I Want It That Way (2) is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on November 16, 2012.

Main Plot

Alli begins taking the pills that Dallas takes that help her stay awake. However, now Alli has a new problem: Clare, due to their rocky past, does not want Dallas to go with them to the Jay-Z concert. The pills and lack of sleep have her on edge and confrontational as she asks Dallas for the ticket back, but he refuses to. 

Stressed out over the situation and having too much work to do, Alli goes over to Dallas’ place to beg for the ticket back.  The two come up with a better solution:  Dallas will publicly apologize to Clare for everything he’s done to her. The next day, Dallas performs a rap apologizing to Clare, who accepts. After Clare's acceptance, Alli spots Dave sitting in a corner scowling at her, and she goes over to him to yell at him. 

Dallas follows behind her and tells Alli that she’s seeing things, and she realizes Dave sitting there was all just a hallucination.  Alli promptly throws out the pills and Dallas suggests that she go home and get some solid sleep.  The evening of the concert Alli is still exhausted, but is still determined to have fun anyway.  She drives herself and Dallas to the concert and on the way she falls asleep at the wheel. 

When Dallas yells at her she wakes up driving into the path of another car. She avoids the car by swerving out of the way, but ends up crashing into a parked car. She and Dallas leave the crash unharmed, and Alli tells her father what’s happened.  Alli also tells him that she doesn’t think she can handle the workload of fast tracking to MIT and thinks she should come back to Degrassi for her senior year. 

Sub Plot

Tristan is motivated to lose weight in order to impress his crush, Fab . He is on a week-long cleanse diet, drinking a concoction of water, lemon juice, brown sugar and oil of oregano.  He’s able to lose seven pounds and seven days, and scores a yoga date with Fab. 

However, Maya and Tori start worrying about him because cleanse diets can be dangerous.  They force him to eat some of Maya’s lunch, but Tristan later does an intense workout to burn the food off. During his yoga date with Fab, Tristan feels a pain in his chest and passes out. Later that day, he finds himself in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack.  His brother Owen, who has been standing at his side since he arrived at the hospital, scolds him for crash dieting and offers to help Tristan develop a proper workout plan. Tristan accepts his offer.

Third Plot

Fiona, Imogen, and Natalie go to the mall in order to bond. Fiona wants them and Imogen to be somewhat of a family, but Imogen isn't happy with Fiona wanting to spend so much time with Natalie. Fiona realizes Imogen is jealous because even she doesn't have a close relationship with Natalie, yet Fiona is trying to. Fiona also realizes that she misses her own mother and plans a trip home, but not before getting Imogen and Natalie together so they can spend time bonding by designing Imogen’s new bedroom.

  • Clare: "Last week you had no time for Dave, but now you have time for the guy who started a brawl at my birthday, who destroyed Jake's garden.."
    Alli: "And saved me from humiliation after Dave re-dumped me. C'mon, Clare, Dallas isn't that bad!"
    Clare: "No, Alli. I am not spending 3 hours at a concert with that creep."
    Alli: "So what am I supposed to do?"
    Clare: "Get the ticket back."