I Against I is the fourteenth episode of Season 5 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on January 20, 2006 in Canada and on April 21, 2006 in the United States.


Spinner's found Jesus through Darcy, and he's on his way to winning back Marco, until he lets the Friendship Club convince him that "friendship" excludes certain kinds of people. Meanwhile, Manny has the cure for all of Spike's problems: male strippers.

Main Plot

Spinner tries to redeem himself and improve his life. Marco becomes the first person to forgive him, so they decide to hangout. The members of the Friendship Club put Spinner in a difficult position when they reveal their feelings about pre-marital sex and Marco's Safer Sex seminar, which threatens Spinner and Marco's regained friendship.

Sub Plot

On the third anniversary of Spike and Snake's wedding, Caitlin and Liz O'Rourke return to cheer her up.

  • This episode is named after the song "I Against I" by Bad Brains.
  • This marks the final appearance of Liz O'Rourke.
  • Marco and Spinner become friends again in this episode. Marco was the first person to forgive Spinner for his role in the school shooting in Time Stands Still (2).
  • Although Stacie Mistysyn is credited as regular for Season 5, this is the only episode of the season in which she appears.

  • (Linus): "You're promoting promiscuity!"
    (Alex): "You're promoting stupidity!"
  • (Marco): "I do. Every Sunday."
    (Linus): "And they let you in?"
  • (Ellie): "All I'm saying is the church, not too big on the gays."
  • (Manny): "Derek your friend's an idiot."
    (Derek): "I'm aware."
  • (Manny to Emma): "Male strippers dropping it like it's hot? Oh yeah, Oh yeah!!"
  • Spinner: "It's water over the bridge, man."

  • "Angel's Slow Burn" by Universal Honey
  • "Change" by Rocketface
  • "Evolution #9" by Slave To The Squarewave