#IRegretNothing is the eighth episode of season three of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot

Lola takes a pregnancy test and lies and tells Frankie and Shay it’s negative but it’s actually positive. She tries to talk to Miles about it but he tells her they can’t talk anymore. Yael approaches and tries to talk to Lola about their history project but when Lola tells them she’s getting an abortion, Yael rides with her to the abortion clinic. Lola talks to the nurse there about the procedure and then goes into the procedure room. Later, she is relieved that it is over and hugs Yael. They set up for their history presentation but Lola has her browser history on the screen which shows everyone that she was researching abortions, much to her embarrassment and she runs out. Later Frankie and Shay find Lola in the bathroom crying and try to comfort her but they both make her feel worse with their negative comments about abortion and Lola storms out. She goes to talk to Yael and reveals she doesn’t feel sad or ashamed of her decision, and Yael convinces her to do a video on their YouTube channel about her abortion, Later Frankie and Shay are shown watching the video and when Lola approaches, they ask her why she didn’t tell them, and she said it’s because they were judgy towards her, and they tell her they have no idea what they’d do if they were pregnant, and Frankie said what she did was courageous. Frankie says they should go out and celebrate and Lola agrees. As they are walking away Miles approaches and asks where they are going and Frankie says they are going to celebrate Lola’s bravery for sharing the story of her abortion online. Miles is shocked at this news and as Frankie, Lola, and Shay are walking away Frankie asks Lola if she’ll ever tell them who the father is and Lola says she’s “taking that one to the grave.”

Sub Plot

As Tristan makes progress, Miles worries that the play will be in danger of getting cancelled.

Third Plot

Maya is shown in the office talking with Mr. Simpson, Mrs. Grell, and her mom about her change in behavior. They think that Maya should change schools, but Maya convinces them she’ll make things work. She approaches Grace and Jonah and tells them she can help with the play now but they are mad that she told Mr. Simpson the play was about suicide. Maya says things have been hard lately and Grace says what’s hard is needing a lung transplant before graduation. She tells Maya that she’s a terrible friend and she doesn’t want her in her life anymore. Later Zig approaches Maya and asks if she’s okay, and maya tries to lie and says she’s fine but Zig knows it isn’t true. Maya says Grace hates her and that she keeps failing everyone. Zig says everyone gets sad sometimes but Maya says it’s not sometimes, it’s all the time and that she feels numb, not sad. Zig tickles her and makes her laugh and Maya says she misses how they used to be and wishes they could go back. Zig jokes she would need a time machine, and Maya kisses Zig. Zig pulls away and tells her he has a girlfriend and Esme approaches, not pleased. Maya apologize and walks away crying. She is later shown sitting on a bench and then stand up, with traffic zooming past and Maya looks like she’s going to jump in front of traffic, but then Saad approaches her and she is shown to still be sitting on the bench. He asks if she’s alright and why she doesn’t return his texts anymore, She says that her mom thinks he’s the reason she’s messed up and that their pictures made her feel something but maybe it wasn’t the right thing. Maya is later shown in her room deleting her contacts on her phone and her mom comes in, upset that she’s not at school. She tells her mom she can’t do anything anymore and that she doesn’t think the “old Maya” is there anymore. She breaks down crying telling her mom she needs help and her mom comforts her.

  • Lola finds out that she is pregnant and has an abortion. This marks the first time that the franchise has followed a character into the room where the procedure was going to take place.

  • "Soft Shadows" by Programm

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