out. After winning the badminton tournament, Mia kisses Sav. He walks away and she tells him that she's only doing what they practiced and that people who like each other show it by PDA. He says that he likes her, but not in that way. We later find out that he likes Anya. We also find out that Holly J. and Mia have something in common: they both need men.

  • This episode is named after the song Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Sav and Anya's first relationship.
  • The Teennick version of this episode is censored in the scene where Emma takes off her dress (as it only shows Emma from the waist up, rather than full body). CTV still airs this episode unedited.

  • Mia: "You teach me on the court, and I'll teach you off."
  • Holly J.: "Wake up and smell the scratch-n-sniff, Mamma Mia."
  • Emma: "What, you don't think I can wear a tiny dress and sell energy drinks?"
    Liberty: "Everybody knows you never would."
  • Holly J.: "I hate to have something in common with you, but we both need men, not boys."
    Derek: "Hey ladies, are your legs tired?"
    Danny: "You've been running through our dreams all night!"
  • Emma: "I am not going to SHUT UP!"
  • Manny: "So, you busted out the birthday suit early this year. Tell me, how does that feel?"
    Emma: "Massively embarrassing, but at least I had control over what people saw."
    Manny: Too bad you can't control what they think. Or dream. Or fantasize."

  • "Gonna Getcha" by See Spot Run
  • "Hey Hey" by The Carnations
  • "Showstoppers" by The Salteens