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I Want It That Way (1) is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on November 9, 2012.

Main Plot

Alli is extremely stressed out, due to all the hard work that she has been putting into school. To praise her for her continuous efforts in academics, Alli’s mother and father reward her with a brand-new car. With the shiny new car keys in her hands at last, Alli is able to easily transport herself, Eli, and Clare to the upcoming Jay-Z concert. Alli is allowed to bring a date to the show with her, and she considers taking Dave. However, Dave refuses to talk to her after their breakup. Despite her busy schedule, she promises to not blow him off again and meet him at The Dot for wings, to which Dave half-heartedly agrees. She arrives late after spending extra time tutoring Cam, and Dave walks out after telling her that he has no time for her if she can’t make time for him.

After Dave angrily walks out, Dallas walks into The Dot, who spends the evening hanging out with Alli instead. The two have fun by hanging out in a pool together. Alli talks to him about her workload and he tells her about how he got hooked on pills to keep himself awake because he was so busy. Dallas spots Alli’s Jay-Z tickets and she gives him one for helping her to finally have fun. The next day she regrets hanging out the night before because it’s put her behind on her schoolwork. She goes to Dallas to ask him where to get pills that can keep her awake, and he reluctantly tells her.

Sub Plot

Tristan is talking with Eli about his new project which will be a zombie movie. Tristan assumes Eli will give him a part, but Eli tells him without trying to offend him that he isn't in the right shape to be filming a movie with so many action scenes in it. Tristan goes along with Tori and Maya to yoga club in order for him to get in shape and finds his old crush from the play, Fab. He does the exercises with him, but struggles. Tristan feels bad about it and decides to lose weight in a different way by getting a cleanse. Maya rejects the idea telling him it isn't healthy, but Tori thinks it's a great idea and decides to join in on it with him.

Third Plot

Fiona meets Imogen's mom, Natalie, officially for the first time and they are all getting alone fine until Fiona brings up her mother's house arrest. Natalie gets upset over this and makes Imogen leave along with her. Fiona seeks help from Bianca and Drew and they convince her that it'd be best to have a good relationship with Imogen's mother. Fiona visits her at her job and asks her if the three of them can go shopping together. Natalie agrees and Fiona is happy about it.

  • Dallas: "Who needs suits?" (Implying skinny-dipping with Alli)
  • Jenna (To Alli about Dallas): "You're into him now?"
  • Alli (To Dave): "Please, just give me another chance."
  • Imogen: "Its no big deal Fiona, trust."
  • Fab (To Tristan): "Hey"
  • Cam: "You're leaving?"
  • Maya (To Tristan): "That's a terrible idea."
  • Dallas (To Alli): "Is this a booty call?"
  • Alli (On The Phone): "I need a favor.."
  • Dave (To Alli): "You're still all work no play."
  • Alli (To Jenna): "I am screwed! My english reading, my history test.."
    Dallas: "I'm not letting you leave tonight without showing you a good time."
    Alli: "What did you have in mind?"
  • Jenna (To Alli): "Who kept you out so late last night?"
  • Dave: "I'm not doing this.. not anymore." (Leaves The Dot)
  • Alli: "Dave.." (cries)
  • Dallas (walks up to Alli): "Seriously?"
  • Drew: "Ix-nay on the mom talk-ay."
    Fiona: "That wasn't Pig Latin."
    Bianca: "That wasn't anything Latin."

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